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The movie "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero" figure debuts from the Banpresto brand! "Grandchildren ...

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ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル

"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル] (DRAGON BALL) isAkira ToriyamabyJapan OfComicthe work. Abbreviation is "DB"[1].


The secret treasure that if you collect all seven balls scattered all over the world, only one wish can be fulfilled.ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルWhen,hero-Son GokuA feature-length manga featuring "Adventure," "Dream," "Battle," "Friendship," etc.

"Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha), Serialized for about 1984 and a half years from the 51st issue of 1995 to the 25th issue of 10.The serial number of each episode is "No. ○○", and the numbers are represented by Chinese numerals.In addition to this, the extra edition "TRUNKS THE STORY -The only warrior-] Was also posted.

From 1986 to 1996Fuji Television Network, Incseriesso"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル], [Dragon ball zWas broadcast, and during the 11-year series broadcast period, the average audience rating20% or moreRecorded[2]..Also, the whole worldOver 80 countriesWas broadcast on[3].

Even after the serialization endsTelevision Animation-movies-GameEtc. are unfolding,movies"Dragon Ball Super BrolyIs the worldwide box office13500 million yenBreakthrough[4], A big hit in each country, etc.[5], A work representing Japanese manga and anime, which is extremely popular all over the world.[6][7].

In the reader survey conducted in 1991 in "Weekly Shonen Jump 21/22 Merger Issue", 1000 out of XNUMX votes, which is the largest number of votes in the magazine's questionnaire history.815 voteEarned[8], 1995 March 3 merger issue (released in December 4), the circulation of the magazine653 millionRecorded. After the serialization of this work, the number of copies of the magazine will decrease rapidly, etc.[9], The effect was particularly great among the serialized works.

BookThe number of circulation of theOver 1 million copies[2][10], Worldwide2 million copiesRecord[11].

Game softwareBy nowMillion sellerProduced more than 10 of them, and the cumulative sales of the series are worldwide5000 millionReach[12].. 『Super Dragon Ball Heroes] Is the cumulative number of cards shipped10 billion, The number of registered users400 million peopleBreakthrough[13], The most popular title in the digital kids card game market[14].

As of 2019, total sales including manga, anime series, game works, etc.$ 230 million(approximately2 billion yen)[15].


Son Goku Boy Edition

地球A boy with a tail who lives in a remote mountainSon GokuOne day, a girl who came from the western capitalBloomersMeet. So if you collect 7Shinryu(Shen Rong) appears and is the parent who further nurtures the existence of the Dragon Ball, which fulfills only one wish.Son GohanKnowing that one of the spheres that he had cherished as a keepsake was "Su-Xing-Chu", he set out on a journey to find the remaining dragon balls with Bloomers.PeopleOolongAnd of thievesYamchaAfter searching for a ball involving them, he plans to conquer the world.Pilaf crewAlthough the ball is robbed by and Shinryu is summoned, Oolong's ambition is stopped by the fulfillment of his undying wish.

After that, Goku was a master of martial artsTurtle hermitAnd later become a best friendKrillinWith 8 months of training together, decide the best martial arts master in the world to check the resultsTenkaichi BudokaiAlthough he was defeated by Master Roshi who had participated in the game in disguise, he won the runner-up.Goku sets out on a training journey again and plans to abuse Dragon Ball.Red ribbon armyAfter further struggle with and reunion with Son Gohan, he will become stronger. Three years later, at the Tenkaichi Budokai, the Kamesen-ryu rival, the Tsurusen-ryuTianjin riceAlthough he fights against (Tenshinhan), he loses just one more step and finishes in second place as before.

Piccolo Daimaou Hen

After the Tenkaichi Budokai, it was revived by the Pilaf crew.Piccolo Great Demon KingKilled Goku's friends, including Kuririn and Kamen, and many martial artists. Goku meets on the way to kill the enemyYajirobe,KarinWith the cooperation of, betting lives and drawing out the potential power, challenge Piccolo Great Demon King to fight and win. After the battle, Goku heads to heaven for the resurrection of Shinryu and his friends killed by the Piccolo Great Demon King, and meets God, the creator of Dragon Ball. Therefore, as a condition for the revival of the Shinryu, it was decided to practice in heaven under God.

About three years later, Goku, who grew up from a boy to a young man, reunited with his friends at the Tenkaichi Budokai venue. In the match, when he met when he was a boy, he was the daughter of Ushiumaou, who promised to "get married".ChichiI met him again and got married on the spot. And it is the reincarnation of Piccolo Daimaou who participated in the BudokaiMatuniaClashed in the final match and won the first victory of the Tenkaichi Budokai.

Saiyan edition

About five years after the fight with Piccolo (Majner),Son GohanUnder Goku, who was spending peaceful days making money, his brotherRaditsCame from space, and I was a warrior tribe of the planet Vegeta.SaiyanBe informed. In order to help the kidnapped Son Gohan, Goku teams up with his nemesis Piccolo and defeats Radits in exchange for his own life, but about a year later, more powerful Saiyans will come to the earth in search of Dragon Ball. To know

While Goku revives with Dragon Ball,That world OfKingSaiyan warrior who trained under and assaulted the earth with his friendsNappaAnd the princeVegetaTo pick up. Goku kicked off Nappa with the increased power due to training, and dueled with Vegeta. With the cooperation of his friends, he manages to withdraw and withdraw, but with the loss of many friends, the death of Piccolo kills God, who was one with him, and the Earth's dragonball disappears.


Goku, Kuririn, and Bulma are the hometowns of God and Piccolo instead of Goku who is hospitalized for serious injuries in order to resurrect the god of the earth and the killed companions.Namek starHead to.However, there are Vegeta who fought on the earth and the king of the universe who is afraid of even the king of the universe.FreezaThe crewWas attacking for immortality, looting Dragon Ball while slaughtering Namek Alien. Gohan and the others, after the battle of Vegeta and Frieza's gangster for Dragon Ball, with the help of Goku and the Namek aliens who arrived later, call the name dragon Porunga of the Namek star and revive Piccolo and the dragon ball of the earth. ..

Frieza, who was overwhelmed and unable to grant her wish, is furious and the group is forced to confront. In front of the overwhelming power of Freeza, Vegeta, Piccolo, and even Goku couldn't stand their teeth and their friends died one after another. Goku who exploded anger is a legendary warriorSuper saiyanAwakening. Defeat Freeza who has released full power. The Gohans who returned to Earth by Porunga revived the Saiyans and the people killed by Frieza's crew by the resurrected Dragon Ball. On the other hand, Goku also escaped the exploding Namek star, and drifted ashore on the Yardrat star to save his life.

Android cell

Approximately one year after the battle on the Namek planet, Frieza and his crew secretly survived attack the earth, but they are repelled by a mysterious super Saiyan.trunksThe young man named himself reveals that he is the son of Burma and Vegeta from the future, and at the same time,Artificial humanTells us that will bring about a future of despair.Goku and his friends trained for the coming day for three years, but the situation was so different from the history that Trunks knew, and even Androids who didn't even know him appeared. The ultimate androidcellAppears from the future. Warriors that far exceeded the expectations of Goku and others appeared one after another.

Android 17Android 18Cell, which became a perfect body by absorbing the above, declares to the whole world that the martial arts society "Cell Game" betting the fate of the earth will be held.Goku and his colleagues can practice for a year in the heavens, but they practice in the "room of spirit and time" that is exposed to the harsh environment, and increase their strength to face the cell game, but Goku is with this cell. Die to protect the earth in the fight.However, his son, Gohan, who inherited that will, awakens to Super Saiyan 1, along with the illusion of his father, Goku.KamehamehaShoot out and destroy the cell. Gohan who won the cell game revives the people killed by Cell by Dragon Ball, but Goku refuses to come back to life and chooses to remain in that world.

Majin Buu

Approximately seven years after the cell game, Goku learned that Gohan, who had grown up to be a high school student, would participate in the Tenkaichi Budokai.This worldReturn to. During the Tenkaichi Budokai, Goku and the others are even higher than the king.King godFrom, with a dreadful powerDevil BuuIs informed that the seal is about to be broken.Gohan and Vegeta were defeated by the resurrected Majin Buu, and Goku returned to the other world, so the fate of the earth is Goku's second son.Son GotenAnd entrusted to two young boys Trunks.

On the other hand, the demon Buu changed from encountering various humans to a more evil and powerful demon. Goten and TrunksFusion(Fusion)”GotenksThen, Gohan and his friends, who have released their latent potential, achieved power-up, and returned, are forced to struggle with Buu, the demon who absorbs warriors one after another and changes his appearance. Goku and Vegeta return to this world to save Gohan and others in crisis, and face the final decisive battle with the demon Buu who has become a true figure in the kingdom of Shinkai. With the cooperation of Dragon Ball, the super-large size created by the energy of the earth, Namek star, and people of that worldSpirit ballThe demon Buu disappears completely.

Ten years later, GokuBreadAlong with the Tenkaichi Budokai, he appears for the first time in a long time, and meets Ubu, the boy who is the reincarnation of Buu. Goku and Uve set out for training in pursuit of endless strength, and the story ends.


Below are the main characters and the main characters.

Son Goku
sound - Masako Nozawa
Of this workhero.. With a pure and kind personality地球RaisedSaiyan..His name as a Saiyan is "Kakarot".Through training under various teachers and death battles with strong enemies and rivals, he grows into the strongest warrior.
Son Gohan
Voice-Masako Nozawa
Son of Goku and Chichi's eldest son, the brother of Goten. He became a disciple of Piccolo when he was a child, and fights against a number of powerful enemies with Goku and his friends. laterBidelMarried and between the two daughtersBreadIs born.
Son Goten
Voice-Masako Nozawa
Son of Goku and Chichi, the younger brother of Gohan. Trunks is a childhood friend and fights with the demon Buu together.
Voice- Ryo Horikawa (currently Ryo Horikawa)
Prince of the planet Vegeta. In the early days, he had a cruel and cruel personality, but he was gradually influenced by Goku and bloomers, and his cruelty gradually diminished. Later tied with bloomerstrunksBecomes Bra's father.
Voice- Hiromi TsuruAya Hisagawa
Capsule CorporationDaughter of. He is a genius-minded owner and supports his friends by inventing and modifying various mechanisms. Later he was connected to Vegeta and received trunks and bra.
Voice- Kusao Yi
The eldest son of Burma and Vegeta, a mixed race of Saiyan and Earthlings. In the Android version, he fought as a young man from the future, and in the devil Buu version, with Son Goten.FusionAnd fight the demon Buu.
Piccolo (Major)
Voice- Toshio Furukawa
Reborn as Piccolo's son and alter ego. Initially, they will be hostile to Goku and others, but will later fight with a number of strong enemies together to protect the peace of the earth.
Voice- Mayumi Tanaka
Goku's brother and disciple and his best friend. laterAndroid 18Marlon is born to her daughter Marlon.
Mr. Satan
Voice- Daisuke Gosato(Z, GT) →Ishizuka Unsho(Revised, super) →Masashi Ehara
World martial arts champion after Goku and his friends left the front stage.He has a good personality but a strong sense of justice, and contributed greatly behind the scenes to the victory in the battle between Cell and Majin Buu, and after the battle with Majin Buu, he became a friend of Goku and deepened friendship. ..
Voice- Takao Nakao
Emperor of the universe. To fulfill immortality with the wish of Dragon BallNamek starAnd fought fiercely with Goku and others.
Voice- Norio Wakamoto
Dr. GeroIt was created by combining the cells of Goku and others using a computer developed by. Later, he became a perfect body and fought fiercely against Goku and Gohan in the cell game.
Devil Buu
Voice- Kozo Shioya
A witch made by the Mage Vivid, who has fallen into the fear of destruction in the entire universe in the distant past. It was sealed to the earthBabidiIt is released by and goes into fierce battle with Goku and others.


Background to the start of serialization

Main timeline of "Dragon Ball"
1984July "Weekly Shonen Jump』Start serialization from No. 51
1985September Released the first volume of Comics
1986February Anime “ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル] Start broadcasting
11 NESgame"Dragon Ball The mystery of Shinryu』Release
December First animated version of the movie "Dragon Ball Legend of Shinryu"Release
1987Recorded the highest audience rating of 47% in the 29.5th episode of the anime "Dragon Ball"
198811 Carddass Dragon Ball SeriesLaunched
1989February Anime “Dragon ball z] Start broadcasting
1990October TV Special “Only one final battle"broadcast
1991Acquired 815 votes, which is the largest number of votes in the history of readers of "Weekly Jump"
1992Movie version"Dragon Ball Z Extreme Battle!! Three Great SaiyansRecords mobilization of 400 million people
1993October TV Special “Rebellion against despair!!"broadcast
1994Recorded the highest audience rating of 218% in episode 27.5 of the anime "Dragon Ball Z"
1995May Published “Baibai Dragon World” in the final edition of “Weekly Shonen Jump” No. 5
August Volume 8, the final volume of comics, was released.
1996February Anime “Dragon ball gt] Start broadcasting
1999September United StatesCartoon NetworkSet the audience rating record of the station
200212 Full version comicsRelease
2003February PlayStation 2 softwareDragon ball zRecords more than 300 million shipments
2004In July of the anime "Dragon Ball"DVD-BOX"DRAGON BOX" released
2005July "Data Carddas Dragon Ball Z』Start operation
2006July "Super turtle]Akimoto Osamu"Collaboration with Namek Star Dragon Park in front of the school" was published in collaboration with
2007In the Weekly Shonen Jump 4/5 merger issueEiichiro OdaCo-authored withCROSS EPOCH』Posted
2009February Anime “Dragon ball breaks] Start broadcasting
201011 arcade game"Dragon ball heroes』Start operation
December Spin-off manga by Oi ShinahoDragon ball sd] Start serialization
2013March 3th movie version "Dragon Ball Z God and GodIs released
2014April The second phase of the anime "Dragon Ball Kai" begins broadcasting
2015December Movie version "Dragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"Is released
6 Toyotaro"Dragon Ball Super" by manga started serialization
February Anime “Dragon ball super] Start broadcasting
20166 Shueisha"Dragon Ball Room" newly established
November arcade gameSuper Dragon Ball Heroes』Start operation
20175 Bang NamWith the sales ofMobile Suit GundamWill be the first place
20184 Toei"Dragon Ball Department" newly established
December Movie version "Dragon Ball Super Broly"Release
2022December Movie version "Dragon ball super hero"coming soon

This work had various twists and turns before the serialization began.Toriyama and the editor in chargeKazuhiko TorishimaWas serialized at that time, "Dr. Slump"ofideaI wanted to end the series because it was running out, but I can not finish the popular work so easily, and under the condition that if I start a new series three months after the end of the series, I can quit, ``Dr. The cut-out works "Dragon Boy" and "Tong Poo Great Adventure" drawn in parallel with the serialization of "Slump" (both worksAkira Toriyama ○ Theater Theater VOL.2Based on[16][17], Solidifying the story of "Dragon Ball"[16].

At the plotting stage,Journey to the WestAlong with the elements of[18], The idea of ​​"collecting balls" isNanso Satomi HakkendenWas taken from[19], "Because "Hakkenden" has 8 balls, it would be disappointing if they were the same."[20], The title is movie "Burn DragonWas taken from[21].. In this way, the initial concept of this work was put together.

At first, I was trying to proceed with the story aiming at Toriyama version "Saiyuki", but the reaction of Torishima in charge was cold, "Is it not Saiyuki itself?"[18].. Therefore, the second draft (SF elements were adopted and the clothes were modern) and the third draft (setting quite close to the current "Dragon Ball") were added, and finally the elements of "Saiki" were the main characters. In addition to the name and character design of the, only the remaining remains in some early episodes and items[16].

History from the start of serialization to the end of serialization

It started serializing with a large treatment of 5 consecutive weeks color but it was not very popular at first[22]Although it was good with expected votes at the beginning, the popularity gradually declined, and the ranking in the questionnaire result was sometimes 15th[16].. Toriyama, who was in charge, pointed out that the protagonist is plain, so it's not popular, so Toriyama will add the theme of "protagonist in pursuit of strength" to his work.[22].. The idea is to lower the sub-characters once to create a training version, and the Tenkaichi Budokai will begin to show the results, and the character of the protagonist Son Goku will be established and the popularity will rise sharply. At the same time, Fuji TV talked to Shueisha, which led to the animation.[17].

Won the 1st place in the reader survey in the Tenkaichi Budokai edition. After that, until the end of the seriesImmovable 1st placeBecomes Its popularity goes beyond the boundaries of manga,ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル] The highest rating in Episode 4729.5%Recorded. NES softwareDragon Ball The mystery of Shinryu』Records 120 million shipments, etc.[23], The editorial department does not easily recognize the end of this work that has overwhelming support, and the serialization will continue like the successive popular work of "Weekly Shonen Jump". By the time the Freeza edition entered the climax, it became even more popular, and the 1991 votes of "Weekly Shonen Jump" held in 1000.questionnaireWins 815 votes[24][Note 1].. The economic effect has expanded not only in Japan but also globally by translating overseas and selling anime programs (see details# Expansion outside JapanSee). When the series ends, not only will it directly affect the circulation of "Weekly Shonen Jump", but also the publisher, Shueisha,Media mixHas been at the core of deploymentBandai,Fuji Television Network, Inc, Toei video (currentlyToei animation), and other achievements of companies engaged in various businesses related to this work,Stock priceIt is thought that there will be a great impact on, and a situation has been formed in which the series of popular works cannot be easily completed.

Although the end of the serialization in 1995 was due to Toriyama's strong demand, in the end it was necessary to make adjustments such as top-level meetings of related companies and to make management decisions by the upper layers of each company, It was an unprecedented situation that was finally realized after various considerations and preparations were made to minimize the impact on business results.[26].. Later, Toriyama commented on Majin Buu, "A series of fierce and intense fights that even I am a cartoon writer. Now that I have become an obnoxious man with high blood pressure, I can not draw such a fight anymore. After that, I've lost the motivation to draw fighting manga."[27].. Before the Majin Buu compilation, Toriyama had a promise with Shueisha to end the serialization after the Buu compilation, but was the editor-in-chief at the time.Norihiko HorieWas not informed of the fact halfway[28].

