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📢 | The latest version has been published. JBD Corporate / Business White Paper Series Venture Company White Paper 2021 Edition 


The latest version has been published. JBD Corporate / Business White Paper Series Venture Company White Paper 2021 Edition 

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(Note 2) "Corona Survival" is a survival strategy that seizes the opportunities of "Corona Shock" and "Corona War".

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Socio-economic impact of 2019 coronavirus infection

Socio-economic impact of 2019 coronavirus infection(2019 Nen Coronavirus Infectious Diseases and Infectious Diseases)Outbreak of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)With each country社会-EconomyThe impact will be described.

The whole world


Hoarding / resale

Certain products are out of stockFalse rumor Social MediaDue to concerns about voluntary quarantine and shortage of supplies, the phenomenon of hoarding occurred all over the world.Taiwan,Hong Kong,Singapore[1][2][3]Also in Japan, in February 2020, "Toilet paperChugokuMisinformation such as "There is a shortage because it is manufactured and imported at" has spread, and retail stores all over the countryToilet Paper,Tissue paperHoarding phenomenon occurred[4][5]..Later the governmentIndustry groupHas denied that "most of toilet paper is manufactured in (Japan) and there is sufficient inventory."[6][7].
After that, the infection to the world spreadAustralia,America[8][9],United Kingdom,IndonesiaBut the hoarding phenomenon occurred[10][11].
  • AustralianSydneyOn March 3th, at the supermarketWoolworthsIn a brawl over toilet paper, women aged 23 and 60 were charged with brawl.[12].
  • AmericaTennesseeBrothers bought up 3 disinfectant gels in the state for three days from March 1st, and it was discovered on the 3th that they were selling for $ 1 each on Amazon.[13]..Tennessee bans the resale of high-demand items in emergencies and can result in fines of up to $ 1,000.[13].
  • Toilet paper in the UKHand sanitizerHoarding continues,Tesco, Waitrose,BootsAnd other major retailersDistribution systemIntroduced[14]..At Tesco, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pasta,Long life milk·water·canning·for childrenMedicineEtc. were limited to 1 per person[14]..In the UK, raising piggyback rides is fine, but hand soaps and sanitizerseBayIt is distributed at a high price in Japan, and a disinfectant theft incident occurred at the hospital.[14].
  • GermanyBut hoarding and hoarding (Hamsterkauf; Hoarding) Has occurred, and the piggyback price of toilet paper and disinfectant has been raised online.[15].

