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📊 | Yogurt market, corona special demand rebounded from the previous year in 21 years, recovery trend after August

Photo: Domestic consumption increased in 2020 due to working from home and refraining from going out due to the Korona-ka, but it fell below the previous year's level in 21 because it was the back year. (I-stock / kuppa_rock)

In reaction to the yogurt market and special demand for corona, it fell below the previous year's level in 21, and has been on a recovery trend since August.

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Morinaga Milk Industry released a large-capacity type "Greek yogurt parthenoprene sugar-free 6g" in June last year.

The yogurt market in 2021 fell below the previous year's level as it was behind the special demand for corona.Large-capacity type plain yo ... → Continue reading

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