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📢 | Programming course is now available on Toshin Network


Programming course appears on Toshin Network

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, since it is divided into about 1,000 challenges from the introductory edition to the advanced edition, even those who are learning programming for the first time can step up steadily little by little without difficulty.

Exclusive provision of CodeMonkey, a world-standard programming learning material for 2,500 million people worldwide, in Japan 2… → Continue reading

 Kyodo News PR Wire

Kyodo PR wire, which distributes press releases and news releases, connects information from "who wants to know" to "people who want to know."
This is a site that consumers should pay attention to, where news releases from major governments and government agencies including local governments and universities are gathered.

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Introduction (album)

"Introduction』(Nyumonhen) isKiyoshiro Imawano4th sheetCompilation album.2008/5/28Released.[1]

2008/12/17ToSHM-CDIt recurred by specification.[2]


Selected from the solos of Aino and the works of successive unitsBest album.

recorded music

  1. AROUND THE CORNER / At the corner
  2. Sunshine love (Kiyoshiro Imawano Little Screaming Revue)
  3. Every day is a brand new day
  4. JUMP
  6. Tripartite-(a) Serious problems of humankind (b) Boom Boom (c) Binjo (The Timers)
  7. E-JAN
  8. Working people (DANGER)
  9. Ikenai Rouge Magic (Kiyoshiro Imawano + Ryuichi Sakamoto)
  10. Papa no uta
  11. hide-and-seek
  12. 箱 弁 当 箱 (Kiyoshiro Imawano & 2'S)
  13. Pre-pre-baby
  14. Whistling
  15. Sweet Lovin'
  16. Baby everything
  17. Let's go easily
  18. the TEAM


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