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💴 | Scholarships will be “paid for advancement” even in Japan !? Australian scholarships “HECS-HE…” that will be repaid according to income


Scholarships will be "paid for advancement" even in Japan !? Australian scholarships "HECS-HE ..." that will be repaid according to income

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It will be interesting to see how the government will steer the scholarships and education system in the future.

HECS is an income-linked scholarship system adopted by Australia. → Continue reading

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奨 学 金

奨 学 金(Scholarship) is a fund or system that is lent or provided to support research and study.[1][2][3].

There are two types of scholarships, one is support for excellent academic research and excellent academic achievement.Benefit-type scholarshipIs.In some cases, school corporations, welfare corporations, companies, etc. have scholarships that are paid on the condition that they will be employed for a certain period of time after graduation.[4]..The other is to guarantee educational opportunities for those who are difficult to attend due to financial reasons, or to have a much lower interest rate than student loans from financial institutions.[5] OfLoan-type scholarshipThere is[6][7][2].


Scholarships include the following.

  • Merit base(Merit-based): Payment based on the student's academic, artistic, physical education, etc. evaluation.Extracurricular activities and community services may also be considered[8].
  • Needs base(Need-based): The family situation of the individual student (for example)Public assistancePayment based on receipt).
  • Student-designated type(Student-specific): Payment based on the student's personal circumstances, such as the applicant's gender, race, religion, family composition, and health status.Affirmative action).
  • Carrier designation type(Career-specific); Provided by the educational institution for those who are planning to advance to a specific field / research area.
  • Educational institution designated type (College-specific): Provided by the educational institution to students with excellent grades.
  • Sports scholarship

Scholarship management organizations are public and private organizations (Charity-Foundation).

Japanese scholarship

Benefit scholarship (benefit type scholarship)

Benefit-type scholarships are a system established for the purpose of securing excellent students.In addition, some foundations, welfare corporations, companies, etc. provide benefit-type scholarships on the condition that they will be employed for a certain period of time after graduation.[4].

Most of the scholarships are run by companies and local governments.Japan Student Services OrganizationBut there is a small amount of handling.From April 16National University CorporationWith the changeConvoyIs goneNational universityHowever, individual benefit scholarship systems are being developed (eg, ""Hitotsubashi University Academic Excellent Student Scholarship System","Kanazawa University Acanthus Scholarship SystemIn addition, the tuition exemption limit has increased significantly at national and public universities.

Employment insurance related

For a certain periodemployment insurance Those who have enrolled in the school can attend training schools including junior colleges such as nursery school teachers and vocational schools for free as vocational training.Furthermore, if certain conditions are met, it may be possible to continue receiving the basic unemployment insurance allowance while attending school.

A certain period before admission (in principle, 3 years or more)employment insurance Those who have joinedEducation and training benefit systemIf you enroll in a course designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (professional university, law school, graduate school for teaching profession, other training facilities, etc.) as the above education and training after satisfying the prescribed requirements, the entrance fee and tuition fee will be charged. You can receive a part.moreover,2025It is a time-limited measure until March 3, but if you meet the requirements such as being under 31 years old at the beginning of the course,Education and training support benefitsYou can receive (8% of the basic allowance for employment insurance).

Loan scholarships and delinquency rates by university level

By making the scholarship interest-free or with a low interest rate, it is possible to target a wider range of people to the scholarship project than in the case of the benefit type.The difference between low interest scholarships and educational loans is the interest and whether or not to start repayment during the period of enrollment.[Annotation 1], Interest on education loans in the countries with the lowest interest rates[9]1/5 to 1/100 or less[Annotation 2]Can be rented at[10].. for that reason,"Ultra-low interest rate student loanThere is an analogy[5]. 

Toshihiko MaidaAccording to the professorBorder freeThe lower the university level, the higher the delinquency rate, especially for university graduates.According to a survey of scholarship repayment delinquency rates by university type, the lower the university rank, the higher the scholarship delinquency rate. He just forcibly comes in with a debt called a scholarship. "" After graduation, I can't return it and my life goes bankrupt. I'm inviting young people to this "death" course. "[11].

Japan Student Services Organization 

From April 2004, 4, scholarship projects, international student support projects, student counseling projects, etc. will be integrated.Independent administrative agencyAs until thenJapan Student Services Organization,Ministry of education・ Part of the work of national universities,FoundationTaking over some of the duties of the Japan International Education Association, the Domestic and Foreign Student Center, the International Alumni Association, and the Kansai International Alumni Association,Independent administrative agencyJapan Student Services OrganizationBorn as.Regarding scholarship projects, it is one of the most popular scholarship programs. College of technology,Vocational schoolSpecialized course,University,Graduate Schools(Open UniversityEnrolled in correspondence universities and graduate schools)StudentLend a scholarship to.Scholarships are divided into types such as type XNUMX (interest-free) and type XNUMX (interest-bearing). Type XNUMX has stricter recruitment standards (scholastic ability, etc.), and type XNUMX is a condition (parent's). It will be adopted if it meets the annual income, etc.).

