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💹 | The Nikkei average in the morning fell slightly, and the US stock price fell anaerobically.


The Nikkei average in the morning fell slightly, and the weakness of US stocks was anaerobic and reluctant to buy

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On the other hand, high-end stocks such as Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings and Fast Retailing are conspicuous.

[Tokyo XNUMXnd Reuters] – In the Tokyo stock market on the morning of the XNUMXnd, the Nikkei average is XNUMX yen lower than the previous business day by XNUMX yen. → Continue reading


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    High brand

    Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings

    Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.(Mitsukoshi Setan Holdings,British: Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.) IsJapanese department storePureHolding company..As a subsidiary of the companyIsetan Mitsukoshi(Kanto regionOwns department store operating companies in each region, including (operating stores in Japan).Nikkei Stock AverageOne of the constituent stocks of[3].


    In JapanGovernment-designated cityIn addition to opening stores in almost all of the stores, it has a long history of expanding into the world.Unique in the 1990s, which should have been a period of economic downturnMerchandisingMade a leap forward with (MD)IsetanHowever, despite being Japan's oldest department store, it was struggling to recapitalize.MitsukoshiBusiness integration in the form of incorporating.2008/4/1ToStock transfer(The ratio is "1" for Isetan and "0.34" for Mitsukoshi), which was established as a pure holding company.

    In the past, Mitsukoshi was 4th in sales in Japan and Isetan was 5th.[4]Due to the business integration, it became the top department store industry in Japan in terms of sales and scale, and since then, it has not let go of that position.

    registrationThe above head office was located in Ginza Mitsukoshi, Ginza 2011-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, but in June 6, it was located in Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, which is the actual location of the head office function (inside Isetan Shinjuku Main Store Park City Isetan XNUMX). I am changing.

    Isetan has been around for a long timeFamily business(Founder Kosuge family), but the hereditary manager at that time who advocated reformMain bankTaking advantage of diluting the relationship withHijackerAn incident such as being targeted by[5], Completely eliminated hereditary succession with his retirement in 1993.It is after that that radical MDs such as the "Liberation Zone" of the Shinjuku main store bear fruit.[6]..Mitsukoshi (Echigoya Kimono store)Mitsui ZaibatsuIs a prestigious company that is the source of[7], Both companies had quite different corporate constitutions.

    It was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Holdings that merged the two companies with different main banks, but died suddenly in January 2, less than two years after the merger.After that, Chihiro Futahashi, an influential person who was considered to be his successor, had a business alliance at that time.Tokyu Department StoreWas virtually expelled (until March 2015, he remained with the Company as Senior Managing Executive Officer, but retired due to the termination of the alliance.[8]).Mikio Hashimoto took the position of chairman, but he is not given the right of representation.Muto is said to have actually nominated a different person as his successor.

    In the company name and English notation, the order of Mitsukoshi and Isetan is reversed (a similar example isSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationHowever, most of the subsidiary names are "M eye cardMitsukoshi is written first, and Isetan is written first in English notation.The logo mark is a combination of Isetan's "i" and Mitsukoshi's "m" in the order in which they are written in English.


    • 2008/4/1 - JointStock transferByIsetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.Established (share transfer ratio is 1 for Isetan shares and 0.34 for Mitsukoshi shares)
    • 2009/
      • 5/29 --Established two subsidiaries, Sapporo Marui Imai Co., Ltd. and Hakodate Marui Imai Co., Ltd. (Business transfer from Marui Imai on June 2, business start on August 6)
      • October-with IwatayaStock exchangeAnd made Iwataya a wholly owned subsidiary.at the same timeFukuoka Stock ExchangeListed on (Alternative measures due to delisting of Iwataya)
    • 2010/
      • 1/6 ――The chairman, Nobukazu Muto, who completed the integration, died.
      • 1/10 --The fact that Nobukazu Muto was fighting illness and that he had died was strictly hidden, but it was announced for the first time on this day.At the same time, a new management system was launched.
      • 4/1 --8 Mitsukoshi stores (Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata (""Ltd.Niigata Mitsukoshi Isetan(Integrated into), Nagoya, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Matsuyama, Fukuoka) transferred to eight regional store management subsidiaries.
      • 10/1 --Iwataya merged with Fukuoka Mitsukoshi, "Ltd.Iwataya MitsukoshiWas launched.
    • 2011/
    • 2013/10/30 --Used in Isetan shopping bags, etc.Tartan checkThe pattern has been renewed to the "McMillan / ISETAN" pattern for the first time in 55 years.[9].
    • 2014/4/1 --The design of Mitsukoshi's paper bag has been changed for the first time in 57 years.The design isYuzenBy Kunihiko Moriguchi, a living national treasure with a handle[10].
    • 2016/3/9 -JRNagoya StationPrevious·Dai Nagoya BuildingIn addition, the store of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings "Isetan HouseHas opened.Became the core tenant of the commercial zone from the 1st basement floor to the 2nd floor above ground[11][12][13].
    • 2018/September 9-Announced that Isetan Sagamihara store, Isetan Fuchu store, and Niigata Mitsukoshi will be closed.
    • 2020/May 5-Isetan House of Dai Nagoya Building will be closed at the end of August[14].

