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🎗 | "Sakura in Joetsu to grandchildren" donated by a local company


"Sakura in Joetsu to grandchildren" donated by a local company

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The executive committee has also been conducting activities to distribute garbage bags since 1994, and this year also prepared 5000 plant-derived garbage bags.

Local companies and others keep the beautiful cherry blossoms in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, known as "Japan's Three Great Night Cherry Blossoms", in the city for future generations ... → Continue reading

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    5000 garbage bags

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      Executive committee format

      Executive committee formatWhat is (a good person)?EventsWhen carrying out etc.,Administration,Company,Civic groupsOthers are fundsHuman resourcesForm a single executive committee, and the executive committee operates as the organizer.


      FixedPublic natureOften used for transient events and periodic events. Each actor from the planning stageCollaborationBy doing so, flexible and proactive business management will be possible, and synergistic effects that cannot be achieved by the administration alone are expected.

      On the other hand, issues such as continuity issues and the fact that the responsible entity is not always clear are pointed out.


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