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📊 | Nagareyama Otakanomori S / C / "ANNEX2" "GREEN PATH" opened, Nitori / Seria opened


Nagareyama Otakanomori S / C / "ANNEX2" "GREEN PATH" opened, Nitori / Seria opened

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We have enriched the food and daily necessities that neighbors can use daily.

Toshin Development Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Takashimaya, announced on June 6th that the Tsukuba Express Tobu Urban Park Line "Nagareyama Oh ... → Continue reading

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Daily necessities

Daily necessities(Nichiyohin)LifeThings you need to do.Usually refers to household goodsGroceries,ClothingIt is often not included.Daily necessitiesAlso known as Seikatsu Yohin.


Most of daily necessities are included in daily necessities, but not all daily necessities are daily necessities. Because everyday itemsLuxury goods,HobbiesThis is because the tools are also included.Such products are mainlymass productionIt is produced by and is supplied to the market abundantly. As an indicator of the wealth of society as a whole,Worker Of家庭Sometimes we focus on the types of daily necessities consumed and their consumption.

Daily necessitiessupermarket(EspeciallyGMS) For food, clothes and clothingMarketone of.convenience storeSells daily commodities that are more urgent when they are not available, but when the convenience store chain became popular and saturated around the 2000s,Differentiation strategySome stores are expanding the items of daily necessities handled as part of[Source required].DIY shop,Drug store,One hundred percentIt is also sold at.

In addition, since such items are always consumed in daily life, there is little trouble even if there is any.Ceremonial occasion,Summer gift-Year-end giftSuch asGiftsIs also preferred.

Daily necessities are constant regardless of manufacturer品質If there is, what kind of manufacturerProductThe tendency not to be taken into consideration at all,CommoditizationI often do it. Also, along with groceries, oftenNearest item(Moyorihin), that is, the product purchased at the nearest store.

Example of daily necessities

Such. Baby products in a broad sense,Nursing careSupplies,DIYSupplies,GardeningSupplies, car supplies,PetSupplies,文 房 具Including etc.

Daily necessities and seasonal index

Everyday goods are closely related to the season, changes in temperature, and events, and the seasonal index is an important index. The seasonal index is an index that fluctuates up and down depending on the change of seasons when the average value is 100. The higher the number, the higher the demand, and the lower the number, the lower the demand. Each maker and retailer adjusts production and sales based on this index.

  • Related to seasonal climate and temperature
    • High in spring-insect repellent (seasonal turn).
    • High from spring to summer-antiperspirant. Sunscreen. Waste hair treatment related products. Smoking agent.
    • Expensive in the summer-laundry detergent (because the laundry dries easily). Insecticide. Liquid/mat type mosquito catcher. Dehumidifier (rainy season to autumn rain)
    • High from summer to autumn-whitening emulsion.Mosquito coil.
    • High in autumn-insect repellent (higher index than spring)
    • High from autumn to winter-lip balm. hand cream. Dry wool detergent.mouseRelated products.
    • High in winter- Cairo.Bath additive(Some are for summer). Winter clothes (gloves, socks, belly rolls, etc.).
  • Things related to the event
    • Year End-Cleaning Detergent (Housecleaningfor.MoldRemover,GlassEspecially for detergents). Oral refreshing agent (since there are many drinking parties at the end of the year)
    • Cluster amaryllis, Obon, year-end, New Year-candles, incense (related to Buddhism)
    • Graduation Ceremony/Before new semester-Hair color (to dye hair black)


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