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📢 | General contractor's first Electricity used in business activities is procured from 100% renewable energy  


Procurement of 100% Renewable Energy for Electricity Used in General Contractor's First Business Activities  

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The above-mentioned renewable energy power was procured by combining the power generation by the solar power generation facilities installed at each base, the renewable energy power provided by the retail electric power company, and the purchase of non-fossil certificates (Note 1).

Hazama Ando (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masato Fukutomi) used all of the Group's business activities in 2021 ... → Continue reading


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    Energy power

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      Retail electric utility

      Retail electric utilityWhat is (Koridenki Jigyosha) in Japan?Electricity Business LawStipulated inElectric utilityIt is one of the types ofRetail electricity businessA person who has been registered by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in order to run[1]..10 regional electric power companies that have been retailing[Note 1]Refers to new entrants other thanNew powerTo say[2][3][4]..The business is to supply electricity according to general demand.


      Since April 2016, general electric power companies in each region (so-called)Power company10 companies[Note 1]) Liberalized the sale of electricity to households and small businesses, which was exclusively carried out by), and prior to the "total liberalization of electricity retailing", the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry started retail electricity from August 2015, 8. We have started accepting applications for pre-registration for those who intend to run a business.When registering a retail electric power company, based on the revised Electricity Business Act,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryIt is supposed to hear opinions from the Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission.The retail electric power company is obliged to secure supply capacity, explain before concluding the contract, issue documents at the time of concluding the contract, handle complaints, etc. Confirmation and examination.On top of that, retail electric utilities registered by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry will be able to sell electricity to all consumers, including ordinary households.[5].

      New power

      Before the liberalization of electric power, 10 major regional electric power companies[Note 1]In addition, there are businesses that supply electricity to so-called large consumers with a capacity of 50 kW or more.Specific scale electric power company It was called (Power Producer and Supplier: PPS), but after the liberalization of electric power, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has designated a specific scale electric power company.New powerChanged the name to[6]..In the past, it was a specific-scale electric power company that rented the power grid of 10 major regional electric power companies and sold power only to large consumers.[7]After the liberalization of electric power, it became possible for general consumers to retail as new electric power, and both the 10 major regional electric power companies and new electric power became parallel retail electric power companies.[8].

      General electric company rev1.jpg Retail electricity company rev2.jpg


      • August 2015, 8: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry started accepting applications for pre-registration at retail electric utilities.
      • October 2015, 10: Permits for electricity retailers have started.As the first stepHokkaido gas,Showa Shell Sekiyu40 companies are officially registered[9].
      • October 2015, 10: A major city gas companyTokyo GasAnnounces that it has applied for registration[10].
      • October 2015, 10: Telecommunications giantKDDI (au)Announced entry[11].
      • 2015 10 Month 23 Day:Osaka Gas,Daiwa House Industry8 companies are officially registered[12].
      • October 2015, 10: Headquartered in Nagoya City, Aichi PrefectureToho Gas[13]・ Headquartered in Fukuoka PrefectureWestern gas[14] Both companies applied for registration as a "retail electric power company" to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
      • November 2015, 11: Largest oil sellerJX Nippon Oil & EnergyIncluding financial giantsOryx, General trading companyMitsui8 companies are officially registered[15].
      • November 2015, 11: In addition to Tokyo Gas, electric power companies in the Chugoku regionChina Electric Power・ General trading companySumitomo Corporation・ A major printing machine manufacturerRicoh, 10 affiliated companies are officially registered[16].
      • December 2015, 12: A major trading companyITOCHU CorporationAnd its two group companies, major railway companiesTokyu Corporation7 companies including the electricity retail subsidiary of Japan are officially registered[17].
      • December 2015, 12: Telecom giantKDDI-Misawa Home・ 16 companies including Toho Gas and Saibu Gas are officially registered.[18].
      • 2015 12 Month 25 Day:Mitsubishi CorporationAnd of major convenience store chainsLawsonAnnounced that they will jointly enter the household electricity retail business.This is the first time that a convenience store has worked in this field.[19].
      • December 2015, 12: Of a major cable TV stationJupiter Telecom24 companies including 30 group companies of (J: COM) are officially registered.As a result, the number of retail electric power companies registered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has exceeded 100.[20].
      • December 2015, 12: Drugstore in HokkaidoSapporo drug storeAnd soccer / J LeagueHokkaido Consadole SapporoConsadole, the operating company of the company, has announced that it will establish a joint venture "Ezoden" and embark on a power sales business.[21].
      • January 2016, 1: Tokyo Gas starts accepting general electric power business[22].
      • January 2016, 1: Lawson group companies and home appliance manufacturers of major convenience store chainsPanasonic18 companies are officially registered[23].
      • February 2016, 2: 5 companies including 2 co-op related companies are officially registered[24].
      • February 2016, 2: 19 companies are newly certified as eligible and officially registered.As a result, the total number of registered retail electric power companies has reached 31.[25].
      • 2016 4 Month 1 Day:Full liberalization of electricity[26]..As a result, the business of retail electric power companies has started in earnest.

