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💴 | Should I leave the university after all?What is the difference in lifetime annual income compared to high school graduates?


Should I leave the university after all?What is the difference in lifetime annual income compared to high school graduates?

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Especially when it comes to employment with a high school graduate, there are many cases where you can receive generous support from your homeroom teacher or career guidance teacher, which is an advantage over a university that is basically self-responsible.

Difference in lifetime annual income between university graduates and high school graduates According to statistics from the Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training, 60 years old after graduating from school ... → Continue reading

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    Career guidance

    Career guidanceWhat is (Shinroshido)?school educationAs part ofChildren-student OfGoing on to school,Finding employmentTo give guidance and advice (mainly after graduation). "Career guidanceIt may also be called.


    Junior high school,high school,Secondary school, Place middle / high schoolSpecial schoolToCareer Guidance Officer(Teacher(Allocate with a job) is required,head teacherUnder the supervision of, he is in charge of matters related to vocational selection guidance and other career guidance of students, and is in charge of liaison, coordination, guidance and advice on relevant matters (School education law施行規則第52条の3、第65条、第65条の10第1項、第73条の16第4項・第5項)。その他、進路指導主事のもとDivision of school dutiesThe teacher divides the duties.In addition, it should be noted.University,Junior college,College of technology,Vocational schoolsIn many cases, a specialized department is set up under the faculty member in charge of employment / advancement of students.

    The Career Guidance Department is in charge of career guidance for the entire school, but individual students are in charge of guidance.Homeroom teacherUsually does this.

    Guidance for employment, especiallyVocational guidanceAlso called.In addition, as a guidance that makes students think about their career paths from a broader perspective, as opposed to the fact that conventional career guidance tends to be biased toward exit guidance at each school.Career educationThe concept is also proposed.

    According to education experts, career guidance based on student passion should be avoided and will not benefit students in the long run.[1][2].


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