Against this background, this work has been a long-term serialization for a total of 10 and a half years. No advance notice was given regarding the end of the series, and the final episode ended with a scene in which the adventure of Goku continued.

Development after serialization

"HISTORY OF DRAGON BALL", which looks back on the original work and development in each media, was published as a special project for 1995 consecutive weeks from the 26th to 35th issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump" after the serialization.

Toriyama said in a message immediately after the end of the series, "I'm gonna do the next (new work). For that reason, I wanted to stop (Dragon Ball's series). By doing this, I knew that the story manga was really interesting, and when I was finally able to draw moving pictures, I started to think about it.[29]I commented.

In February 1996, the year after the serialization ended, the animation "Dragon ball gt] Has started broadcasting. Toriyama participated in this work, which was drawn with a completely original story, by writing down character designs and setting drawings. All 64 episodes and 1 extra episode were broadcast, and it became a popular animation that recorded an audience rating of 2% in the second episode[30][31].. At that time, Toriyama said in an interview in 2013, "At that time, the serialization had already ended, so my head was suitable for the next job. So, to be honest, there is also "DB(GT)" again. I was a little reluctant about the design (laughs), and I really appreciate your continued support.[32]".

Arrival of Revival Boom

The full version of the comic was released on December 2002, 12, and became a bestseller with a cumulative circulation of over 4 million copies.[2]..Also, starting with the release of the full version, "Dragon Ball Z" was recorded in March 2003.DVDBOX "DRAGON BOX VOL.1" is on sale. Despite the high price of over 10 yen, it recorded amazing sales, and after that, DVDs of the anime "Dragon Ball" series were released in quick succession.Also in 2003, the home video game software "Dragon ball z] Was released, and from this work in which all the popular characters appeared, the flow of the DB game that continues to the present was completed.[31].

Toriyama read this work for the first time because of the work to draw a cover illustration drawn for the full version of the comic[32]In the full version, the end of the final episode was also corrected[33]Toriyama said, “The complete version came out over the years, but at that time I added a little bit to the end. I think I felt that the end was not crispy. After the battle of Goku ended, it was said that the generation change Or, I wanted to clarify that intention[33]".

July 1, 5000 to commemorate the cumulative total of 2005 million copies of the seriesYomiuri ShimbunA special advertisement was published in the morning edition[34].

To new development

"Dragon Ball" has been overwhelmingly popular since it was serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump," and has caused a revival boom even after the serialization. From 2009Dragon ball z"ofDigital remasterIt is a re-edition version of "Dragon ball breaks] The first period starts broadcasting. In 2014, the second term "Majin Buu" was broadcast, and both of them gained a high audience rating. In this way, the anime "Dragon Ball" series has developed into a nationally popular work loved by generations.[35].

On March 2013, 3, the new movie "Theatrical version animation" will be released for the first time in 30 years.Dragon Ball Z God and GodWas released.Toriyama designed new characters such as Beerus, the god of destruction, and participated in the production of the movie version of the story for the first time.Then, the movie version released on April 2015, 4 "Dragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"], I have written a script. The two movie versions of the story then began to air on July 2, 2015.Dragon ball super], and Toriyama is involved in the first draft of TV animation.[35]. Also,ToyotaroThe manga version by "V Jump" has been serialized from the August 2015 issue.

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the first issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, No. 2013-33, 44,Galaxy Patrol Jaco] Was serialized in a short period. The content is the story before DB was sent to the earth as the day before DB, and the main character Jaco appeared in the movie version and TV animation, and became one of the main characters in "Dragon Ball". ing[35].. Also, the book includes "DRAGON BALL-Children of Destined Fate".

May 2015, 5, Japan Memorial Day AssociationGoku DayCertified to[36].

On October 2016, 10, Shueisha announced at a new publication project presentation held in Tokyo that on June 12, 6, it had newly established the "Dragon Ball Room", which was the first attempt as a single work department within the company. ..The person in charge explained, "The department of independent works is a new attempt. We will aim to further expand the world-famous big content with both rights and manga."Toriyama also said, "It's a really grateful and reliable team for me to liven up old works with the help of Shueisha's excellent staff even in modern times. With this, I do not have to do anything. That's really the best thing to do. "[37].

On March 2018, 3, Toei Animation renamed the existing TV planning department to the 23st video planning department and the video planning department to the 4nd video planning department on April 1st of the same year, and newly created "Dragon Ball". It was announced that a third video planning department, which is mainly in charge, will be newly established. "Dragon Ball" is the largest business piece in Toei Animation, and it seems that by making it independent, it will further promote business development.[38][39].

December 2018, 12, the movie version that will be the 14th work in the seriesDragon Ball Super BrolyWas released.


The main stage of this work is the planet "Earth" of the solar system. Regarding civilization, more sophisticated mechanics than the real earth, such as the "Huipoi capsule" that instantiates an object and the "Dragon Radar" that detects a dragon ball, will appear. However, the types of mobile phones and the Internet found in today's real world have not appeared, because they were not yet popular at the time of serialization.[Note 2].. In addition to cars and motorcycles,Air carThere are also airplanes, etc., and they are used by carrying the aforementioned Huipoi capsules. Although the railroad does not appear in the work,LunchStates the line "Train robbery"[40].. Akira Toriyama says, "We have not decided what kind of place in what era the dragon ball is. We can draw anything freely."[41].

In addition to the Earth, there are many planets inhabited by humanoid intelligent life forms (Star Namek, Yardrat, etc.). Some of these planets also have stars with higher civilizations than Earth. In the universe, innumerable stars gather to form a nebula, and innumerable nebulae gather to form a galaxy, and the universe is an administrative unit to control the galaxy that exists in outer space to an infinite extent. It is divided into the galaxies[42].. The Earth exists in the "Northern Galaxy," and the entire universe is sealed by walls with enigmatic patterns. In addition, there is a world after death "that world" in contrast to "this world" where human beings live before birth, and as a general rule, dead people including aliens have their souls move to that world. In the Android/Cell edition, the world of the time axis branched by the branch of history, "Parallel worldHas been revealed to exist.

"Dragon Ball Z God and God] In the movie version after that, and in "Dragon Ball Super", all 12 universes have appeared, and the universe of Goku and others was revealed as "7th universe".

Please refer to the following individual articles for the settings of the anime version.

"Dragon ball gt"
An original anime set in the world five years after the final episode (episode 291) of the anime version of "Dragon Ball Z".
"Dragon ball super"
A manga version and a TV anime version based on the original draft by Akira Toriyama.

Sometimes gag manga characters and villages appear, and the characters of this work appear in gag manga, so in "Dragon Ball Super", Vegeta who fought Arale ignores the laws of physics with gag and there is no common sense at all. To the destructive strength unique to gag manga characters that do not pass, I gave up a fighting method that did not choose the means "Battle cartoon fighting is clear", and it was thrown away in the distance "Never again gag manga guy In "This Namex Hoshi Dragon Koen Mae-hakosho" recorded in "Super Kochi Turtle", even though you have a low fighting power, even if you attack Friza, your wounds and clothes will recover in a moment, and your weapon will suddenly appear. ToRyotsu KankichiFrieza was advised by his subordinate Apoor that he was a gag manga human being, and he wouldn't die forever. Vegeta who escaped by witnessing the strength tweeted that "I will never appear in gag manga again", and the gag element that was also in the original is included.

With other workscrossoverFor details of, see the following individual articles.

"Dr. Slump"
It is the previous work of Akira Toriyama, and its characters and the stage have also appeared in this work.
"Super turtle』Posted "This is the name station in front of Namek Star Dragon Park"
Akimoto OsamuA collaboration with Manga.
Eiichiro OdaA collaboration with Manga.
"Nekomagin Z"

the term

A metaphor for the energy that flows through the body.It can be manipulated to fly, condense, emit and emit as a Qigong wave.By putting it in a part of the body, there are various usages such as increasing offensive power and defensive power, and if you train, you can feel the strength and position of the other party, you can understand the other party far away, and you can identify the individual. You can also hide the sign by completely erasing it.
Although the capacity of energy is directly related to the ability, it also serves as a guideline for measuring competence because it also relates to other factors such as skill and skill, but it is not an absolute standard.[43].
The main currency unit on earth, the world-wide "Zenny". Zenny isYenIt is the same image as "1 Zeny ≒ 1 yen"[44].. The previous day of "Dragon Ball"Galaxy Patrol Jaco] In the final episode, the rate of the place where the character Daimori lives is "1000 billion Zeny = 1500 billion yen" (1 Zeny = 1.5 yen).
In the world of workChronology.."Age" is used in the era.At the beginning of the series (the encounter between Goku and Bulma) is "Age 749", and at the end of the original (departure with Uub) is "Age 784".However, the word "age" is used directly in the work only for the trunks line in the Android / Cell edition, and the only way to know the history and time of the work is to calculate back from there. ..In addition, the notation method of the date is not unified, the anniversary of Piccolo Great Demon King is "May 5", and the appearance date of Android 9 and 19 is "May 20", which is the same as in the real world. While the calendar is used, the date of the cell game is "M 5th" and the month name is in English.[Note 3][Note 4].
Combat Power
An indicator of strength, a concept introduced from the Saiyan edition. In the originalOne eyeglassMold device "ScouterIt was expressed as a numerical value of the strength of the spirit.Although it is more specific than the technique of directly feeling the qi, the warriors who can control a small part of the qi explosively increase the qi during battle to increase the fighting power or dispel it. This can reduce the fighting power to zero, so that number is not an absolute indicator of strength.
Scouters were used by Saiyans, including the Frieza Force, who couldn't feel it.The farmer's combat power measured for the first time in the play is 5, and the combat power of Frieza, the strongest in the universe, before transformation is 53.This showed the reader how strong Frieza was at the time, when both the enemy and the ally were around thousands to tens of thousands.In addition, after the transformation of Frieza, the fighting power could not be measured by the scouter, and after measuring the fighting power of the trunks, the numerical value did not appear in the work.連載終了後に発行された『ドラゴンボール 大全集7巻』によると、フリーザの最終形態の戦闘力は1億2000万、超サイヤ人となった悟空の戦闘力は1億5000万にまで達しているAccording to "Dragon Ball Daizenshu Vol. XNUMX" published after the serialization, the combat power of the final form of Frieza has reached XNUMX million, and the combat power of Goku who became a super Saiyan has reached XNUMX million.[45]..Subsequent combat power is not mentioned in a special unit in the story, but in the Majin Buu edition, Mage Babidi measures the amount of energy using a unit called "Kiri", according to which. Goku of Super Saiyan 1 is over 3000 Kiri.However, this unit is rarely used in the story.
The battle power and scouter settings were set by Toriyama in response to the fact that Goku and the others became too strong, and Hiroshi Kondo, the second editor in charge, said, "I don't know which one is stronger or stronger." It was triggered by the idea that it might be better[46].
Namek AlienOf the Piccolo Great Demon King who was one of the[47].. The Piccolo Great Demon King, who was born by separating the evil part that God had, calls himself a "demon"[47].. It is also the warriors with evil hearts that Piccolo Great Demon King spent his life force to produce.[48].. Do not use the martial arts used by Goku and others, but master the terrifying technique to kill the opponent[48], The earthlings called the style of the technique they use "the demon style"[47].. Piccolo has the ability to extend the body and grow enormous by changing the volume of the body due to the characteristics of the demons. The souls of those killed by this race will wander in the air forever, unable to achieve Buddha. However, the reincarnated Piccolo looks different than before, and the soul of Raditz killed by him visits Enma and is sent to hell. Also, the demon attackMuscle cloudAlso has the function of extinguishing. The demons subordinate to Piccolo the Great Demon Lord are born from eggs spawned from the mouth by consuming spells and consuming physical strength. The rejuvenated Piccolo devil lays eggs without spells. With the image of the Great Piccolo Demon King, you can lay your favorite type, and the demons born from eggs have various forms such as a dragon type and an intelligent type that acts as an entourage.[48].. The demon warriors can telepathically talk to the Piccolo Great Demon King, and when someone is defeated the Great Demon King can detect[48].

Production background

Story making
After thinking about the story and settings, I thought about the character's personality and took the stance of drawing a picture at the end, and in the latter half of the series, I focused on thinking a story rather than drawing a picture.[49].. Regarding the story, Toriyama said, "Originally, I wasn't the type who could easily think of it until the previous development. At the beginning, I had no idea that Goku was transformed into a great monkey or an alien called Saiyan. I am impressed by the skillful mix up to the forcible ones. It's not too bad to draw a haphazardly drawing without thinking about the previous story, and it's not bad. At that time, change the story freely. I can do it, and I can be excited and drawn without knowing what will happen to me.''[41]"When I actually break a frame with a pencil and write a picture or dialogue, I often get a little different from the manga I was thinking about."[50] Is saying.Regarding Majin Buu, Toriyama said, "I liked the area where Gohan attended Orangestar High School at the beginning, but when I was drawing that area, I enjoyed doing it and said," Now, I have to think about the enemy. I don't know ... I wish I could continue my daily life as it is. "I think I was drawing without knowing that Majin Buu would appear."[51].
Toriyama said, "I had quite a lot of back settings in my head, but I didn't make them into manga because it seemed like an explanation."[21]"I also like to create the characteristics of Saiyans and the back setting like a backbone. It is only in my head and there is no opportunity to put it in the development of the story, the rate reflected in the work is not so high, When thinking, when you think about AndroidRed ribbon armyI like to make things that look like nothing in the past. At first I think a little loosely, so I can easily apply the application later. If you make a good development first, the correction will not work when you enter the side road.Ruyi stickI was wondering how to use, but everyone thought, "Is that so!"[52],18 No.Kuririn, and romance plays such as bloomers and vegetas are already in my mind, but I didn't make them because they were embarrassing.''[53], And many settings were drawn in my head. Also with the Saiyan that Toriyama drew for the anime original episodeTuful peopleThere are memos and materials such as the history of the world, the setting of that world, the life of the character for one year until the Saiyan attack that was not drawn in the cartoon[54].
Toriyama said in 2015, ``I always say that, but when talking to people, it seems that it is extra troublesome if it is recorded in particular, somehow, somehow I will dress up and talk so that I do not realize the difficulty, Of course, it's boring. Of course, if it's so troublesome, I can not draw cartoons, and the profession of a cartoonist is not sweet enough to draw somehow.I pretend that there is no such thing, but I am doing my best in the shadows. “I don't do much manga work even now when I'm crazy, but I'm doing my best even for a little sleep. I still can't do a job that makes me happy. Even with a confident attitude, I really drive myself. As I often say, I think I'm really studying forever."[55]..Regarding the story and settings at that time, Toriyama said, "I don't like work, I should say that I was drawn a lot, and I have little interest in the past and only look ahead. , There are many things I can't remember even with Dragon Ball[56]I made a remark to that effect."
Involvement in anime
Toriyama answered "I had that feeling" to the question "Did you have the consciousness that the original and the anime were different things?" I thought it would be better to leave it to a professional. "[21]"Basically, I don't do much in anime. I leave it to you."[41]"I didn't have any particular request because I was going to let the staff do all of the animation when I made it into an animation, but I felt that I was going too far in a healthy direction for a while, so I was careful only at that time."[57] He said. In the 2016 book, when I thought about the last of the original just before the final episode, "I thought that it was necessary to talk about "This is really the end", so I advanced the time until 10 years later ... I didn't expect it to come back with anime, so I guess the anime company had a hard time (laughs).[58]]. Meanwhile, popular anime-original characters such as Goku's father, Barduck and Pai-Kuhan, were born, and Barduck also appeared in the original story in Freeza's reminiscence scene in a way that reflects the setting of the anime.
In "Dragon Ball Z", scenes and episodes unique to anime based on idea memos such as the back setting written by Toriyama are produced.[59], "Genso" and "Z", the original author Toriyama is basically not involved in the story[41]Toriyama says "no touch"[60][61].. Regarding "Dragon Ball GT", Toriyama also gave some advice by checking the initial rough script and story from Toei Animation.[62][63] The story itself says "no touch"[64].
Involvement in movies
Toriyama talked about the movie version from "Dragon Ball: The Path to the Strongest", "In my mind, the movie version is a different dimension from the main story of the manga.[65][66]”, “We worked on checking the plots and screenplays that came up from Toei Video, designing and modifying the characters, and changing the names.[65]"I was involved in some design modifications, but most of the time I enjoyed it as a viewer.[66]", and has little to do with the movie version. In ``Dragon Ball Z God and God'' released in 2013, I was deeply involved from the stage of script writing for the first time, and 90% or more of the plots written by Toriyama assuming ``What if the serialization continues?'' Has been adopted[67]..In addition, Toriyama is the first independent scriptwriter in "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection" F "" released in 2015.[68].
Involvement in the game
"Dragon Ball 3 GokudenFrom (1989)Dragon Ball Z Legend of Super SaiyaAccording to Yosuke Tanaka, the producer of the Dragon Ball card RPG series that worked until (1992), Akira Toriyama decided on a technique that was unnamed in the original work at the time, and Toriyama responded to the proposal from the development side. There was such a thing. Toriyama considered these during the series of "Dragon Ball"Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial DepartmentI sent a fax with a picture of the technique and the name together with the manuscript, and the development team who received it sent it to Toei Animation and had the color specified.[69].
ChineseMysterious novel"Journey to the West] Is the motif, and the main character's name is also the main character of this work.immortal-Son GokuIt is named after.At first, Toriyama wanted to draw "Nishiyuki" in a modern and boys' magazine style, but he said that he decided to ignore it because it was difficult to do, and I want him to think of the same name as Son Goku separately from the monkey Son Goku. Saying[70].

