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📊 | Eating out sales increase by 5% in May, approaching pre-Corona level Pubs and taverns continue to struggle

Photo The food service sales announced by the Japan Food Service Association in May (based on all stores) increased by 5% from the same month of the previous year.Taken in January in downtown Tokyo (20.4 Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon)

Eating out sales increase by 5% in May, approaching pre-Corona levels Pubs and taverns continue to struggle

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Furthermore, labor shortages are a hindrance to recovery.

Food service sales in May (all stores) announced by the Japan Food Service Association were up 5% year-on-year. April ... → Continue reading

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    Lack of labor

    Lack of laborWhat is (personal dazzling)?CompanymanagementOccurs inproblemSo this is necessary for a company to do businessHuman resources(Especially young workers, blue-collar workers, and technicians) do not get together and do not work as expected.


    recent yearsJapanIn Japan, there are labor shortages in some companies and industries, which hinders the operations of all companies.

    There is such a shortage of manpowerCauseBy avoiding marriage and childbirthYoungerAnd junior high school students and high school students (junior high school graduates and high school graduates)Employment rateIn addition to the decrease in young workers due to the significant decline inBlack companiesWith the spread of problems such asService overtimeIncreasing number of cases of (long working hours) and hard work[1].

    The lack of manpower meansPart-time jobIt occurs a lot when recruiting,PermanentHas also occurred in the employment of, especially with the transportation of heavy goods or operating XNUMX hours a day, XNUMX days a weekTransportation industry(EspeciallymovingSupplier),Manufacturing industry, (Civil engineering・ Construction work)Blue collarIt has become noticeable in general.

    Part-time jobCompanies that do not gather even if they are recruited for are listed in the recruitment guideHourly wageAmount ofTimeHowever, simply increasing the hourly wage does not eliminate the fundamental labor shortage. It has become. Some restaurant companies and convenience stores with many chain stores have closed about 100 stores or closed 24 hours due to lack of manpower.[2].


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