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💴 | Did you know that you will be paid when the insured dies?Burial expenses of Japan Health Insurance Association


Did you know that you will be paid when the insured dies?Burial expenses of Japan Health Insurance Association

If you write the contents roughly
It does not matter if the insured who died is the head of the household or the same household.

Burial expenses, burial fees, family burial expenses of the Japan Health Insurance Association If the insured dies for a non-business reason, that is, due to personal injury or illness, he will die ... → Continue reading

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HouseholdWhat is (Setai, English: family, household)?

  • Independently as a familyLifeA group of people who run[1].
  • "Household" and "head of household" are legal terms that are not defined by law, but Kojien refers to "household" as "household."ResidenceandlivingIt is a legal term that means "a group of people who share[2][3].
  • Japanese dictionary[3][4][5][6]Explains that "household" and "household" are almost synonymous, despite the differences in their meanings, readings, and examples (usages). However, even in the case of such a dictionary, only the "household" is "things that are carried by oneself. Government office. Assets. Substitute. Territory."[4], "The property you have and the position you have.[6], "Set up a house and run an independent livelihood."[4], "Set up a house and live an independent livelihood. And that life."[6], "A living body that is run with a single residence and livelihood"[6]So, the explanation is much more concrete and clear than "household".To put it the other way around, "household" is a word that is broader than "family" and is difficult to define even for dictionary editors.
  • However,National Health Insurance taxThere is an aspect of being a taxpayer such as, and a person who is eligible to receive "family allowance" etc.Head of householdRegarding the legal definition ofBasic Resident Registration Act(Resident card,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsEven under (jurisdiction)Those who mainly maintain the livelihood of the householdIs confirmed by judicial precedent as an essential central concept.[7]..Under this Basic Resident Registration ActHead of householdDefinition ofMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIs also approved, and in the notification of the insurance directorPrefecturesGovernorNotifying[8].


The definition of household does not match in each country and institution, and even in the same country, the definition of household may be revised for the purpose of statistical surveys.

United NationsAccording to the definition of "the concept of a household is a concept of an individual or group, a facility designed to provide him or them with food and other daily necessities."[9], A one-person household "a household that prepares its own food and other daily necessities independently without cooperating with others"[9], Multi-person households "households where two or more people work together to prepare food and other daily necessities"[9]And

Historically, the following methods have been used when national institutions, etc., statistically grasp all people.[10].

  • How to record abstract doors as a unit regardless of whether they live together or not
    This is a method of treating the owner and others as one household, and unmarried children are treated as the same household even if they are separated from their parents.[11]..With this method, if people move frequently in society, the gap with the resident population targeted by the government will increase.[10].
  • How to figure out people by daily life unit
    This is a way of thinking that arises from the need to understand people for each unit of daily life, but the criteria were ambiguous in the early census.[10].
  • How to make people who live together on a daily basis into one household for each household unit
    With this method, if the livelihood is the same but the residence is different, it will be a separate household, and if they live together but the livelihood is different, it will be a separate household.[10].

United Kingdom

According to statistics from the UK Census Bureau, the number of households in the UK was approximately 2014 million as of 2670% of them were single-person households.[12]


In French, "household" is called "ménage (s) menage".French Statistics Bureau INSEEAccording to the statistics of France, the number of households in France is about 2012 million as of 2830.One-third of them are single-person households, and the proportion of males is high in single-person households under the age of 1, but the majority (3%) of single-person households aged 50 and over are female.spouseThe person who lost (so-called "(old))Survivor").The number of households with only one couple and no children increased (26%).These two events (increasing the number of widowed single-person households and couple-only households) are mainly due to the aging of the entire population.[13]


In Japan, a household is "Actually the sameResidenceGet up in[Source required], Of those who share the same livelihoodGroup"lawTop one unit[Source required]It is said when it is treated as.Households are basically multiplerelativesConsists of.However, even non-relatives belong to the same household as long as they actually live in the same residence and have the same livelihood.In recent years, with the advancement of women into society, in order for women to avoid changing their surnames due to work reasons, etc.Common-law marriageEven if you do, you can make the same household by writing "husband (undelivered)" and "wife (undelivered)".

Even if you live alone, if you live independently in an independent residence, you will be treated as a household (single-living household).