Successive editor

First generation Kazuhiko Torishima(Kazuhiko Torishima)
Editor in charge of Toriyama's previous work "Dr. Slump", 23 timesTenkaichi BudokaiResponsible until the end.Romantic comedyToriyama, who loves to love Goku and Bloomers in "Dragon Ball", is confused about love comedy[71].. In the serialization of "Dragon Ball", Torishima dubbed "Future Boy Conan" three episodes at a time and sent it to Toriyama, and the basic system of how to make a story that the encounter between a boy and a girl leads to a big drama is "Dragon Ball" I recall that it may have helped the composition of the first serialization.[72]..Torishima later, "Dragon Ball" was "Satomi Hakkenden" and "Future Boy Conan』, And describes Toriyama as a" great arranger "established on the accumulation of other writers.[73]..Also, when Toriyama tried to grow a small Goku, he said, "Wait."[17]I felt the danger of the serialization most, but it was said that the boss convinced me and there was no protest from readers[74].. Torishima had decided a big story flow with Toriyama, but he could not tell the story of the next week until the name arrived, and it is important to tell the writer what he felt first from the reader's perspective, and the story is created by the writer. Says that his work and editing is just organizing[74].. In addition, I am dissatisfied with the production of the animation "Dragon Ball", especially the scene of defeating Piccolo Daimaou, and there is an anecdote that I consulted with Fuji TV and dropped the producer and led to the launch of "Dragon Ball Z".[75]..Even after I was out of charge, I called Toriyama's house, and when Android 19 and Android 20 appeared, he said, "If you think that an enemy has finally come out, isn't it Jijii and Fat?"Android 17When Android No. 18 came out, he said, "Is this a kid?", Which led to the appearance of the cell.[76].
Yu Kondo
Responsible from the appearance of Radits to the appearance of complete cells. After gaining track records in Shoujo magazine, he became in charge of Toriyama immediately after transferring to Weekly Shonen Jump. According to Toriyama, he seems to be serious, but he is a hobbyist and he got along.[74].. With a calm and calm personality, I always tried to give advice to female readers based on my experience in girls' magazines. There was no succession from Torishima because "I like it", and it was decided that the universe would be the stage.Ground raising shop", and Toriyama was amused and led to the birth of Frieza[46].. Kondo said, "Since I was in charge, the direction was fixed, and I only thought about escalating the fight with story manga."[76].. When the trunks appearedtime travelRegarding the story, Torishima said, "I could not do that unless Kondo was in charge."[76]Toriyama often consulted with Kondo[22].. When Toriyama put out a cell, he was told, "It's ugly. Of course it transforms." When it comes to the second form, "It's like a fool of the next guy, let's make it a complete body soon." "I made the perfect cell a cool character that Mr. Kondo liked," said Toriyama.[76].. Kondo cites not enlarging enemies as a major premise from Torishima's charge, and if the enemy is ugly and Goku seems to win, it will be in harmony with the schedule, so only the perfect body will be character modeling on Toriyama I said I had an opinion[46].. Toriyama also repainted all the illustrations of the whole body painted dragon's scales for the cover of the book because it lacked impact as a cover.[24].. "Nothing at all" is a habit[Note 5].
Third generation in charge Takeda Fuyuto
In charge from the appearance of the perfect cell to the final episode. ""Monthly Shonen JumpI was immediately in charge of Toriyama, but when I first met Toriyama, I was told, "I'm sorry for that. I'm thinking of ending" DB "soon."[77].. Takeda, who liked "Dr. Slump", realized that Toriyama was reluctant to continue drawing the second character, and said, "I will end up not drawing what I want to draw properly. I like it at the end. Why don't you draw something and tighten it? "[77]..Takeda himself did not come up with any ideas, and Toriyama seemed to be relatively free to do it, and there seems to be no particular complaint.also,Mr. SatanBy saying, "This character is good", Satan, who was originally scheduled to end as Choi, will be made to appear after that.[78].

There is a theory that Torishima is a great piccolo demon, Kondo is Frieza, and Takeda is a model of Majin Buu.[24]Toriyama himself said, "I don't remember it so much. It may be at the root, but it may have been reflected unconsciously."[79].

Social evaluation


Television AnimationIs the 11-year average audience rating20% or moreContinue to maintain[80], Theme songCHALA HEAD CHALAWas recordedCD The170 million piecesSold[81].

Very popular, "Weekly Shonen Jump] When it was serialized, it won overwhelming popularity of 1000 votes in the 815 boys questionnaire survey on boys jumped in "Freeza edition"[82].. Shonen Jump 1995-3-4,Guinness World RecordsIt is a signboard with two signs to achieve the record of 653 million copies registered inSLAM DUNK] And became the driving force[83].

Even after the end of the serialization, it is well known to generations who were not born when this work was serialized and aired, and "Dragon Ball Z" rebroadcast in 2002 has a high audience rating despite the time zone on weekday evenings. And wonFull version comics,GameIt has become very popular among children, with big hits on DVDs, etc.[84].. It started from April 2009Dragon ball breaksHas a high profile among parents, and has a high average audience rating for both boys and girls even among elementary school students.[85].. Even 20 years after the end of the series, "Dragon Ball" is still well known to elementary school children and children.Dragon ball super], its popularity is increasing[86],Super Dragon Ball HeroesMore than 1 votes from all over Japan[87].


Bandai's sales by IP recorded 2016 billion yen in FY611.ONE-PIECEWas recorded more than double the sales[88][89].. Sales by IP for the full year ending March 2019 were ¥3 billion, and even sales by IP of the company were “Gundam series], "ONE PIECE", "Super squadron, Etc., and became the top leader by pulling away other content.[90].
Fiscal yearSales by year[91]
Fiscal year ended March 2013 (April 3, 2012-March 4, 1)8900 million yen[92]
Fiscal year ended March 2014 (April 3, 2013-March 4, 1)11400 million yen[92]
Fiscal year ended March 2015 (April 3, 2014-March 4, 1)19400 million yen[92]
Fiscal year ended March 2016 (April 3, 2015-March 4, 1)34900 million yen[93]
Fiscal year ended March 2017 (April 3, 2016-March 4, 1)61100 million yen[93]
Fiscal year ended March 2018 (April 3, 2017-March 4, 1)97900 million yen[94]
Fiscal year ended March 2019 (April 3, 2018-March 4, 1)129000 million yen[95]
Fiscal year ended March 2020 (April 3, 2019-March 4, 1)134900 million yen[96]
年度Domestic toy hobby sales[91]
June 2013 period4800 million yen[92]
June 2014 period6400 million yen[92]
June 2015 period5800 million yen[92]
June 2016 period11600 million yen[93]
June 2017 period12400 million yen[94]
June 2018 period14200 million yen[94]
June 2019 period20400 million yen[95]
June 2020 period20700 million yen[96]
Toei animation
Toei's total copyright sales (total of domestic copyrights, overseas images, and overseas copyrights), "Dragon Ball" is the highest sales every year.[97], 2003[97], 2004[97], 2005[98], 2006[99], 2007[100], 2008[101], 2009[102], 2016[103], 2017[104]And are at the top.


Cumulative circulation of domestic books is more than 1 million including the full version (as of 6000)[10], Global cumulative circulation has reached over 2 million (as of 6000)[11].

Worldwide cumulative circulationSource
As of 20062 million[105]
As of 20122 million copies[106]
As of 20162 million copies[107]
As of 20182 million copies[108]
As of 20202 million copies[11]
List of copies of publishers in each country
CountryInfomationNumber of copiesRemarksSource
JapanShueishaOver 1 million copiesAs of 2015, full version included[10]
FranceGrena3000 millionAs of 2017[109][110]
South KoreaSeoul Culture CompanyOver 2000 million copiesAs of 2013[111][112]
SpainPlaneta de Agostini2000 millionAs of 2013 (also reported as 2500 million copies[113][114]
ItalyStar comics1600 millionAs of 2021[115]
ChugokuChinese Boys and Childrens PublisherOver 1000 million copiesAs of 2013[116][117]
TaiwanToryu PublisherOver 1000 million copiesAs of 2009[118]
Hong KongCulture840 million(Sales of 20 copies per volume, 42 volumes in total)[119]
GermanyCarlsen PublisherOver 800 million copies(As of 2015, paperback edition)[120][121]
BrazilConrad Editora600 millionAs of 2002[122]
AmericaBiz media218 or more(As of 2016, 16 unprinted editions, 26 Z editions, 42 in total)[123]
DenmarkForlaget CarlsenOver 150 million copiesAs of 2007[124][125]
SwedenBonnier Carlsen130 millionAs of 2006[125]
FinlandSangatsu MangaAbout 50 copies(Sales of all 2009 volumes as of 42)[126][127]
PolandJPFOver 42 million copiesAround 2001 to 2002 (The first edition of each volume is over 1 copies and tens of thousands copies)[128]
United KingdomGollancz / Viz MediaAbout 7 copiesNumbers from 2005 to 2010[129]
VietnamKim Dong Publisher6 copies a yearC. 2009[130]


To date, the cumulative number of game software sold for this game has reached 1500 million in the "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" series.[131], Worldwide cumulative sales exceed 5000 million[12].. The cumulative number of shipments outside Japan is 2015 million as of December 12[132].. In addition, in 2013, as "the most video game comic in the world"Guinness World RecordsCertified by[133].

titleRelease dateDeveloperNumberSource
Dragon ball fighters2018/2/1Arc system works800 million[134]
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 22016/11/2Dimps800 million
Dragon ball xenoverse2015/2/5500 million[135]
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot2020/1/26Cyber ​​connect two450 million[136]
Dragon ball z2003/2/13DimpsOver 350 million[137]
Dragon ball z22004/2/7Over 350 million
Dragon ball z32005/2/10Over 350 million
Dragon Ball Z Super Fighter1993/3/20Tose141 million[138]
Dragon Ball Z Sparking!2005/10/6spike136[139]
Dragon Ball Z Super Fighter 21993/12/17Tose120 million[138]
Dragon Ball The mystery of Shinryu1986/11/27120 million[138]
Dragon Ball Z Sparking! NEO2006/10/5spike117[140]
Dragon Ball Z Sparking! METEOR2007/10/4104 million[141]
Dragon Ball Z Super Fighter 31994/9/29Tose91 million[138]
Dragon Ball Z Assault! Saiyan1990/10/2790 million
Card games

Digital kids card gameSuper Dragon Ball HeroesHas exceeded 2020 billion cumulative card shipments in the series as of November 11.[142]. Also,Mercari"Dragon Ball Heroes" was ranked No. 2019 in the "Mercali Trend Word 1 First Half" announced by[143].

Smartphone games

"Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle』Has exceeded 2021 million DL worldwide as of September 9[144].. Also in 2016Google PlayNominated for Global Category of Awards[145], 2016App Store12th in sales ranking[146], Ranked 2016th in the total revenue ranking of the game app "iOS & Google Play" in the 10 app market report[147].

"Dragon ball legendsHas exceeded 2022 million DL worldwide as of August 2.[148].

Survey ranking

YearsResearch organizationSurvey outlineTarget nameRankingSource
2006/Japan Compact Disc Video Rental Commercial Association"My best movie that remains in my heart" ・TV animation sectionド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル1 bit[149]
2007/Oricon"Thousands have chosen! The "strongest" character ranking in manga history!"Son Goku[150]
"What is the hero's special move?"Kamehameha[151]
2008/"Who would actually be the main character of the anime?"Son Goku[152]
"What was the most interesting TV anime ever?"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[153]
goo ranking"Animated comic character that I think is the strongest in the universe"Son Goku[154]
2009/Lifenet life insurance"What was your favorite manga?"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[155]
Oricon"Cartoon name supporting role ranking"Krillin[156]
2010/Tokyo Polytechnic University"What kind of Japanese culture would you like to introduce to the world as Cool Japan?"
Anime/manga section
ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[157]
2013/Technical Research Institute"Comparison survey of attractiveness of manga"
Awareness rate, subscription experience rate, preference level
ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[158]
2014/Da Vinci News"What is the strongest jump manga you think?"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[159]
2015/Rikkyo University"What anime do you think is Cool Japan?"
"What manga works do you think is cool Japan?"
ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[160]
2017/goo ranking"What is the enemy character of a jump who is really desperate?"Freeza[161]
"It was the most attractive! Jump boss ranking!"Devil Buu[162]
2018/Oricon"A TV anime program that I liked when I was a kid"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[163]
2019/Anime! Anime!"What is the strongest old character in the anime?"Turtle hermit[164]
goo ranking"Jump hero ranking with overwhelming charisma"Son Goku[165]
"The manga ranking that I think is "true national manga"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[166]
"Self-turning is a genius jump work ranking"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[167]
"The strongest evil charisma ranking in jump history"Freeza[168]
2020/Wenchu ​​online"What is the best "Shonen manga" you choose?"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル[169]


ceremonyNumber of times/yearCategory/AwardAwarded forSource
PlayStation Awards2003/Gold Prize AwardDragon ball z[170]
2004/Gold Prize AwardDragon ball z2
2005/Gold Prize AwardDragon ball z3
2006/Gold Prize AwardDragon Ball Z Sparking!
Video of the Year2006/Best Anime AwardDragon Ball Z・DVD[171]
DVD of the Year2006/TV animation/OVA category 3rd placeDragon Ball Z・DVD[171]
39th Japan Academy Award2016/Excellent Animation AwardDragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"[172]
Golden gloss award9 timesJapanese Film Category, Excellent Silver AwardDragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Son Goku
Dragon Ball Z Extremely strongest vs strongest
10 timesJapanese Film Category, Excellent Silver AwardDragon Ball Z Clash!! Warriors with 100 Billion Power
11 timesJapanese Film Category, Excellent Silver AwardDragon Ball Z Moetsukiro!! Heat, fierce battle, super fierce battle
12 timesJapanese Film Category, Excellent Silver AwardDragon Ball Z Dangerous two!
13 timesJapanese Film Category, Excellent Silver AwardDragon Ball Z Revival Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta
33 timesJapanese Film Category, Excellent Silver AwardDragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"
Mobile Project Award2016/Mobile Content Category/Excellence AwardDragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle[174]
Japan Toy Award2017/Innovative Toy Category Excellence AwardBotsNew Characters VR DRAGONBALL Z[175]
Japan Game Awards2017/Future DivisionDragon ball fighters[176]
Japan Commercialization Award2017/Domestic divisionDragon Ball Series (Shueisha/Toei Animation)[177]
JASRAC Award2003Silver prizeDragon Ball Z BGM[178]
2007International Award
2014International Award
2017International Award
2018International Award
PlayStation Developers Choice Awards2018/Best Visual Arts CategoryDragon ball fighters[180]
Google Play Best of 20182018/Best games 2018Dragon ball legends[181]
42th Japan Academy Award2019/Excellent Animation AwardDragon Ball Super Broly[182]
Crunchyroll Anime Award2019/Best Anime Series Award, 1st placeDragon ball super[183]
CEDEC AWARDS2019/Game Design Category, Excellence AwardDragon ball fighters[184]
Japan Merchandising Rights Award 20192020/Global divisionDragon Ball Super Broly[4]
More informations
  • First from Bandai in 1988vending machineTo sell atCarddassAppeared, and the biggest hit among them was ``Carddass Dragon Ball Series". The first release was released in November 1988, and in response to the popularity of this bullet, it was developed into various shapes and series such as "Super Battle" and "Jumbo Carddass", causing a big boom.[185], Recorded a large sales of over 1995 billion in 20[186].
  • In the 40th issue of 2008, which marked the 34th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump, a questionnaire was given to 2008 writers who were serialized in 21. Son Goku was selected as the favorite character and the character I think was the strongest.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayFuji Television Network, IncIn the program of "Showa vs Heisei Anime & Tokusatsu & Manga Hero Heroine Top 20-Permanent Preservation Version Ranking Selected by 1 Million People-" broadcasted on the systemShowabirth,HeiseiThe ranking of the hero and heroine selected by each birth was announced, and Son Goku was selected as the first place in both the Showa and Heisei eras in the hero category, becoming popular across generations.[187].
  • In 2007, "Dragon Ball" (42 volumes in total) was ranked first in the most popular comic rankings read by the website for selling the whole volume of comics, "All Volume Reading. Edition (1 volumes)[188].
  • According to TORICO Co., Ltd., which operates "Manga Zenkoku Dotcom", it ranked 2007th in the ranking of the most read comic book all set from about 1300 titles in the comic book Vol.[189].
  • 2013年3月にライフネット生命保険が全国の15歳〜49歳の男女1000名に『ドラゴンボール』に関する調査をしたところ、『ドラゴンボール』のテレビアニメを観た経験があると答えたのは、10代86.8%、20代97.6%、30代98.0%、40代96.4%、全体で94.7%が観た経験があると回答し、世代を越えて愛されている国民的アニメと言える結果となった[190].

Deployment outside Japan

The comic has been released in over 40 countries[191], Anime broadcast in over 80 countries and regions around the world[3].TV AsahiBroadcast of "This is the best of Japan"Dragon Ball" won the 100st place in the survey of "1 most popular Japanese anime that have advanced to the world"[192],Oricon"Dragon Ball" was selected as the 1st place with an overwhelming number of votes in a survey of "Japanese animation that seems to be world-class" and "Manga & anime rankings that are world-class" conducted by Such[193][194]It has a high popularity and popularity outside Japan, and its popularity is worldwide.[84].. As of early 1996, there were applications for character goods from over 100 companies outside Japan.[195].. Market size recorded more than $2014 billion worldwide as of 50[196].. Contributed to the development of the commercialization right business by creating a global market with a global market size of about 2019 billion yen in 2500[4].

