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📢 | Established SENBOKU Smart City Consortium in collaboration with citizens


Established SENBOKU Smart City Consortium through public-private partnership

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In the future, Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Nishinihon Telegraph and Telephone Co., Ltd. and Sakai City will work as a consortium steering committee to plan and coordinate demonstration projects, etc., to establish and sustain new services with consortium members in the region. We will continue to work toward development.

Japan's largest smart city consortium working in the region has started Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Co., Ltd .... → Continue reading

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    Consortium Steering Committee

    West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone > West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

    West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(Nippon Telegraph and Telephone,British: NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION) Is a regional telecommunications businessJapanMajor ofTelecommunications carrier.Nippon Telegraph and Telephone(NTT) Corporation wholly owned subsidiary.head officeOsakaMiyakojima Ward.

    Popular name TheNTT West(NTT Nishinihon).Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsJurisdictionSpecial company.


    1997In June, due to the reorganization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), NTTHolding companyIt was reorganized into two regional companies and a long-distance company, and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation was established on July 2, 1999.

    "Law concerning Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(hereinafter referred to as the "Company Law", commonly known as the "NTT Law"), the holding company "holds the total number of shares issued by regional NTT West (NTT West Japan) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT).

    The location of the head office isOsakaOsakaMiyakojima WardHigashinodamachi4-15-82, a companyTaglineFrom July 2019, "Tomorrow-with you, with ICT. ". Previously, he had been using "" light ". Spreading. Hibikiai." Since 2003.

    According to the Companies Act, a regional company "is aimed at managing a regional telecommunications business (telecommunications business within the area of ​​the same prefecture)", and the area stipulated by the Companies Act is the business area.

    As described above, almost the entire business area is western Japan andCentral Japan(Koshin regionIt covers the range of prefectures that belong to).

    The regional company (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation) is the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.AuthorizationIn response, "Regional telecommunications services performed in areas stipulated by the Companies Act (installation of telecommunications facilities that can mediate communications within areas of the same prefecture without going through the facilities of other telecommunications carriers (meaning the telecommunications business conducted by the local company),” “Business necessary to achieve the purpose of the regional company,” business" and "telecommunications business and other business conducted by utilizing the equipment or technology possessed for operating regional telecommunications business or its staff".

    Approval of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications is required for these operationsSpecial corporationHowever, the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is not required for the appointment / dismissal of officers and the appropriation of profits.

    After the establishment of our company, the distributors of NTT brand telephone terminals, etc.East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone(NTT East) is in charge, and the models sold in our area are supplied by NTT East.



    The organization has changed frequently since its establishment, and when it was established in 1999, it had a system of 16 branches within the head office organization and business area. Currently, it has a head office organization and 6 branches in 33 regional business headquarters.

    • Main office
      • Business Sales Headquarters, Equipment Headquarters, Digital Reform Promotion Department, Corporate Planning Department, Finance and Legal Department, General Affairs and Personnel Department, Technological Innovation Department, Information Security Promotion Department
    • Regional division, branch
      • Kansai Business Headquarters
        • Osaka Branch, Osaka East Branch, Osaka South Branch, Wakayama Branch, Kyoto Branch, Nara Branch, Shiga Branch, Hyogo Branch
      • Tokai Business Division
        • Nagoya branch, Shizuoka branch, Gifu branch, Mie branch
      • Hokuriku Business Headquarters
        • Kanazawa branch, Toyama branch, Fukui branch
      • China Business Headquarters
        • Hiroshima branch, Shimane branch, Okayama branch, Tottori branch, Yamaguchi branch
      • Shikoku Business Headquarters
        • Ehime branch, Kagawa branch, Tokushima branch, Kochi branch
      • Kyushu Business Headquarters
        • Fukuoka branch, Kitakyushu branch, Saga branch, Nagasaki branch, Kumamoto branch, Oita branch, Kagoshima branch, Miyazaki branch, Okinawa branch

    Business Activities

    Completed within the same prefecture in the business areaToll callandLocal callSuch asFixed-line phoneServices, な ら び にIP networkservice(FLET'S), Etc. are engaged in regional telecommunications business.

    • Telecommunications business
      • Voice transmission service-General subscriber telephone, voice-based IP communication network service, etc.
      • Data transmission service - IP communication network service, type communication network service, etc.
      • Dedicated services - high-speed digital transmission services,TMJDedicated services, etc.
      • telegramServices
    • Ancillary business / purpose achievement business-Sales of telephones, telecommunications consulting, etc.

