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📢 | Discover new osteoporosis drug candidates!


Discover new osteoporosis drug candidates!

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The results of this research are expected to contribute to the establishment of a completely new treatment strategy for osteoporosis targeting mesenchymal stem cells.

-Establishing a new therapeutic strategy targeting mesenchymal stem cells-June 4, 6th year of Reiwa Gifu Pharmaceutical University National University Corporation Tokai National ... → Continue reading

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    New osteoporosis treatment strategy

    Mesenchymal stem cells

    Mesenchymal stem cells(Stem cells, stem cells,British: Mesenchymal stem cell) IsMesodermPhysicality derived from sexual tissue (mesenchyme)Stem cells.MesenchymeBelong to the system細胞ToDifferentiationHas the ability.bone,Blood vessel,MyocardiumReconstruction etc.Regenerative medicineIt is expected to be applied to.Bone marrow-derived stem cells (stem cells derived from bone marrow) for each tissue to be collected because the characteristics differ depending on the tissue to be collected.British: bone marrow stem cell), Adipose tissue-derived stem cells (British: adipose-derived stem cell) And so on.

    Cells belonging to the mesenchymal system by inducing differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells (bonecell,Myocardiumcell,cartilagecell,tendoncell,Fat cellsAnd so on).More recentlyGlial cells(EctodermOrigin),liver(EndodermOrigin), etc., not mesoderm組織It has been shown to have plasticity that allows it to differentiate into.

    Collection and culture of mesenchymal cells

    It is known that mesenchymal stem cells can be obtained from various tissues such as bone marrow, adipose tissue, placental tissue or umbilical cord tissue, and dental pulp, and the purification process thereof is generally as follows.[1]

    • (1) A floating adipocyte population is separated by centrifugation from a cell-type mixed population obtained by enzymatically treating a small amount of fat pieces collected from humans.
    • (2) Fibroblast-like cells that settle and proliferate on the lower floor surface when left in contact with the ceiling surface of an incubator filled with the culture solution are proliferated by subculture.

    Bone marrow mesenchymal cells

    Mesenchymal stem cells are thought to be present in all tissues with mesenchymal tissue.Among the mesenchymal tissuesBone marrowMesenchymal stem cellsBone marrow punctureCan be easily collected withcultureThe technique is also established.Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cellsMarrow stromal cellsIt is included in.Bone marrow stromal cells are a type of cells that support the main hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow.Bone marrow stromal cells have a reticulated structure to support hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow.Bone marrow in the bodybloodMain of hematopoiesisOrgan.



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