North America

United States flag The United States of America
In the United States, in September 1995, on the network of 9 stations in the United States,ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル』, February 1996, 9 ``Dragon ball z』Was started[195][197]At first, it was not a major broadcasting station because all broadcasts were regarded as violent regarding the low status of Japanese animation and "Dragon Ball Z",Local stationI was forced to broadcast at midnight or early morning at 1 o'clock once in a week,インターネットAbovecultAlthough it was popular, the number of viewers did not grow as expected.But in 1998Major cable stationsCartoon NetworkWhen the broadcast started five days a week, it gained explosive popularity immediately after the broadcast, and on September 5, 1999, it broke the station's audience rating record and became so popular that it swept the United States.[198][199].. "Dragon Ball Z" has been seen on TV by many American children in the 1990s, and its popularity in the United States is comparable to its popularity in Japan.[200], To American homesJapan animePermeated[201].
It has been very popular since 2000, and on September 2001, 9, "Dragon Ball Z" was watched by about 26 million households, and "Dragon Ball Z" was watched in the history of Cartoon Network.Most watched programsBecame[202].. September 2002th, 9-September 16nd, among the major cable stations in the United States in the weekly rankingThe Simpsons, Etc.1 bitThe number of viewers of[203].. Broadcasting started on October 2003, 10, "Dragon ball gt] Also gained a high audience rating, "Dragon Ball" series was successful in the United States[204][205].
Because of its popularity, riceLYCOS OfSearch ProductsIn ranking"dragon ball"The key words of "" are 2001, 2002 and "#2 for 1 consecutive years'[206].. In June 2003, it was ranked in the top 6 in the United States in the most searched search word ranking of the LYCOS Top 50 in the United States.Ranked for 200 consecutive weeksHas achieved a feat. This proves that "Dragon Ball" is a constant popularity in the United States.[207], "Dragon Ball" is also in the search number ranking for the past 2005 years announced by LYCOS in 10Overall 2 place, RiceYahoo!In the search ranking of3 bitIt achieved a remarkable achievement and renewed its popularity and popularity.[208][209].. The "Dragon Ball" series has continued to maintain its popularity even after the end of the broadcast, surpassing the new anime, and has been re-broadcast.FunimationHas become the most influential anime work for[210].
video gameWas in 2000INFOGRAMES(CurrentATARI) CompanyNorth AmericaAnd licensed to produce and sell video games in the international market.[211], Software developed in North America was released, and ATARI recorded sales of 2005 million dollars in 8500 related to this work, and this work related product was a pillar of revenue[212].. With the expiration of the contract with ATARI in 2009, BANDAI NAMCO Games (currentlyBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) Has acquired a license in North America, and since then the game related to this work has been released by the company.[213]By 2014, the number of "Dragon Ball" series video games sold in the USOver 1500 millionRecorded[196].
Trading card gameWas in 2000Score EntertainmentSold from the "Dragon Ball Z"Trading cardsBoasts the top sales in the United States[214].. From July 2017, 7, BANDAI America releases a trading card game of "Dragon Ball Super"[215][216] And, it has become so popular that many "Dragon Ball Super" card game competitions and events are held all over the United States.[217].
With the animation “Dragon Ball” series videoDVDAs of 2006, the sales number of 2500 million was recorded. This is the first place in the anime series released in the United States, and per month on the official website ``Dragonballz.com'' outside Japan100 or moreHave access to[218].. According to the analysis data of Nielsen Video Scan, the anime version "Dragon Ball Z Season 1" recorded the top sales of anime DVDs in 2007 in the United States. “Dragon Ball Z is a very popular work with an ever-increasing number of fans. Thanks to persistent fans and next-generation fans, Dragon Ball Z reigns as one of America's most popular works,” said the company's president. I will continue to do it."[219].. Fanimation employeesAnime News NetworkIn the podcast of 2011, the best selling Japanese anime DVD in XNUMX was said to be "Dragon Ball Z"[220].. DVD andBlu-ray DiscAs of 20173000 millionOver[221].
In 200920th Century FoxProductionHollywood movies"DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION] Was released in the world.
From May 2010, 5, Nickelodeon, a channel specializing in US animation (Nicktoons) Started broadcastingDragon ball breaks』(米タイトルは『DRAGON BALL Z KAI』)が、好調なスタートを切った。9歳〜14歳、12歳〜17歳、9歳〜14歳(男)、12歳〜17歳(男)の4カテゴリで、第1話の視聴率が同局の開局以来の最高視聴率を記録した[222].
August 2014, 8-Limited to 5 days from 9th, the movie version "Dragon Ball Z God and God] Was released, box office revenue recorded $ 220. Also, in recent years, the amount of short-term intensive event type screening of Japanese animation, which has been increasing in the United States, reached the highest price, which made us feel the popularity of "Dragon Ball" in the United States.[223].
Theatrical version "Dragon Ball Z Resurrection "F""ofLos AngelesPremier HollywoodIt was held at the prestigious theater "Egyptian Theater", and on the day the press gathered from all over the world including over 500 enthusiastic fans[224].. It was released on August 8 of the same year and recorded box office revenue of about $4 million.[225].
Theatrical version "Dragon Ball Super Broly』Was released and box office income on the first day of release$ 700 millionRecord theFirst appearance in the USAchieved[226].. It was the first achievement of a work released after the 21st century[227].. Since it was a medium-scale distribution of 5 halls by fanimation specializing in Japanese animation, it exceeded ``2000 million dollars in box office revenue in five days,'' and leading US media such as Variety magazine and Hollywood Reporter magazine also announced ``Dragon Ball Super Broly''. Was taken as a surprise hit[228].
Canadian flag Canada
Even among Canadian children, "Dragon Ball" and "NarutoJapanese cartoons and anime such as[229], TV anime started broadcasting from September 1995[195].. The theater version of "Dragon Ball Z Kami to Kami" was originally planned for about 400 screens in the US, but due to its high popularity in the United States and Canada, about 350 new screens have been added to the total. It became about 800 screens. This will be quite large for event-style publishing[230].

Latin America

Latin AmericaBut "Dragon Ball" is extremely popular, and the anime has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese and broadcast repeatedly.[231][232]Released in Latin America, "Dragon Ball Z God and God" achieved box office income of about 8 million yen only on the first weekend[233], The final box office revenue was over $1558 million (about 17 billion yen) in Latin America and about $3000 million (over 5000 billion yen) worldwide.[234].

Mexican flag Mexico
In Mexico, TV animation started broadcasting in September 1995, and as of the beginning of 9, the anime rating was ranked first and the movie version was also shown.[195].. "Dragon Ball Z" was released on September 1997, 9.TV serviceBroadcast started on Canal 5[235], And later, "Dragon Ball GT"[236], "Dragon Ball Super" and other series are being broadcast on TV service stations[237].
The movie is extremely popular in Mexico and has millions of fans.[235].. Akira Toriyama is the most famous Japanese in Mexico and was broadcast on TV Asahi on September 1, 2018.Land, sea, air"Earth Survey-Who is the most famous Japanese in the world!?"[238].. There are also illegal contents on the market.PornhubA 2017 report revealed that the number of searches for ``Dragon Ball Z'' on this site in Mexico last year increased by 2016% compared to 964, and the most searched trend in Mexico in 2017 was Dragon Ball Z. Was[235].
On March 2018, 3 (local time), episode 17 of "Dragon Ball Super" was broadcast in open spaces and event venues throughout Mexico.For some municipalitiesToei animationEmbassy of Japan in MexicoからCopyrightA letter was sent not to broadcast for the convenience of the, but including the place where the transmission was done,Queretaro,Michoacan,San Luis Potosi,Hidalgo,サ カ テ カ ス,Guanajuato,Sonora,TamaulipasIt was broadcast in many cities and states such as, and the excitement was more than that of professional soccer games nationwide.ChihuahuaCiudad JuarezMore than 1 people gathered for the broadcast in the square of the city, and Mayor Armando Cabada said, "CrunchyrollAnd after negotiations with Toei Animation, broadcasting with permission"[239].. More than 3500 people have visited the Guerrero Gardens in the historic district of Queretaro and many have gathered at Plaza de Armas in Morelos.VeracruzThen, the people at the venue raised their hands to collect the energy of the energetic ball, and it can be said that "Dragon Ball" is loved by the Mexican people.[240].
Theatrical version "Dragon Ball Z God and God" released on September 2013, 9 recorded cumulative box office revenue of $ 27 million[234], Theatrical version ``Dragon Ball Super Broly'' released on January 2019, 1 was crowded in 10 days230 or more, Box office Mex$1 billion & 2360 million(About 7 million yen) was recorded[241].
Ecuador flag Ecuador
Ecuador cityMachalaMore than 2018 people gathered in the broadcast of Episode 3 of "Dragon Ball Super" held on March 17, 130 (local time)[240].
El Salvador flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Capital of El SalvadorSan SalvadorThousands or more visited the episode 2018 of "Dragon Ball Super" on March 3, 17 (local time)[240].
Argentina flag Argentine
In Argentina, in April 1997, the Mexican version of the cable channel "Magic Kids" was released.dubbing"Dragon Ball Z" was broadcast in May 1998, "Dragon Ball GT" started in 5, and theatrical version was also screened. "Magic Kids' most successful animation work in history" has become so many in Argentina. Has huge fans and boasts great popularity[242][243].. Theatrical version "Dragon Ball Z God and God" released in Argentina in September 2013 recorded box office revenue of about $ 9.[234].
The comic was published by Ivrea in 2008. "Dragon Ball is one of the best-selling titles, and reprint sales outperform current new cartoon sales," said Javier Heredia, license manager at Ivrea.[244].
The movie version "Dragon Ball Z God and God" released in Colombia in October 2013 recorded 10 people in the theater on the weekend immediately after the release, with a final box office record of more than $16 million.[234].
Venezuelan flag ベネズエラ
Theatrical version "Dragon Ball Z God and God" released in Venezuela in October 2013 recorded box office revenue of about 10 million dollars[234].
In Chile, from 1997 to 2002, the anime "Dragon Ball" series was broadcast on the privately-owned TV station Mega, and the "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball"Sailor MoonIn response to the growing popularity of ", Soprolet, which manufactures and sells dairy products in Chile, has printed these image characters on the lid of its yogurt container and sold them for collection albums. In October 2013, "Dragon Ball Z God and God" was screened at 10 cinemas in Chile, occupying the 66th place in the number of spectators after Spanish movies, and box office revenue was more than $4 million.[234].
Peru flag Peru
Even in Peru, "Dragon Ball" is one of the most popular anime works, with 500 people named after "Dragon Ball" characters such as "Gohan", "Kuririn", and "Piccolo". It is clear from the investigation by the government agency of the country that Peruvian Repubblica said, "Unbelievably, there are many people in Japan who have names related to this popular anime," the influence of Japanese animation. Is reporting the size of. In addition, according to the media of each country, there are also people in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil who are named after the characters.[231].
The movie version of ``Dragon Ball Super Broly'' was released on January 2019, 1, and more than 10 tickets were sold at the opening Wednesday night screening, which was the best ever.Avengers/Infinity War, And achieved the "most successful late-night screening in Peru history"[245].. The number of spectators mobilized on the first day of the release was 25,Asmare 2, Etc. was the second largest number of spectators in Peru's history.[246].
Brazilian flag Brazil
In Brazil, "Dragon Ball" and "Saint SeiyaIs extremely popular, and the enthusiasm for both works in Brazil seems to be more than in Japan.[247].. The anime "Dragon Ball" series has been broadcast on several TV stations since 1996, and has a high audience rating.SBT, A major TV station in 1999Banderantes, Brazil's largest broadcaster in 2002Hedge GloboBroadcast on the station[248]Around 2000, the audience rating of "Dragon Ball Z" broadcasted by the Banderantes station recorded 10%. At that time, 1% was equivalent to 160 million people, and a rating of 10% was equivalent to 1600 million people.[249].
The comic was published by Conrad Editora in 2000, and in May 2011 Conrad Editora canceled the transaction with Shueisha, and the publication of "Dragon Ball" and "ONE PIECE" was completed.[250].. The new issue, which was published every 2003 days at the time in 15, is the largest selling item with 6 volumes supplied to the market.[251].. The total sales of comics released by the company reached about 60 million at the time of publication of 600 books.[122].. Comics have been published by Panini Comics since 2012.[252].
Paraguay flag パラグアイ
Even in Paraguay, "Dragon Ball" is very popular, and cartoons of Japanese culture became overwhelmingly popular in Paraguay, and it was the arrival of the "Dragon Ball Series" that gave birth to persistent enthusiasts. Since 2007, a large-scale art activity centered on the manga/cosplay/anime enthusiast group “Mack” has started.[253][254].
Costa Rica flag Costa Rica
"Dragon Ball" is so popular and popular among Costa Rican children that no one knows it.[255].
Dominican Republic flag Dominican Republic
In the Dominican Republic, TV anime has been broadcast on the Telesistema station since 1998, making it the most popular animated feature in Dominican history.[256].