    Business identification number

    The operator identification number of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West is "0039".[Note 1].

    Business area

    The business area does not necessarily match the administrative area[4].. Detail isExceptions, etc.checking ...

    Business headquarters支店Business areaTargetArea code
    HokurikuKanazawa BranchIshikawa076-2, 0761, 0767, 0768
    Toyama BranchToyama076-4, 0763, 0765, 0766
    Fukui branchFukui0776-0778-0779
    TokaiNagoya BranchAichi,
    Gifu-MieEach part of
    052, 0531 to 0533, 0536, 056x, 0586, 0587
    Shizuoka BranchShizuoka053、0537~0539、054、054x、055-9、0557、0558、0550
    Gifu branchGifu,NaganoA part of057x, 058-2, 058-3, 0581, 0584, 0585
    Mie branchMie059, 059x
    KansaiOsaka BranchOsakaA part ofPart of 06, part of 072-6, part of 072-7
    Osaka East Branch06の一部、072-3(0、8、9)、072-8、072-9、0721
    Osaka South Branch072-2, 072-3 (1-7), 072-4, 0725
    Wakayama BranchWakayama073-4, 0735-0739
    Nara BranchNara,KyotoA part of0742 to 0747
    Kyoto branchKyoto,OsakaA part of075, 0771 ~ 0774
    Shiga branchShiga077-5, 0748, 0749, 0740
    Hyogo branchHyogo06の一部、072-7の一部、078、079-2、079-3、079-4、079-5、079-6、0790、0791、0794~9
    ChugokuHiroshima branchHiroshima082(2、5、8、9)、082-4、0823、0824、0826、0829、084-9、0845~8、08477
    Yamaguchi branchYamaguchi ,HiroshimaA part of083-2、083-6、083-7、083-9、0833~8、08387、08388、08396、0820、0827
    Shimane branchShimane 0851x, 0852-0856
    Tottori branchTottori0857 to 0859
    Okayama branchOkayama086-2、086-4、086-5、086-6、086-8、086-9、0863、0865~9、08636、08699
    ShikokuKagawa branchKagawa087-8, 0875, 0877, 0879
    Tokushima branchTokushima088-6, 0883-0885
    Kochi branchKochi088-8, 0887, 0889, 0880
    Ehime branchEhime089-9, 0892-8
    KyusyuFukuoka branchFukuokaSouth / West
    Saga-Kumamoto-Oita-NagasakiEach part of
    092, 0920, 0942-0944, 0946
    Kitakyushu BranchNorth and East Fukuoka Prefecture093, 0930, 0947-0949
    Saga BranchPart of Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture0952, 0954, 0955
    Nagasaki branchPart of Nagasaki Prefecture095-8, 0956, 0957, 0959, 0950
    Kumamoto BranchKumamoto096, 096x
    Oita branchOita Prefecture, part of Fukuoka Prefecture097, 097x
    Miyazaki BranchMiyazaki,KagoshimaA part of0982 to 0987
    Kagoshima branchKagoshima099, 099x
    Okinawa branchOkinawa098-8, 098-9, 0980

    Exceptions, etc.

    The treatment of business areas is different from that of administrative districts.

    On the other hand,Area codeAnd call charges are calculated differently from other local areas, but there are cases where the business area is treated as local.

