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💹 | Fuji Yakuhin announces strategic policy for 2022 / New measures to utilize experts even though it has a difficult track record due to investment in transformation and Korona-ka


Fuji Yakuhin Announces Strategic Policy for 2022 / New Measures for Expert Utilization, Despite Severe Achievements Due to Investment in Transformation and Korona-ka

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The company's DgS group has traditionally had OTC drug specialists called HCCs (health care counselors), cosmetics specialists called BCCs (beauty care counselors), and registered dietitians called NCCs (nutrition care counselors). , Its role, work system, KPI, etc. were not clear.

[Delivery of 2022.05.20] Fuji Yakuhin (President Masayuki Takayanagi) announced on April 4, "Fuji Kyoshin ... → Continue reading

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