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💴 |Are you working too much this year?Regarding the 3 "Industrial Accident Compensation Status for Karoshi, etc."


Are you working too much this year?Regarding the 3 "Industrial Accident Compensation Status for Karoshi, etc."

If you write the contents roughly
Things that can be evidence include "time cards", "daily work reports", dates of "business emails", etc.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of cases due to mental disorders in industrial accident compensation such as karoshi in the third year of Reiwa is the highest ever. → Continue reading

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    Daily work report

    time Recorder

    time Recorder (British: time recorder, time clock, clock card machine, punch clock) is the time,TimeAn instrument that measures.In Japan, it is mainly used by employers, as it is translated as attendance record clock, work number record clock, etc.Attendance managementIt is mainly used for such purposes.


    Time clocks are mainly used in companies to record the date, time of arrival, and time of departure of a worker.Some working hoursHourly wageThere are also highly convenient ones that perform calculations on behalf of humans.

    As a medium for recordingTime-cardUse a paper card called.By inserting the time card into the time clock, the time when it is inserted is printed on the spot, and the time such as going to work or leaving work is recorded.At this time, in addition to the time, the number of working hours may be printed together.One time card can record one month's attendance information (attendance / leaving time, etc.) for one worker.

    Printing the time on a time card is called stamping.


    In addition to those that print on conventional paper (time cards), biometric authentication methods such as IC cards, fingerprints, finger veins, etc. instead of time cards,computerIn some offices, attendance management is possible, and the conventional time card type has been replaced.However, the mainstream still uses paper (time cards) and is easy for anyone to handle.part timer,Part-time jobIt is popular in shops with many workers.The reasons for using a conventional time card are that the main unit price is cheaper than the IC card method, and that anyone can check the printing without using a personal computer by using the method of printing on paper. Be done.

    How it works

    The time clock is roughly divided into the following elements.

    Usually, the clock is installed in a prominent position on the front.It is often equipped with either analog or digital, but in rare cases there are models that display both.This clock is linked to the printer described later, and the printer prints the time indicated by the clock.Time is an important factor in attendance management, so it can be elaborate.Radio clockFor example, the one with extremely small time error is installed.
    ボ タ ン
    Push buttons for going to work and leaving work are provided on the top or front of the time clock.When going to work, press the "commuting button" and then insert the time card, and when leaving work, press the "leaving button" and then insert the time card.In addition to this, there is also a model equipped with a button that prints the time of "going out" indicating private going out and "returning" from there.
    Time card slot
    A slit (hole) at the top of the main body.It is made according to the width and thickness of the time card to prevent foreign matter from entering the time clock.Some models have a lid to prevent foreign matter from entering.It has a sensor (most often a mechanical plastic rod) that detects when a card is inserted.
    Time card carrier
    It consists of a rail for pulling the inserted time card inside the main body, a motor, and a roller.When the time card is inserted and the sensor detects it, the roller of the time card transport unit is operated by the motor to transport the inserted time card to the printer printing position inside the time clock.
    A printer for printing on time cards.Most of the current products use dot impact printers, but in the past, the ones that used type were the mainstream.In the above-mentioned transport unit, since the time card moves on the rail, the printing position in the vertical direction can be adjusted, but the printing position in the horizontal direction cannot be adjusted.Therefore, the printer moves left and right on the rail, adjusts the printer, and then prints.

    The time card inserted from the insertion slot passes through the transport section, is printed (stamped) by a printer, and then returns to the transport section and is ejected from the insertion slot.


    The world's first time clock was born19st century OfAmericaAnd John C. Wilson (for the purpose of facilitating employer wage calculationsJohn C. Wilson) Was invented.The time clock at that time was a method of marking time on paper tape, and later a method of printing using a time card was invented.

    In Japan1931ToAmanoArousedAmano ShuichiThe first electric time clock based on the invention ofElectricalIt was a breakthrough that was done by.This domestic time clock is of timePrime minister,Yuki HamaguchiIs encouraged by.After that, as the corporate society developed and the payroll system became more complicated, the demand for time clocks, which are convenient for wage calculation, increased more and more.The time clock that automatically sets hourly wages and totals is one of the most important tools in business today to meet such needs.again,clockElectronic time clock that digitizes, time recorder software that connects to a PC and refers to the aggregated results in a spreadsheet formula,インターネットASP method viaInternet time recorderTime clocks that meet the needs of the times have been invented.

    Furthermore this timefingerprint,Vocal cordsA time clock that manages time by collating individuals (similar to electronic locks used in facilities and rooms that require strict confidentiality) is in the research stage, and manual work using time cards The key is to save time and effort.

    Finally, the employee ID card of the company (Identification),University OfStudent cardSome are integrated with.The student ID card is used to confirm attendance (it is said that attendance will not be possible unless the check is made 5 to 5 minutes after class.Ritsumeikan University-Nagano UniversityIntroduced in etc.).

    Other uses

    Those that manage the collection and delivery time of luggage in transportation, etc.Parking areaA system that calculates usage time and parking fees, etc.Security guardThere is a "patrol recorder" that records the proof that the checkpoint has passed when patrolling the facility, and these are also a type of time recorder.

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