French flag France
In France on September 1987, 9TF1AtDorothe PersonalityProgram for children working as "Club Doroté" (Dorothée Club) Has started broadcasting[257], The anime version of "Dragon Ball" became popular as soon as it started broadcasting on March 1988, 3.[258]In 1989, Yukio Hayashi, who was the international director of Toei Animation, said, "In France, it was broadcast on TF1 and the audience rating was high.67.5%Recorded. It was the most popular TV anime broadcast in France last year."[259].. In 1988, won the "Gold Truffle Award" for the animated film "PIF Journal" in the TV film animation category.[260]In 1991, the TF1 program "Club Dorote" won the 1st prize for excellent animation, and in 1995, "Dragon Ball Z" won the 1st prize again.[261].. It was held from the end of October 1995Dragon Ball Z Revival Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta"When"Dragon Ball Z Ryuken Explosion!! Who will do if Goku does] In the screening of two works,ParisThe film was screened at 140 pavilions in France, including a long-run screening in the suburbs, and was a big hit mobilizing 3 people in three weeks.[195].. At the height of'Club Doroté' at the age of 4-1465%That is exactly what theHaunted programAfter the broadcast, the children were struck by the feeling of loss of Japanese animation.[262].
From July 1993, 5,GrenaThe French version of the comic was published by the company.[263], 1996 ignited the popularity of manga after the end of TV animation broadcasting. Some of the children who could not watch anime on TV flowed to manga, and until then, those who watched Japanese anime were not necessarily those who read manga, but due to the demise of "Club Dorote" Some viewers, who supported 65%, started reading manga. Above all, "Dragon Ball" became very popular,AKIRAWas a maniac work, but it was Dragon Ball that made the manga take root in the French masses, and the big title, Grena, became the leading company in French manga publishing.[262].Jack GlenaAccording to the report, the number of circulation of the French version of this work is 2019 million as of 3500[264].
Sales of French comicsSource
2005 annual sales151 copies[265]
2007 annual sales92 copies[266]
2008 annual sales87 copies
2009 annual sales73 copies[267]
2010 annual sales57 copies
2011 annual sales35 copies[268]
2017 annual sales44 copies[269]
2021 annual sales186 copies[270]
Total sales as of 20041000 million[271]
Total sales as of 20122000 million[272]
Total sales as of 20173000 million[109]
The first volume of the "Dragon Ball Super" comic released by Grena in April 2017 is "ONE PIECE", "One Punch Man, Which sold more than 10 copies of new titles, which is exceptional as a new title, and ranked second in the French comics sales ranking of 2017[273].. The third volume of "Dragon Ball Super" comics released in January 2018 also sold more than 1 copies, including "One Punch Man" and "The Promised Neverland, And recorded the number one sales in Japanese manga[274].
Embassy of Japan in FranceAkira Toriyama was selected every year in a survey of "most famous Japanese in France"[275], 2004, at a special lecture sponsored by the Agency for Cultural AffairsYasuki HamanoHad testified that "(selected) has been Akira Toriyama all the time."[276].. France·AngoulemeToriyama won the "2013th Anniversary Special Award" at the International Manga Festival, which was held from January 1st to February 31rd, 2.[277].. From the French Ministry of Culture on May 2019, 5, Akira Toriyama was awarded the Medal of Honor of France as a person who has made outstanding contributions to the creation of art and literature in France and in the world.Art and culture medal・Chevrier[278][279].
France·CannesThe world's largest international television program trade fair held in April 2013 at "MIPTVAt the 50th Anniversary, the organizers chose the program by selecting from the TV programs broadcast over the past 50 years all over the world, one by one each year as a program that left an impact on and influenced the history of TV in the world. From Japan as "1 works that changed the world TV"Astro boy''UFO Robo Grendizer''Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV''Dragon ball gt"Dragon Ball GT" has been selected as a work that left a mark and influenced from programs all over the world in 4.[280][281].
August 2013, 8-During August 21,Pacifico YokohamaWas held inCEDECIn 2013, the result of the questionnaire that the session recruited in advance on the French game site was released, and there were actually 6400 responses, and it was overwhelming in "What was the first Japanese anime / squadron thing / movie?" "Dragon Ball" won the 1st place in the number of votes, and "Dragon Ball" took the 1st place in both "What is your favorite Japanese manga?" and "What is your favorite Japanese anime?" survey.[282].
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayParc des PrincesMade inLeague AnnSection 27,Paris Saint-Germain FCversusOlympic marseilleIn the match with the PSG supporter behind the goal, a huge picture of Son Goku (Choreography) Has been a hot topic. 6 seats in the audienceド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルThere are also circular flags in the shape of, with the numbers "1986, 1994, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016" attached to each. The number represents the year that PSG has won the league league six times so far, and if you have achieved the seventh league title this season according to the story of ``Dragon Ball'' that your wish will come true if you collect 6 ``Dragon Balls'', It means that the long-cherished desire to win the first championship league (CL) will come true.[283].
Held near Paris from July 2019th to July 7th, 4Japan ExpoIs being held for the 20th time this time, and the French daily newspaperLe MondeSelected and announced "20 Japanese masterpiece cartoons", and this work was also selected as one of them[284].
German flag Germany
In Germany, "Dragon Ball" is still extremely popular, and TV anime is Europe's largest media group.RTL GroupBelongingRTL II"Dragon Ball" will be broadcast from August 1999, 8, "Dragon Ball Z" from August 30, 2001, and "Dragon Ball GT" from October 8, 27.[285], "Dragon Ball Z" was broadcast on RTL2Reality showbig BrotherIt started broadcasting in the time zone of "Dragon Ball Z" got the highest rating in 2002[286]。2002年5月8日放送のエピソード257では117万人の視聴者を集め、14歳 - 49歳の間では、9.0%の市場シェアを獲得、同年6月5日のエピソードでは3歳以上で137万人が視聴し、291番目のエピソード「Auf eine neue!」では、6.5%の市場シェアを記録し、14歳 - 49歳は9.0%のシェアを達成した。ドイツでは、今日までテレビアニメで100万人を超える視聴者は想像もつかない規模であり、如何に『ドラゴンボールZ』の数字が大きなものだったのかを示した[287].
In 1997, the comic began publishing German-language comics by Carlsen Verlag, and the sales showed explosive growth.By 2007, it had recorded 650 million copies, and sparked the Japanese comic boom in Germany. Was[288].. As of 2015, it recorded more than 800 million copies, "Most popular cartoons in GermanyIs[120][121]..In addition, sales of Volume 1 recorded 2021 copies as of May 5.This number is the best-selling number of comics sold in Germany for a single book.[289].
Polish flag Poland
In Poland, the Polish version of the comics was sold in 2001 by JPF, and the comics of "Dragon Ball" continued to be published every two weeks. There was a special phenomenon that even the young Polish people, who did not have it, would only buy "Dragon Ball". At the peak of "Dragon Ball" (2001), the company's annual sales reached 2002 million zloty (about 2002 million yen), and JPF has been a leader in the Polish manga market to this day. Became a target[290].. In 2017, JPF editor-in-chief Andrzej Kownacki said, "Dragon Ball is the most popular of our company, and there is no work that exceeds it so far"[291].. The manga of "Dragon Ball Super" has been released since February 2018, 2.[292].
Italian flag Italy
In Italy, only episodes 1989 to 1 of the first episode of the anime "Dragon Ball" were broadcast on "Junior Tv" in 54, and in 1996, a major Italian media group.Media setAcquired the right, and the new broadcasting started in 1996.[293], "Dragon Ball Z" and "Dragon Ball GT" started broadcasting on the major TV station "Italia1999" in 1, and after that, the "Dragon Ball" series has gained huge popularity in Italy. .. The series broadcast on "Italia2005" from December 12 to June 2009 has an extremely high market share, with an average audience of 6 million and a maximum audience of 1 million.[294].
2016年12月23日から、「Italia1」で『ドラゴンボール超』の放送が開始され、12月23日放送のエピソード1で、147万人の視聴者と8.8%のシェアを獲得、12月30日放送のエピソード8は、175万1000人の視聴者と9.9%のシェアを獲得、2017年1月5日放送のエピソード14では、193万1000人の視聴者と10.21%のシェアを獲得し、その後も高い視聴者数とシェアを獲得しており、平均視聴者数は132万人に達する。イタリアのみならず『ドラゴンボール超』はフランス、スペイン、ポルトガルなど、ヨーロッパ各国でも高い視聴率を記録しており、東映アニメーションヨーロッパ社長のRyuji Kochiは「ドラゴンボールは、ヨーロッパ各地で絶賛され評価されており、ドラゴンボールシリーズは、3世代におよぶファンによって受け入れられている文化的な定番作品です。2017年の国際テレビ番組見本市「MIPTV」に参加する際には新しい放送パートナーシップを創り出すことを楽しみにしています」と語った[295][296].
In 1995, Starbucks Inc. released a total of 1995 volumes from Star Comics in a separate volume from 1997 to 62.[297][298].. Since 1998, Dragon Ball Deluxe (luxury version) has been published in 2001 volumes by 42.[299].. From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, this series sold over 15 copies per volume and became a bestseller.[300]..The book published by Star Comics recorded sales of 2021 million copies as of 1600.[115].
It is also published by Panini, and the kiosk version of Panini sold about 2002 copies every month in 50.[301]As of February 2007, "Dragon Ball" ranked first in the top-selling comics rankings in Italy[302].
Spanish flag Spain
In Spain, on February 1990, 2TVGGalicianBroadcast on the title of the edition "As Bolas Máxicas", on February 1990, 2CataloniaBroadcasting station TV3Catalan languageThe launch of the anime "Dragon Ball" on several local television stations, including the edition title "Bola de Drac", caused a lot of criticism because of its violent elements, but Created an enthusiastic fan base for all ages[303].. Especially in Catalonia, it has been very popular among young people since the start of broadcasting,Social phenomenonIt became a big boom[304]. afterwards,Antenna 3Being broadcast all over Spain in70%Gained a rating of[195][305].
The comic was released in May 1992.Planeta de AgostiniFrom Catalan andSpanishThe weekly publication of the White Series (separate edition) has begun to be released, and the first volume has recorded 1 Catalan editions and 10 Spanish editions. The great success encouraged other publishers and many new Japanese releases were released.[303][304].. The bi-weekly Red series sold more than 1 copies per book, breaking all Spanish comics records.The first blockbuster hit in 60 years in Spanish publishing historyBecame[195][306].. As of 2013, the cumulative circulation has reached 2000 million.[114].
Starting in 2017, Planeta Cómic has published two versions of the cartoon "Dragon Ball Super" translated into Catalan and Spanish. As a sequel to the regular edition similar to Japan and the Red series published in the past, a book version has been released for each episode.[307].
November 2017-11, 1: An event about comics, anime and games was held in Spain to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the publication of Dragon Ball comics.[308].
EuropeHas also received a sensation in the professional soccer league of, on September 2016, 9FC Barcelona OfNeymarIs ownTwitterToLionel Messi"FUSAO" (with a two-shot photo ofPortugueseFusionMeans a flame mark with a pictograph that faces your finger, and "Sayajin" (Saiyan)ofhashtagI posted it with attached and called the topic[309].. On November 2017, 9Liga EspanyolaOn official SNSTakeshi AmagasakiAnd a collage image of Son Goku was posted, and it got a big response[310].. On November 2018, 6Real BetisIt is,Japan national football teamInuiThe official video released by Betis on SNS after announcing the acquisition of "Dragon Ball" etc., has been watched 14 million times within 140 hours from the release, and it is only a world-famous Japanese animation. Not only in Spain but also in the Italian media, it has become a hot topic in European countries as well.[311].
Portugal flag Portugal
In Portugal, TV animation started broadcasting on SIC TV station in 1995, and it has been successful enough to be repeatedly re-broadcast to this day. Since 2016, "Dragon Ball Super" has been broadcast on the same station and recorded a high audience rating.[295][312].. The comic is published by the Spanish publisher Planeta De Agostini.
British flag United Kingdom
In the UK, Gollancz Manga published comics in 2005, and published up to four volumes of the manga version "Dragon Ball Z", and Viz Media has since taken over the license.[129].. British production company "K & K productions" produced a fan movie of "Dragon Ball", and it was a reaction[313].
The theater version of "Dragon Ball Super Broly" was released on January 2019, 1, and the number of spectators attracted about 23 and box office revenue of about 10 million pounds. According to Manga Entertainment, "Spirited AwayIt is the second most profitable profit after "[314].
Home game software ``Dragon Ball Fighters'' won the second place, the highest in the ``Dragon Ball'' series, in the UK UK chart ranking 2018/1 to 21 in 27[315].. "Dragon Ball Z Kacarotto" released in the UK on January 2020, 1, won the 17st place on the sales chart as of January 2020, 1[316].
In Denmark, Forlaget Carlsen started translating and publishing books in Danish since 1998. Despite having a population of 550 million, the country has sold more than 150 million copies.[124].
In Sweden, a total of 4 million copies of "Dragon Ball" comics, translated and published in Swedish by Bonnier Carlsen, have sold up to four volumes.[317].
In Finland, a book was published by Sangatsu Manga in 2003 and became a best-selling book.[318], At the time of publishing the 4th volume, it has been temporarily banned for the reason that "There is a description equivalent to child pornography"[319][320].. The entire volume was later published, but with some modifications (Finnish Wikipediareference). An animation was also broadcasted, but again because the scene reminiscent of child pornography was not suitable for the evening broadcast, the broadcast was interrupted in the middle of the program and it was rebroadcast at midnight.[321].
In Hungary, the comic "Dragon Ball" was serialized and published by Semic in 1999. "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" were broadcast on the TV animation channel RTL Klub[322].

Middle East / Africa

Middle East,Arab worldThen,United Arab Emirates OfDubaiAn anime channel based in JapanSpacetoonTV anime is being broadcast on[323], Gaining popularity in each country[324].

AfricaInNorth africaThe anime was broadcast on "Space toon".South AfricaBut "Dragon Ball" and "PokemonIs famous[325],カ メ ル ー ンThe capital ofYaoundeAt the Japan Cultural Festival held in Japan, the theme song of "Dragon Ball" by JOCV volunteers was performed, and the whole venue was in full swing[326].(I.e.Has published a French version of the book[327].

From March 2020, 3, the cartoon "Dragon Ball Super" has started broadcasting on Cartoon Networks Africa's kids channel. ``The global popularity of Dragon Ball Super is a perfect match for African families and anime fans,'' said Kids Content Director Arian Svegg, ``Dragon Ball Super is the dawn of a whole new Dragon Ball era, I know a group of children of a new generation are now looking at Super Saiyan with their friends.''[328][329].

Israeli flag Israel
TV animation is also being broadcast in Israel, and it is listed as the most popular animation among children.[330].


Other than JapanAsiaIn Asian countries such as China and South Korea,Pirated versionA lot of people are out there, and in Thailand there are 20 publishers issuing pirated editions such as "Thailand's Dragon Ball Competition"[331], The source of copyright. The title of this work in Asia is called "dragon dragon" or "seven dragon" in mainland China, "dragon dragon" in Hong Kong, "seven dragon" in Taiwan, and "Mutiara Naga" (dragon pearl) in Malaysia.

Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku
In China as well, since 1989, several pirated copies have been rampant for a long time, and as of 2005Over 1 million copiesIt is also said that[332], In 2005Chinese Boys and Childrens PublisherThe official edition of the title, "Ryuju", has been published, and achieved 100 million copies in 100 days.[333].. It is so popular that it will continue to be reprinted after that, and by December 2009 the cumulative sales had reached 12 million. This is the highest number of Japanese manga works on sale in China as of 669[334].. As of 2013, the cumulative total number of circulations of the official edition has reached 1000 million.[116].
A movie director who came to Japan in July 2014Chow ShinchiAt the press conference, the Chinese-Hong Kong co-production movie "Saiyuki-The beginning of the beginning-He said that he was greatly influenced by "Dragon Ball" in producing[335]Toriyama, who praised the movie, is drawing a poster[336].. In Chinese media in 20172020 Tokyo OlympicsTo the official mascot ofSon GokuIt has been reported that a lot of people love "Dragon Ball" and its characters in China.[337].
China on November 2019, 11TencentThe company has started the service of the new smartphone game "Ryuju Saikokusen (Dragon Ball strongest battle)". The number of pre-registrations has attracted great expectations, such as exceeding 1300 million accounts[338].
Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, a book titled "Ryuju" has been released since 1992 by CULTURE COM.[339], "Dragon Ball" and "SLAM DUNK" recorded sales of over 15 copies per volume[340].. The first volume was a reprint and was a huge hit with 1 copies.[341].
Republic of China flag Republic of China
In Taiwan, “Dragon Ball” is very popular, and most people say that “Seven Dragons” is “spinning”.[342]..Manga from September 1992Toryu PublisherIt was serialized under the title "Seven Dragons" in the weekly magazine "Takarajima Shonen" of Co., Ltd. AnimeTaiwan Telegraph Corp.Broadcasted in, and animation video software is also on sale[195].. To commemorate the 2017th anniversary of the full version in 15, the full version box with a duplicate signature colored paper of Toriyama was released.[343].
Republic of Korea flag South Korea
In Korea, in 1989Seoul Culture CompanyThe serial number of comics that started serialization reaches about 1 per volume. At that time, pirated editions were in widespread circulation, and it was a very popular work with more than 50 publishers.[344]..“Dragon Ball was very popular in the early 1990s,” said Gwak Hyun-chan, director of Seoul Cultural Publishers. Every time the series was released, several vendors even produced and sold pirated editions and accused the police. Since the comic magazine "IQ Jump", which had about 10 copies in each issue, serialized Dragon Ball, 60 copies have been sold. "[111].. Around 2009, 2000 million copies of comics were sold. With Seoul Bunkasha, one of the three largest comic publishers in KoreaTsuruyama BunkashaAccording to the survey, "Dragon Ball" and "SLAM DUNK" occupy the 1st and 2nd place in the number of comics sold in the past. Told[111].
On February 2008, 2, BANDAI KOREA held a press conference at a hotel in Seoul, and is currently in development jointly with Japan and Korea.Dragon ball onlineContent for the press, making it the first time for the world-famous "Dragon Ball"MMORPGAt the presentation of, the media of about 40 companies gathered from South Korea, impressing the high expectations for this work. On behalf of the original, Shueisha director Kazuhiko Torishima said, “Korea is the country where Dragon Ball was first published outside of Japan, and it became the reason for its popularity all over the world. I am delighted to start Dragon Ball Online in Korea. "[345].
Democratic People's Republic of Korea flag north korea
In North Korea, on June 2004, 6Korean Central Televisionso"DoraemonThe video that appears to be almost the same as that of "Dragon Ball" was broadcasted in the scene where the theme song was played, but with the right to broadcast "Dragon Ball"Fuji Television Network, Inc"There is no relation with the North Korean TV station," he said, and has not cooperated with the video. Although North Korea broadcasts an anime program once a day, there is no concept of copyright, which is analyzed as an increase in interest in Japan.[346].
In Vietnam, Kim Dong Co. published a total of 1995 volumes under the title of “7 Viên Ngọc Rồng” (seven dragon balls) in 67.[347], A huge hit. However, all the Japanese comics in circulation in the 90's were pirated editions. Vietnam joined the Berne Convention in 2005, and Vietnamese publishers officially obtained licenses from Japan. With this as an opportunity, pirated books suddenly disappeared.[130].. The manga "Dragon Ball Super" has been published since October 2018, 10, and past series have been reissued.[348].
Indonesian flag Indonesia
In Indonesia, comics have been published by Elex Media Komputindo Publisher. The company has published comics with new colors since May 2016.[349].
Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand
In Thailand, TV animation started broadcasting from January 1996.[195].. At the TOKYO GIRLS TOWN held in 2014,SOLIDEMOIs said to be one of the most famous Japanese anime songs in Thailand.CHALA HEAD CHALAWas enthusiastic about the Thai audience[350].
Philippines flag フィリピン
In the Philippines, TV animation was broadcast on GMA-7, which was well received.[195].. It is still popular, with "Dragon Ball Z" and "Dragon Ball Kai" ranked in the audience rating ranking in 2018.[351].
Australian flag Australia
In Australia,Network tenAnime was broadcasted on Cheez TV for children, and works such as "Dragon Ball" and "Pokemon" became popular[352].
Toei AnimationAustralian ABC"Dragon Ball Super" has started broadcasting on ABC ME Network from November 2018, 11[353].
  • In addition to the countries introduced above, Russia, Honduras, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Vatican City, Switzerland, Turkey, Guinea, Cyprus, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, TV animation was broadcast in countries and regions such as Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Iceland, East Timor, Republic of Dominican Republic, China, South Korea and Hong Kong.[354].

Bibliographic information


Full version

In the final volume of the full version, Toriyama added four pages to the final scene of the final battle with Majin Buu and the scenes of Goku and Uub's departure in the final episode.Therefore, the nuances of the final episode have changed between the regular version and the complete version released earlier, and the original intention of Toriyama is clearer in the complete version.Background to the end of the seriesThe explanation of the process of completion by the author in the final episode of the normal comics mentioned in [XNUMX] is deleted in the full version.

Additional parts of full volume 34
  • Page 183, 1st frame: A cut of Majin Buu.
  • Page 184, 6th frame: Vegeta's expression and dialogue changed.
  • Page 185: Goku frame expansion, vegeta cut addition.
  • Pages 229-231: Changed exchange between Goku and Uve.
  • Page 232: The author's greeting was changed to Vegeta's cut.
Other changes
  • Some two-color door paintings due to loss of original drawingCGIt has been repainted with (No. XNUMX, No. XNUMX).
  • The smoker's mouthpiece in the door painting of No. XNUMX was deleted.
  • Deleted the Aori sentence of the door picture posted at the end of the book (However, the black and white page of Tobira painting is the same as that used in "Weekly Shonen Jump", so the line is rough and the Aori sentence is posted as it is) ..
  • Pilaf crewUnified the name of Shu (buckwheat) to the default buckwheat. As a result, the related lines were also replaced (No. XNUMX).
  • Complete version Vol. 25, page 91, 3rd frame line corrected from "I" to "Ora".
  • Cell game date changed from "M 17th" to "5th 26th"[Note 4].

