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📢 | Authentic golf animation "BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls' Story-" and Jack…


Authentic golf animation "BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls' Story-" and Jack ...

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Bandai Fashion Brand Division is an animation "BIRDIE WIN ..." with the theme of women's golf. → Continue reading


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Hisense Group(Simple: Kaishin Collection Co., Ltd.) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaShandongQingdaoBased inElectronics company.


Main products are home appliances, communication equipment, and information equipment. It consists of two group companies, Kaishin Denki, and both companiesShanghai Stock Exchange,Hong Kong Stock ExchangeIs listed on[1].. Hisense, Kelon, and RonshenbrandWe are developing products.

In recent years, sales of various home appliances have been increasing rapidly not only in China but also in Japan because they are cheaper than domestic manufacturers.Especially in the TV business, the share of the subsidiary TVS REGZA overtook Sharp in March 2021 to become the top in Japan.[2].


Founded in September 1969 by the predecessor of the Kaishin Group, “Qingdao Radio Denshi Nijo”. With about 9 employeesTransistorradioWas being produced. In 1970, the first type 14 in ShandongCRTtv setProduce. Produced 1978-inch color TV in 18. In February 1979, established "Qingdao Television General Assembly", and became a nationally certified color television base production plant. In 2Matsushita Electric Industrial (now Panasonic)Introduced TV production equipment from[3]In 1985, it ranked No. XNUMX among Chinese TV manufacturers in the major technological and economic indicators.

1993 years,Cash registerStarted production and established Qingdao Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. In 1994, the Aoshima Kaishin Group was born with a new company name. Established Kaishin Optical Communications and Kaishin Real Estate in 1995. Established South Africa Kaishin Development Co., Ltd. in 1996. In April 1997, Kaishin Denki listed its stock. In the same year, Kaishin Hyundai Air Conditioning was also listed. Hisense in 4China famous trademarkBecomes year 2000,Hitachi, Ltd.CDMATechnical cooperation agreement.

2001 years, South Korea OfDaewooAcquired South Africa factory from. 2002,Sumitomo CorporationEstablished a joint venture with.

2005, Hisense商標Was registered in each European countrySiemensSettled and received the transfer to allow the Haishin Group to use Hisense trademark[4].

November 2017, Toshiba Video Solutions (currentlyTVS REGZA) Has been announced to transfer 95% of its shares to Kaishin[5].

Japanese corporation

Japanese corporationKaishin Japan Co., Ltd.Was established in November 2010.2015/In May, the company name was "Hisense Japan Co., Ltd.The trade name was changed to[6].

Product/Industrial field

Related Companies

Hisense affiliates have more than 40 facilities in China and abroad[7].

Hisense Hitachi Air Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd.Was established in 2003 as a joint venture of Hisense. Designs, manufactures and sells products in China, including commercial and domestic central air conditioning systems.

Major affiliated companies

  • Kaishin Denki
  • Kaishinshin Ryudenki
  • Kaishin variable air conditioning
  • Kaishin International Marketing
  • Hisense Japan Co., Ltd.
  • SandenLtd.


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