      Major retail electric utilities

      2016 yearsPower liberalizationSince then, many companies have entered the electricity retail market together with their own services.

      List of retail electric power companies

      The list of retail electricity companies isAgency for Natural Resources and EnergyOfficial website[27] Can be viewed at. As of April 2022, 4, 6 businesses are registered as retail electricity businesses.[27].

      City gas retail electricity company

      City GasThe retail electricity contract by the company has the advantage of lowering the price by selling gas and electricity as a set.[28]..The power transmission method isPower generation companyThe electricity generated byPower transmission and distribution business operatorSends electricity to each household, etc., and the city gas company collects electricity contracts and charges.[29].

      Full liberalization of city gas retailing began on April 2017, 4, and many businessesGas retailer(), And also provides an electricity plan. As of April 2022, 4 registered gas retailers[Note 2]..A list of gas retailersAgency for Natural Resources and EnergyOfficial website[30]Can be viewed at.

      In this articleStock listingAn overview of the electricity supply of a large city gas company is given.

      Communication retail electric power company

      インターネットProviding services, etc.Telecommunications carrierHas been actively entering the market since the liberalization of electricity in 2016.One of the characteristics of telecommunications retail electric power companies is that the electricity rate itself is discounted.[42], The electricity rate itself is the same as that of the local power company, but there are cases where services are provided by adding points.[43].

      In this paper, the line is provided (FVNEEtc.) Describe the outline of major telecommunications carriers.


      NTTHas not entered the retail electricity business of NTT alone since the liberalization of electric power, but started offering "" from March 2022, 3.[54]..In addition, we made a group-wide investment in the construction of our own power grid, established in 2019, investing in renewable energy as our core business, and using the vacant space of our own facilities at 7,300 locations nationwide.Storage battery-solar panelAiming to supply electricity to hospitals in the event of a disaster[55][56].. If the construction of a new power grid by NTT is realized, there is a direction that it will affect the power grid and power industry of the regional power companies that are still in a monopoly state.[57].
      • Ennet --ENNET, a consolidated subsidiary of NTT and jointly funded by Tokyo Gas and Osaka Gas, has shifted to the retail electricity business due to the liberalization of electric power.[58]..We provide plans for corporations and sole proprietors, and do not provide electricity to ordinary households.[59].
      • docomo --Providing "docomo Denki"[60]..For some time after the liberalization of electricity, NTT DoCoMo did not offer an electricity plan.[61], The points earned by paying electricity charges, etc. by paying d,d pointWe had a tie-up with local electric power companies[61].. "DOCOMO Denki" will be available from March 2022, 3.[54]..There are plans for "docomo Denki Green" that provides renewable energy and "docomo Denki Basic" that provides power from local power companies.[54]..There is no set discount with mobile phone charges, and points are only awarded.[54].
      • NTT Facilities --"Condominium power provision service"[62] Offers, but this isCollective power supply for condominiumsIt is not included in the retail electricity business.On the other hand, regional energy management system:CEMSWe support new electric power through the construction and development of (Community Energy Management System).[63].

      Set service

      • Coop Sapporo --On February 2016, 2, we announced the charges for the electricity sales business "Todock Electricity," which will start in line with the full liberalization.There are two types, the "FIT Electric Menu" that uses renewable energy and the "Basic Electric Menu" that emphasizes cheapness, both of which are cheaper than the basic charge of Hokkaido Electric Power Company, and are planned to be sold as a set with kerosene.[64].
      • China Electric Power --In the point service that will start with the full liberalization of electricity retailing, the professional baseball Central LeagueHiroshima Toyo CarpAffiliated with.As part of the new point service, we will hold a "Carp Support Menu" where points will be accumulated according to the annual results such as the victory of Carp in the official professional baseball game and the ranking of the league.[65].

      A retail electric power company that existed in the past

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      注 釈

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