Discrimination / bullying / hate crime

JapanThen, to the organization or home where the infected person came outIntimidation,Slandering such asDiscriminationAn incident has occurred[16].
TwitterAbove, it's called #ChineseDontComeToJapanhashtagEntered the trend[17] In addition, "dirty" and "dirty" for Chinese touristsBioterrorismAbuses such as "list" are also scattered[18].
United Kingdom
Tottenham Hotspur FCBelongs tosoccer player,Dele AlliIs wearing a face mask on SnapchatAsianMenCoronavirusI made a ridiculous post in connection with[19].
FranceThen, after January 2020, 1, when the new coronavirus was confirmedAsianThere was a lot of harassment and discrimination against[20].Chinese people-Korean-Japanese-Vietnam people-FilipinoFor Asians such as[21], Taxis and trains that refuse to board Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. have also appeared[20][22].
The local newspaper, Courier picard, headlined "ALERTE JAUNE" on one side, and the title of the editorial was "Le péril jaune?"[22]..What is Yellow Peril?Yellow race"Threat theory"Yellow erosionAnd nowRacismThe company apologized on January 1, as it was subsequently criticized for being targeted.[22][23].
On January 1, an Asian man from a sports gym in France was laughed at by a group of teenagers saying, "The coronavirus has arrived!"supermarketThen, there was a case where a man said to his child, "Be careful because there are Chinese and viruses."[22].TaiwanA junior high school student was nicknamed "Corona" at school[22].
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,ParisSuburbsBoulogne-BillancourtA graffiti was written on the window glass of Yuki, a Japanese restaurant, with a spray saying "Disappear the coronavirus."[24].
August 2021, 2,Paris 17th arrondissementThen the Japanese suddenly turned to the face from the triohydrochloric acidWas hung[25][26]..The victim guarded his face with his hands, so the face was not exposed to liquid, but his palm was burned.[25]..On February 17, the 2th Mayor of Paris issued a message saying, "We have not confirmed at this time whether acid was used in the attack or whether it was an attack with an Asian discriminatory character."[27].
August 2020, 1,Denmark OfJyllands-PostenMade the star of the Chinese flag in the form of a virusCaricaturePosted,Chinese EmbassyProtested[28]. AlsoPrime Minister Mette FrederiksenWas reported to have said, "Denmark has freedom of expression."[28].
Germany OfDer SpiegelThe magazine was on the cover of the February 2020, 2 issue, wearing a red protective suit and a gas mask.OrientalThe title "Coronavirus MADE IN CHINA where globalization poses a risk of death" was written on the figure of a human male, and it was criticized by the Chinese embassy and the country.[28].
2/29,BavariaNuremberg cityWhen the first infected person comes out,JapaneseAn incident occurred in which a raw egg was thrown at the shutter at my home[15]..Also, a German-born Chinese student was expelled from school even though he had never traveled to China within a year.[15].
March 3st in GermanyBundesliga1 partsRB LeipzigIs JapaneseSupporterHe ordered him to leave because he was Japanese and may have been infected with the new coronavirus, and later apologized.[29].
4/15,German paper"BuiltIsCOVID-19 PandemicTo the damage that Germany suffered inCompensationAs,Chinese governmentPosted an editorial saying that a total of $ 1650 billion should be claimed against[30].
NetherlandsThen, on March 2020, 3, two men on a scooterKoreanI tried to hit a woman by shouting "Chinese"[31]. AlsoAmsterdamLive inKorean Americanwomen areFacebook (Facebook) "ChineseBitchOr a stranger wrote "This is a corona" in the photo.[31]..In addition, some people were struck by bicycles because "Chinese have a coronavirus."[31].
2020 year 3 month,LockdownOf the stateSpainThen.BarThe Japanese who were eating atSpanishYelled, "You're in this situation right now," and the eyes around me changed, and I started to get a malicious gaze.Italian"Bullying" is also becoming more prominent[32].
The United States of America
August 2020, 2,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クA man beat a Chinese woman wearing a mask on the subway while saying "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, calm down" and accused him of "diseased b ----."[33].
State of WashingtonCostcoThen an 8-year-old Korean boy was accused of saying, "Did you come from China? Go over there."[34].
Arizona State UniversitySo, Asian studentscoughYou can see it with strange eyes just by doing[34]..Japanese-American college students were accused of spreading the new corona at college[35].
3/17, A Japanese woman in New York said "Wuhan, Wuhan!" At a drugstore, middle-aged.WhiteA man shouted and chased me[36].. In late March, a Japanese woman from a university student in New York was suddenly spit on a white woman at a subway station.[36].
Between March and June 2020Asian americanToHate climbOccurred more than 2,100 cases,California832 cases occurred[37]..When an Asian man was shopping, he was accused of "bringing the Chinese virus to the United States" and ranted "Go back to China", "China bastard", and "Monkey".[37]..A woman who was trying to put a child in a car was thrown a glass bottle and said, "Go back to the country,ChinkSome Asian women were shouted, kicked their dogs, and spit on them.[37].. "This worst virus came from your home country," and the couple said, "It's as dirty as a cockroach." Etc.Civil rightsMany cases of infringement occurred[37].
According to a Pew Research Center survey published by July 2020, 7, Asians and Africans have faced unpleasant behavior since the spread of the new coronavirus.Black) Reached about 40%, and about one-third of Asians said they were exposed to racist slander and jokes.[38]..42% of blacks, 36% of Asians, 23% of Hispanics, and 5% of whites said they were concerned that others would be suspicious if they used masks at stores.[38].
After that, hate crimes to Asians continued,2021/Has become more violent and murders have become more frequent.[35].. On February 2, a 3-year-old Filipino man was suddenly cut with a utility knife on the New York subway and injured about 61 stitches.[35][39].
2021/1/28,San FranciscoIn, an 84-year-old Thai man who was walking in the morning was suddenly pushed down by a 19-year-old black man and died.[35][40][41][42].
1/31, CaliforniaAuckland OfChinatownA 28-year-old man assaulted a 91-year-old and a 60-year-old Asian man and a 55-year-old woman.[41].. A 91-year-old Asian man was suddenly pushed down by a man from behind[35].. A 52-year-old woman was shot[40].
On the night of February 2, a man believed to be white invaded the hospital and set fire at the Higashi Honganji Betsuin in Los Angeles.[35].
On the night of February 2,SeattleIn the Chinatown International District, a Japanese woman was suddenly smashed in the face by a stranger with stone socks.Serious injuryBecame[43][44]..Governor of Washington issued a statement on March 3 condemning Asian discrimination and anti-Asian hate crimes[45].
3/16ToGeorgiaAtlantaSo, a 21-year-old white man killed eight women (six of whom are Asian) at three massage shops.[46]..Survivors testified that the man was screaming at the time, "I'm going to kill all Asians."[47]..On the other hand, including singers and actors #Stop Asian HateHashtag movement happened[46].
Stop AAPI HateAccording to the report, 2020 cases of discrimination against Asians were reported from March 3 to February 2021.[46].
California State UniversityAccording to the Center for Hatred and Radical Thought at San Banadino, the number of hate crimes against Asian citizens in 2020 jumped 2.5 times year-on-year.[44][48][49].
Canada OfOntarioA Chinese elementary school student in Georgetown played a game to check for coronavirus[50].
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
August 2020, 3,Palestine Autonomous RegionRamallahTwo Japanese women were teased by a Palestinian woman on the street as "Corona, Corona" and then assaulted by their hair being grabbed and their bodies pushed.[51]..After that, the criminal was arrested[52].
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
August 2020, 3,East Africa OfUgandaA Japanese woman was accused of "corona, corona" and was beaten on the temporal region.[53].
August 2020, 1,AustraliaMelbourne OfHerald SunIs "Chinese virus PandaThe title "CHINESE VIRUS PANDAMONIUM", again in SydneyDaily TelegraphHas been criticized both domestically and internationally for the title "China kids stay home".[28][54].

Plastic waste

PlasticWith the proliferation of product manufacturing, pollution control by plastic waste is secondary, and important regulations are withdrawn or postponed.[55].


