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📢 | Slacklining Japan national team players make an outstanding performance! [Trickline World Cup Stuttgar…


Slacklining Japan national team players make an outstanding performance! [Trickline World Cup Stuttgar…

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Rikuto Nakamura and Koi Okazawa, who won the championship, also participated.

Japan national team wins both men and women! Slacklining on June 6th and 25th in Stuttgart, Germany ... → Continue reading

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    Okazawa Koi

    Okazawa Koi(Koi Okazawa, September 2008, 9-)JapanThe professionalSlack line(Trick line) Player.TochigiUtsunomiya Citywhere one is from.He has the same real name.As a celebrity in the relatives, his uncle (his mother's brother) was the 158thNaoki PrizeWriter'sYoshiki KadoiThere is[1]..Belongs to Sakushin Gakuin Middle School[2].

    Main grades

    Junior Women's Division (2018-)

    • 2018 --GIBBON CUP Futako Tamagawa Rise 3rd place
    • 2018 --GIBBONCUP Iwate Ginga Mall Hanamaki 3rd place
    • 2018 --GIBBONCUP Yamanashi Minami Alps UNESCO Park 3rd place
    • 2018 --JAPAN BEACH GAMES Winner
    • 2018 ――2rd place in the 3nd Slacklining All Japan Championship
    • 2018 ――9nd place in the 2th Japan Open Slackline Championship
    • 2019 --GIBBON CUP Grand Front Osaka Winner
    • 2019 --GIBBONCUP Iwate Ginga Mall Hanamaki Winner
    • 2019 --GIBBON CUP Yamanashi Minami Alps UNESCO Park Winner
    • 2019 ――Winner of the 10th Japan Open Slackline Championship
    • 2020-JAPAN BEACH GAMES Winner

    Open Women's Division (2021-)

    • 2021-Champion of the 11th Japan Open Slackline Championship


    • 2020 --Utsunomiya Citizen's Award[3]

    TV appearance

    • 2019July-Tochigi Television "Mirai Athlete" [4]
    • 2020March --Nippon TV "Shuichi" [5]
    • November 2021 --NHK E-Tele "I've been addicted to the swamp"[6]

    Magazine publication

    • 2020July-Special feature article at the beginning of the periodical magazine "Healthy Family July 7"
    • December 2020-Utsunomiya City Public Relations Magazine "Public Relations Utsunomiya" Special Article[7]
    • February 2021-"Yomiuri Shimbun" feature article
    • November 2021-Sankei Shimbun Special Article[8]


    He is quite a reader, probably because he grew up in an environment where there are always books around him.
    The title of instagram is mostly taken from the title of the novel.[9]

    From childhoodTochigiUtsunomiya CityAtballetI'm learningTrunkMeet slacklining to train.
    Besides, Koryu Chinese Kenpo Dojo[10]AtKung fu(XNUMX consecutive gongsWing Chun)
    At Orion Sports ClubAcrobaticsAre learning.


    Shy and extremely shy. All works such as YOUTUBE and SNS are taken and edited by myself.


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      Rikuto Nakamura


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