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📊 | Amazon / Prime Day Life, Barrow, Seijo Ishii's online supermarkets are also on sale


Life, Barrow, Seijo Ishii's net supermarkets are also on sale on Amazon / Prime Day

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Amazon Fresh offers up to 20% off eligible products such as vegetables, fruits, frozen foods, delicatessen, retort foods, and daily necessities, and Lifenet Supermarket offers 30 eligible products such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, and private products carefully selected by Life. % Off, 20% off target products such as chilled foods, noodles, and seasonings at Barrownet Super, and over 50 high-quality Bordeaux and Burgundy directly imported by Naruki Ishii buyers at Naruki Ishii Net Super. We have a pre-sale where you can get 10% off wine.

Amazon Net Super stores will have a big annual sale "Ply ..." for Prime members from July 7th to 12th. → Continue reading

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