  • 2020/3/2
    • Brookings InstitutionIs "Impact of COVID-19 on Global Macroeconomics: 7 ScenariosThe world's death toll is 1518 million at best and 6834 million at worst.World Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Predicted that $ 2.3 trillion (Â¥ 242 trillion) would be lost in the best scenario and $ 9.2 trillion (Â¥ 966 trillion) in the worst scenario.[56].
    • OECDFaces the most serious crisis since the financial crisis and predicts that global economic growth could fall from 2019% in 2.9 to 2.4% -1.5%[57]..Lawrence Bourne, OECD Chief Economist, said, "Government needs to take immediate action to curb the economy, support health care systems, protect people, increase demand and provide emergency loans to the most affected households and businesses. There is a need to adopt flexible working styles to protect employment, and governments should affect sectors that are significantly affected by the economic downturn, such as the travel, tourism, automobile and electronics industries. He said extra tax cuts and budgetary measures should be implemented to ease the situation.[57].
  • August 3- SMBC Nikko SecuritiesThe new coronavirus infection did not converge until July,Tokyo OlympicsWas forced to cancel the event, a loss of about 7.8 trillion yen would occur in Japan.GDPEstimated to push down about 1.4%[58].
  • March 3-The global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection raises concerns that it will have a serious impact on the global economy.Forex marketThen.DollarThe movement to sell is strengthened, and for the first time in 3 years and 4 months, 1 dollar = 103 yen level at one timeAppreciation of the yenThe dollar has weakened[59].Tokyo stock marketWill be fully cheap immediately after the startNikkei Stock AverageDropped below 1 yen for the first time in about a year and two months, and plummeted.[59]..The range of price drop exceeded 900 yen[59]..The Nikkei Stock Average was 10 yen on the 19000th of the same month.[60], Temporarily interrupted 13 yen on the 3th for the first time in 4 years and 17000 months[61].
  • August 3- Federal Reserve Board (FRB) $ ​​12 trillion on December 13thMoney marketAnnounced to supply to[62].Germany OfMerkelThe Prime Minister said, "We are nowFinancial crisis that began in 2009Faced with more than anomalous situations. "[63].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Josh HawleyCongressmanIt is,Democratic PartyIn addition to the members of the Diet, it is bipartisanChinese governmentTo the affected countriesCompensationResolutionSenateとHouse of RepresentativesSubmitted to[30].
  • Early September,United Kingdom Of(English edition)Is of the Chinese governmentInformation controlFor many Wuhan citizensChinese New YearHe pointed out that going abroad before the holidays led to the spread of infection worldwide.G7だ け でCompensation amountHas announced an estimate that it will reach 3 trillion pounds (about 2000 trillion yen), and as a way to make the Chinese government pay the compensation, the Chinese government andState-owned enterpriseHeld byBritish GovernmentProposed to collect from various bonds and debt to China on the British side[30].
  • On April 4, the International Labor Organization (ILO) compiled a report.Approximately 7% of the world's workforce, or 38 billion people, said they were at risk of furloughs and salary cuts and warned against large-scale support measures.[64].
  • On April 4, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts global economic growth in 14 to be -2020%. This is a significant downward revision from the January forecast (+ 3.0%). The IMF saysGreat DepressionSince then, it is likely to experience the worst recession. "[65].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,The United States of America OfDonald TrumpPresident"The responsibility of the Chinese government must be pursued in a variety of ways," he said. "This includes compensation for damages suffered by the United States." "For the spread of the new coronavirus," he said. "A huge amount of liability is blamed on China." "This damage is not limited to the United States, but is global."[30].
  • Mid-February,India OfLawyer groupEtc. petition for $ 20 trillion in reparationsUnited Nations Human Rights CouncilSubmit toEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfLawyerThey have expressed their intention to seek $ 2000 billion in compensation from the Chinese government.TurkeyThen college students(English edition)Sent a letter claiming compensation to[30].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,(English edition)Sought a total of $ 440 billion in reparations from the Chinese government for causing the spread of the infectionFederal courtCaused to[30]..Prior to thisFlorida,Texas,ネ バ ダ 州Individuals and companies have filed class action proceedings against the Chinese government.[30].
  • On May 5th, the IMF said that each country was about $ 8 trillion.Fiscal mobilizationHowever, he called on a country with sufficient financial resources to implement additional support measures, saying that an extraordinary response was necessary.[66].
  • JC Penny,Road and Taylor,Neiman Marcus,Brooks BrothersA well-known large company filed for bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation.

New Corona bankruptcy

JapanNew corona relatedbankruptcy2021 cases as of 5:10 on May 16, 1422 (voluntary)Closed businessIn 2020, the number of bankruptcies of companies nationwide (total debt of 1,000 million yen or more) was 7,773, of which 792 were related to the "new corona".The industries with many bankruptcies related to the new corona restaurant,Hotel-Japanese inn,Construction industry・ Construction business,Clothesretail, Food wholesalers ranked high[67][68].

Aviation industry

Passenger demand dropped sharply due to immigration restrictions in each country, resulting in a significant reduction in flights on both international and domestic flights.[69]..For this reason, it is predicted that the industry sales in 2021 will be half of those before Corona.[70]..On the other hand, freight demand increasedFreighterIs limited[71][72]Air freight fares have risen due to factors such as the need to carry cargo that was supposed to be carried in the cargo space of passenger flights on a freighter.[73].BoeingとAirbusHas suffered a large deficit due to sluggish sales due to a decrease in demand, and carried out a large-scale restructuring.[74][75].IATAAccording to the International Air Transport Association, the final profit and loss in 2020 is expected to be a deficit of about 9 trillion yen for the entire aviation industry.ButEthiopian AirlinesBecame one of the few surpluses.This is because all European and American airlines canceled the flight, and the company took charge of the medicines to Africa that had been transported until then.


  • 2020/August 3- President of the United StatesDonald TrumpOn this day, June 6-10Camp David(USAMaryland) Was scheduled to be held(English edition)About, as usualG7It was decided to cancel the meeting by inviting the leaders to the host country and hold it in the form of a video vision meeting instead.[76].
  • On April 2020, 4, the House of Representatives deliberated in the form of a video conference for the first time in 22 years of history.[77].
  • August 2020, 12,United NationsAt the plenary session,12/27As "a day to recognize the need to prepare for an epidemic outbreak"International Epidemic Countermeasures DayAdopted the proposal to stipulate without a vote[78].


