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📢 | Dismantling support and services to cover asbestos analysis costs will start in June 2022 only in Tokyo  


Dismantling support and services to cover asbestos analysis costs will start in June 2022 only in Tokyo  

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In the future, the owner's understanding will be required for the appropriate response of the dismantling company to asbestos in the dismantling work, so we will continue to inform it in various ways.

Guel Pa Co., Ltd., which operates Japan's largest comprehensive portal site "Dismantling Support" that introduces dismantling companies for free ... → Continue reading


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    Demolition contractor


    Dismantling(Kaitai) is to break apart.It has various meanings depending on the object to be dismantled.


    Demolition in the field of architecture is oftenconstructionPaired with the wordBuildingMeans to break.

    BuildingAgingFor or rebuilding,disasterIf the building is significantly damaged and difficult to repair, or if the building is no longer intended for use.道路Evacuation for expansion etc.Administrative agencyWill be dismantled for other reasons.It also has historical valueImportant Landscape StructureWhen relocating, etc.Restoration / restorationIt may also refer to the process of breaking apart once on the premise of doing so.

    There are several methods of demolition work,InteriorAfter removing the materialPower shovel(Heavy Machinery)attachment(hydraulicCrushing machine(Etc.) is attached, and the method of gradually demolishing from the top (crushing method) is common.If you want to break a structure in a narrow space where a power shovel cannot be carried in, use an air breaker.Air pressureTool orElectrical toolsThere is also a method of manually demolishing from the top using a hand-held machine such as.

    Materials generated by demolition work are subject to the Act on Recycling of Materials Related to Construction Work.ClassificationIs required,concreteThe pieces are crushed using a hydraulic subdivision machine, etc., and are combined with concrete pieces.RebarSort into.Also, use skeleton buckets (net-like buckets) and screening buckets (bucket type rotary sieving machines) to make wood chips.gravel, Concrete pieces, etc., carry out sorting work.

    At the bottom of the structureIron ballThe construction method of hitting such as, demolishing and overturning ischimneyIt was often seen in the dismantling of, but now it isnoise,vibrationImpact on neighboring residents such as, and collision with concrete pieces scattered by the impact at the time of a fall, etc.SafeIt is not used much now because of its problems.A famous example of a building that uses this demolition method isAsama Sanso.

    explosiveDismantle in an instant usingBlast dismantlingIt is,The United States of AmericaAnd so onbuildingThis is a method often used when dismantling large buildings such as.

    September 57 Development of the longest dismantling machine MS-9 in Japan (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at that time) In November 380, the ultra-long dismantling machine E63 (caterpillar) reaching 11m from the ground was developed and introduced.

    At that time, Omori Kogyo in Iwate was the first company to be jointly developed with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Caterpillar and introduced in Japan.[1].

    Skyscraper demolition technology

    OverseasSkyscraperExplosion dismantling is a commonly used method for dismantling, but it is rarely done in Japan due to strict regulations.How to dismantle the construction in order from the top so that it can be regenerated in reverse,jackUsingDaruma doll dropIn many cases, the method of disassembling from the bottom is adopted.

    MajorGeneral contractorThen, technological innovation to shorten the dismantling work period is progressing,Taisei construction"Leverp system" byAkasaka Prince Hotel,Resona Maruha Building)[2], Known as the Daruma Drop MethodKashima construction"Kajima Cut and Down Method" (Kajima Former Headquarters Building),Shimizu Construction"Shimizu Reverse Construction Method" (Kyobashi Shimizu Building), Obayashi team"QB cut-off method" byOurs Inn Hankyu, Marunouchi AIG Building),Takenaka Corporation"Takenaka Hatdown Method" (Hotel Plaza)and so on.

    Demolition business

    In the Construction Business Act, the demolition work business is a construction business that involves the dismantling of geographic features.

    From June XNUMX, XNUMX (the date of enforcement of the revised Construction Business Act), the "demolition of works" that was included in the "jumping and earthwork business" under the conventional construction business law will be made independent, and the industry classification related to the construction business permit will be made. As a new "demolition work" was added.

