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💴 | I want to consult with FP, but what kind of consultation will you give me specifically? What is the point of choosing FP?


I want to talk to FP, but specifically what kind of consultation will you take? What is the point of choosing FP?

If you write the contents roughly
We have comprehensive knowledge in any field, so it is possible to respond, but if you have a particular concern, please choose an FP who is familiar with that field.

What should I do to become an FP? In order to become an FP, it is necessary to pass the "Financial Planning Skill Test". → Continue reading

 Financial field

Financial Field publishes articles every day with the motto of "Solutions for questions and concerns about money are easy to understand." Financial fields can solve problems that are difficult to discuss, such as tuition, inheritance, loans, investment, insurance, etc.
Professionals such as financial planners, lawyers, certified public accountants, and tax accountants provide easy-to-understand news about user questions and the latest trends related to money.

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