  • FranceThen, the municipal assembly election was scheduled to be voted on March 2020, 3, but on the 22th, it announced the decision to postpone it.[79].
  • United Kingdom政府Decided to postpone the local election scheduled for May by one year in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection on the 13th.[80].


Health and hygiene

  • August 2020, 4,UNICEF TheNew coronavirus infectionByMeasles,PolioVaccinations have been suspended in some countries and warned that a pandemic could occur.who (WHO)Collective immunityAlthough 95% is recommended for the world average, the first time is only 1%.Japan has an estimated 86 children who did not receive the first time, the fifth highest in the world[81].
  • From the viewpoint of infection prevention in areas where it is customary to enter indoors with shoesslipperThere is a movement to use[82].



  • International Cycling Union (UCI) will request the organizers to cancel all races on the international calendar scheduled between the day of March 2020th and April 3rd, 15 and maintain equality among athletes. Therefore, we announced the freeze of UCI points during the period.[84]..Furthermore, on March 3th, the period was extended to April 17th.[85].

Tokyo Olympics Paralympic

Tokyo Olympics ParalympicPostponed the schedule for one year2021/It was decided to hold it in the summer[86].

Status of each country


JapanHowever, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, various社会-EconomicThere was an impact.2020/As of February, the governmentEmperor's birthday holidayWas to be done inImperial PalaceAnnounced the cancellation of general public visits at[87].. From March 27nd on the 3th, all over the countryprimary school-Junior high school,UniversityとSpecial schoolabout,spring vacationI showed a guideline to request that the school be temporarily closed until entering[88].. Targeting 4 prefectures on April 7Emergency declarationIs announced. The target was expanded nationwide on the 17th[89].

Economic situation on March 3PresentationMarchMonthly economic reportAccording to "severe situation"[90], The April report released on April 4 stated that "it is deteriorating rapidly and is in an extremely difficult situation."[91].政府Decided an emergency economic measure with a business scale of about 4 trillion yen on April 7, when the state of emergency was declared. On the 108th, the Cabinet decided again on economic measures including a benefit of 20 yen per person, and the scale of the business expanded to 10 trillion yen.[92].






Trade fairs and exhibitions

Music / live



  • Hubei ProvinceWuhanThen, after the end of January 2020, to prevent the spread of infectious diseasesFuneralThe farewell ceremony was banned, and the authorities kept the remains of citizens who died other than the virus.According to the Chinese government's February 2 notice, the body of the infected personCremationNo habitIslamWe are demanding that all ethnic minorities be cremated.There is a custom of visiting graves in ChinaQingming FestivalWas on April 4, and the bereaved family had called for an early return of the remains, but authorities began returning the remains on March 4 following the reduction of the infection epidemic.[139].

Infection control in Hong Kong

  • August 2020, 4,Hong KongIt is prohibited to gather more than 5 people due to the spread of infection.In the meantime, authorities arrested 15 pro-democracy critics of China.The Chinese government allows autonomy based on "one country, two systems," but in reality it is stepping up its intervention.Mike PompeoThe United States of AmericaSecretary of State expressed concern that freedom of assembly and expression would be violated[140].




Republic of China Education DepartmentIs about Chinese New Year's educational institutions below high school (high school)Winter vacationWas extended and the first day of school was postponed until February 2020, 2.[143].


In Taiwan, domestic railway operators are located in various places.MRT,Taiwan Railway Management Bureau,Taiwan High Speed ​​RailSince February 2020, the total transportation volume has decreased.[144].

  • February 2 banned Chinese from entering the border[81].
  • Although the Taiwan Railways Administration has not reduced the number of regular trains, it is for sightseeing, which was scheduled to operate in March-May.Cruise line trainIn addition to canceling driving[145], With the decrease in passengersTaiwan Railway BentoSales also fell sharply,Yuanlin Station OfFranchiseThe store withdrew at the end of March[146].
  • Taoyuan transportationStarted measures to halve the number of direct vehicles in operation during off-peak hours for about two months from April 4[147].
  • Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail will reduce flights during off-peak weekends from April 4th[148].
  • Taipei MRTStarted reducing flights on Saturdays and holidays on 4 routes except the ring road and Wenhu line from April 11th.[149].
  • Alishan Forest RailwayBut from April 4th to the end of June, he announced that he would stop operating the cruise liner for about two months.[150].

Trade fairs and exhibitions

(Chinese version)(International Book Fair)[151],(Chinese version)[152],(Chinese version)な ど[153], Various events and trade fairs have been canceled or postponed.


It was scheduled to start on March 2020, 3Chinese professional baseball(Taiwan Professional Baseball) opened with no spectators on April 1, about a month behind the countries where the opening cannot be foreseen.[154].

South Korea


  • By the end of March 2020, more than 3 travel agencies (hotels, etc.) and about 100 food-related companies (cafes, taverns, convenience stores, etc.) were closed, and the number of unemployed increased sharply (March 1600-3 unemployment allowance). The number of applications has increased by about 1% compared to the same period of the previous year)[155].


  • South Korea政府Then, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirusKindergartenHas repeatedly announced the postponement of the start of the new semester of elementary, junior high and high schools.Online lessons are also starting in sequence, assuming that the impact will be prolonged.[156][157].


  • Vote counting ended on April 2020, 4, and the ruling party won 16% of the parliamentary fixed number.[158].



submarineProcurement of procurement was postponed and transferred to countermeasures[159].


August 2020, 3,ThailandIn the northeastern prefecture of刑 務 所Inmates destroyed the facilitySet fireA riot broke out and some escaped.Rumors of the spread of the new coronavirus infection are believed to have spread throughout the facility.[160].

