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💴 | Notification of tax refund from Canada Revenue Agency Confirmation of phishing campaign


Notification of tax refund from Canada Revenue Agency Confirmation of phishing campaign pretending to be

If you write the contents roughly
To avoid being victimized by such scams, please be careful not to open the attached file or click the link in the body of the email.

ESET will run the security blogs "We Live Security" and "Phis ..." on July 7st (local time). → Continue reading

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    AttachmentWhat is (temple file)?電子 メ ー ルIt is a file that is sent at the same time as the text. Currently manyEmail clientIt can be used at.

    By using thisCD,DVD,floppy diskSuch asElectronic mediumYou can pass the file you created to another person or view the file created by another person without using.


    The attached file may not be displayed if the environment of the creator and the destination are different. For exampleextension.xlsMicrosoft ExcelEven if you send the file to a computer that does not have Excel installed, the file cannot be displayed. Also, it was sent by emailMicrosoftDisguised as a security update program etc.extensionIf you double-click a fake file such as .exe, you may be infected with a virus, so be careful.

    Many providers have a limit on the size of attachments, and if the size exceeds a certain size, it may not be possible to send. In such a caseFileFiles can be sent by substituting a transfer service or the like.

    Attachment filter

    Attachment removal filter for mailing lists [1]
    m-filter [2]
    Remove email virus with sendmail milter [3]
    Attachment removal (deletion) filter (w-filter) [4]
    Delete attachments and forward mail for Linux [5]

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