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💴 | Set up a “vending machine” for hometown tax payments Procedures for people who visit Koyasan for sightseeing etc. on the spot Koya Town, Wakayama Prefecture


"Vending machine" for hometown tax payment is set up. People who visit Koyasan for sightseeing etc. go through the procedure on the spot. Koya Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

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This vending machine was installed for the first time in western Japan, and Mayor Hirano said, "I hope many people will donate to help revitalize Koya Town."

A vending machine has been set up in Koya-cho where people who visit Mt. Koya for sightseeing can go through the procedures for hometown tax payment on the spot. → Continue reading

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The only private television broadcasting station in Wakayama prefecture. Incidents, accidents, disaster prevention, politics, education, tourism, sports, gourmet, fashion, entertainment, culture, history, nature, health, pandas, Tama stationmaster ... We will tell you various news about Wakayama.

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Mayor Hirano


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