Foreign language version

Country / RegionInfomation言语Titlereference
United States flag The United States of AmericaViz AverageEnglishDRAGON BALL[431]
Canadian flag Canada[432]
British flag United Kingdom[129]
Australian flag Australia[433]
New Zealand flag New Zealand[433]
Indian flag India[434]
French flag FranceGlenatFrench[263]
Dutch flag NetherlandsGlénat BeneluxDutch[435]
Spanish flag SpainPlaneta de AgostiniSpanish[436]
Catalan flag CataloniaCatalan languageBall Drac[437]
Portugal flag PortugalPortugueseDRAGON BALL[438]
Italian flag ItalyStar comicsItalian[115]
German flag GermanyCarlsen publishing houseGerman[121]
 SwedenBonnier CarlsenSwedish[439]
 DenmarkForlaget CarlsenDanish[124]
 FinlandSangatsu MangaFinnish[440]
 NorwayOutland ForlagNorwegian/Bokmål[441]
Polish flag PolandJaponica Polonica FantasticaPolish[291]
 HungarySemic InterprintHungarian[442]
Republic of Korea flag South KoreaSeoul Culture CompanyKorean드래 곤볼[111]
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChinese Boys and Childrens PublisherChineseDragon Ball[116]
Hong Kong flag Hong KongCultureChinese (繁体字Dragon pearl[341]
Republic of China flag TaiwanToryu PublisherDragon Ball[342]
Brazilian flag BrazilPanini Manga BrazilPortugueseDRAGON BALL[252]
Argentina flag ArgentineEditorial IvreaSpanish[443]
Mexican flag MexicoPanini Manga Mexico[444]
 コロンビアPanini Manga Colombia[445]
Peru flag PeruPanini Manga Perú[446]
 チリPanini Manga Chile[447]
 VietnamKim DongVietnamese7 Viên N gọc Rồng[448]
Indonesian flag IndonesiaElex Media KomputindoIndonesianDRAGON BALL[449]
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandNED comicsタイ 語[450]
Singapore flag SingaporeChuang YiTraditional Chinese)Dragon Ball[451]
Malaysia flag MalaysiaComic ParadiseMalayMutiara Naga[452]
Russian flag RussiaComix-ARTRussianDRAGON BALL[453]

Full color comics

The full-color version was once available on Shueisha's official website.JumplandIt was published every week in flash animation format, and it was also published for a limited time on Manga Online, the official website of Weekly Shonen Jump, for a limited time, and in Yahoo! JAPAN Weekly Shonen Jump special feature "Dragon Ball Special", April 2010. For a limited time from May to May, a search engine ``Manga Search'' that displays the name of the original character, all the lines, more than 4 words in total, and the search results display full-color original comics for up to 5 frames Was published[454].

The colored original comic is also published as an electronic book under the title of "DRAGON BALL color version",YouTubeOfficial channel ofMANGAPOLOIt is also distributed free of charge.In addition, in the color version of the e-book, Volume 1-Volume 4 of Jump Comics is "Son Goku Training Edition", Volume 5-Volume 9 is "Red Ribbon Army Edition", Volume 10-Volume 16 is "Piccolo Great Demon King", Volume 17-Volume 20 is "Saiyan", Volume 21-Volume 27 is "Freeza", Volume 28-Volume 35 is "Android / Cell", Volume 36-Volume 42 is divided into chapters in the series "Majin Buu".

Corner of comics

Mr. Toriyama's DRAGON BALL corner
Volumes 1 to 12 were written. A corner where the author Akira Toriyama answers questions from readers, such as questions about the original work and questions about settings that are not discussed in this volume.
Door page special feature
At the end of the book, the cover page of each story when "Weekly Shonen Jump" was published as "Door page special feature" is put together in almost the same form. It should be noted that Volume 2, 37, 38, and 42 have not been performed because of the first story of each volume and the page structure.
Spine illustration
The illustrations on the spine of the books are connected as one picture. This is Torishima's idea to increase sales of books[455].. From May 2009, a new cover reprint with a new spine and cover title logo drawn by Toriyama was issued.[456]..Since the content is the same as the new edition, the comment that mentions Yajirobe appearing twice on the spine is meaningless.

Dragon Ball Complete Works

It is a complete collection of 7 volumes and 3 supplementary editions published in commemoration of the end of the series of this work, and the cover is drawn by Toriyama except the supplementary volume. ContentsIllustrationAnd the world view. Comes with an attached booklet, Shinryu, which includes contributions from celebrities who are fans of "Dragon Ball," roundtable discussions with each staff member, and a column by Akira Toriyama.

  • Supplementary edition all 3 volumes
    1. "Complete Works Separate Volume DB Carddass Perfect File PART1" Published February 1996, 2,ISBN 4-08-102016-7
    2. "Complete Works Separate Volume DB Carddass Perfect File PART2" Published February 1996, 4,ISBN 4-08-102017-5
    3. "Daizenshu Supplementary Volume TV ANIMATION PART3" published on August 1996, 8,ISBN 4-08-102019-1

Dragon Ball Super Complete Works


The 18-volume omnibus that reproduces the time of the weekly Shonen Jump. Each volume comes with an oversized poster.

Other related books

  • "TV Anime Complete Guide Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Densetsu" Shueisha, July 2004, 7,ISBN 4-08-873705-9
  • "Dragon Ball Complete Edition Official Guide Dragonball LANDMARK Shonen Hen-Freeza Hen" Shueisha, December 2003, 12,ISBN 4-08-873478-5
  • "Dragon Ball Complete Edition Official Guide Dragonball FOREVER Android Edition-Majin Buu Edition" Shueisha, April 2004, 4,ISBN 4-08-873702-4
  • "Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide Story" Shueisha, March 2009, 3,ISBN 978-4-08-874803-0
  • "Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide Character Edition" Shueisha, April 2009, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-874804-7
  • "Dragon Ball Extreme Battle Collection Round 01 Boy Edition-Freeza Edition" Shueisha, July 2010, 7,ISBN 978-4-08-874840-5
  • "Dragon Ball Extreme Battle Collection Round 02 Cell Edition-Majin Buu Edition" Shueisha, August 2010, 8,ISBN 978-4-08-874841-2
  • "30th ANNIVERSARY Dragon Ball Super History Collection -SUPER HISTORY BOOK-" Shueisha, January 2016, 1,ISBN 978-4-08-792505-0
Art book
  • "Colorland Dragon Ball Bloomers and Son Goku no Maki"[475] Shueisha, April 1986
  • "Dragon Ball Adventure SPECIAL" Shueisha, December 1987, 12
  • "V Jump Special Issue Dragon Ball Super Super Start Guide" Shueisha, July 2015, 7
  • "DRAGON BALL Jump Best Scene TOP10" Shueisha, released on November 2018, 11,ISBN 978-4-08-102271-7
Picture book
Books in France
Other books
  • "Dragon Ball Fortune-telling-Leave it to Fortuneteller Baba-" Published by Home, Sales: Shueisha, March 2010, 3,ISBN 978-4-8342-8410-2
  • "Dragon Ball Official Quiz Book DRAGON BALL 590 QUIZ BOOK" Shueisha, May 2015, 5,ISBN 978-4-08-880405-7

Related comics

Dragon ball sd

"Dragon ball sd(Dragon Ball SD) is a spin-off work by Akira Toriyama, the original and supervised, and Manga / Oishinaho. Serialization started from the first issue of "Saikyo Jump" (December 1, 2010). Initially, "The Strongest Jump" was published at a quarterly pace, but it became a monthly issue from the January 12 issue (released on December 3, 2012), and separated from the November 1 issue (released on October 2011, 12). Monthly publication, monthly publication again from the September 3 issue (released on August 2014, 11).

The original characterSDRemake work that has been made into. The story is developed along with the original, but some of the characters have different settings, and even the modern words that were not used at the time of the original, such as neat, nee, and handsome, have also been arranged. The number of pages each time is less than 20, but since the original scene has been cut and saved, the story is proceeding at a high tempo. It is more comical than the original, and in the original the serious scenes are also drawn in a comical style.

Dragon ball super

"Dragon ball super] (Dragon Ball Super) is the original/Akira Toriyama, manga/ToyotaroAn official comicalized work that started prior to the TV anime "Dragon Ball Super". Serialized from the August 2015 issue of "V Jump". As of May 8, the circulation is 2019 million.[478].

Based on Akira Toriyama's plot, Torotaro is expanding the story. At that time, Akira Toriyama checks the name every time[479]..Up to the XNUMXnd episode is a common story with TV animation, but from the XNUMXrd episode to the XNUMXth episode, the manga version of the original story "Galaxy Patrol Prisoner Edition" is serialized, and the XNUMXth episode. From the story, "Survival Granola Edition" has started.

Extra edition

TRUNKS THE STORY -Only One Warrior-
The story of Trunks in the future. Included in Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball" 33 volumes and 34 full volumes.
Nekomagin Z
Akira Toriyama "Necomazine], The character of this work has appeared.
This is the name station in front of Namek Star Dragon Park
Akimoto OsamuWork "Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward] Collaboration work with. 『Super turtle』(Released on September 2006, 9).
Eiichiro OdaWork "ONE-PIECE] Collaboration work. Published in the April 2007, 4 merger issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump". Included in "ONE PIECE 5th Treasures" (released July 10, 2007).
DRAGON BALL-Child of Destined Fate
The story before Son Goku was sent to the earth. Akira Toriyama “Galaxy Patrol Jaco』(Released on April 2014, 4), recorded as a bonus manga drawn down.


Dragon Ball Oss! Son Goku and his friends are back!
The original animation screened in "Jump Super Anime Tour 08" was supervised by Akira Toriyama and drawn by Oi Shinaho. 『V jump] The first and second parts are included in the May and June 2009 supplementary comics.
Dragon Ball Episode of Burduck
Original/Supervised/Akira Toriyama, Drawing/Spin-off work by Oi Shinaho. It was serialized in "V Jump" from August to October 2011. 『Strongest jump] It has been made into a comic in the appendix of the March 2014 issue. An animation was also produced for the event.
Dragon ball heroes
The official comicalized work of the digital kids card game "Dragon Ball Heroes".For details on the following two works, see "Dragon Ball Heroes #Cartoon version』See the item.
Dragon Ball Heroes Victory Mission
Official comicalized work by manga / Toyotarou. The serialization of "V Jump" started from the November 2012 issue, and a total of 11 episodes were published from the January 2015 issue to the "V Jump +" and the February 1 issue.
Dragon Ball Heroes Super Charisma Mission!
Manga / Official comicalized work by Yuki Nagayama. "Saikyo Jump" started to be published in the April 2014 issue of "Super Charisma Mission!" And was serialized until the July 4 issue of "Saikyo Jump".
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
The official comicalized work of the digital kids card game "Super Dragon Ball Heroes".For details, see "Super Dragon Ball Heroes』See the item.
Dragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"
The original comicalization read-through work that started before the movie "F of the Dragon Ball Z Resurrection" by Akira Toriyama and Manga/Totaroro. "V Jump" was published in three consecutive issues from April to June 2015.
Dragon Ball Disc Loss Shinriki God MAX!!
Manga/Katsuki HiroseDragon ball disc loss]'S official comicalization work. "The Strongest Jump" was serialized from the May 2015 issue to the November 5 issue.
Dragon Ball Fusions the MANGA!!
Original/Supervised/BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Manga/Hiroshi Otogi, “Dragon ball fusions] The official comicalization work that began prior to its release. "The Strongest Jump" was serialized from May 2016 to May 5.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 THE MANGA
Manga/by ToyotaroDragon Ball Xenoverse 2]'S official comicalization work. The read-aloud manga was published in the official strategy book "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PS4 Version Historia Guardians Super Guide" (released on November 2016, 11).
DRAGON BALL Gaiden When I was reincarnated, it was a yamcha
Original by Akira Toriyama, Manga / Dragon Gallery Lee, "Boy jump +A spin-off work with Yamcha as the main character[480].
Released on July 1.2017, 11,ISBN 978-4-08-881261-8
De Spotfighter Z
Planning cooperation / Namco Bandai Entertainment, Manga / Hiroshi OtogiDragon ball fighters』Official comicalized work. "Saikyo Jump" was serialized from the September 2018 issue to the September 9 issue.All 2020 volumes.
Released on July 1.2019, 12,ISBN 978-4-08-882153-5
Released on July 2.2020, 10,ISBN 978-4-08-882447-5


Animation production is Toei Animation →Toei animationAnd the broadcasting stationFuji Television Network, Incseries, The broadcast time is "ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル], [Dragon ball z], [Dragon ball gtIs every weekWednesday 19:00-19:30 (JST), "Dragon ball breaks], [Dragon ball superIs every weekSunday 9:00-9:30 (in the case of JST/Kanto region). The animated parts of the original part, "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z", have been over 11 years with an average audience rating of over 20%.[2]..So far, it has become a long-term series with all 798 episodes of the TV series + 3 special episodes + 20 theatrical versions.

The next notice will be the role of GokuMasako NozawaBasically, it starts with the line "Oss, Ora Goku!"At the end of the notice, "First generation" and "Super" were Goku's "Never see", and "Z" was Gohan's comment.narratorIs consistentlyYanami childWas in charge of the treatment of Yanami's illness from the middle of "Super"Naoki TatsutaIs in charge.

Anime series list

ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル
February 1986, 2-April 26, 1989.All 4 episodes.
Of the original work, it will be animated from the start of serialization to the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.
Later, in order to distinguish it from "Dragon Ball Z" etc., the Toei formula says "Originator] Is sometimes abbreviated.
Dragon ball z
April 1989, 4-January 26, 1996.All 1 episodes, 31 times in total + 291 special episodes.
Animated works from the Saiyan edition to the final story of the original. It is the most popular piece in the series and can be said to have peaked in popularity.
The title "Z" contains Toriyama's thought "I want to do this last."[21].
Dragon ball gt
April 1996, 2-January 7, 1997.All 11 episodes, 19 times in total + 64 special episodes.
It was broadcast as a sequel to "Dragon Ball Z". An animation original work set in the world five years after the last episode of the previous work "Z".
Dragon ball breaks
Phase 1: April 2009, 4-March 5, 2011.All 3 episodes + 27 unbroadcast episode.
Phase 2: April 2014, 4-June 6, 2015.All 6 episodes.
Of “Dragon Ball Z”Digital remasterEdition. The story is reconstructed in a manner similar to that of the original manga.
Dragon ball super
February 2015, 7-April 5, 2018.All 3 episodes.
This is the first TV series based on the original story of the original author, Akira Toriyama, which is the completely new original story in 18 years since "Dragon Ball GT".

Special edition

Hyper Anime Dragon Ball
Solo exhibition "Akira Toriyama's worldApproximately 3 minutes of animation produced for. The new CG is mixed with the TV version and theatrical version video[481].
Dragon Ball Oss! Son Goku and his friends are back!
Original animation for Jump Super Anime Tour 08. Akira Toriyama A story two years after the demon Buu was defeated.
The screening time is 35 minutes and the theme song isjealkbIs in charge. September 2008-November 9, 21[Note 6].
Dragon Ball Episode of Burduck
Held in December 2011Jump FestaA spin-off anime screened in '12'.
Later distributed on the Force Project official website, ``Strongest jump] Made into DVD software in the appendix of the March 2012 issue.
Toriko × ONE PIECE × Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special!!
The first part "Run the strongest army corps! Toriko, Luffy and Goku!"Dream 9』Broadcast on April 2013, 4 in the frame.
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Promotional Anime
"Prison Planet Edition": July 2018, 7-December 1, 2018.All 12 episodes
"Space Warfare": January 2019, 1-January 10, 2020.All 1 episodes + 9 special episode.
"Space Creation": March 2020, 3-February 5, 2021.All 2 episodes
"New Space-Time War": March 2021, 3 --December 17, 2021.All 12 episodes
"Kai of Time": February 2022, 2-
Digital kids card gameSuper Dragon Ball Heroes』Animated. From July 2018, 7, it is being distributed at the event venue and official website[14].


Dragon Ball Goku Fire Brigade
Traffic animation to educate traffic safety.
Dragon Ball Goku Road Safety
About 10 minutesDisaster prevention videothe work. 『ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル].
Dragon Ball Z Atsuma! Goku World
Released in 1992.TVAs software forVHSOriginal animation released in format.
Official Visual Guide Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Saiyan Extinction Plan
NESA capture video of the work of the same name released in.
Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Extinction Plan
Remake animation of the above OVA.

Anime movie

Toei Manga Festival,Toei Anime FairWas screened as the main work of. The 17th work "Road to the strongestThe total number of mobilizations up to[482]。1995年7月公開『悟空がやらねば誰がやる』までの劇場版シリーズ16作の累計記録は、劇場版ビデオ50万本以上、上映館数8000館以上、劇場版パンフレット800万部以上、延べ制作スタッフ3000人以上、興行収入400億円以上と、それぞれ1996年初頭時点におけるアニメ映画史上1位を記録しており、1991年からの5年連続日本映画収入ベスト10入りを果たしている[195].