    Exception areaArea codeJurisdiction branchJurisdiction MA
    ToyamaNakashinkawa-gunTateyamaAshiji TemplePart of the beech slope0261NTT East NaganoNTT East Omachi
    IshikawaHakuiPart of Sugaike TownHakui-gunHodatsu Shimizu TownSawakawa0766ToyamaTakaoka
    NaganoKiso-gunNagiso TownPart of AzumaTadachi0573 (60 --89)GifuNakatsugawa
    GifuKakamigahara CityKawashima地区0586NagoyaIchinomiya
    ShizuokaAtamiSpring0465NTT East KanagawaNTT East Odawara
    Susono CityPart of the tea plantation0460 (80 --89)
    MieKuwanaKisosaki Town0567NagoyaTsushima
    Iga CityPart of white oakNabariPart of Katsurao0743NaraNara
    Kumano CityKiwa TownSmall boat,Hanai, Toothpicks and WakeMinamimuro-gunKihocho0735WakayamaShingu
    KyotoKyoto CityFushimi WardDaigoichinokiricho, Daigoichinokiricho and Daigoichinokiricho077ShigaOtsu
    Kyoto CityNishikyo WardOharano Izuricho072OsakaIbaraki
    YawataPart of Iwata Otani and Uchizato Otani072Osaka EastNeyagawa
    Soraku-gunKasagi-Minamiyamashiro Village0743NaraNara
    OsakaShijonawate CityPart of Uedahara, part of Shimotawara,Tawaradai, Ryokufudai and Satsukigaoka
    Higashi Osaka CityPart of Yamate Town, Part of Higashi Toyoura Town and Part of Kamiishikiricho
    Izumi CityPart of Chichionicho0736WakayamaWakayama Hashimoto
    HyogoAmagasaki-Itami CityInano, Kurumazuka, Shimogawara, Nishi Kuwazu and part of Morimoto06OsakaOsaka
    Itami City other than the aboveTakarazukaNagaodai, Hanayashiki Soen, Hanayashiki Tsutsujigaoka, Hanayashiki Matsugaoka, Hibarigaoka, Hibarigaokayamate and part of Fujigaoka072(I.e.
    Kawanishi City
    KawabeInagawa Town
    NaraGosho CityPart of the high sky0721Osaka EastTomita Hayashi
    Yoshino-gunTotsukawaBamboo tube-Seven colors0735WakayamaShingu
    Part of Kamiyukawa, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino-gun, part of Sugise0739(I.e.
    Uda-gunMitsue VillagePart of Kozue059TripleTsu
    WakayamaShingu CityKumanogawacho Shimazu-Higashimuro-gunKitayama Village(I.e.0597Kumano
    Shimane Ochi-gunOnan TownPart of Ueda0824 (40-69)Hiroshimathree times
    0826 (40-59)Akitakata
    HiroshimaOtake City0827 (20-50 / 52-99)YamaguchiIwakuni
    FukuokaBuzen City-Chikuji-gunYoshitomiAndJomo0979OitaNakatsu
    SagaTosu City-Sanyo-gun(Kamimineexcept for)0942FukuokaKurume
    KumamotoAraoPart of (Shimoide and Ueite)0944Setaka
    OitaHita CityPart of (Maetsuemachi Yugi district, oldMaetsu Village)0943 (70-89)Tanushimaru
    NagasakiIki City0920 (30-49)Gonoura
    Tsushima cityLower Tsushima0920 (50-69)Izuhara
    Tsushima City Tsushima0920 (70-89)Tsushima Saga
    MatsuuraFukushima Town-Takashima Town0955 (20-49)佐賀Imari
    KagoshimaZuo citySueyoshi-cho / Takarabe-cho0986MiyazakiMiyakonojo

    Toyama Prefecture is the NTT West area,Nakashinkawa-gunTateyamaLocated outside Ashikuraji Beech SlopeKurobe DamThe nearby area is neighboring Nagano prefectureOmachiDue to the fact that the telephone line is drawn from, it is exceptionally in the NTT East area. Similarly, Shizuoka Prefecture is also an NTT West area,AtamiWith the fountain (entire area)Susono CityPart of the tea plantation is exceptionally in the NTT East area.Regarding Shizuoka Prefecture, it was considered to incorporate it into the NTT East sales area at the stage of considering the east-west division, but it was the same area of ​​the NTT Tokai branch office as Aichi Prefecture, and the number of users and assets between East-West regional companies. There is a history that it was made into a business area of ​​NTT West with the intention of making the scale uniform.However, Shizuoka prefecture, which is the NTT West areaTakata-gunKannan TownToNTT East Izu Hospitalexists.Conversely, in Nagano Prefecture, which is part of the NTT East Japan area, telephone lines are connected to Gifu Prefecture in part of Azuma, Nagiso Town, Kiso County, and in Tadachi.NakatsugawaIt is part of the NTT West Japan area due to the fact that more telephone lines are drawn.

    Group Companies

    Many others

    Disappearing group companies

    NTT West-Integrated into Tokai.
    NTT West-Integrated into China.
    Integrated into NTT West-Kyushu.

    Related facilities

    Medical institution

    Previously, it took over from the former Teishin Hospital in the West Japan / Tokai area and operated the following corporate hospitals.