    Successive presidents

    Organizational Structure

    • Internal Audit Office
    • Chief Officer Room
    • Secretary's office
    • General Affairs Department
    • Group Merchandising Management Department
    • Information System Management Department
    • Real Estate Management Department
    • Overseas Business Management Department
    • Business Management Department

    Group Enterprise

    Unless otherwise specified in this section, it is a wholly owned subsidiary.

    * Only matters related to the corporate entity are listed here.For store details (closed stores, etc.), refer to the linked items.

    Domestic department store

    • Ltd.Sapporo Marui Mitsukoshi Established May 2009, 5 (formerly Sapporo Marui Imai), April 29, 2011 Merged with Sapporo Mitsukoshi.
    • Ltd.Hakodate Marui Imai Established May 2009, 5, succeeded store management business July 29, 7.
    • Ltd.Sendai Mitsukoshi Established October 2009, 10 (split off local stores), succeeded store management business April 1.
    • Ltd.Niigata Mitsukoshi Isetan  Established April 1984, 4 (formerly Niigata Isetan)
    • Ltd.Shizuoka Isetan Established June 1948 (formerly Tanakaya Department Store) In 6, made Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • Ltd.Nagoya Mitsukoshi Established October 2009, 10 (split off local stores), succeeded store management business April 1.
    • Ltd.Hiroshima Mitsukoshi Established October 2009, 10 (split off local stores), succeeded store management business April 1.
    • Ltd.Takamatsu Mitsukoshi Established October 2009, 10 (split off local stores), succeeded store management business April 1.
    • Ltd.Matsuyama Mitsukoshi Established October 2009, 10 (split off local stores), succeeded store management business April 1.
    • Ltd.Iwataya Mitsukoshi Established Established May 1935, 5 (formerly Iwataya), October 8, 2010 Merged with Fukuoka Mitsukoshi.

    Overseas store


    • Shanghai Meilong Town Isetan(Shanghai Meilongzhen Itan Hundred Co., Ltd.) Opened in June 1997 (6% owned, consolidated subsidiary)
    • Tianjin Isetan(Tianjin Isetan Co., Ltd.) Opened in 1993
    • Tianjin Binhai New District Isetan(Tianjin City) Opened on January 2013, 1.
    • Chengdu Isetan(Chengdu Isetan Department Store Co., Ltd.) Opened in May 2007.


    • Shin Kong MitsukoshiDepartment Store Co., Ltd.
    1991.Established as a joint venture with Shin Kong Group.Investment rate 43.4% Equity method affiliate. 
    Branch network: Taipei-Taoyuan-Taichung-Chiayi-Tainan-Kaohsiungetc.

    Southeast Asia

    • Bangkok Isetan  ThailandLocal subsidiary: Isetan (Thailand) Co., Ltd
    49% stake, 45.5% stake in Clover Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary. Opened in 1992. It has been announced that it will be closed on August 2020, 8.
    • Kuala Lumpur Isetan  MalaysiaLocal subsidiary: Isetan of Japan Sdn. Sdn. Bhd.
      • ISETAN The Japan Store Opened on August 1, 1991 as the first store in Malaysia (Opened in 8 on the official website)[1]).
      • KLCC store opened on May 1998, 5.
      • THE GARDENS store opened in 2007.
      • ONE UTAMA store opened in April 2012.
    • Singapore Isetan  SingaporeLocal subsidiary: Isetan Singapore Ltd.
    52% stake, consolidated subsidiary, Lexim Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    • Scotts store
    • Katong store
    • Tampines store
    • Serangoon store
    • Orchard store


    • Rome Mitsukoshi ItalyLocal subsidiary: Isetan Mitsukoshi Italia spa opened in 1975.


    Credit / financial business, friend's association business

    • Ltd.M eye card
    Credit card business, money lending, financial product brokerage, non-life insurance / life insurance / trust business, residential land and building transaction business.
    • Ltd.MI Tomo no Kai
    A wholly owned subsidiary of MI CARD.Agency for buying and selling products through prepaid specific transactions.Other cultural education classes, play guide business, etc.

    Retail / specialty store / restaurant business

    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Transit
    Established on January 2016, 1.The purpose is to strengthen the business in the restaurant market.A joint venture with "Transit General Office", a company that produces branding and operates a restaurant business (Isetan Mitsukoshi 20%, Transit 51%) License agreements with overseas brands, and independently developed cafes, specialty stores, restaurants, and food courts Plan and manage.
    • Ltd.MI Food Style
      • Queens Isetan Unique chain development of high-grade supermarkets.
    Established in December 2017.Food manufacturing and supermarket management.Investment rate 12%.
    Factory: Tachihi Factory (side dish, bakery), Sowa Factory (canned food, retort pouch, baked confectionery), Funabashi Processing Center (fishery product, livestock product processing)
    • Ltd.Japan Duty Free Fa-So-Ra Isetan Mitsukoshi
    Established on September 2014, 9."Japan Duty Free GINZA" in Mitsukoshi Ginza store (Duty-free shop) Management.Japan Airport Building-NAA RetailingJoint investment company with (JATCO 45%, Isetan Mitsukoshi HD / NAAR 27.5% each).