Toei Manga Festival → Toei Anime Fair (Phase 1)
titlerelease datedirected byscriptSimultaneous screening work
First workDragon Ball Legend of Shinryu1986/12/20Daisuke NishioToshiki InoueGegege no Kitaro Clash!! The Great Rebellion of a Different Dimension Youkai
Kinnikuman Justice Superman vs Warrior Superman
First workDragon ball1987/7/18Keiji TeruiLight Sentai Maskman
Super human machine metalder
Saint Seiya
First workDragon Ball Mysterious Adventure1988/7/9Kazuhisa TakenouchiYoshifumi YukiSurprise man secret zone secret
Kamen Rider BLACK Terror! Devil Pass Phantom Hall
First workDragon ball z1989/7/15Daisuke NishioKoyama TakaoDevil
Secret Akko-chan It's the sea! It's a ghost! Summer festival
Mobile Detective Givan
First workDragon Ball Z The strongest guy in this world1990/3/10Devil-kun Welcome to Devil Land!!
Wizard Sally
First workDragon Ball Z The whole earth super decisive battle1990/7/7Pink water thief candy thief
First workDragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Son Goku1991/3/9Hashimoto MitsuoMagical Taruruto-kun
First workDragon Ball Z Extremely strongest vs strongest1991/7/20Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken
Magical Taruruto-kun, Burn! Magical War of Friendship
First workDragon Ball Z Clash!! Warriors with 100 Billion Power1992/3/7Daisuke NishioDragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure Rise Up!! Avan's Apostle
Magical Taruruto Suki/Suki octopus grilled!
First workDragon Ball Z Extreme Battle!! Three Great Saiyans1992/7/11Kazuhito KikuchiDragon Quest Dai no Daibouchi Buchiyare!! New 6 generals
Bastard BLUES
First workDragon Ball Z Moetsukiro!! Heat, fierce battle, super fierce battle1993/3/6Shigeho YamauchiDr. Slump Arale-chan! Penguin village is sunny and sunny
First workDragon Ball Z Galaxy last minute!!1993/7/10Yoshihiro UedaDr. Slump Arale-chan! With love from Penguin Village
Yu Yu White Paper
First workDragon Ball Z Dangerous two!1994/3/12Shigeho YamauchiDr. Slump Arale, Yoyoyo!! Taken by the shark who helped...
First workDefeat Dragon Ball Z Super Warrior!!1994/7/9Yoshihiro UedaDr. Slump Arale-chan!! Exciting Heart Summer Vacation
Slam Dunk National victory! Sakuragi Hanamichi
First workDragon Ball Z Revival Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta1995/3/4Shigeho YamauchiSlam Dunk Shohoku's biggest crisis!
Marmalade boy
First workDragon Ball Z Ryuken Explosion!! Who will do if Goku does1995/7/15Hashimoto MitsuoSlam dunk barking basketman soul !! hot summer of Hanamichi and Nagarekawa
NINKU -Ninja Sky-
First workRoad to the strongest Dragon Ball1996/3/2Shigeho YamauchiAya MatsuiNeighborhood story
Theatrical version animation (2nd term)
titlerelease datedirected byscriptTheme songperformance income
Japanese flag
performance income
Song titlesinger
First workDragon Ball Z God and God2013/3/30Masahiro HosodaYusuke WatanabeCHALA HEAD CHALAFLOW29.900 million yen$ 50,461,371[234]
First workDragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"2015/4/18Naoyoshi YamamuroAkira ToriyamaOath of "Z"Momoiro Clover Z37.400 million yen$ 61,768,190
First workDragon Ball Super Broly2018/12/14Tatsuya NagamineBlizzardDaichi Miura40.000 million yen$ 122,747,755
First workDragon ball super heroSeptember 2022, 6 (planned)


TV program

AirdateProgram nameBroadcasterRemarks
C. 1990"I see! The World"Fuji Television Network, IncStated the dubbing of the French version locally, acting as the voice of the French version Goku at a Japanese studioBrigitte lecordierMasako NozawaCo-starred[483].
1990/7/18"Kuni-chan's TV like never before"Fuji Television Network, Inc"Anime live-action theater" with GokuKuniko YamadaCo-starring.
1993/12/31"FNS Thanksgiving'93'Fuji Television Network, IncA year-end special in which the Son family look back on a year's broadcast in a digest.
1994/1/1"31st New Year Hidden Performing Arts Competition"Fuji Television Network, IncBroadcasting a parody drama called "DRACON BALL XYZ" as a feature of the White group (against the Red and White this year).
The role of GokuMasahiko KondoHowever, at the beginning, Masako Nozawa spoke to the live-action Goku part. The narration is the same as that of the anime, with Yanami riding.
March 1994"'94 New Year Anime Special" (official title unknown)Fuji Television Network, IncGoku and "Chibi Maruko-chan] Is an original animation introducing a movie.
2005/4/9"World Quiz Business"Fuji Television Network, IncA quiz confrontation where DB maniacs face up maniac problems regarding this work at the "maniac Q" corner.
2006/3/25"Brain supplement IQ supplement"Fuji Television Network, IncOriginal animation for "IQ Mirror Mistake 7" to find mistakes by mirror image.
2007/4/7"Japan Great Award2007 Super Elai SP that changed history "Legend's strongest great man award""Fuji Television Network, IncPrince Shotoku,Himiko,Musashibo Benkei,Amakusa ShiroIs a parody anime of "Dragon Ball" in which four great fighters are betting on the best in Japan.
September 2007, 9, September 20, 9"Ame Talk, a talk show of the Death After the Rain!"
"Ameto Week! Golden 3 Hours SP"
TV AsahiA dragon ball entertainer appears in the Golden SP.
2013/1/3"Science Fantasy ]
"Can the moon really be destroyed by Dragon Ball's "Kamehameha"?"
Fuji Television Network, IncNew Year SP program.
2013/3/1"MAG/net"NHK general TVSpecial feature in "MAG.NET-Manga, Anime, Game Genba-"[484].
2013/3/24"Hoko x Tate"Dragon Ball Editor/Anime Maker VS Dragon Ball Mania Corps"Fuji Television Network, IncDragon Ball Quiz Showdown in "Mania VS Honjin".
2013/4/27"Mando Kobayashi"~ Movie "Dragon Ball Z God and God" public commemoration! Dedeyo Shinryu!! Professor Akira Toriyama, please answer the questionnaire!Fuji TV ONEDragon Ball Special Times. A special survey by Akira Toriyama was also conducted.
2015/4/24"Mando Kobayashi "Terrestrial Special Edition Dragon Ball Z Revival "F" Public Memorial Special""Fuji TV ONE"Mando Kobayashi" A special edition of terrestrial waves that was re-edited mainly on the 15th Dragon Ball related part. Akira Toriyama special questionnaire is added only for ground wave version
2015/7/19"Science with Dragon Ball! Summer vacation!! Mysterious special”Kansai TV broadcastingHiromi Tsuru serves as the narrator and introduces attractions and exhibitions along with the famous animation scenes.
2018/2/28"Can I do it for 10 million yen?"Can I get the original if I buy a scratch lottery for 10 yen?"TV AsahiFeature of Dragon Ball ScratchDB entertainerAppears.
2018/12/9"Movie "Dragon Ball Super Broly" Public Commemorative Ora's Dragon Ball Course"Animax1 hour special program that approaches the charm of Dragon Ball[485].
2019/5/25"Music fair"Fuji Television Network, IncKiyoshi Hikawa,Mamoru Miyano,Ryosuke Yamada,Nogizaka46Dragon Ball masterpiece medley by[486].
2019/12/31"The 70th NHK Red and White Singing Battle"NHK General TelevisionThe theme song of the movie "Dragon Ball Super Broly"BlizzardIs announced by Daichi Miura.
Kiyoshi Hikawa rode on Shinryu and performed the theme song "Breakthrough x Survivor" of the anime "Dragon Ball Super"[487].
2021/5/15"Super Adversity Quiz Battle!! 99 people's wall"Fuji Television Network, IncQuiz 99 people's wall SP of actorsTakayuki YamadaAnd the figure prototype corps appeared, and the quiz battle of this work was broadcast[488].
2021/7/19"Before and after being taught"TBSseriesA plan for a DB entertainer to visit the home of a big DB fan[489].


  • Rohto Pharmaceutical・"Rohto child software"
    • "Dragon Ball", "Dragon Ball Z", and "Dragon Ball GT" have appeared in eye drops commercials. (1986-1997)
  • Bandai
    • "Dragon Ball Donjara" (late 1980s)
    • "Donjara Perfect 20" (1993)
    • "Dragon Ball Chara-Carn Series" (early 1990s)
    • "CarddassStation System File" (1995)
    • "Gummy Car Series Dragon Ball Gummy" (2003)
  • Sb food
    • "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" appear in the 5/8 chip commercial of "S & B". (1988-around 1989)
  • Koizumi industry
    • "Dragon Ball Z" and "Dragon Ball GT" have appeared on the learning desk of "Koizumi". (Early 1990s-1997)
  • Nissin Food-Cup Noodles
    • "Become a Vegeta Super Yasai" edition. (2015)
  • Ford motor
    • "Ford Focus SE". (2016)
  • ACN
    • "Surprise of Frieza" (2016 -)
  • Dragon ball scratch
    • New appearance. (2017)
    • Tenkaichi Unlucky "Goku" version, "Freeza" version, "Vegeta" version. (2018)
  • Kao
    • "The New Battle of Vegeta". (2018)
  • Shiseido
    • Men's cosmetic brand uno. (2018)
  • Toshiba lifestyle
    • Collaboration project with Toshiba refrigerator "VEGETA". "Fresh ★ 5-star Vegeta Campaign" is distributed on Toshiba consumer electronics channels. (2018)

In addition, many commercials for this work such as anime, goods, games, and Carddass have been produced.

Live-action movie

titlerelease dateCountry of productiondirected byTheme songperformance income
Song titlesinger
드래곤볼/Japanese: Dragon Ball1990/12/12South Korea왕룡/Reading: WangryeonNo nameNo nameUnknown
New Seven Dragon DragonMarch 1991Republic of ChinaChen ShunryoThe castle townYohoUnknown
Dragon BallXie small fish& Minion
DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION2009/3/13The United States of AmericaJames WongRuleAyumi Hamasaki$ 57,497,699
(About 62 billion yen)
Documentary movie
titlerelease dateCountry of productiondirected byRemarks
SONGOKUMANIA: EL BIG BANG DEL MANGA2016/Spain-CataloniaOriol Estrada RangilWith the arrival of Dragon Ball in Catalonia in the early 1990s, unprecedented popularity began, becoming the best-selling Japanese manga in the history of the country.
In the film, a feature-length documentary interviewing fans and fans involved in broadcasting anime and manga.[490].
2016/Sitges Catalonia International Film FestivalScreening work[491].

List of game series

In 1986EpochSince the release of the first series in the series, "Dragon Ball Dragon Great Unexplored Area", many works have been released to date,Video games,Handheld games,arcade game,social game,online gameVarious genres are handled. In addition to the software released outside Japan, the characters that appeared in this work and "Weekly Shonen Jump] With the workCrossover worksAnd so on. For those external appearance worksWeekly Shonen Jump #Related games』See the item.

Software for home game consoles

titleCompatible modelsRelease dateSelling agency
Dragon ballSuper cassette vision1986/9/27Epoch
Dragon Ball The mystery of ShinryuNES1986/11/27Bandai
Dragon Ball Rebirth1988/8/12
Dragon Ball 3 Gokuden1989/10/27
Dragon Ball Z Assault! Saiyan1990/10/27
Dragon Ball ZII Super God Frieza!!1991/8/10
Dragon Ball ZIII Rebellious Android1992/8/7
Dragon Ball Z Fierce Fight Tenkaichi Budokai
DaicDedicated mini cassette
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Saiyan extinction plan1993/8/6
Dragon Ball Z Legend of Super SaiyaSuper Nintendo1992/1/25
Dragon Ball Z Super Fighter1993/3/20
Dragon Ball Z Super Fighter 21993/12/17
Dragon Ball Z Super Fighter 31994/9/29
Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden -Rapid Edition-1995/3/24
Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden -Awakening-1995/9/22
Dragon Ball Z HYPER DIMENSION1996/3/29
Dragon Ball Z Takeyu RetsudenMega drive1994/4/1
Dragon Ball Z Shin Saiyan Extinction Plan-Earth Edition-Playdia1994/9/23
Dragon Ball Z True Saiyan Extinction Plan -Space Edition-1994/12/16
Dragon Ball Z The Great Son Goku LegendPC engine1994/11/11
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22PlayStation1995/7/28
Dragon Ball Z ShinbudenSega Saturn1995/11/17
Dragon Ball Z The Great Dragon Ball LegendPlayStation
Sega Saturn
Dragon Ball FINAL BOUTPlayStation1997/8/21
Dragon ball zPlayStation 22003/2/13
Nintendo GameCube2003/11/28
Dragon ball z2PlayStation 22004/2/7
Dragon ball z32005/2/10
Dragon Ball Z Sparking!2005/10/6
Super Dragon Ball Z2006/6/29Bang Nam
Dragon Ball Z Sparking! NEO2006/10/5
Dragon Ball Z Sparking! METEORPlayStation 22007/10/4
Dragon Ball Z Burst LimitPlayStation 32008/6/5
Xbox 360
Dragon Ball Z Infinite WorldPlayStation 22008/12/4
Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Great AdventureWii2009/7/23
Dragon Ball Raging BlastPlayStation 3 / Xbox 3602009/11/12
Dragon Ball Raging Blast 22010/11/11
Dragon Ball Ultimate Blast2011/12/8
Dragon Ball Z BATTLE OF ZPlayStation 32014/1/23
Xbox 360
Dragon ball xenoversePlayStation 32015/2/5
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2PlayStation 42016/11/2
Nintendo Switch2017/9/7
Dragon ball fightersPlayStation 42018/2/1
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch2018/9/27
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World MissionNintendo Switch2019/4/4
Dragon Ball Z KakarotPlayStation 42020/1/16
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch2021/9/22
Dragon Ball The BreakersPlayStation 4Scheduled for 2022[492].
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

Software for mobile game consoles

titleCompatible modelsRelease dateSelling agency
Dragon Ball Z Goku Flight StoryGame boy1994/11/25Bandai
Dragon Ball Z Goku Gekitoden1995/8/25
Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super WarriorsGameboy color2002/8/9Banpresto
ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルWonders One Color2003/11/20Bandai
Dragon Ball Z Mai Air FightGameboy Advance2004/3/26Banpresto
Dragon Ball Advance Adventure2004/11/18
Dragon Ball Z Mai Rei BattleNintendo DS2005/12/1Bang Nam
Dragon Ball Z Shin BudokaiPlayStation Portable2006/4/20
Dragon Ball Z The Faraway Goku LegendNintendo DS2007/3/21
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2PlayStation Portable2007/6/7
Dragon ball dsNintendo DS2008/9/18
DRAGONBALL EVOLUTIONPlayStation Portable2009/3/19
Dragon Ball Kai Saiyan AttackNintendo DS2009/4/29
Dragon Ball DS2 Charge! Red Ribbon Army2010/2/11
Dragon Ball Tag VersusPlayStation Portable2010/9/30
Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate FighterNintendo DS2011/2/3
Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate MissionNintendo 3DS2013/2/28
Dragon Ball Z BATTLE OF ZPlayStation Vita2014/1/23
Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission 2Nintendo 3DS2014/8/7
Dragon Ball Z Super Ultimate Fighter2015/6/11
Dragon ball fusions2016/8/4
Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X2017/4/27

Game software for outside Japan

titleCompatible modelsRelease datedevelopment of
Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game2002/5/29
en: Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu2003/11/24
DRAGONBALL Z Buu's Fury2004/9/14
en: Dragon Ball Z: SagasPlayStation 22005/3/22
Nintendo GameCube
DRAGONBALL GT TransformationGameboy Advance2005/8/9
en: Dragon Ball Z: For KinectXbox 3602012/10/2Spike Chunsoft

arcade game

titleGenreOperation start dateSelling agency
Dragon Ball Z VRVSCompetitive fighting game1994/Sega
Dragon ball z1993/Banpresto
Dragon Ball Z2 Super Battle1994/
Super Dragon Ball Z3D competitive fighting game2005/12/22
Chara medal island Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri no Super BattleMedal game2006/12/21
Data Carddas Dragon Ball ZData cardMarch 2005Bandai
Data Carddas Dragon Ball Z2March 2006
Data Carddass Dragon Ball Z Explosive IMPACTMarch 2007
Data Carddass Dragon Ball ZW Explosive IMPACT2008/5/14
Data Carddas Dragon Ball Kai Dragon Butlers2009/6/4
Dragon ball heroesTrading card arcade game2010/11/11BANDAI NAMCO
Dragon Ball ZENKAI Battle Royale3D competitive fighting game2011/5/25
Dragon ball disc lossGashapon2014/11/20
Super Dragon Ball HeroesTrading card arcade game2016/11/17

Games for smartphones

titleDelivery start dateDistributor
Dragon Ball Tap Battle2013/3/25BANDAI NAMCO Games
Dragon ball ultimate swipe2014/4/9
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle2015/1/30BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Dragon ball legends2018/5/24
Dragon Ball Z Butch Gili Match2018/7/25Bxd
Dragon Ball Awakening (Dragon Ball Z Awakening)
*Distribution in China
2019/2/28[493]BANDAI NAMCO Shanghai
The strongest dragon pearl (the strongest dragon pearl)
*Distribution in China

Electronic games

titleRelease dateSelling agency
Dragon Ball Pilaf's Counterattack1986/Epoch
Dragon Ball Showdown Son Goku
Dragon Ball Taose! Piccolo Daimaou1988/Bandai
LSI GAME Pocket Club P-1 Dragon Ball Winout!! Tenkaichi Budokai1989/
Pocket Club P-1 Dragon Ball Z Ganbare! Son GohanMarch 1989
Dragon Ball Z LSI ​​Simulation Dragon Great BattleMarch 1990
Pocket Club P-1 Dragon Ball Z Angry World King Fist!March 1990
Pocket Club P-1 Mini Dragon Ball Z Saiyan onslaught1990/
Dragon Ball Z Appears! Guinyu Special Sentai1990/
Dragon Ball Z Battle Scouter
Pocket Club P-1 Dragon Ball Z Scouter BattleMarch 1991
Dragon Ball Z Invitation Frieza Invades!March 1991
Pocket Club P-1 Mini Dragon Ball Z Namek Star Super Battle1991/
LSI Barcode Wars Dragon Ball ZMarch 1991
Pocket Club P-1 Mini Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan AppearsMarch 1991
Super bar code warsDragon ball zMarch 1992
Pocket Club P-1 Widescreen Dragon Ball Z Defeat! Garlic Jr.1992/
Pocket Club P-1 Widescreen Dragon Ball Z Showdown Android
Dragon Ball Z Strongest Confrontation! Cell vs Goku
Dragon Ball ZZ Warrior Great Training!March 1993
Dragon Ball Z Shiver! Biological Warrior1993/
Dragon Ball Z Quiz World
Dragon Ball Z Power Explosion Son Gohan!
Dragon Ball Z Training Gohan! Aim for Tenkaichi
Dragon Ball Z TOUCH PANEL GAME1994/

Pc games

titleCompatible modelsService start dateManagement origin
Anime Designer Dragon Ball ZPippin at mark1996/Bandai
Dragon ball onlinecomputer2010/1/14Bandai korea
Dragon Ball Z Cross Keepers2018/3/20Yahoo! Games
Experience game
Let's! TV play
titleRelease dateSelling agency
Dragon Ball Z Battle Experience Kamehameha ~Otome Fusion~2005/11/12Bandai
Dragon Ball Z Battle Experience Kamehameha 2-Oss Ome Goku Tenkaichi Budokai-2006/10/28
Dragon Ball Z Scouter Battle Experience Kamehameha ~Orato Ometo Scouter~2007/11/10
Dragon Ball Z x ONE PIECE Battle Experience Rubber Rubber Kamehameha ~Call me with your voice~2008/11/15


