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💴 | How did you achieve assets of 100 billion yen or more?Real estate investor Teppei Hori talks about the decisive difference from stock investment


How did you achieve assets of 100 billion yen or more?Real estate investor Teppei Hori talks about the decisive difference from stock investment

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How long has it been achieved since you started investing in real estate?

Investment for the purpose of renting out the purchased real estate to earn rent income, or selling it at a higher price than at the time of purchase to make a profit ... → Continue reading


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Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment(Real estateBritish: real estate investing) IsReal estateIntended forinvestment.. In particularinvestment officialReal estateLend to others and receive rent income etc.Income gainAnd by selling for more than the invested amountCapital gainIt is an act of expecting.


Income from rent is called income gain, income from the sale of real estate is called capital gain, and the income and expenditure of real estate investment is determined by the sum of income gain and capital gain.[1]


  • For real estate, there is a risk that the expected income cannot be expected due to rent declines and vacancies due to population decline in the area and deterioration of buildings.
  • Due to the environment of the real estate market, the sale price is lower than the bid price, and there is a risk of capital loss.
  • EarthquakeThe building collapses due torisk

Concerns about the real estate investment boom

  • In May 2017, the Tokyo Shimbun published an opinion that "if the current petite bubble bursts, the life plan of the owner who invested in apartment construction will go wrong" (real estate analyst).
  • "Banks and real estate agents are working together to provide unreasonable loans," said Nobuhiko Sasaki, CEO of the National Mortgage Relief and Voluntary Sale Support Association.
  • "I haven't lent it to speculative real estate, but the site is terrible. I don't remember this situation except during the bubble era," said The Johnan Shinkin Bank's general manager.
  • Real estate research company Tas (Tokyo) has apartment vacancy rates in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, etc., far exceeding XNUMX%.Aichi prefecture is also close to XNUMX%.It points out that vacancies may continue to increase due to the declining population, and prices may fall further.


In recent years, an increasing number of people are investing in apartments without understanding the income and expenditure structure of real estate investment, and a warning is being given.[2]

  • A total of about 11% of the property price (brokerage fee, registration fee) will be charged at the time of purchase and sale, so if you do not sell 11% or more higher than the purchase price, you will incur capital loss.The statutory limit of brokerage fees is 200% (including consumption tax) for 5.5 million yen or less, and a total of 2% because there are two fees for buying and selling. If it is 11 million yen or more, it is 400% + 3.3 yen (including consumption tax), and round trip 66,000% + 6.6 yen.[3]
  • During immovable investment, up to 55% tax, repair costs, management costs, property taxes, etc. are levied on rent, so in order to make cash flow after tax profitable, the surface yield is required. It is necessary to purchase expensive properties at low interest rates.


Foreign capital(BankLoan) By purchasing real estatenet worthYou can purchase and invest in the above properties.In recent years, bank lending to less than good real estate has been alarmed.[4].. In April 2017, it was reported that real estate lending by banks went beyond the bubble period and "extended distortion of the ultra-low interest rate policy."[5]

Contractor trouble

A lawsuit has been filed between Leopalace21 and an investor (landlord) who offered to build an apartment to the landlord and recommended real estate investment in the form of guaranteeing rent.[6].

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