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💴 | Disability pension lies?really? (20) "Is it essential to prove the date of the first visit?"


Disability pension lies?really? (20) "Is it essential to prove the date of the first visit?"

If you write the contents roughly
You can ask the current hospital to write a medical certificate, and in the extreme, for all the hospitals before that, you can create a "petition that cannot be attached with a certificate of consultation status, etc."

It is important to clarify the date of the first visit When claiming a disability pension, it is important to clarify the date of the first visit.Joined on the day of the first visit ... → Continue reading

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Certificate of consultation status, etc.

    Medical certificate

    Medical certificate(medical certificate,British: a medical certificate) IsDoctor,Dentist,VeterinarianIt is a document issued by.

    It is also a type of certificate issued for each industry.In this way, the medical certificate is not limited to a specific industry.Issuance is carried out for each law and for each business scope.

    Medical certificate

    Doctor,Dentist,and,VeterinarianIt is,patientOr the medical condition of the patient, the situation of injury or disability, required for treatmentHospitalization-手術Issue a medical certificate to prove such means.In addition, the doctor said, "This patient is in charge of the work (AutomobileIssued to guarantee that "the animal has (or does not have) the ability to drive, etc." In some cases.Other,Death certificateThere is also a medical certificate like this.again,welfareMay be necessary for insurance-related applications.

    In addition, the preparation of a medical certificate within the scope of medical practice isDoctor,Dentist,and,VeterinarianOnly recognized,pharmacist,nurseSuch ashealth care workerOr if it is created by the general public, it will be punished.Doctor lawArticle 19 paragraph 2,Dentist lawAccording to Article 19 (2), doctors and dentists cannot refuse to prepare a medical certificate unless there is a valid reason when requested by a patient. Do not do it. "Veterinarian ActAccording to Article 19 (2), a veterinarian "when requested to issue a medical certificate, he / she must not refuse it without a justifiable reason", and Article 18 of the law states that "a veterinarian should not see himself / herself." No medical certificate should be issued. "

    In addition, Your Privacy,confidentialityOf the patient's problem家族It is important to note that a medical certificate will not be created without the consent of the patient (a power of attorney may be required) at the request of an acquaintance or friend (however, the patient himself / herself).children or dementiaIf the patient lacks judgment due to such reasons, or the patient himself / herselfCriticalState or alreadyDeathExcept if you do).In addition, a medical certificate will not be prepared in case of refusal to notify the cancer.Of a normal medical certificateFormatIs not specifically stipulated by law,hospital・ It depends on the doctor.However, the format of death certificates is fixed.

    It is supposed to be delivered as soon as possible, and if it is not delivered, it is a violation of the Medical Practitioners Act.False medical certificate creation crimeIs less than imprisonmentMedical CouncilIn addition to being subject to blame, sanctions, and license deprivation, administrative and criminal penalties may be imposed.


    It is mainly used to prove the result of diagnosis and the content of diagnosis.For example, the patientLife insuranceAnd private sectormedical insurance(Cancer insuranceIf so, it is used to prove that the payment requirements are met when claiming insurance.If you are absent from work for a long time due to illness or injury, you may be required to submit a medical certificate from your place of employment, which is also used in that case.In addition, in the business law, etc., it may be necessary to prove that the party such as the applicant is not suffering from a certain disease, and it is also used for the proof.As an example,Pharmaceutical Affairs LawWhen the individual applicant or the applicant is a corporation in various permission applications based onDirectorIt is necessary to prove that is not a mental illness, drug addiction, etc. In this case, a medical certificate is attached to the permit application to prove it.In addition, it is used as a proof of fact when proof is required in various situations. (however,Disability certificateA medical certificate from a specific designated doctor may be required, such as the medical certificate attached to the application. )


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