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📢 | [New issue] "The Miracle of Tokai High School / Junior High School Kazurakata Opera Company" (written by Ryusuke Suzuki, Komagusa Publishing) The beauty of prestigious colleges ...


[New issue] "The Miracle of Tokai High School / Junior High School Kazurakata Opera Company" (written by Ryusuke Suzuki, Komagusa Publishing) The beauty of prestigious colleges ...

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Twenty years after its inauguration, the Kazurakata Opera Company continues to fascinate the audience.

Komagusa Publishing (Dunk Publishing Division) will publish "The Miracle of the Tokai High School / Junior High School Kazurakata Opera Company" in 2022 7 ... → Continue reading


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Tokai Middle School/High School

Tokai Middle School/High School(Toka Ikugaku / Kotougakko) isAichiNagoya cityHigashi WardTsutsuiLocated at XNUMX-chome,High school consistent educationI will provide aprivateBoysJunior high school-high school.

In high school, students who enter from junior high school internally and students who enter from outside are mixed from the second grade of high school to organize classes.Mixed type junior and senior high school(Detail isOtherSee).Jodo Religious Schoolone of.


1888(Meiji21 years)Jodo sect Aichi branch schoolIt is a junior high and high school boys' school established in Nagoya City.The second principal of Tokai Junior High School is a Buddhist scholar and politician.Benkyo ShiioSo, the second principal of the new high school will be laterJodo sectOmotoyama HyakumanbenChionji TempleLordIt is the forest spirit method that became.We provide Buddhist education and emotional education based on the Jodo sect.

Going to school with a school spirit that respects the independence of students[4]Has a high track record[5]..Under the same corporationTokai Gakuen UniversityHowever, there is no internal recommendation system from our school, and there are almost no students who go on to general entrance examinations.The uniform is 5 gold buttons black, which is one of the traditions of boys' schoolStuffed collarSchool uniform(Standard school uniform, junior high school students have their first and last names embroidered in white on the right chest.2022Junior high school students who enrolled from the degree no longer have their names embroidered on their uniforms. ).There is also a cafeteria, but the use is limited to high school students (junior high school students are allowed to use it only in special cases such as during exam periods).

1931(Showa6),Emperor ShowaAs part of the Enthronement Memorial Project[3]The auditorium built is a nationalRegistered tangible cultural propertyRegistered in[2],1992(Heisei4 years)Nagoya city cityscape important buildings, etc.Is specified in[6].."" Consisting of historic buildingsCultureAs one facility, it is open to the public only during events such as walk rallies.

International Science Olympiad,National High School Go Selection TournamentHas won the national championship in#ActivitiesSee).


  • 1888(Meiji21 years) --The then President of the Jodo sect, Rei Rui Hino,Jodo Religious Schoolof"Jodo sect Aichi branch schoolEstablished as.
  • 1898(Meiji 31)-"Fourth parish schoolIs renamed.
  • 1901(Meiji 34) --Established the loyalty shrine, the predecessor of Meijiden.
  • 1909(Meiji 42)-"Private Tokai Junior High SchoolRenamed to.
  • 1935(Showa10 years)- Night junior high schoolHowever, it will be abolished with the reorganization of the school after the war.
  • 1947(Showa 22) --The new Tokai Junior High School is established.
  • 1948(Showa 23) --The new Tokai High School is established.

Religious education and Meishoden

Under education based on the Buddhist spirit of respect for life, we aim to cultivate a spirit of "symbiosis" that respects life widely.Tokai Junior High School 2nd PrincipalBenkyo ShiioIt is,TaishoFrom to the beginning of the Showa era, he preached the importance of symbiosis and developed a symbiotic movement.Of the graduatesTakeshi UmeharaWrote many books on symbiosis,Kisho KurokawaDeveloped the idea of ​​symbiosis in the field of architecture and formed a new symbiosis party in his last years to try to advance into politics.

Junior high school is more focused on religious education than high school,Amida Buddha"Religion" is taught at the Meishoden (described later), which is one of the symbols of the school and is a hall of fame that enshrines the spirits of the people involved in the school.At junior high schools nationwide in the early Heisei periodCurriculumDuring the period when disguise was regarded as a problem, the "religion" course was temporarily closed.

Every year, a music memorial service is held in the auditorium to mourn the current students, graduates and school officials who died in the previous year.

