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💹 | Invest in Hokkaido with local capital A real estate investment trust company is born in Hokkaido


Investing in Hokkaido with local capital A real estate investment trust company is born in Hokkaido

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The policy is to make it easier to raise funds for redevelopment in cooperation with Sapporo City.

Today is the asset management company "Hokkaido Asset Management" of the real estate investment trust "Hokkaido REIT" mainly by companies in Hokkaido. → Continue reading

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    Funding(Shikincho Tatsu,British: Funding; financing) Is necessary for the businessFund (capital)Means to procure.


    In the past, when it came to raising funds, it was common to "get a loan from a bank."But in recent years, "CrowdfundingA new method of raising funds is attracting attention and becoming more active.[1]..For example, in Japan, crowdfunding is also used to raise funds for the precincts of Horyuji Temple, a World Heritage Site (to be preserved for posterity).[2][3].

    Classification, type

    First, there is the type of crowdfunding mentioned in the overview.

    A mechanism to raise small amounts of funds from an unspecified number of people (in recent years, using the Internet)[1]..Crowdfunding can be further subdivided into different types.

    In the 2006 book, A Good Understanding of the Latest Business Strategies and Business Plans, financing was categorized into debt finance, equity finance, and asset finance.[4].

    Debt finance
    Foreign capitalHow to raise funds (borrowings, etc.)[4].Balance sheet OfliabilitiesIt is the one that corresponds to the section and has the repayment of the principal and the burden of interest.[4].
    Equity finance
    net worthHow to raise capital by increasing capital, convertible bonds, employee holding system, etc.[4]..On the balance sheetcapitalCorresponds to the part of[4].
    Asset Finance (Off-Balance Finance)
    Financing method by liquidation such as asset sale, sale of accounts receivable (factoring), securitization of receivables, etc.[4]..On the balance sheetAssetCorresponds to the part of[4].
    "New" procurement method

    The "Funding Perfection Manual" published in 2008 (although it is already an old book even if it says "new") states that there are the following new procurement methods that can be used by SMEs as well.[5].


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