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📢 | Chengdu, China will appear at the "Sichuan Festival" held in Tokyo in 2022, accelerating the pace of building an East Asian cultural city


Chengdu, China will appear at the "Sichuan Festival" held in Tokyo in 2022, accelerating the pace of building an East Asian cultural city

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This year, the 13th China-Japan-Korea Cultural Ministers' Meeting is scheduled to be held in China, and the cultural ministers of the three countries will award the award to the city selected as the "Culture City of East Asia" in 3.

Sichuan Festival Executive Committee GUANG Tianbi LV zi AsiaNet 96063 (1145)… → Continue reading

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13th China-Japan-Korea Culture Ministers' Meeting

East Asian Cultural City

East Asian Cultural City(Higashi Asia Bunka,Chinese: Culture City of East Asia,Korean: 동아시 아문화 도시) IsEast AsiaIt is inJapan-Chugoku- South KoreaCities and their businesses that intensively carry out cultural and artistic events, selected by each country every year.European Capital of CultureIt started in 2014 with the aim of strengthening mutual understanding and international dissemination of diverse cultures.[1]..In the selected cities, we will hold various cultural and artistic events related to contemporary art culture, traditional culture, and various living cultures, promote mutual understanding and solidarity within the East Asian region, and promote the formation of a sense of solidarity in East Asia. Aiming to strengthen the international transmission power of diverse cultures[2]..Performances and festivals are held especially during the core period of the year.In a similar businessAssociation of Southeast Asian NationsASEAN Cultural City is being held in[3].

Implementation city (host city)

The Japan-China-Korea Culture Ministers' Meeting will be held in the order of the implementing cities, Japan, China and South Korea, and the city of the following year will be officially decided.[4].

List of Culture City of East Asia
YearsJapanChugoku South Korea
2014/横 浜 市culturecity-eastasia.jpQuanzhouwww.eaccqz.comGwangju
2016/Naraculturecity-nara.comNingbocceanb.nbwh.gov.cnJeju Special Autonomous Roadwww.cceajeju.com
2017/Kyoto Cityculturecity-kyoto.comChangshadywdcs.comDaegu Metropolitan Cityculture.daegu.go.kr
2018/Kanazawaculturecity-kanazawa.comHarbinBusanwww.Facebook.com/ culturecitybusan
2019/TokyoToshimaculturecity-toshima.comXi'an CityIncheon
2020/Kitakyushuculturecity2020-kitakyushu.comYangzhouSuncheon City

Dunhuang City

Suncheon City
2022/OitaJinan CityWenzhou cityGyeongju City


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