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📢 | Tokyo Shoseki, Google for Education (TM) Build Partner Certification…


Tokyo Shoseki acquires Google for Education (TM) Build partner certification ...

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In recent years, we have also been focusing on the development and sale of educational digital content such as digital textbooks.

Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo, President: Norio Watanabe, hereafter Tokyo Shoseki) is Go ... → Continue reading


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    Educational digital content

    Digital textbook

    Digital textbook(Digital textbook,English: Digital textbook) IsDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular OftextbookMade with the assumption that it will be used asE-bookIs.Traditional face-to-face classes, online courses, online degrees,Massive open online courseIt is used in various situations such as (MOOC).

    Digital textbooksElectronic textbookAlso called.

    Digital textbooks in Japan

    Primary and secondary education


    Currently popularDigital textbook TheElectronic blackboardTotextbookIt is a "digital textbook for teaching" that presents the contents of, not for learners.[1].

    The "Law to Partially Revise the Fundamental Law of Education, etc." to institutionalize "Digital Textbooks for Learners" was enforced in 2019 (the first year of Reiwa).This has made it possible to use and substitute digital textbooks while using paper textbooks as the main teaching material.However, due to cost hurdles, the introduction has not progressed easily.[1].

    Digital textbook for instruction

    "Digital textbooks for instruction" are mainly used by teachers.2005It began to spread from 2011, and spread to each subject from XNUMX with the revision of the course of study.usuallyClassroomUsed in etc.LessonIt is used as an auxiliary role to support[2].

    Digital textbook for learners

    Enlargement / reduction, highlighting, sharing, reversal, reflow, reading aloud Total ruby, search, save, video / animation, drill work, reference materials, etc. will be introduced to further enhance educational activities and integrate with digital teaching materials. It is expected.Special support educationIn addition, it is expected to utilize the enlargement function, voice reading, character size, background color, text color, line spacing / character spacing change function, etc.[3].

    Digital textbooks for learners are used in place of paper textbooks in some of the curriculums that are deemed necessary to enhance the education of children and students under the "Law for Partial Revision of the School Education Law, etc." can.Also, children who have difficulty learning using paper textbooks (Impaired vision,Developmental disordersObstacles, etc.JapaneseDoes not lead toColor blindness,Chemical hypersensitivityEtc)CurriculumDigital textbooks for learners can be used instead of paper textbooks in all of[4][5].

    In addition, the following is stipulated for the teaching materials of "School Education Law, Article 34, Paragraph 2".

    The time to use the digital textbook for learners is less than half of the class hours of each subject.Make sure that each student has access to a paper textbook.Each child studentComputerUse digital textbooks for learners in.Daylight-照明Appropriate consideration should be given to the health of children and students.Appropriate consideration should be given so that learning will not be hindered by a computer failure.Understand the effects of teaching methods using digital textbooks for learners, and strive to improve them.In addition to these, when using a digital textbook for learners instead of a paper textbook, appropriate consideration should be given according to the reason such as disability.If the lessons using the learner's digital textbook are more than half of her lesson hours in each subject, the student's learning andHealthIt is stipulated that special attention should be paid to grasping the situation of[4][5].

    As a general rule, the published digital textbooks for learners are the same as the contents of paper textbooks, and the textbook publisher is not obliged to publish them.It is a paid teaching material, and each issuer decides the function, price, etc.[6][5].

    Issuance status of learner digital textbooks

    Whether or not it is issued will be displayed in the textbook list published in the textbook list.[6].

    Digital textbooks in the United States

    The United States of AmericaThen.2016At that time, digital teaching materials accounted for 30% and printed teaching materials accounted for 70%.[7].2000Of previous digital textbooksrecoding media Thevideo tape,CD-ROMwas[7]. afterwards,2000から2010Overインターネット,Laptop computer,Electronic blackboard,DVDEtc. became popular[7].

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