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📢 | "Travel Run TV" 7rd ~ Ujina ~ Anna Yamamoto from the idol group "= LOVE" will appear! July…


"Travel Run TV" 7rd ~ Ujina Hen ~ Anna Yamamoto from the idol group "= LOVE" will appear! July…

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Born in Tokyo / Affiliation with Ota Production
Appeared on Fuji TV's "Terrace House" and got a lot of attention.

Hiroshima Home Television (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Representative: Yoshizo Miyoshi) and SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. (Representative: Yuji Maeda) ... → Continue reading


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    Born in Tokyo / Affiliated with Ota Production Fuji TV

    Terraced House

    Of construction termTerraced HouseA (terraced house) is a low-rise building in which multiple detached houses that share a boundary wall are connected.housing complex.The United States of AmericaThen.town house(Townhouse) And row house.


    Similar architecture can be found all over the world, especially in Europe since the 16th century, in South America and North America.AustraliaIt also spread to such things.Industrial revolutionSince then, it has been built in large numbers as a low-priced housing for the working class in urban areas.ApartmentIt is usually a two-story or three-story building because the houses are not piled up on the upper floors like this, but are only connected side by side.

    Australiangold RushIn the age ofSydney,MelbourneA large number of brick terrace houses were built in.Usually, there is a small front yard (front yard) on the road side and a slightly larger back yard (back yard) on the back side.Nowadays, these are located in an area called "Inner city", which is relatively close to the city center, and because of their convenient transportation, even old properties over 100 years old are often traded at high prices.

    In londonRegent's ParkThe terrace houses lined up around the area are known for their ultra-luxury specifications.These were built in the first half of the 19th century and were designedJohn NashIt was created by a leading architect at the time.

    Japanese terrace house

    in Japan1958(Showa33 years)Japan Housing CorporationIn a condominium built byTokyoSuginamiNarita HigashiPublic corporation inAsagaya HousingIs famous.Of the total 350 units, there are 2 terrace houses with two floors above ground.Designed 232 of these 232 unitsKunio MaekawaWas known to have worked on it, but due to aging2013(HeiseiIt has been dismantled in 25 years).

    Since thenTama New TownThen,the 1970sSince then, low-rise terraced houses have become popular due to the demand for a shift from "quantity to quality" of housing.OchiaiIt was built in the district.The drama that caused a social phenomenon at that timeFriday wives], The housing style that appeared as the residence of the main characters and was not so familiar until then became very popular.However, since the houses are connected to each other, the cost of renovation is high, and the number of units is small, so the repair cost is high, and there are many inefficient parts. ..

    On the other hand, in small-scale projects such as the conversion of private homes to rental properties, housing began to fall into an oversupply trend in terms of demographics in the 21st century, and the trend toward higher added value of rental housing has led to conventional cases.ApartmentThere is an increasing number of small-scale properties that were often used as terraced houses.

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