Infection control

  • On April 2020, 4, the first infected person was confirmed outside of China, and a cluster occurred in a bar, resulting in more than 27 infected people every day.Current[When?]The number of infected people is remarkableSoutheast AsiaTherefore, the number of infected people tends to be suppressed.On March 3, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocher banned curfew and liquor sales, being wary of a state of emergency, refraining from going out and corporate activities, youth behavior and the Thai New Year celebration mood.It stopped the entry of international flights and restricted the return of its own citizens.In addition, there are 26 million "health workers" who support local health activities, and there is no problem in securing beds and doctors.The agile response of the government and the high level of public awareness of the crisis produced a synergistic effect.The administration will not lift the state of emergency and will gradually loosen regulations from areas with low numbers of infections.On the other hand, there are concerns among the people that the same system as under the military government before the return to civilian rule last year will continue.[161].


  • VietnamThen, in early February 2020, I refused to enter the country from China.airplane,TrainMandatory declaration of health condition[81].
  • Mid-February,ForeignerBanned entry[81].
  • April 4th, to help peopleHanoiAnd so onCompanyA free distributor that produces rice from the tank when a person concerned steps on the pedal has appeared and is called "Rice ATM".[159].


Infection control

  • August 2020, 4,CambodiaThe government declared a state of emergency and passed a bill that would allow movement and assembly bans and tighten media regulations.It also applies to situations other than infectious diseases.Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen dismisses the largest opposition party and establishes a one-party dictatorship because concerns about abuse cannot be wiped out, and it is said that this legislation will accelerate the rule of power.[140].


Infection control

  • August 2020, 4,SingaporeThe number of infected people is the highest in Southeast Asia every day.But,Information technology It was set as a model example in the tracking of infected persons using (IT) and the control of infection by quarantine measures.However, it caused an infection explosion. From March, the dormitory of foreign workers, the company and shops are closed in principle due to the rapid increase of infected people of unknown route.[162].



CNNIn response to the outbreak of an infected person in the building where the Philippine bureau is located, CNN will be broadcast in the Philippines for at least 2020 hours from March 3, 18 to disinfect the inside of the Philippine TV station and the building. Measures were taken to suspend the broadcast temporarily.Also,GMA networkHowever, due to the suspension of public transportation due to the state of emergency, it has become difficult for reporters and other employees to go to work, so it has been announced that the broadcasting of news programs will be temporarily suspended.[163].


  • IndiaBut on the night of March 2020, 3, he announced a three-week blockade, which took place four hours later.GujaratThen there was a clash between police officers and about 500 workers seeking transportation to return home.[164]..Transportation andTricycle taxiAlso stopped.
  • From March 3, restrictions on going out were enforced by blocking the whole country, but police officers were punished by 25th for imposing sanctions such as frog flying on the scene without permission.[165].
  • May 5 Partially relaxed the ban on going out.
  • In India, domestic vaccines and licensed products made by AstraZeneca are manufactured domestically and exported, but inoculation to the people is not progressing due to prioritizing exports and inadequate systems.[166].



United Arab Emirates


  • Of the bicycle road race that started on February 2020, 2UAE TourWas canceled on February 2, leaving two stages after two infected persons were found by the people concerned.[169]..Players and team staff have been quarantined and tested for six more positives, including Russian and Colombian players.Fernando GaviriaWas included[170].
  • March 3Maidan RacecourseWas scheduled to take place inDubai meetingWas canceled.For this raceAlmond eyeEtc. were scheduled to run[171].



  • In publicMASKSDecided to make it mandatory, and imprisoned violators in March or fined 3 dinars (5000 million yen)[172].


  • Since April 2020, 4, the Turkish government has mandated the wearing of masks in public places such as transportation to prevent the spread of infection.After that, the Turkish government announced on April 4 that it would distribute five masks per person per week to citizens who are not subject to the curfew.[173].


  • Israelthe governmentMossad OfSecretaryHas been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the procurement of medical equipment, and Mossad announced that it has procured dozens of ventilators, 10 test kits, and 1000 million medical masks. On TV, a special program closely related to Mossad's headquarters and members was broadcast[174].
  • CremationIs considered blasphemyJudaismThen,Super orthodoxLeader announces view to allow cremation.To European Judaism, "If the government asks, you should accept it. You fought the virus after death.MitzvahIt is considered (religious good deed). "[139].

United Kingdom

  • Following the spread of the 2019 new coronavirus infectionEuropeThen.HandshakeThere is a widespread movement to avoid direct contact.United KingdomとEUTrade negotiations continueブ リ ュ ッ セ ルBut,AFP communicationAccording to the two parties, "they have agreed not to hold their hands to prevent infection".[175].Prince CharlesAlso,CustomThe video was released on March 2020, 3, in which he was about to shake hands with the person he was facing and withdrew his hand to apologize.
  • DomesticpopulationOccupies 85% ofEnglandJuly 2020, 7 in rural areas, in addition to public transport at retail storesMASKSMandatory to wear[176].
  • It was closed due to the influence of the new coronavirusBritish MuseumOpened at 2020:8 am on August 27, 10 for the first time in about five and a half months.English paperThe TimesAccording to the report, more than 1 people visit the museum every year at this time of year, but the number of people is limited to 18,000 or less. And mask must be worn. Policy to gradually increase the number of exhibition rooms that can be viewed after September[177].





  • Three Century 21 Films employees living together in London set their home as a studioGerry Anderson,Sylvia Anderson"1965 production by the coupleThunderbird] Etc.Super MarionationSupermarionation work influenced by the work "Nebula 75』Series was produced[187]..This work is credited as "Super Marionation" and at the same time as "Super Isolation" production.