    As an example of construction, work dismantling work

    For the object to be constructed in each specialized construction, the construction to dismantle only that corresponds to each specialized construction.The work of dismantling civil engineering works and buildings under comprehensive planning, guidance, and coordination corresponds to "civil engineering set work" and "building set work", respectively.

    DismantlingConstructionTo run a businessConstruction business lawof"Civil engineering work""Architectural business""Demolition businessUnless you have permission fromLaw on recycling of materials related to construction workBased onPrefectural governorIt is necessary to be registered as a "demolition work".

    General from various buildings住宅-WarehouseI often deal with all kinds of dismantling.As a qualification for demolition workWooden building dismantling work commander,Dismantling work construction engineerThere is.

    For small-scale contractors and construction companies, one company often undertakes a complete set from ordering to construction, but the major companies undertake the contract.General contractorIn the case of a large-scale building, it is common in terms of cost and labor costs to outsource everything except orders to subcontractors, partner companies, and related companies.

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    Transport equipment

    In the case of transportation equipment, if it cannot fulfill its original role as transportation equipment for the following reasons, it will be dismantled.

    • When aging has progressed significantly
    • When it reaches the end of its useful life
    • When it is damaged due to a disaster or accident and cannot be repaired
    • If it can still be used, but it is technically obsolete and replaced by a new model
    • When there is a surplus due to the circumstances of the user and there is no diversion destination

    Prescribed for railroad vehicles and automobilesScrapped carThe procedure will be carried out, and the dismantling work will be carried out after being accepted by the regulatory agency.However, if it is unavoidable such as an accident, the procedure may be carried out after being dismantled locally.


    aircraftThe service life of the aircraft is said to be about 20 years, but in the case of passenger aircraft, most of them become obsolete and sold in about 10 years, except for old aircraft that continue to fly in developing countries.

    "Airplane graveyardThe place called "The United States of America OfArizona,New mexico OfDesertIt is in.The air is dry in these desertsMilitary aircraft,Passenger planeLong-term storage of the aircraft (Mothball) It is said to be the best climate.

    ArizonaTucsonSuburbsDavis Monthan Air Force Base TheBomber,FighterCemetery,California OfMojave DesertIt is inMohave AirportIs known as a passenger plane graveyard,RunwayCountless military and passenger planes from all over the world stand in the vast wilderness along the road.Each aircraft is in the name of temporary storage, aircraft that can still be used are sold to developing countries, parts are removed and sold for maintenance by aircraft manufacturers and airlines, and the remaining aircraft are finally scrapped Is destined to be.

    However, it is located on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona.nuclear weaponsThe bombers that can be loaded are not placed for long-term storage or transfer, but for long-term storage or transfer.Military satelliteTo wait for dismantling in an observable state fromDetentionIs.For more informationFirst Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty See (START I).

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    Railway car

    Railway car, this means a Scrapped carThe vehicle for which the procedure has been completed isRailway operator OfDepotEtcForwardingOn top of that, it was moved to a dedicated dismantling line and heavy machineryGas burnerWill be dismantled at.

    For example,JRAnd so onVehicle factoryThere is a dismantling line in.AlsoTobu RailwayThen.Tatebayashi内 のNorth Tatebayashi Handling StationThere is a dedicated slaughterhouse in.

    In old rail carsasbestosIs used,Environmental issuesBecause of such things, recentlyMajor private railwayEven so, we do not have our own dismantling equipment, so we outsource the vehicle to a specialized dismantling company.Land transportationIn many cases, demolition work is carried out.The Tobu Railway's North Building Forest Cargo Handling Office also undertakes the dismantling of scrapped vehicles from other companies' stations in addition to its own vehicles.

    Parts and equipment generated during dismantlingParts pickerDiverted to other vehicles asCabIt is often done to move a part of the car body as it is to another vehicle.Other partsWaste material / waste ironCan be reused aswasteWill be disposed of as.AlsoRailway fanIt's a public event for enthusiasts, and sometimes scraps are sold.

