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📢 | Held for the first time in Shin-Urayasu!“Monochrome x girly” sweets that tickle a girl’s heart “Classical Lady Afternoon Te…

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Held for the first time in Shin-Urayasu!“Monochrome x girly” sweets that tickle a girl’s heart “Classical Lady Afternoon Te…

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* Arrangement and provision methods are subject to change depending on the situation.

Wedding hall "Art Gray ..." operated by Best Bridal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masayuki Tsukada) → Continue reading


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    Stacking(Moritsuki) is completedCuisineTheTablewareTo serve[1]..At this time, with bare hands (even when wearing sanitary gloves),Chopsticks・ ・Tongs-spoon-TurnerBesides,DisherSpecial equipment such as may be used.

    It has been pointed out that depending on the arrangement, added value will be added to the dish.[2]..Based on the combination of colorful ingredients (the balance with the color of the tableware is also important), a visual effect can be expected by the composition and arrangement that is clean and appetizing.

    Specifically, especially for things so that the center is higher, etc.[3], Three-dimensional serving method[4]Is given as an example.

    Also, depending on the menu, in order to bring out and maintain the beauty of the serving,gelatinThere are also cases where[5].

    Various arrangements

    Assortment, assortment
    Serve multiple dishes in one bowl.[6]
    Large, heaping, turning
    Serve more dishes than usual.[6]
    High prime
    Heaped high in a bowlfood..Rice produced, cooked rice for married couples, and cooked rice.[6]
    Cut and fill
    Serve the food in a bowl.[6]
    Mountain water filling
    sashimiArrange the back high and the front low like a landscape.[7]
    Full appearance
    Arrange fish etc. as they were originally.sashimiIn the case of, it is made up of figures.[6]
    On top of the served dish, to finishGinger,Seaweed,YuzuPut a small amount of such things.[8]
    Boat height
    LobsterIt looks like a ship with its tail raised.[6]Or, put the sashimi in a boat-shaped bowl.
    Kaishiki (Sativa, Sativa, Minashiki)
    Spread paper or leaves on the tableware and serve on it.For deep-fried foods such as tempura, Hosho paper is used.In the case of plants such as (blue) maple and Nanten, leaf orchid and yuzuri are called blue kaishiki, which gives a sense of the season.
    By tableware
    One point accent


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