  • OktoberfestHowever, it was canceled because of the high risk of infection.[188].
  • MASKSIs obligatory to wear in public places[189].
  • August 2020, 3,MerkelThe Prime Minister said, "Under open democracy, we need to ensure the transparency and explanation of the decisions made in politics. We need to be as compelling as possible about our efforts. Explain the rationale, disseminate it, and make it understood. ”(Omitted)” explains the importance of democracy and its form.tv setspeech official[190].
  • Value-added taxFrom 19% to 16%,Reduced tax rateWas reduced from 7% to 5% respectively. Conducted from July 2020 to the end of the year.



  • The Minister of State for Culture made a statement to the effect that "art is essential for life support," and provided artists with a maximum leave allowance of 9,000 euros (about 105 million yen).GermanyPeopleIf not based in GermanyActivitiesIf you have a tax certificate,ForeignerBut as a lump sum, about 50 yen will be instantlyTransfer[192].


  • FranceAt the end of February 2020, Health Minister Belan emphasized that "a little behavior has a protective effect in an epidemic."Called to avoid shaking hands[175].
  • Luxury grocery storeFosionBy June 2020, 6ParisAnnounced that it has filed a rehabilitation procedure with a commercial court for a group company that operates its headquarters and stores in the center.De facto bankruptcy[193].


  • August 2020, 3,Paris OfLouvre MuseumWas closed in a hurry because the staff who feared infection refused to work.[194].


  • HuaweiThen,FlagshipA new product launch of the P series smartphone was scheduled to be held in Paris in late March 2020, but it was announced that it would be canceled in consideration of the impact of the spread of infection.As a proxy, the announcement will be held online on March 3th.[195].


  • Of the bicycle road race that started on February 2020, 3Paris-NiceStarted with 7 teams, 5 less than planned, with 17 of the UCI World Tour teams announcing non-participation[196]..From the 2nd stage, the spectators were restricted from entering at the start and goal points, but on March 3th, the 13th stage (March 8th) with Nice as the goal was canceled and the 3th stage was started. Announced to be final[197].
  • 4 of the monthParis MarathonAlso in OctoberFrench Open,24 Hours of Le MansAlso postponed in September[198].. Scheduled for JulyEvian ChampionshipAlso postponed to August.


  • Paris City and its suburbs Due to the nationwide ban on going out from noon on March 2020, 3, the public transportation network in Paris and the railways near Paris have decreased significantly since March 17, 2020. It was decided to be done.The metro and RER operate only between 3 am and 26 pm, with approximately 6 stations closed due to proper staffing[199].. With the gradual relaxation of the ban on going out after May 5, the operation plan has become normal.From the same day onward, people over the age of 11 are obliged to wear masks when using public transportation.
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA): ANA Haneda Paris flights (NH2020 / NH3) canceled from March 29th to April 4th, 24 (Flights to other cities in Europe Haneda Munich, Narita Dusseldorf, Narita Brussels, Haneda Vienna The same applies. The Haneda Milan flight scheduled for April 215 has also been postponed.[200]).During this period, ANA's European flights were reduced to three flights a week between Haneda London (NH211 / NH212) and Haneda Frankfurt (NH203 / NH204).[201]。4月25日から5月31日までANAヨーロッパ便は羽田ロンドン (NH211/NH212) は週2便、羽田フランクフルト (NH203/NH204) は週3便に減便されて運行され、これら以外の欧州都市との便は運休となった[202].. Since June 6, European flights have been changed to 26 flights a week for Haneda London and 3 flights a week for Haneda Frankfurt.[203].
  • Japan Airlines (JAL): JAL Haneda Paris flights (JL2020 / JL3) have been suspended from March 29th to April 4th, 30 (JAL's European flights have been suspended except for Haneda London (JL045 / JL046) during this period. )[204][205][206].. From May 5st to May 1th, JAL's Haneda London (JL5 / JL30) has been reduced to four flights a week, and all other European routes have been suspended.[207].. From June 6st to June 1th, JAL has changed Haneda London (JL6 / JL30) to operate three times a week.[208].. From July 7st to July 1st, Haneda London (JL7 / JL31) will continue to operate three flights a week, while Haneda Paris (JL043 / JL044) and Narita Frankfurt (JL3 / JL045) will operate two flights a week, respectively. Helsinki (JL046 / JL407) has resumed three new flights a week[209].

Entry into Japan

  • 2020/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Japanese govermentThose who left France after midnight (Japan time) on March 3 by the approval of the Cabinet (Japaneseas well as the Foreigner) Will be quarantined and detained based on Article 34 of the Quarantine Law, and will be requested to wait for 14 days at the place designated by the quarantine station director and to not use public transportation in Japan.[210]..Prior to this, the measures taken against China and South Korea based on the Cabinet approval on March 3 were expanded to European countries and Egypt.
  • 2020/On March 3, the Ministry of Justice of the Government of Japan is subject to immigration refusal based on the Immigration Control Act.RegionAs 21 European countries including France and(I.e.Foreigners who have stayed in these areas within 14 days are subject to immigration denial unless there are special circumstances.[211][212].


Events / festivals


  • Serie APostponed 25 games in 4 verses and 26 games in 6 verses[215].
  • Italy on April 2020, 4RomeFormula E 2019-20 season round 7 rome E-Prix, scheduled to be held in, has decided to postpone.The schedule for the alternative event is undecided at the time of announcement[216].
  • Following the Prime Minister's decree on March 3, bicycle road racingTirreno-Adriatico(March 3-11)Milan-San Remo(March 3st), / Tour of Sicily (April 21-4th), and Coppi e Baltali (March 1th-4th) have been postponed[217].
  • Following the state of emergency declared by the Hungarian government on March 3, it was scheduled to open in Hungary on May 13.Giro de ItalyPostponement was announced[218].