At the time of the morning assembly, we worship in the classroom toward the direction of Meishoden.In addition, after the end of the 4th period, we will implement "food etiquette" even outside the school such as events.Decree,Legal storyEvents based on the teachings of the Jodo sect are held annually.

In addition, chimeIs "Honen Shonin Song","MoonlightAre used.


It is a symbol of the school in front of the main gate, and was built in 1901 (Meiji 34).Buddhist templeIt started in.After that, the former Ministry of Education notified that religion should not be taught in general education, so along with Amida BuddhaEmperor Meiji,Empress ShokenIt is said that he is cultivating religious sentiment that is not biased to one denomination because he is worshiping a mortuary tablet in the same way as he is worshiping a god and Buddha.Therefore, the tiles of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken are still stored today.

The current Meishoden1980The 55rd generation completed in (3) (the first generation (Chutama Shrine) collapsed due to a storm, and the 2nd generation (former Meishoden) did not exist due to the developmental dissolution), and is the most existing school at the time of construction. A part of the "old science building", which is an old building, is embedded.Also, among them, now, from the loyal soul shrine eraAmida NyoraiAlong with the sitting statue, with the completion of Shinmeishoden, the high ancestor of the Jodo sectShandaoShandao and Sozo, newly made in combination with the year of 1300HonenThe sitting statue of No., the above-mentioned mortuary tile, and the mortuary tablet of the alumni who died (new style) are enshrined.

School zone

EastToyohashi,Hamamatsu cityからTokaido ShinkansenBy use, the westGifuOgakiBeyondShigaMaibaraNear, southMieTsu CityIf you add a boarding house studentOwase City, North is Gifu prefectureNakatsugawaIn the vicinity, a radius of about 50 kilometers from Nagoya is a guide[7]Becomes

Annual Events

Saturday programThe commemorative festival (cultural festival) is two major events and many visitors come to the school.

Saturday program

2002Starts in June, twice each year in June and FebruaryOBAnd invite off-campus personnelSaturdayIn the public lecture, it is commonly called "Satapro".Approximately 40 courses can be taken free of charge by anyone other than our students (some require actual expenses).With the support of Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City, we invite people who are active on the front lines of each field, and most of the planning and negotiations are run by a student executive committee of about 100 people.

Water training session

Every year at the end of JulyMieIse CityFutami Town1 nights and 4 days with all 5st grade students participatingSeaside learningIs.Color-coded by class by lottery in chargeLoinclothWear (loincloth).Students who performed well in the swimming ability test conducted in advance are 3 kilometers (however, considering the weather conditions, it is considered that they actually swam 75 km after completing a 3-minute swim), and even students who cannot swim very well are 1 kilometer (this is). The goal is to complete each swim (distance system).Wear "white", "white-red", "red-white", "red", and "special red" hats in the order in which you can swim.First held1911In (Meiji 44), there were frequent interruptions due to the war and changes in the date and place of the event. 2020New coronavirusDue to the influence of, it was the first cancellation after the war. In 2021, a loincloth was prepared on the premise of implementation, but it was found that the beach could not be used in June, and it was canceled for the second consecutive year.

Memorial festival

It is a school festival that is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays of the last week of September every year.High school called it "Foundation Memorial Festival (Memorial Festival)" and junior high school called it "September Festival".2019(ReiwaFrom the first year), the name was unified to "Tokai High School / Junior High School Memorial Festival"[8]..Previously it was a different schedule,2001It was held on the same day from (13).

The number is the number of years since the school was founded, not the number of commemorative festivals held.The first time1951(Showa 26).2022(4rd year of Reiwa) will be the "134rd Anniversary Celebration".The number of visitors exceeded 1 every year, and in 2019, which was the first time the event was held after the unification of the names, the largest number of visitors in history was 12,376.New coronavirusTherefore, it was held online in 2020 and 2021.

Kazurakata Opera Company

School students at the memorial festival2003Started in (15),Takarazuka RevueThe play of "Kazurakata Opera Company", which is likened to "Kazurakata Opera Company", is popular.[9]GotTV dramaIt became the subject of2012(24)TBSIn seriesShunsuke DaitoStarring in the one-shot drama "High School Opera Company ☆ Men's GroupWas aired.Currently, it is performing on a different day from the memorial festival,2016Newcomer performances have been held since (28) (only this performance was held in 2017).