  • For events of each media mix such as animation, refer to each item.
Jump multiworld
From July 1993th to August 7th, 28Tokyo Dome/Prism HallEvent held in. At the "DBZ Game Robo" booth, the original robot-only chassis designed by the original author Akira Toriyama for multi-world[495] Was able to play the game (laterArcade). Also, in the "DB VR Battle Game" booth, you can play a game in which the character actually reproduces his/her own movement (later game in which the technique is changed to lever input).Dragon Ball Z VRVSAs an arcade).
Jumpland is a web theme park where popular characters such as "Dragon Ball" and "ONE PIECE" were used by Bandai Networks and Shueisha from November 2002 to May 11, 2009.[496].
For more information on Keitai JUMP LAND and Jump LandAttractionandMini games See the item.
Dragon Ball Takeda
From July 2004th to August 8th, 4AomoriGoshogawaraHeld atGoshogawara TachibutaAt the festival, Son Goku, who drew a sketch by Akira Toriyama, and Tachibune Takeda, a Shinryu, took part. Held on December 12th and 18th of the same year, expressing "friendship, effort, victory"Jump FestaIt was also shown in 2005.
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayIkebukuroSunshine CityAt J-WORLD TOKYO, which opened in Japan, various events and attractions of this work were held until the main building closed on February 2019, 2.For more informationJ-WORLD TOKYO # attraction listSee.
Do science with Dragon Ball!
Since 2014, science-themed events for "Dragon Ball" have been held in various parts of Japan, and outside Japan, they have also been held in Taiwan.In the facility, various events using science are held at Capsule Corporation's special laboratory, "Advanced Science Research Institute".[497].
AichiNagoya cityNagoya City Science MuseumMay 2014-June 7, 16
Republic of ChinaTaipei CityMatsuyama Cultural ParkMay 2015-June 1, 24
Minato-ku, TokyoFuji Television Network, Inc22nd floor forumMay 2015-June 4, 29
OsakaOsakaGrand Front OsakaMay 2015-June 7, 18
KagoshimaKagoshimaYamagatayaBunka Hall Building No.2 6th floorMay 2017-June 7, 22
Sapporo Snow Festival 2016
HokkaidoSapporoSo, it was held from February 2016th to 2th, 5Sapporo Snow FestivalDuring the event, a large snow statue of Goku and Vegeta was exhibited[498].
Let it go! Genki Ball Challenge!
It was held at Jump Festa 2016 on December 12th and 17th, 18.An attraction that shines and hits a spirit ball[499].
JR East So right now! DRAGON BALL stamp rally
From April 2017th to May 1nd, 10JR EastIn collaboration withStamp RallyWas held. At the event,Yamanote Line63 stations centered aroundTokyo MonorailStamps are installed at 2 stations, and an event to collect all stamps and aim for the goal.As a related eventTokyo StationA gourmet fair "Dragon Ball Menu Grand Assembly" was also held at the commercial facilities around it.[500].
Dragon Ball/Dr. Slump Arale STORE at ISETAN
From January 2017th to March 5th, 2,ShinjukuIsetanAt “Dr. Slump Arale], and a collaboration event was held. With Masako Nozawa during the eventMami KoyamaTo hold a talk show by the event, original goods named after characters and scenes were sold at event limited goods and collaboration cafes.[501].
Dragon Ball VR Secret Kamehameha
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayShinjukuKabukichoWith the latest VR technology and equipment, you can experience the real awesomeness of Kamehameha in the "Dragon Ball" world with "VR ZONE SHINJUKU," the largest VR facility in Japan. Son Goku got training directly, battle with friends with the learned Kamehameha, VR againSenzuIf you join with (sold separately), you can actually experience eating Senzu[502].
DRAGON BALL Battle of Saiyan-Genki Ball Made by Everyone-
It was held in Odaiba Minna no Yume Continent from July 2017th to August 7st, 15.In addition to the screening of the past battle scenes of this work, an event was held in which all the visitors made a spirit ball.[503].
Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Budo Festival 2017
August 2017, 8-Held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City during August 10th.At the attraction corner, "Dragon Ball Super Training Challenge], [Huipoi capsules! Goku Battle Memory], Rally to solve the mystery "Defeat Combined Zamas!』And various attractions were carried out[504].
Dragon ball run
Tokyo on September 2017, 9Makuhari Seaside ParkIt was held on September 9, the same year at Aichi Rinku Beach in the Nagoya area.At the event, while practicing various trainings, you will find seven dragon balls scattered on the course of about 23 km and aim for the goal.[505].
Collect the dragon balls with your strength and let the dragon descend!
October 2017, 12, November 16, 12Makuhari MesseAn attraction held at Jump Festa 2018 held in Japan.In addition, a trial play experience of the game of this work was held[506].
Dragon Ball Super Gokuden
From December 2018, 12 to January 14, 2019, in line with the release of the movie version ``Dragon Ball Super Broly''Tokyo SolamachiAn event was held to look back on the history of "Dragon Ball"[507].
Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour
The first worldwide simultaneous online event of the Dragon Ball game will be held from 2021:3 am on March 7, 3 Japan time[508].
DRAGON BALL Games Battle Hour 2022
A worldwide simultaneous distribution type online event was held for two days on February 2022th and 2th, 19, where you can enjoy various "Dragon Ball" contents such as games and figures of this work, manga, movies and animations.[509].

Events outside Japan

Kamehameha Contest
New ZealandThe capital ofWellingtonIt is an event that has been held every year since 2001 at the science fiction and comic festival "Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo" held at TSB Bank Arena. It is a tournament where you perform as if you are actually making a Kamehameha wave and compete for it.[510].
Dress up as a Dragon Ball character with the most people
It is an event to challenge the Guinness world record held in 2013 at Spain's largest manga event "Saló de Manga"[511].
Komo x Goku MCP Summer Day Festival (Arale and Goku MCP Summer Festival)
July 2017, 7-A collaboration event with "Dr. Slump Arale-chan" was held at the Hong Kong Metro City Center until August 9st.Character exhibits, collaboration goods, and food menus were also sold at the event.[512].
Scream Like Goku
August 2017, 9,New York City-マ ン ハ ッ タ ンIt is inWashington Square ParkMany people gathered in Washington Square Park where the event was held[513].. Also canadaVancouver,AustraliaSimilar events were held in various places[514].
Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure
Using songs from the anime "Dragon Ball" series, which has been performed around the world since May 2017concert[515].. The concert scheduled for March 2020, 3 in Chicago, Illinois,COVID-19Canceled due to the epidemic of[516].
Host countryHost cityTheater nameDates
FranceParisGrand Rex Theater2017/5/6
SpainBarcelonaBarcelona International Convention Center2018/3/3
FranceParisGrand Rex Theater2018/10/27
Belgiumブ リ ュ ッ セ ル12 Palace2018/10/30
GermanyDusseldorfMitsubishi Electric Hall2018/11/1
SwitzerlandLausanneBeaulieu Theater2018/11/3
SpainBarcelonaAuditori Forum2019/5/11
The United States of AmericaIllinoisChicagoRosemont TheaterCancel[516]
On October 2017th and 10th, 14, on the Hermitage street in Paris,festivalWas held. Various events were held at the event, including display of figures, tournaments for video games, cosplay contests, quizzes, karaoke, and concerts.[517].
kameha con
2018 July 5-4 days,Texas・ "Irving Convention Center (English edition)” in “Dragon Ball”ConventionWas held.During the period, talk shows, cosplay contests, game competitions, etc. were held by voice actors who were in charge of dubbing the American version of animation and Ryo Horikawa who participated as a guest from Japan.[518].
DRAGON BALL NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2018 (Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018)
From July to December 2018, "Dragon Ball" events were held in seven cities in North America.The venue will be decorated in the image of the Tenkaichi Budokai, and in addition to selling the figure "SHFiguarts" series, you can experience the game of "Dragon Ball".At each event, a preview video of the movie version "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" was released[519].
San DiegoComic Con InternationalMay 2018-June 7, 19
Washington DCOtaconMay 2018-June 8, 10
TorontoFAN EXPO CANADAMay 2018-June 8, 30
PortlandROSE CITY COMIC CONMay 2018-June 9, 7
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クNew York Comic ConMay 2018-June 10, 4
DallasDallas Fan DaysMay 2018-June 10, 19
Los AngelesGrauman's Chinese Theater2018/12/13
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
A major department store held every year in New York City, USAMacy'sSponsored byThanksgivingparade
event nameDatesRemarks
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 20182018/11/22Son Goku's balloon appears. It is the first appearance of a manga-based character from Japan.[520].
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 20192019/11/28Son Goku's balloon appears. As a Japanese character,PikachuWas chosen with[521].
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 20212021/11/25Goku's balloon appears from this work at the Macy's-sponsored Thanksgiving parade, which was held for the first time in two years.[522].
A worldwide expansion of the event "DRAGON BALL NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2018" held in North America in 2018. Starting with the event in San Diego, USA in July 2019, events were held sequentially at venues in 7 cities in 6 countries around the world.[523].
San DiegoComic Con InternationalMay 2019-June 7, 18
ShanghaiShanghai New International Expo CenterMay 2019-June 8, 2
Mexico CityCitibanamex CenterMay 2019-June 8, 2
Hong KongHong Kong eraMay 2019-June 8, 8
ColognekolenmesseMay 2019-June 8, 20
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クNew York Comic ConMay 2019-June 10, 3
BarcelonaFira BarcelonaMay 2019-June 10, 31
JapanMakuhari MesseFebruary 2019, 12, 21
SaiyaCon UK
A convention focusing on "Dragon Ball" was held in Britain from September 2019th to September 9nd, 20. In addition to the voice-over voice actor of the English version of the anime as a guest, various events were held.[524].


Akira Toriyama's world
Since 1993, unusual exhibitions for individual manga artists have been held all over Japan. At the exhibition, 400 original images and original images were exhibited and attracted "Dragon Ball" fans all over Japan. In addition to "Dragon Ball" which is being serialized at that time, "Dr. Slump", "Savings warrior cashman] And original works such as short stories are displayed. further"Dragon questAkira Toriyama's works, including illustrations, puppet shows, and special videos that combine animation and CG.[525].
Akira Toriyama The World 8of DRAGON BALL
Movie version"Dragon Ball Z God and GodWas held in three cities nationwide in commemoration of the release. The exhibition is divided into seven zones from the 3-star to the 7-star.To commemorate the release of the movie, about 30 color illustrations, as well as about 300 anime cels and setting materials are displayed in one hall. You can compare the famous scenes of "Dragon Ball" with anime and comics.[526].
NihonbashiTakashimayaMay 2013-June 3, 27
Hanshin Department StoreUmeda Main StoreSeptember 2013-4, 17
Nagoya Matsuzakaya MuseumMay 2013-June 7, 27
Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition VOL.2-1990s, impact of 653 million copies
In commemoration of the 2018th anniversary of "Weekly Shonen Jump" in 50, it was held at Roppongi Hills Mori Arts Center Gallery from March 2018th to June 3th, 19. In addition to the original drawings, related products such as gashapon figures and game software were also displayed.[527].
The Citi exhibition Manga
An exhibition on the theme of Japanese manga was held from May 2019 to August 5, 23 at the British Museum in London, England. It is the largest manga exhibition ever held overseas. The venue is Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery in the British Museum. A total of about 8 original and duplicate original paintings by about 26 artists and about 1100 titles will be displayed in 50 zones in 70 square meters.[528].


Dragon Ball x Tower Records
To celebrate the 2016th anniversary of the broadcast of the TV anime "Dragon Ball" in November 11,Tower RecordA collaborative café with, such as Tower Record Cafe Shibuya, opened for a limited time. In addition, collaboration goods are on sale at Tower Records stores nationwide.[529].
Store nameperiod
TOWER RECORDS CAFE OmotesandoMay 2016-June 11, 1
TOWER RECORDS CAFE Umeda NU ChayamachiMay 2016-June 11, 1
TOWER RECORDS CAFE ShibuyaMay 2016-June 11, 8
Dragon ball menu large set
In January 2017, a gourmet fair was held at JR Tokyo Station and the commercial facilities around it, where you can enjoy a menu based on the world view of "Dragon Ball." At the fair, the event will be linked to the "JR East Japan Now! DRAGON BALL Stamp Rally" sponsored by JR East, and all 1 types of manga rice, items, services, etc. will appear.[530].
Name of facilityperiod
GranstaMay 2017-June 1, 10
Gransta MarunouchiMay 2017-June 1, 10
Grand roofMay 2017-June 1, 10
Grand roof frontMay 2017-June 1, 10
Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner
January 2017OsakaUmedaYou can enjoy the world of "Dragon Ball" at the Momotaro Hilton Plaza WEST storeCafé&DinerOpened for a limited time. In addition, two places with restaurantsKiddy Land"Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner Limited Time Shop" was also held at[531].
Store nameperiod
Chinese Cuisine Momotaro Hilton Plaza WESTMarch 2017, 12-March 8, 2018
Natural kitchen OmotesandoMarch 2018, 1-March 15, 2018
Shop store nameperiod
KIDDY LAND Kichijoji storeMarch 2017, 12-March 8, 2018
KIDDY LAND Osaka Umeda storeMarch 2017, 12-March 8, 2018
KIDDY LAND Harajuku storeMarch 2017, 12-March 8, 2018
Soupa Sayen
An Asian restaurant with the theme of "Dragon Ball" that is open in Orlando, Florida.The interior of the store is decorated with "Dragon Ball", and the animation is played, making it a "Dragon Ball" color.[532].
On November 2018, 11, the first "Dragon Ball Super" cafe in China opened in Shanghai, China.The interior of the store was designed with the theme of "Dragon Ball Super", and menus and limited goods with the character of this work as a motif were also prepared.[533].

Olive Related Products


From the spring of 1986 when the anime startedEpochBandaiEach of the two companiestoyWas released, but in the following year, Epoch withdrew and Bandai independently developed toys. However, with MUJI, it was not possible to achieve the expected results, and after the middle stage, we expected to develop new toys. After that, we filled in the game software sales and recorded a total of 20 billion sold.CarddassThe toy hit the store, and after a few years the toys lined up in stores, starting with the Scouter toys linked with Carddass.[534].

The representative work of DB toys in the Showa era was a simple portable LCD game.LSI gamesAnd board games. There were also rare toys such as daily life toys.[535].. In the early days of the start of TV anime broadcasting, the figures centered around toys that were easy to collect, such as mini-figures, and since "Dragon Ball Z," action figures that can be moved by moving their heads have become popular. Since 2003, the quality has risen and mini-figures were cheap and easy to pick up at convenience stores, so they hit a wide range of age groups.[536].. In the 2000s, as technology improved and digital evolved, more sophisticated and sophisticated toys appeared and became popular with children.[537].


Dragon Ball☆ANiMO
From August 2007, 8, the comprehensive mobile site for this work was launched.In addition to ringtones, video distribution "Dragon Ball TV" that allows you to watch the entire TV series is provided.[538].
Dragon ball mobile
Bandai NetworksStarted the i-mode game site "Dragon Ball Mobile" from October 2007, 10.[539].. 『Dragon Ball RPG], [Dragon ball wars] In addition, multiple download-type games are distributed.
Pokka coffee
"Pokka Coffee DRAGON BALL CAN" (first released on June 2011, 6)[540]) (Second release in early November 2011[541]
Nikkei Entertainment!
Son Goku decorated the cover of the May 2013 issue, and a special feature of this work was set up under the title of "Overview of Dragon Ball "Resurrection."
On July 2015, 7, Tanita released a newspaper advertisement featuring Son Goku from "Dragon Ball" on July 1 with the release of three new models of body composition analyzers for home use on the same date.Yomiuri ShimbunPublished in the morning[542].
Marumiya Food Industry
"Dragon Ball Furikake Mini Pack" "Dragon Ball Curry <Beef Sweet>" "Dragon Ball Curry <Beef Mid-Spicy>" (released November 2015, 11)[543].
Kuriyama rice cracker
"DB Bakauke Yasaikonsome", "DB Hoshibeyowaameame" (released on October 2016, 10)[544]
BotsNew Characters VR DRAGONBALL Z
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMega houseThanVR-ARAn experience machine that makes full use of[545].
Surprised man
LotteCollaboration with Bikkuriman released by. All illustrations are drawn by surprise man illustrator[546].. We shipped more than 1 million units in the first month of sales, recording a cumulative total of about 550 million units.[547].
"Dragon Ball Man Chocolate Z" (October 2018, 10 West Japan (excluding Shizuoka) precedent release)
"Dragon Ball Man Choco Cho" (Early October 2018, 10 East Japan (including Shizuoka) pre-release)
``Dragon Ball Man Z Special Set'' (December 2018, 12)
``Dragon Ball Man Super Special Set'' (December 2018, 12)
New Era Cap Company
A product with the long-established brand "New Era" of baseball caps has appeared.A total of 16 apparel items, including Son Goku, designed with the characters and title logos that appear in the film as motifs are available. (Released on July 2019, 7[548]
ConverseCollaboration with the fashion brand "CONVERSE STARS". The lineup includes T-shirts, iPhone cases, socks, and towels. (Released on August 2019, 8[549]
A commercial model equipped with the battle game ``DRAGON BALL Karaoke Tenkaichi Singkai'' that leads Son Goku to victory with singing power will be released from October 2019, 10[550].
A collaboration between UNIQLO graphic T-shirt brand "UT" and "Dragon Ball". Designed by collage artist Kosuke Kawamura[551].
``Dragon Ball UT'' (released on November 2019, 11)


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