    Apparel and other businesses

    • Ltd.Leotex
    Established in 1948 as "Mitsukoshi Sewing Factory".Manufacture and sale of uniforms, men's clothing easy orders, shirts, etc.
    Directly managed stores:Beach shop(Kiyosumi, Koto-ku)

    Wholesale business

    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Gift Solutions
    Established in 1972 as "Leo Doll Trade" (formerly Mitsukoshi).Planning, development and sales of gift products, novelties, etc.Rosenthal, Royal Albert.It also imports the Minton brand.In addition to general, there are catalogs such as "Taste Hyakukei", a gourmet for mid-year and year-end gifts, a bridal catalog, "Shiori", a gift for incense, and "Ayajuku Hiyori", an accommodation gift.
    We accept applications for Mitsukoshi gifts from post offices all over Japan.
    Isetan started "Gift Coin" in China.We are trying to expand to the entire Asian market.
    • Ltd.Leo Mart
    Established in 1991 (formerly Mitsukoshi).Department store event planning, operation and sales, mail order wholesale, antique trading business, event planning business.We also have transactions with Isetan Mitsukoshi, Daimaru Matsuzakaya outside the ADO Group, Sogo & Seibu, Odakyu Department Store, etc.
    • Ltd.Century Trading Company
    Established on March 1973, 3 (formerly Isetan-affiliated 16%).Import and sale of European wine and food.
    Wine: Lucien Lurton et Fiss (Bordeaux) Raul Crage (Burgundy) Deutz (Champagne) Torres (Spain)
    Foods: Jean-Paul Evan (French chocolate), Edial (French ingredients), Tea Palace (British tea), Mrs. Bridges (British ingredients)
    Directly managed stores:Edial Haneda Airport Store
    • Ltd.T's Trading
    British luxury department store "HarrodsImport and sale of branded groceries and miscellaneous goods.

    Real estate / building management business

    • Mitsukoshi Isetan Property Design Co., Ltd. A company engaged in tenant management, construction / design, and construction management business. Established in 1953 (Showa 28).
    • Shinjuku SubnardIsetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd. (formerly Isetan) 33.3% owned affiliated company accounted for by the equity method. Established in 1968 (Showa 43).
    • Ltd.Isetan Kaikan Restaurant building (1st basement floor-8th floor above ground. Next to Isetan Shinjuku Main Store Men's Building)
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan I'm Facilities Established in 1957 as "Kyosha Co., Ltd."After the merger and company name change, in 2010, Isetan Mitsukoshi HDS equity method affiliate, Aing Co., Ltd. (general outsourcing company) received an investment and became a subsidiary of the Aing Group.
    • Nomura Real Estate Development Mitsukoshi Isetan Development LLC Stock acquisition and business management of a company that develops real estate in the Philippines.

    Logistics industry

    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Business Support 

    Human resources service industry

    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Human Solutions 
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Soleil

    Other business

    • Ltd.Isetan swing
    A golf school on the rooftop of Isetan in Shinjuku, Urawa, and Matsudo.
    Established on March 1980, 3 (formerly 26% owned by Mitsukoshi).Advertising agency business.Commercial production.Fashion show planning.Operates the "Altavision" multipurpose studio in the Bix Building at the east exit of Shinjuku Station.
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Research Institute Survey / research contract business.
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan System Solutions Information processing service.
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Environmental Design In September 2006, the former Mitsukoshi Works and the Mitsukoshi Construction Sales Department were integrated.
    • Ltd.JTB Isetan Travel(33.4% stake, affiliate accounted for by the equity method)
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Nikko Travel
    • Ltd.Fashion headline
    Fashion news media "FASHION HEADLINEIn addition, various media operations and productions, advertising agency operations, system development, and market research are conducted.

    Former group company

    • Ltd.Mamina
    Established on March 1964, 3 (formerly Isetan).Retail of women's clothing, fashion accessories, etc. Liquidation in 26.
    Opened stores in fashion buildings, shopping centers, etc., mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.It also sold online.
    Brands: NETTO di MAMMINA (for young women), et Cheri (for women working in the office), AP to D accessories, ANNA SUI, Dear Luv, iiwa iiwa CLOSET, LOCK YOUR HEARTS lingerie.
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan mail order
    Established in 2011.Operates catalog sales, teleshopping, and online shopping.Started a new food delivery business "MI Deli". In February 2020, Isetan Mitsukoshi was absorbed and merged.
    • Ltd.Mitsukoshi Isetan Real Estate Established in 1973.Manages condominiums, office buildings, etc., and handles golf membership business. Share transfer on January 2021, 1.


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