Extracurricular activities

More than 40 groups, including the athletic club, the cultural club, and the cultural club, are active as clubs, clubs, and lovers.Some work together with middle and high school students.Kanebe is basically allowed.As a general rule, the first and second grades of junior high school belong to one of the club activities.

Exercise system (physical education club)

Cultural (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

  • ESSClub --Participated in the national tournament for the second consecutive year in 2018 and 2019. 2rd place in Japan in 2019
  • Friendly DebatesDepartment-in 2012National junior high and high school debate championshipSo, both middle and high school won the national tournament. In 2014, junior high school won the 3rd place. In 2019, both middle and high school runner-up. In 2021, junior high school won the championship.
  • moviesResearch department
  • Gardeningunit
  • theaterDepartment-It was a volunteer groupKazurakata Opera CompanyTakes over the high school drama club, which was closed.The state of the activity was made into a TV drama, and in 2012 the one-shot drama "High School Opera Company ☆ Men's GroupIt was broadcast as.The junior high school drama club is active as a separate organization
  • OrchestraClub (Tokai Gakuen Symphony Orchestra) -It is characterized by student-centered management, with the conductor also serving as a student.In addition to the annual regular concert, an overseas special concert will be held in Europe once every five years.CurrentCentral Aichi Symphony OrchestraProduced Mr. Kosuke Tsunoda who works as a permanent conductor
  • Faculty of Science
  • chorusClub (Tokai Junior and Senior High School Chorus) --The predecessor of the music club was the chorus and symphony, but in 1986OrchestraThe part was separated.AichiThe only male chorus that belongs to the Chorus Federation among middle and high school students. In 2019, the 43rd held in Saga PrefectureNational High School Cultural Festival(Saga general text) Participated in the chorus section
  • ChessClub-National High School Shogi Championship Men's Team Wins 2nd place in Japan.Producing the youngest master of the 17th Asahi Amateur Shogi
  • light musicClub (junior high school only)
  • Transportation Research Club-Commonly known as: Teken
  • Musical club
  • 社会Research Department (High School Only)
  • 写真unit
  • ReligiousResearch department
  • Calligraphy club
  • Brass bandDepartment-Toshin Hyundai Lecturer and talent Osamu Hayashi also belonged to
  • Mathematics Research Department
  • Second Foreign Language Study Group (High School Only)- FrenchDepartment,LatinDepartment, generalLinguisticsIt has 3 departments.The General Linguistics Department is offered during long vacationsInternational Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) We are working to pass the Japan qualifying round. 2020Japan Linguistics Olympiad At (JOL), 5 out of 3 members won the silver prize and advanced to the Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympics (APLO).
  • Faculty of Geology (Geology Group / Astronomical Group)
  • Radio Science Research Department (Microcomputer group / Ham group. High school only)- Amateur radio OfcallsignIs JA2YBN
  • Art department
  • Library Department-Founded in 1948.National high school student Bibliobattle 2017/2019 national tournament participation
  • Literary Club-Published a magazine at the annual commemorative festival
  • HistoryResearch Department (formerly Local Research Department) --Mainly researches the history of the Chubu region. Published a magazine at the commemorative festival from 2017
  • Postal Friends AssociationClub (during holidays)
  • Oral Department - Toshiki KaifuFormer Prime Minister, architectKisho Kurokawa,Maki KandaFormer Governor of Aichi Prefecture,Yasumasa Nagasaka,Yoshitaka IkedaProduced members of the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister's Award, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award, which has been held every May since 1947 (Showa 22).Benkyo ShiioOperates the commemorative cup "National High School Speech Contest"
  • Broadcasting Department-High school is called "Broadcasting Committee"
  • quizResearch club
  • Biology unit
  • wirelessResearch Department (junior high school only) --Amateur radio callsign is JH2YQB
  • Jugglingunit
  • magicLove party
  • Unlimited ∞ Breakers (High school only, lovers' association)- Break dance
  • Fire Boys (High School Only / Lovers Association)- Fire torch