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    AutomobileIn the case of, it is called deletion registrationScrapped carIt will be dismantled after performing the procedure.Since automobiles are easier to transport than railroad vehicles, they are taken to a dedicated facility owned by a dismantling company and then dismantled.

    In the case of automobiles, parts can be easily reused, so dismantled vehicles are frequently reused.Metal parts and metal partsengineValuables such as used (Reuseas well as the Rebuild) Parts such as seats that are distributed or removed are sold as second-hand goods.In addition, a remanufactured vehicle may be assembled from disassembled vehicle parts (Nikoichi).Some parts cannot be divertedWaste ironIn the form ofRecyclingAnd the residue iswasteWill be disposed of as.

    またBus vehicleIn the case of, as with railroad cars, in recent yearsBus fanAt events for enthusiasts, etc.CurtainThe number of scrap products such as these is increasing.

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    ShipDismantlingScrap and buildDue to regulations20st centuryUntil the end of the developed world, especiallyJapan OfShipyardIt was done in such.Coastal shipIs still being dismantled in Japan.There are six companies in Japan that can dismantle ships over 100m.SDF Ofsubmarine-Japan Coast Guard OfLarge shipWill be dismantled by a domestic dismantling company.Most of themSetouchi regionConcentrates on.

    Large vessels with a GT of 1,000 or more are often sold as vessels for overseas use in a state of value in use, and are rarely dismantled in Japan.

    For super-large vessels with GT20,000 or more,Indiaandバングラデシュ(ChittagongIt has been dismantled by countless unskilled workers on a shallow sandy beach with a large tidal range.The shipowner exports the ship to Bangladesh etc. in order to reduce and avoid the cost associated with dismantling, and the local dismantling company removes the wreckage of the dismantled ship.scrapSold to each country as.There are many criticisms about these dangerous work and export of harmful substances to developing countries, and ships200411 of the monthBasel ConventionIt was defined as toxic waste.

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    Biology Dismantling in is to cut the body of an organism and divide it into parts. "Handle(Judgment) ".When it is difficult to transport large animals for food in their original form when distributing them to the market.KnifeDisassemble into a size that is easy to transport.

    The method of dismantling isAnimal-FishThere are various types.家畜About the dismantling ofslaughter,SlaughterhouseSee section etc.Of slaughtered livestockmeatThe part that does not becomeChemical factoryIn a factory calledgrease,Pet foodProcessed into products such as raw materials.Especially when it comes to dismantling fish, Japan has unique technology not found in other countries.

    Biology-Medical scienceIn the direction, do the same thingDissectionThat is.Japan's firstAnatomyIs a bookDismantling new bookUses this word, but it is no longer used.

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    Social group

    Dismantling in a human social group loses its collective nature. "DissolutionIt is similar to the word ", but the dissolution is often done voluntarily, and the dismantling is often done by a third party.Tissue dismantlingZaibatsu Demolitionetc.


    Mental illness

    American Psychiatric AssociationbyMental disorder diagnosis and statistics manual In (DSM)schizophreniaRefers to certain symptoms in (defined as "disassembled conversation" and "disassembled behavior") and pathological conditions leading to personality devastation due to blunted emotions and will.

    Incidentally,who International classification by (WHO)International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems (ICD) does not use the expression "disassembly" in the definition of schizophrenia.In JapanMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIs officially adopted by ICD.

    in recent yearsPsychiatryWith progressPsychotropic drugs(EspeciallyAntipsychotic) Is developing, and the number of relatively mild cases of schizophrenia that does not lead to personality devastation is increasing.

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    Cancellation of brainwashing

    Intelligence agency-terrorist-Guerrilla-cultFor groups etc.brainwashingAn act that is given to a person who has been given a sword to restore it to its original state.[Source required]

    It is also called "backwashing" or "deprogramming", but it is more common to use that term.


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