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📢 | Eat and compare the phantom Japanese beef “Murasawa beef” and the three Japanese beef “Omi beef” with umami-rich soup stock!Kyoto Kitcho Ryotei ...


Eat and compare the phantom Japanese beef "Murasawa beef" and the three Japanese beef "Omi beef" with umami-rich soup stock!Kyoto Kitcho Ryotei ...

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In addition, the meat is cut to an appropriate thickness that is not too thin so that you can understand the taste of the meat and enjoy the difference.

Kyoto Kitcho (Location: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Chef: Kunio Tokuoka) is a phantom Japanese beef "Murasawa beef ..." as a gift for Father's Day. → Continue reading


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Thickness(Atsumi),thicknessWhat is (Atsusa)?surfaceHow much an object with a similar expanse is in the direction perpendicular to the expanseLengthDo you have?membrane,boardEtc. in generalFlat thingsAsrecognitionLike being doneobjectOffalattributeone of.However, for examplePlain bread OfThicknessEven if you cut it so thick that you don't necessarily want to flatten itThicknessIs used, so it is commonvocabularyNot necessarily so limited asimageIt is not a word with.

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  • The skin of the face is thick
  • Thick face shameless
  • Thick
  • Thick collar

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