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📢 | [Reservations are being accepted! ] Summer afternoon tea of ​​bears in Nishi-Azabu photogenic cafe "White Stella" ...


[Reservations are being accepted! ] Summer afternoon tea of ​​bears in Nishi-Azabu photogenic cafe "White Stella" ...

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Further enhanced afternoon tea will be on sale for a limited time from July 2022st (Friday) to August 7st (Wednesday), 1.

■ Sales period: July 2022st (Friday) -August 7st (Wednesday), 1 For details and reservations, take a photo from Instagram DM ... → Continue reading


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    July 2022st (Friday) -August 7st (Wednesday), 1

    Afternoon tea

    Afternoon tea(British: afternoon tea) IsUnited KingdomOf originTea drinkingBy custom, around 4-5 pmBlack teaWithLight meal,ConfectioneryIt is a tea ceremony to eat.


    1840th generation around 7Duke of BedfordFrancis RussellMrs.Anna Maria RussellReportedly started by[1][2]..At that time, there was a tendency for dinner time to be delayed due to the spread of lamps and socializing at night, and the Duchess of Bedford, who suffered from hunger in the afternoon, invited her friend to offer it, but it was socialized among the ladies. It spread as a culture.Eventually in the latter half of the 19th centuryMiddle classIt also spread between.

    Traditionallyupper classInSocialIt's an event, a combination of tea and food,WaitpersonIncluding that ofCourtesy,FurnitureFurnishing, usedTablewareAnd decoratedflower, Beautiful gardens, etc.CultureとSocial statusWas held as a place of hospitality[2][3]..Also for afternoon teaTea cupAnd tea gowns[Annotation 1]Something like that was also made.However, in modern times, it is rarely held in this way, and it is rare.Hotel,CaféHowever, it is not uncommon for afternoon tea to be offered in a form that does not require traditional etiquette.

    Because it was served at the low table in the guest roomLow tea(British: low tea) Is also called[5][6]..It's a similar habit (British: high tea), But this is a working-class custom of eating and drinking relatively nutritious foods with tea at the end of work, and was eaten at a high table for meals. Derived from.

    Contents of food and drink

    Afternoon tea is served with tea, as well as light meals and sweets.Traditionally light mealsCucumber sandwich,Egg salad,smoked salmon,cheese,roast beefWithout small ears usingsandwichIs used[3][7]..There is also a style that omits light meals.Confectionery from the beginningcakeIs used, but eventuallySconeThe habit of usingClotted creamとjamThe style of using scones withCream teaAlso called[7].

    In the traditional table setting, there are 3 layers (traySandwich in the lower row, cake in the middle row, and in the upper rowCrocheScones that have been kept warm in[3]..There is also a method of eating and drinking, first eating tea and then adding milk.[3]..Sandwiches are eaten in order from light to heavy, and sweets are eaten in the order of the tea stand.

    In modern styleCanapé,Champagne,MacaronThere are examples where various foods and drinks are incorporated.[7][2].

    Regional customs

    British exColonyAndCantonsystemChineseA lot ofSingaporeSo, the high tea served at the hotel is English-style tea, scones, sandwiches, and more.Chinese Steamed Dumplings-Gyozaな どChinese cuisine Of点心Is often provided.このためイギリス式にアレンジされたFor this reason it was arranged in English styleDim sum(Yamcha) can be said to be high tea or afternoon tea arranged in a Chinese style.Goodwood Park HotelIt is often offered at traditional hotels.
    It was also a British colonyAmericaSo the word high tea was very ritualized (pretentious)Tea partyPoint to.This is due to the misunderstanding of the meaning of "high" as the meaning of "formal".内容も上述した「ハイ・ティー」よりも軽めの食事とThe content is also a lighter meal than the "high tea" mentioned aboveDessertIs offered.
    Australia,New ZealandThe same name is used in, but this isEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euDue to the influence of people who came in from.In addition, it should be notedLatin AmericaIn(English edition)(Afternoon snacks) are also often considered to be of the same kind as afternoon tea.

    注 釈

    1. ^ Tea gown (tea dress) is a loose dress that can omit the corset[4]..Originally it was a loungewear, but grace was added.


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