When repayment is difficult, you can reduce the monthly repayment amount or receive a repayment deferment by applying.[12]..In principle, the repayment grace period is up to 10 years, but if you are receiving disaster, illness, or welfare protection, you will be deferred if the condition continues.[13]..Also, if you are enrolled in a university during the repayment period, the refund deadline will be postponed by applying.[14]..In addition to being granted a repayment exemption in the case of physical and mental disabilities, there is also a full or partial exemption system for excellent persons who have received a first-class scholarship at the graduate school.During the time of the Japan Student Services Organization, there was an exemption system for those who got a job as a school teacher and worked for a certain period of time.

Scholarship delinquentsthe 1960sIt was already regarded as a problem at the time of1965In March (Showa 40), the firstEnforcementbySeizureWas done.Newspapers at the time described long-term delinquents as "with a tag."[15].. From 2009 (Heisei 21), delinquents for 3 months or moreNational Bank Personal Credit Information Center"Preventing the transition to multiple debt is extremely meaningful from an educational point of view.[16]"Credit informationWill be registered as[17].

In March 2015, the Japan Student Services Organization President's view on criticism of the Japan Student Services Organization scholarship was announced.Nikkei BusinessPublished through interviews with[18]In addition, in January 2016 (Heisei 28), a more detailed interview will be held.Toyo Keizai Inc.Published on the website of[19].

Universities with strong scholarship delinquency rate and repayment ability

The average scholarship delinquency rate by university announced by the Japan Student Services Organization in 2017 is 1.3%.The highest delinquency rate by university is 13.9%, and there are 5 universities with a delinquency rate of over 20%.[Annotation 3][20]..On the contrary, there are 2017 universities with a delinquency rate of 0 as of 41, mainly medical universities with strong "repayment ability".[21].

Skilled worker training fund system

Not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyVocational Development Collegeas well as the Public vocational capacity buildingStudents enrolled inTraineeIs not eligible for the Japan Student Services Organization scholarship loan.As an alternative to this, an incorporated administrative agencyEmployment/Skill Development OrganizationWas providedSkilled worker training fund systemHowever, it ended at the end of 2010.

For students enrolled before April 2009

Similar to the Japan Student Services Organization scholarship system, there are categories of Type 3 (interest-free) and Type XNUMX (interest-bearing, XNUMX% per year).The second type of target is in prefecturesVocational development school OfJapanese version dual system,Vocational Development Junior College OfSpecialized course, Prefectural Centers of the Employment and Human Resources Development Organization (Vocational Development Promotion CenterJapanese version of dual system, including Polytechnic University (including Polytechnic University)Research courseas well as the Applied Research Courseexcept for),Vocational Development CollegeSpecialized course andApplied course,Vocational Development Junior CollegeStudents and trainees enrolled in the specialized course of.

The first-class target persons are vocational ability development schools (excluding the Japanese version dual system) in prefectural governments, vocational ability development junior colleges, and prefectural centers (including vocational ability development promotion centers) in the Employment and Human Resources Development Organization. ) (Excluding the Japanese version of the dual system), students and trainees enrolled in the Vocational Ability Development College, the Vocational Ability Development College, and the Vocational Ability Development Junior College.

There are economic reasons and performance standards for loan conditions, but the first type targets particularly excellent students and trainees, and the second type has looser performance standards.The monthly loan amount is 18,200 yen to 85,000 yen (type 40,000) and 47,600 yen to XNUMX yen (type XNUMX) depending on the conditions.

The maximum return period for technician training funds is 16 years or less.Previously a specific profession (Vocational schoolThere was a system in which the return was postponed and exempted if the employee worked for a period longer than the designated period (such as the faculty and staff of the Polytechnic University), but it has been abolished now.

For students enrolled after April 2009

From April 2009, the first and second categories were abolished, and all interest-bearing (4% per year, but no interest while attending school) loan system was adopted.The target audience is vocational ability development schools and vocational ability development junior colleges in prefectural governments, and prefectural centers (including vocational ability development promotion centers), vocational ability development general colleges, and vocational ability in employment and ability development organizations. Students and trainees enrolled in Development College and Vocational Ability Development Junior College.The monthly loan amount is 3 yen to 18,200 yen depending on the conditions.

Expansion of technician training fund system

Regarding welfare benefits (enforced from January 2009) during the vocational training period under the Skilled Worker Development Fund System,Livelihood security benefits during vocational trainingchecking ...