No going out

  • The fine was raised to 2020 in late March 3, reducing the number of violators from about 3,000 every day to about 1, but about 1,500 were caught on the weekend in early April. [219].
  • Italy by April 4Prime Minister ContéWill resume the suspended manufacturing and construction industries from May 5, and will gradually relax the restrictions.Restrictions cannot be extended for social or economic reasons.School is expected to reopen in September[81].
  • As of April 2020, if an infected person is hospitalized and dies, the family will never be able to see the face again.With strict restrictions on going out and prohibition of meetingsFuneralWas also banned[139].
  • MASKSMandatory wearing in public places[189].


On May 5, an agricultural organization revealed that about 11 children received food aid on Mother's Day.[110].


  • Basic incomeThe monthly income security for an adult living alone is 1 euros (about 462 yen), and the monthly income security for a household is 55,000 euros (about 1,015 yen). It will be provided to about 120,000 households from July 2020.


  • From January 2020th to March 2th, 24,Spain OfBarcelonaThe international trade fair for mobile technology, which was scheduled to be held atMobile World Congress The event itself was canceled for 2020 (MWC2020) because many companies planning to exhibit have announced that they will cancel the exhibition.[220].. More than 2400 companies gatheredSmartphoneSuch asSmart device,5rd generation mobile communication system Communication-related technologies such as (5G) were scheduled to be announced by each company, but holding of original events, postponement of announcement,YouTubeIt is supposed to correspond in the announcement above[221][222][223].

No going out

  • No going out on March 2020, 3.
  • On April 4, children under the age of 26 were allowed to go out within 14 km of their home for 1 hour a day, with their parents not allowed to play with other children.[224].
  • People gatherfuneralAlso prohibited.The government called for "the funeral to be postponed until it converges"[139].



  • FinnairSuspended approximately 2020 flights in Europe in April 4, changed routes or downsized aircraft, reducing seat availability by more than 2,400%[225][226]..In addition, from March to April, we will suspend or reduce flights to Asia, and negotiate a temporary layoff for all employees for two weeks from March 3, 4, and all of them will be eligible for cooperative wrestling. Temporary layoffs for employees for 2020 days from 3th of the same month[227].


  • Nobel PrizeThe Nobel Foundation, the governing body of the Nobel Foundation, will hold a banquet after the award ceremony on December 2020, 12 in Sweden.2019 New CoronavirusIt was revealed that it will be canceled due to the influence of.The award ceremony is expected to be different from the usual year.The reason for canceling the banquet is that many people are crowded and some people cannot travel to Sweden.[228].


  • Kindergartens and basic schools (equivalent to Japanese elementary and junior high schools) did not consistently close nationwide, while high schools, universities, and adult education institutions switched to distance learning from the beginning.Some high schools provide lunch even in distance classes, and some local governments provide lunch.[229].. On September 2021, 9, all regulations were lifted.


  • From mid-March 2020, Austria implemented restrictions on going out and closing stores other than daily necessities.After that, the number of newly infected people continued to decrease and the number of recovered people continued to increase, and it was judged that it would be possible to alleviate the infection while paying close attention to the infection situation.Sebastian KurzThe Prime Minister announced on April 4th and 6th that various restrictions will be gradually relaxed.[230].
  • Vienna Boys ChoirThe performance has been canceled one after another, and the chorus is being maintained with donations from fans.[231].
  • Vienna Philharmonic OrchestraBut on November 2020, 11,Japan OfKitakyushu Soleil HallPerformed at.InvitedSuntory HallAccording to overseas, in MarchGermanysince[232].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

South Africa

  • On April 2020, 4, the president announced that he had been banned from going out except for shopping at supermarkets from the end of March, but will gradually lift restrictions on economic activities.[233].


  • On April 2020, 4, the president announced that the restrictions would be lifted.[233].


  • Curfew and intercity movement prohibited[233].

The United States of America


Up to $ 75,000 per adult (and $ 825 for a family of four) to all citizens with an annual income of $ 1 or less[234].


Game industry
Technology industry
  • Donate product sales to coronavirus countermeasures, face shields,N95 maskDonated and released its own face shield CAD[241]
  • PandemicThird-quarter results were $ 3 million, up 596% year-on-year.This was a record high for the April-June quarter, well above Wall Street's average forecast of $ 8,500 billion.[242].
  • Eight Apple TV + titles released for free[243].
  • Held on June 2020-6, 22 (local time)WWDC(World Developers Conference)Apple ParkA free keynote and developer section was held online using the pre-taken footage from[244].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,FacebookAnnounced the cancellation of its developer conference "F8".
The Amazon
  • From March 3th to April 9th, some of the children's content was distributed free of charge.
  • 2020å¹´1月 - 3月期決算は、売上高が前年同期比26%増の754億5200万ドル(約8兆900億円)だった。売上高は1 - 3月期として過去最高を更新した。[245]
Aviation industry

United States aviation industry "(English edition)Is seeking $ 500 billion for group passenger airlines and $ 80 billion for cargo airlines, for a total of $ 580 billion.Playing cardsPresidentIs considering providing about $ 500 billion to airlines in the United States.If realized, 2001Since the terrorist attacks on the United StatesTo support[246][247].

