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💹 | Biden administration enacts 7 trillion yen semiconductor development law Emphasizes results "It's a once-in-a-lifetime investment in the United States"


Biden administration Enactment of semiconductor development law on a scale of 7 trillion yen “It is a once-in-a-lifetime investment in the United States” Emphasis on results

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Also, with the midterm elections in November, the Biden administration hopes to regain its sluggish popularity with the enactment of this law.

President Biden of the United States signed a bill to invest more than 7 trillion yen in the production and development of semiconductors in Japan, and the law was passed. → Continue reading

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Biden administration

Joe Biden administration (British: Presidency of Joe Biden, Joe Biden administration)2020 US presidential electionThrough20211/20ToJoe Biden PresidentInaugurated by taking officeAmerica OfadministrationPoint to[1][2]..In the Biden administrationKamala Harris Vice PresidentAct as[3][4].

2020 United States Presidential Election

Biden20194TovideoAnnounced to run for the presidential election.Biden in the past1988Election campaign was held in Japan, but it was lost[5].

Inauguration and transition from Trump administration to Biden administration

If all goes well, the transition to power will take place on January 2021, 1 at 20:0 (Local time), But over alleged postal voting fraud in some statesPlaying cardsIf the court struggle in the United States results in recounting votes in multiple states, important steps for a transition to power could be delayed by weeks.[6]..Inauguration(English editionAnd popular artists, then Biden and Harris respectivelyChief Justice of the United States Supreme CourtUnderOath of inaugurationPlayed.The subject of the inauguration is "Our firm determination for democracy: towards perfect unity" (Our Determined Democracy: Forging a More Perfect Union).

Cabinet of Joe Biden

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Mid-term election

Mid-term election(United States midterm election) is the "United States midterm election" in the even year of the Christian era.Election day(Election Day) will be voted onThe United States of AmericaFederal lawmakers and other public officeselectionOf which, every 4 yearsPresidential electionRefers to what is done in a year that does not overlap with.It is called the "midterm election" because it is held after half a year (two years) of the first term (4 years) of the presidential office.


SenateOne-third of the members of the Diet,House of RepresentativesAll members of the Diet will be re-elected.eachStateAt the same time, states whose term has expiredGovernorElections, elections for public office in each municipality, and by-elections for non-elected senators who are vacant are also customary.

The midterm elections, like the elections of the year of the presidential election, take place on "election day," that is, "the Tuesday of the week to which the first Monday of November belongs."Normally it will be the first Tuesday of November, but if the day is November 11st, it will be held on November 1th.

In mid-term elections, the president's ruling party, which is criticized for running the administration, often reduces its seats.In recent years, the ruling party of the president has increased the number of seats in both houses.9/11 terrorismOnly in 2002, the following year.

Governor elections are often held in the year of midterm elections. As of 2019, 8 states, including the top eight most populous states, will hold governor elections in the year of the midterm elections, while 36 states will be re-elected in the year of the presidential election (two of which are governors). The term of office is two years and is re-elected in each even-numbered year), and the governor is re-elected in odd-numbered years in five states.

Election law[1]Does not allow foreign nationals (excluding permanent residents) to participate in any elections (election-related activities and donations)[2], These acts are illegal.

Past midterm elections

1994 midterm elections

Democratic PartyBill ClintonIt took place during the first term of the president.In the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party suffered a devastating loss of 1 seats, resulting in the Republican Party losing the position of the Democratic Party's majority in the House of Representatives, which had lasted for 54 years.In the Senate, the Republican Party robbed the Democratic Party of eight seats and became the Senate majority.
With the Republican Party gaining a lot of power in this election, the Republican Party has since become the majority in the federal parliament.Since this midterm election, the Clinton administration has been in power as a minority in both the House and Senate for the rest of his term.
Fluctuation of power

1998 midterm elections

Fluctuation of power

2002 midterm elections

Republican PartyGeorge W. BushIt took place during the first term of the president.This year, the Republican Party increased its power to two seats in the Senate and eight seats in the House of Representatives, partly due to the terrorist attacks on September 1 of the previous year.
Fluctuation of power
  • Senate- Republican Party 49 → 51,Democratic Party 50 → 48, independent 1 → 1
  • House of Representatives-Republican 221 → 229, Democrat 212 → 204, Independent 2 → 1

2006 midterm elections

It took place during President Bush's second term.The result was that the Democratic Party regained the position of the majority in both the House and Senate.
Fluctuation of power
  • Senate- Republican Party 55 → 49,Democratic Party 43 → 49, Independent (Democratic) 1 → 2 (Non-reelection: Republican 40, Democratic 26, Independent 1)
  • House of Representatives-Republican 230 → 202, Democrat 201 → 233
  • Governor-Republican 28 → 22, Democrat 22 → 28 (Non-reelection: Republican 6, Democrat 8)

2010 midterm elections

Democratic PartyBarack ObamaIt took place during the first term of the president.In the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party of Japan, which won the 1 House of Commons election, suffered a historic defeat, losing 2008 seats, surpassing the 1994 midterm elections.In the Senate, the Republican Party robbed the Democratic Party of six seats, but the Democratic Party maintained a majority in the Senate, creating a different twist in the House and Senate.
Fluctuation of power

2014 midterm elections

It took place during President Obama's second term.Republicans have added more seats in the House of Representatives.In the Senate, Republicans robbed Democrats of nine seats and gained a majority in the Senate.
Fluctuation of power

2018 midterm elections

Republican PartyDonald TrumpIt took place during the first term of the president.Voter turnout was 1%, the highest in 49.4 years since 1914.[3]..In the Senate, the ruling and Republicans maintained the majority, and in the House, the opposition and Democrats regained the majority for the first time in eight years.[4].
Number of re-elections
  • Senate-Republican 9 seats, Democratic 26 seats
  • House of Representatives-all 435 seats
  • Governor-26 Republicans, 9 Democrats, 1 Independent
Fluctuation of power
  • Senate- Republican Party 51 → 53,Democratic Party 49 → 45, independent 2 → 2
  • House of Representatives-Republican 235 → 200, Democrat 193 → 235
  • Governor-Republican 33 → 27, Democrat 16 → 23, Independent 1 → 0


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  3. ^ Midterm elections recorded the highest turnout in the last 104 years
  4. ^ Looking back on the results of the 2018 US midterm elections

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