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📢 | Perfect for summer vacation!Parents and children can work together "Exciting!easy!Home STEAM ”published


Perfect for summer vacation!Parents and children can work together "Exciting!easy!Home STEAM ”published

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With the editorial department of STEAM JAPAN, Japan's only media specializing in STEAM education, as the editor, children can explore and create things that are easy and fun to do from among the activities of STEAM education practiced in the world. Introducing 30 examples.

Press Release June 2022, 6 Kumon Publishing Co., Ltd. Kumon Publishing (President Shimura… → Continue reading

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STEAM education

STEAM education(Steam today) is Science (科学), Technology (Technology), Engineering (engineering), Mathematics (Math) Is integrated learningSTEM education(Stem education) ”and more Arts (Liberal Arts) Is an educational method that integrates[1][2][3][4][5].

First term STEAM education (2006-2008)[2]) Was used by G. Yakman, and a pyramid is known to represent the framework for the integration of STEM and liberal arts.[2].. STEAM education with humanities and social sciences and arts as Arts[1][3][4]In 2007, J. Platz of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (NPO) emphasized STEAM which added Arts by the expression "STEM into STEAM".[5].. Moreover, it is said that J. Maeda, the president of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), led the “STEM to STEAM” education program from 2008 to 2015.[6].. The expression TEAMS, which changed the order of STEAM in 2010, has also been proposed.[7].

In STEAM education, students think critically while developing the mathematical and scientific foundations of their children (Critical thinking), Applying technology and engineering, instructing students to tackle problems that exist in the real world with an imaginative and creative approach.Specific methods of STEAM education include utilizing design principles and encouraging creative problem-solving.In his co-authorship, STEM tends to fall into convergent thinking, and Arts (Liberal Arts such as Arts), co-authored by DA Sousa, a brain science teacher with experience as a high school chemistry teacher, and TJ Pilecki, an art teacher. Emphasizes that when you add, diffuse thinking is added and creative ideas are born.[3][4][8].


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