Food service / entertainment industry


Health / health related

  • Announced in late MarchMassachusetts Institute of Technology A (MIT) study found that tiny droplets fly 6 meters (m) for coughing and 8 meters for sneezing. Infection may not be completely prevented at a distance of 1-2 m. The end of MarchUS Centers for Disease Control (CDC) executives said in an interview on US public radio that 25% of infected people revealed asymptomatic findings and the need to wear masks widely.Washington PostAccording to the (electronic version), the CDC is alreadyWhite HouseSuggestions to.An infectious disease expert at the National Academy of Sciences reported on April 4 that the virus can spread not only by coughing and sneezing, but also by talking and breathing. April 1,New York CityThe mayor also appealed for wearing "things that cover his face" when he went out.A trade union of New York City prison officials has sued the city for "being in an unreasonably dangerous working environment due to lack of adequate masks and disinfectants."City of Los AngelesAlso urged citizens to wear non-medical masks in public[189].
  • President TrumpAfter mentioning an internal injection of disinfectant as a treatment for coronavirus at a press conferenceニ ュ ー ヨ ー クThere were 18 consultations at the city counter in 30 hours, more than double the number of consultations for domestic accidents caused by chemical substances.[81]..It was pointed out that this treatment was incorrect.
  • On July 2020, 7, President Trump refusedMASKSFor the first time, he was shown publicly and photographed[258].
  • August 2020, 11,Joe Biden"The new Corona is a crisis that affects everyone," he said in a speech.Asked all citizens to wear masks, regardless of political position, to prevent infection[259].

Religious world


Cirque du SoleilHowever, on June 2020, 6, it is basedQuebecAnnounced that it has entered into bankruptcy proceedings after applying for the application of the Corporate Creditors Adjustment Law to the court.Aim for business revitalization through corporate reorganization procedures.According to the announcement, the plan is to hold a major US investment fundTPGAnd Chinese corporate groupsFosun InternationalEtc. will underwrite all assets including liabilities and invest a total of 3 million dollars (about 320 billion yen) necessary for business revitalization.Dismissed 3480 members due to bankruptcy proceedings[262].



Air CanadaAs of March 2020, 3, will gradually reduce flights by the 19st of the same month.International flights will only operate to Tokyo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Delhi and Hong Kong from April 31st to 4th, and the number of airports will be reduced from 1 to 30 by 101%. ..US flights reduced to New York / LaGuardia, New York / Newark, Boston, Washington / Dulles, Washington / Reagan, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.Reduced flights on domestic flights[264][265].


  • BolsonaroWhile criticized that the president's response is behind,Rio de Janeiro OfFavelaAnd as none of the officials take the problem seriouslygangHas activated a ban on going out.Residents testified that there are strict regulations such as curfew[266].
  • April 4th in major citiesMASKSMandatory.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,ManausThe mayor of the city has released a video that directly talks to the prime ministers of 21 countries.State of Sao Paulo"The president has made a number of mistakes, and all the governors have been able to unite," said Doria.[267].



New Zealand


Air New ZealandReduced long-haul international flights by 2020% and domestic flights by 3% in the coming months since March 85.The Tasman and Pacific Islands routes are scheduled to be significantly reduced from April to June.For Japan routesAuckland - NaritaFlights from March 3th to June 30th,KansaiThe flight will be suspended from the same day to the 4th of the following month.Same countryContinue to operate with the minimum number of flights for nationality holders to return home and maintain foreign trade routes.Board cuts compensation by 15% by end of year as part of cost savings[269][270].

Internet culture

4chan,RedditEtc,New coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Moe personificationWas doneInternet memeof"Corona-chan (Corona-chan) "has appeared[271][272].

Around January 2020, 1, Taiwan's largest Internet bulletin board "Criticism (PTT) ”has a new board“ nCoV2019 signboard ”dedicated to the new corona[273], January 1th, USAJohns Hopkins UniversityTraditional Chinese localized version of the infection map by PTT was shared within PTT[274](PTT[275], Traditional Chinese map[276]). In PTT, the infection situation of Wuhan that was circulating on the Chinese side as of December 2019, 12 was reprinted.Disease Control AgencyInformation was shared with the upper management of the station by the staff of (Taiwan CDC), which was an opportunity for the government to start early.[277].

Around March 2020, 3, Japanchannel 5But a special board "covid19" was newly established[278].

2020 year 4 month,WHOexecutive directorTedros Adanom TaiwanHe argued that his criticism on the Internet was a systematic attack and discrimination, so he responded with humor to the curse.Ke Wenzhe(Mayor of Taipei)[279], "#ThisAttackComesFromTaiwan" on SNS regardless of public or privatehashtagAlong with, there were a series of events that were posted with landscapes and gourmet photos.[280][281].

2020 year 4 month,ThailandPopular actorsBrightとInstagram grammarFriend womanTwitterでHong KongThat the image that was classified as a nation was "liked"Chugoku OfNet armyWas criticized and controversial arose.They once said "Chinese peopleIn the comment to his post "Poine", "TaiwaneseThat's why I replied to the Chinese network armyTaiwan IndependenceThe feelings towards China are getting worse because of being cursed, and Instagrammer's friend womanNew coronavirusToWuhan pneumonia", And provoked the Chinese network army.After that, the hashtag "#nnevvy" using the account of a female friend of InstagrammerFacebookAnd Twitter, and manyThaiInternet users demand an apology to China, the origin of the new coronavirus, and both are uniqueBlack teaHong Kong and Taiwan with culture in ThailandMilk tea allianceAsAnti-china postureI responded by posting an illustration showing[282][283]. But,Embassy of the People's Republic of China in ThailandOn FacebookOne chinaThe principle of "" was expressed and the situation was calmed down, which fueled the fire, and criticism comments by Taiwanese net users continued, expanding to the development of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand VS China's network army.[284].


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