Legal,"Those who mainly maintain the livelihood of the household"But"Head of household(Seitainushi) "[7][8].Head of householdIncludingHouseholdMembers of "Household member (Setaiin)".The "head of household" of a household can be changed at any time by "notification of change of head of household", separation of households, and integration of households, unlike the "leader" of the family register.Even if you live together in the same houselivingIf they are separated, they will be treated as separate households, and there will be multiple heads of household (etc.).

Resident cardThe above "household" and "head of household" areBasic Resident Registration ActandBasic Resident Register Paperwork Procedure[14]It is organized by "household" according to the regulations of.

Welfare ActThen, the necessity and degree of protection are determined on a household basis (Article 10 "Principle of household unit" of the Public Assistance Act, etc.).

VariousFixed benefitThe application / receipt procedure is also done on a household basis.For example, in the case of "vocational training allowance (job seeker support system)", "the income of the entire household is 25 yen or less per month" and "the financial assets of the entire household is 300 million yen or less" are clearly stated.[15].

CensusSuch asSocial surveyIn many cases, the same words "household" and "head of household" are used under different definitions (Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau Of[16],Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare"Household dynamics survey"[17]"Glossary of terms"[18]).

Regarding the definition of household and head of household, the livelihood of the entire household, in short,National Health Insurance taxA legal definition that emphasizes the head of household as a slight taxpayer or the head of household as a recipient of "family allowances" and ignores the address of each household member.[7][8]And the definition in the resident's card and statistics that disregards livelihood (income) and focuses only on the address[16][17]Questions, complaints, and trials regarding households and heads of households because they often contradict each other, and because the civil servants and staff in charge want to continue to force them without resolving these contradictions.[7]Continues to occur as it should occur, whileSocial insurance-social welfareThere has been no end to intentional or disregarding householder changes for the purpose of increasing benefits (making it easier for children to enter nursery schools, etc.) and reducing the burden (decreasing the amount of national health insurance tax claims, etc.). Absent.

The number of households

CensusAccording to the report, the number of households in Japan has changed as follows.

  • 1985(Showa60 years) --3798 million (including 789 single-person households)
  • 1990(Heisei2 years) -4067 million (939 million)
  • 1995(7) -4390 million (1123)
  • 2000(12) --4678 (2000)
  • 2005(17) --4906 (3000)
  • 2010(22) --5195 (0504)

The average number of employees per household was 2010 as of 2.46.

  • One-person household--1
  • One-person household--2
  • One-person household--3
  • One-person household--4
  • Households of 5 or more --- 674

In addition to the above 1, the number of household members in facilities is 2554.

List the top and bottom five prefectures of average personnel by prefecture.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics BureauThe number of households by economic composition is also announced. The example of 2005 is given below.

  • Agriculture-Forest-FishingEmployed households-82
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Non-Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Mixed Households --108
  • Non-Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Workers' Households-3470
  • Non-employed households --976
  • Unclassifiable households-40

Breakdown of households in the White Paper on Health and Welfare

  1. Single household
  2. Nuclear FamilyHousehold
    1. Household with couple only
    2. Households with only married couples and unmarried children
    3. Single parentAnd households with only unmarried children (= father-child households and mother-child households.Single-parent family
  3. threegenerationHousehold
  4. Other households

The characteristics of changes in the household breakdown in Japan are the increase in single-person households and nuclear families, and the decrease in family members.

Head of household

Administrative services are also being addressed to "household heads" rather than to individuals.electionThe polling place admission ticket is sent to the head of household,National Health Insurance taxIs levied on the head of household, and tax payment notices are delivered to the head of household.

It is said that the cost can be reduced by directing the administrative service to the head of the household.domestic violenceThere is a possibility that the service will not reach each individual due to reasons such as (Special fixed amount benefit # Target person / benefit amount).

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     As mentioned above, the "household chief employee" in Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX of this Regulation is "Those who mainly maintain their livelihoodIt is best suited to the conventional wisdom to admit that it refers to "a bank employee who is." "
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    Therefore, regarding the "household head" who is the taxpayer of the national health insurance tax pursuant to the provisions of Article 703-4 of the Local Tax Law, "Those who mainly maintain the livelihood of the householdAnd the national health insurance taxTaxable person(A person who is considered to be appropriate in terms of social norms) (Notice of the Director of the Insurance Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Director of the Tax Department of the Local Finance Committee to the Prefectural Governor No. 26 dated July 7, 9), National Health Insurance The definition of "head of household" in the law is to be handled in accordance with this (Notice of the Director of the Insurance Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Welfare to the 56 prefectural governors of Hosho No. 26 dated July 7, 9). "
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