International Math Olympics
  • 29 timesJapan Mathematics Olympics (JMO) (2019) Gold Award
  • 28th Japan Mathematical Olympiad (JMO) (2018) Excellence Award
  • 30 timesAsian Pacific Mathematics Olympics (APMO) (2018) Excellence Award
  • 55th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) (2014, South Africa Tournament) Gold Medal-Japan Team Top Results (5th in the World)
  • 24th Japan Mathematical Olympiad (JMO) (2014) Honors Student
  • 12 timesHironaka Cup(2011) Gold Award
  • 10 timesJapan Junior Mathematics Olympics (JJMO) (2011) Gold Award
  • 19th Japan Mathematical Olympiad (JMO) (2009) Honors Student
  • 15th Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympics (APMO) (2005) Bronze medal
  • 17th Japan Mathematical Olympiad (JMO) (2005) Honors Student
  • 8th Japan Mathematical Olympiad (JMO) (1998) Honors Student
  • 4th Japan Mathematics Olympics (JMO) (1994) Silver Award
International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)
  • 39th (2008, Vietnam Tournament) Winner
  • Selected as one of 45 candidates for the 2014th (14, Kazakhstan Tournament) Japan National Team (participation in training camp)
  • 12 timesNational Physics Contest Physics Challenge2016 silver award
  • Selected as a representative candidate for the 16th National Physics Contest Physics Challenge 2020 Excellence Award
Chemistry Grand Prix
  • 2012 Bronze Award 1
  • 2020 Silver Award 1, Encouragement Award 1
National High School Chemistry Grand Prix
  • 2002 Excellence Award 1
  • 2003 ・ Excellence Award 1, Gold Award 1, Bronze Award 2
  • 2004 Bronze Award 1
  • 2005 Silver Award 2, Bronze Award 1
  • 2007 Grand Prize 1
  • 2008 Gold Award 1, Bronze Award 1
  • 2009 Silver Award 1
  • 2010 Bronze Award 1
  • 2011 Bronze Award 1
Biology Olympiad
  • 2020 Gold Award 1, selected as a representative candidate
International Geography Olympiad
Japan Information Olympics

In recent years, he has won the national championships in the following competitions.

Junior high school won the championship in 2021

In 2016,Yu AobaIs the youngest in historyNovel Subaru Rookie AwardWas awarded.

Famous people


Affiliate school



Clothing and equipment

uniformThe winter clothes were changed to black stuffed collar black trousers, and the summer clothes were changed from 2022 to the conventional frosted trousers and a white polo shirt. (High school summer shirts are white cutter shirts or polo shirts).Junior high schoolCap(Summer is covered with a white cover).Junior high school uniforms and caps haven't changed much for nearly 100 years.

Before 2021, summer clothes used gray open-collared shirts (commonly known as "work clothes") and marbling trousers.

The color of equipment such as shoelaces differs depending on the grade.This color is determined in the order of "blue, yellow, green" every three years. In 3, 2022rd grade is green, 3nd grade is blue, and 2st grade is yellow (however, red may be used instead of yellow for gym clothes etc.).

In junior high school, a beige shoulder bag and a black auxiliary bag were designated, but from the 2021 junior high school enrollment, a dark blue designated backpack (with a school emblem) was used instead of the shoulder bag.On the day of the examination and ceremony, you can go to school only with an auxiliary bag.As the body grows, students who wear caps can no longer be seen from around the second year of junior high school.

Shoes and bags are free in high school (however, crocs, sandals, clogs, and straw bags are prohibited).It is prohibited in junior high schoolMobile phoneIs allowed to bring in.

Literary course, class organization by proficiency level, graduation ceremony

From the second year of high school, all students are divided into science A group (science A), liberal arts A group (sentence A), science B group (science B), and liberal arts B group (sentence B). Can be put in.

In 2021, groups A to F in the 2nd grade are in B, G in group B, H in sentence A, I to J in A, and 3rd grade in A to C. Group A and D are sentence A, group E and group F are sentence B, and groups G to L are sentence B. In Group B, the number of students in the class is smaller than in Group A, and English grade classes (advanced / intermediate / beginner) are held based on the wishes of the individual.

If there is a non-credited subject at the end of the second semester of the third year of high school, a follow-up exam will be held in January.If you do not earn credits in this additional exam, you will not be able to attend the diploma awarding ceremony in the auditorium.There is also a small graduation ceremony for students who have passed the additional exams that are held after the graduation ceremony.


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