Skilled person training fund loan system

It was established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2011 with the end of the technician training fund system.Labor unionYou can get a loan up to a certain amount with interest and unsecured. As of April 2011, the loan recipients and requirements for fiscal 2011 are that they are enrolled in a vocational ability development university or a public vocational ability development facility, and are recommended by the facility director when they are 4 years of age or older. Income is below the standard amount.The maximum loan amount is 18 yen (home student), 1 yen (outside home) for regular course trainees, 1 yen (home), 260,000 yen for specialized course, applied course, long-term course trainees, and students. (Outside home), research course students are 310,000 yen.The loan interest rate is 500,000% per annum and the repayment is limited to 590,000 years.

Ashinaga Scholarship Society

sick,ACCIDENT,disaster,suicideWe lend and provide scholarships for attending high school, university, and vocational school to children who have lost their parents.

Scholarships for study abroad students

Outside JapanStudy abroadOften requires a large amount of money, and many students take advantage of scholarships. You can get an overview in the "Scholarship Pamphlet for Study Abroad".There are benefits and loans[22].

Publicly funded scholarships

Targeted at university students since 1964Sankei Scholarship(Sankei Shimbun,Fuji TelevisionEtc.), but the project was terminated in 1989.Also, the former competition de Francais (Asahi ShimbunSponsored by) is a foundation as of 2015Japan-French HallThe "Japanese-French Kaikan French Contest" sponsored by (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun, etc.) is not limited to students, but there are restrictions on application qualifications. From 2014Tobitate! Study abroad JAPANHas started.

Besides these,Lions Club,Rotary club,AFS(For high school students) and so on.

Scholarship system implemented at national expense

It is a scholarship system operated by the government for a specific purpose.In either case, if you work for a certain period of time in a position designated by the competent ministry, you will be exempted from returning.Even if each ministry and agency has jurisdiction, the executing agency is often a prefecture, but the following systems are operated at national expense.bothJapan Student Services OrganizationAllows overlap with scholarships.

Lending student system by the Ministry of Defense

Self Defense Force ActIt is a system based on Article 98.There are technical lending students and hygiene lending students, and the technology isReason-engineeringSystem and hygienemedical-DentistryIt is intended for students of the system.Hiring is about a dozen people every year.

Not a scholarshipNational Defense Medical CollegeThen, if you refuse to be appointed after graduation or if you retire from the Self-Defense Forces within 9 years, you need to return the expenses until graduating from university (up to 5,021 million yen) to the national treasury, which can be regarded as an interest-free loan.

Orthodontic medical officer study fund loan system

Ministry of JusticeIt is a scholarship system under the jurisdiction.Various medical students after graduationCorrection facilityIt is intended for those who intend to work at.The loan amount is 15 yen a month.The target is after the third grade of medical schoolOrthodontistIf you do not work for a certain period of time, you need to return it[23].

Scholarship system by local government

Although there are many different system contents such as the contents of recruitment, the amount of scholarships, and the presence or absence of repayment, such as the prefectural level and the unit of municipality, there are many.MunicipalitiesThere is a system in.

Scholarship system by a private company

Private enterprisesScholarship system independently implemented by.Some are recruited all year round, some are suddenly recruited for a small amount, and some are scholarships limited to specific schools (eg: Toda Ikuei FoundationScholarships, etc.).

Toyota Industrial AcademyLike in-houseVocational development schoolIn some cases, the tuition fee is free and the salary is paid as an employee.

Scholarship system by newspaper company

Newspaper companybyNewspaper scholarshipIt is a scholarship loan / payment system called.Students can receive scholarships by engaging in newspaper delivery at retail stores during school.It is mainly carried out by newspaper companies in urban areas.Although it is called a scholarship, it is practically just a scholarship for the compensation in the labor contract.

United States scholarship

Benefit-type scholarship

National Honor Society

National Honor Society (en: National Honor Society) Has a scholarship system based on academic performance, leadership, service activities, people, etc.[24].

National Achievement University Scholarship Examination

National Achievement University Scholarship Examination (National Merit,en: National Merit ScholarshipIn), successful applicants (finalists), semi-qualified persons (semifinalists), recommended students (commended students), etc. are selected, and a scholarship system is set up for those with excellent grades.[24].

Fulbright scholarship


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Education systemWhat is (educational education)?EducationIt is socially recognized as an organization composed of people and things systematically arranged to achieve the above purpose.In generalSchool systemUsed synonymously with, but in a broader senseSocial educationAnd education and finance are also included[1][2]

Classification of education system

The education system is roughly divided into the following categories according to each way of thinking.

By education level
By educational purpose and content
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