    Currently, all of them have been transferred to other medical corporations as follows. (On the other hand, NTT East still operates multiple corporate hospitals, which can be used by people other than those related to the NTT Group.)

    Corporate hospitals and clinics that were once operated by NTT West

    Historic monuments

    TaishoCompleted after the periodCommunication architectureIs extant in various places.

    The following buildings have been leased to NOVARESE, a wedding production and restaurant management company, while being owned by NTT West as real estate. NOVARESERemodelAfter that, he runs a wedding hall under the brand "Monolith".

    • Ashiya Monolith - Hyogo PrefectureAshiya.1929(ShowaBuilt in 4) as the Ashiya Annex (telephone exchange) of the Ministry of Communications. After being used at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation → NTT → NTT West's Ashiya Annex, etc.2003(15) It was temporarily closed in October.After the closure, it was renovated and opened as "Ashiya Monolith".2011(23),Long Life Building Promotion AssociationHas been awarded the "20th BELCA Award" (long life category).
    • Himeji Monolith -Hyogo PrefectureHimeji.1930(ShowaBuilt in 5) as an annex of the Himeji Telegraph Bureau, Ministry of Communications. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation → NTT → NTT West Hyogo Branch After using it as Himeji Building No. 22007(19)3It was closed for a while.After closing, it was renovated and opened as "Himeji Monolith".

    TV commercial

    TV commercialIs broadcast only in the NTT West area, but can be viewed all over Japan via the Internet. By the way, in the past, it was played at the end of TV commercials.Sound logoInstead of the company name "NTT West," the company's catchphrase, "'Hikari'. Spread. Communicate." was read aloud.However, from November 2007,NTT EastIt has been changed to a style that reads out the company name in the same way as.

    Main performers
    • Ichiro - NTT East and NTT GroupCMAlso appeared in The content of each CM is different.
    • FLET'S Hikari CM Series
      • Both20142/27Used for commercials being broadcast from.
        • Naoto Takenaka
        • Doraemon * Even in the version in which Takenaka appears, it appears in the opening video with the "FLET'S" logo. The voice is "FLET'S!"
    Past performers

    In the "FLET'S Hikari CM Series", "Maybe" (Doburoku,2013Version CM) and "Dream flower"(Enhiro Hiroshi, 2014 version CM), after changing a part of the lyrics, the sound source sung by the person himself is played as a CM song. However, Doburock and Yen have not appeared in the main part of the commercial.

    TV programs

    For programs provided on the nationwide networkEast Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneSee.

    Locally provided programs
    Formerly provided programs


    Since the days of the Denden Corporation, various sports groups (rigid baseball club (China, etc.), athletics club (China, etc.), rugby club (Osaka, etc.), men's volleyball club (Nagoya, etc.) have been active as club activities of the Telecommunications Bureau and the Telecommunications Department. ), Women's volleyball club (Kobe), etc.) existed. At the time of the reorganization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone in 1999 (Heisei 11), the sports organizations that existed in 11 branch offices nationwide were also consolidated based on past achievements. The groups that were not subject to the integration are clubs,Club teamActivities or abolition in the form of.[5]

    Currently, the following sports organizations are supported by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West as "symbol teams" or specific individuals as "individually certified players".

    Symbol team

    For baseball, 6 teams of NTT Tokai (Nagoya City), NTT Hokuriku (Kanazawa City), NTT Kansai (Osaka City), NTT China (Hiroshima City), NTT Shikoku (Matsuyama City), and NTT Kyushu (Kumamoto City) are integrated. It became the NTT West Japan Baseball Club.
    The activity was suspended in 2002 (Heisei 14), but in 2004 (Heisei 16), the athletes who continued the competition in the form of club teams, club teams, etc. as the symbol team of NTT West were gathered and active in Osaka. Was recreated.
    • Individually certified player (soft tennis)
    We certify and support top soft tennis players (Japan national team) who are active in the soft tennis club (Hiroshima) belonging to NTT West as individually certified players.

    A team born from a sports team in NTT West

    The following are teams born from the sports teams in NTT West during the process of reorganization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West, or teams that were abandoned on the way.


    As a character on the official website of FLET'S HikariNavit,ConciergeAs a characterHikari NishinoThere is.


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    注 釈

    1. ^ This number isOld KDD(Current:KDDI) Connects to the operator of the telephone company in the other countryinternational call) Was used.


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