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📢 | Japan's first!Medical VR is officially adopted as a training material for the Japanese Society of Emergency Nursing!The highest level of knowledge and experience required for trauma emergency ...


First in Japan!Medical VR is officially adopted as a training material for the Japanese Society of Emergency Nursing!The highest level of knowledge and experience required for trauma emergency ...

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【Corporate philosophy】
Technology is only valuable when it is used by those who need it.

Jolly Good Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kensuke Ueji, hereafter Jolly Good) develops and provides ... → Continue reading


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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy(Keieirin)CompanyIt is a basic idea that is the basis of the activity policy of[1].


ManagementManagement philosophy andbeliefIn addition, it clearly states the action guidelines and objectives, and expresses the mission and basic stance of the company, both inside and outside the company.[2][3][4].. The feature is that even if the manager changes, it is an immutable and sustainable one that will be inherited over a long period of time.[2][5]Others are abstract and normative[3]Things can be mentioned. It is the basic values ​​and sense of purpose in business execution, and it is a sentence that expresses the fundamental business purpose of "what purpose is this organization or workers gathering for?"

In order to realize that management philosophy, we will formulate a "management vision". The management vision shows the future image that the company wants to achieve. A "management strategy" is necessary to act toward the established "management vision". In the business strategy, the scenario for realizing the business objectives of the company is clarified. In other words, the ideal state of a company and the ideal management philosophy can be used in the environment andManagement ResourcesEtc. that take into accountManagement strategyOr is a vision[5].. In order to concretely show the action plan for realizing the business strategy of a company, it is necessary to formulate the business plan.

The pyramid structure is as follows. Here, going up, it becomes long-term, abstract, and ambitious.

  • Management Philosophy-Clarify the reasons and values ​​of a company
  • Management Vision-Shows the future image of the company
  • Management Strategy-Clarify scenarios to realize corporate management goals
  • Business Plan-Specific action plan for realizing corporate management strategy

Internally, the code of conduct of employees and the standards of value judgment, orSelf assessmentBecame the standard of[2][6],Also·Corporate cultureTo form[3], Give employees a sense of belonging and oneness[4]It is expected. On the other hand, externally,StakeholdersAgainst other companiesidentityIs expected to show[3][2].

JapanThen,MeijiIn the periodWealthy soldiersThe establishment of the philosophy associated withTaishoThe idea for the period isSecond World WarThe principle of ideology has become typical. Also,High economic growth"Modernization and technological innovation" was advocated by many companies during the period[3].


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