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📢 | Launch of "Growing Denim Bed" with your dog Using organic cotton, denim production area ...


Launched "Growing Denim Bed" with your dog Using organic cotton, denim production area ...

If you write the contents roughly
I was asked so often that I chose a fictitious and suitable dog breed called "Great Silver DeLorean".

A corporation that sells "dog beds that do not wear out even after 2 years" using about twice as much batting as general dog beds ... → Continue reading


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List of dog breeds

List of dog breeds(Inu no Hinshu Ichiran)dog OfVarietyIt is a list of (dog species).All dogs (ye dogs)オ オ カ ミ Canis lupus Is a variant of Canis lupus familiaris Belongs to (in the old classification, speciescanis familiaris Was supposed to be).Therefore, the various dog breeds (breeds) produced by humans are all in the lower classification hierarchy than the subspecies within the subspecies (or species) called Yeinu.VariantIt's just that.However, the traits and diversity among dog species are remarkable, which is unprecedented for the same subspecies.Including native and extinct dog breeds from different parts of the world, the number of dog breeds is said to be about 700-800 or even thousands.In the old classification, which regards domestic dogs as a species independent of wolves rather than subspecies, each breed was a subspecies.

Some breeds of dogs maintain and strengthen their fixed appearance and characteristics across generations.BreederThe "dog breed standard" (standard) is set by dog ​​lovers, dog breed clubs, etc.Breeding proceeds to the standard and is issued to prove this.Breeds may also differentiate as different breeders and clubs enhance certain qualities.In addition, the existing breed is intentionallyCrossIt is also popular to create new breeds of dogs.Some of these "breeds" are small enough to be claimed by some breeders, clubs and distributors, but once a certain number of dogs are established and the breed is established, they vary.Dog groupSome can gain authority by applying for registration and being certified.The registered dog breeds, their standards, classifications, etc. differ depending on the organization, but as of January 2015, for example,International Federation of Dogs(Fédération Cynologique Internationale, abbreviation: FCI) officially recognizes 343 dog breeds and divides them into 10 groups according to their survival purpose and morphology.JapaneseJapan Kennel Club (JKC) officially recognizes and registers 194 dog breeds out of FCI official dog breeds, and the classification is also in line with FCI, but some major Kennel clubs such as Europe, the United States, Australia, etc. have their own classification. Many, for exampleAmerican Kennel ClubThen, it is divided into 7 groups.In some cases, almost the same breed of dog is registered under a different name by the organization due to historical reasons (American Pit Bull TerrierAmerican Staffordshire Terrieretc).

Classification of dog breeds (International Federation of Dogs and Dogs)

International Federation of DogsandJapan Kennel ClubClassifies registered dog breeds in group sections as follows:

  1. Shepherd dog・ Herding dog
    1. Sheepdog
    2. Cattle dog
  2. Working dog
    1. &Schnauzer
    2. Swiss Mountain Dog & Swiss Cattle Dog
  3. Terrier
    1. Large / medium size
    2. Small
    3. Bull type
    4. toy
  4. Dachshund
  5. Primitive dogSpitz
    1. Sled dog
    2. Nordic hunting spitz dog
    3. Nordic Harding Dog and Farm Dog
    4. European Spitz
    5. Asian Spitz and related species
    6. Primitive dog
    7. Primitive dog- Hunting dog
    8. Primitive Dogs-Ridgeback Hounds
  6. Smell hound
    1. Smell hound
    2. Leash Hound
    3. Related species
  7. pointer-Setter
    1. Continent species
    2. British / Irish species
  8. Retriever,Spaniel, Water dog (bird hunting dog other than 7G)
    1. Retriever
    2. Flushing dog
    3. Water dog
    1. class
    2. poodle
    3. Belgian small dog
    4. Hairless
    5. Tibetan species
    6. English toy spaniel
    7. -Pekingese
    8. Small Morussian species
    9. チ ワ ワ
    10. Continental Toy Spaniel & Russian Toy
    11. Kromfohrlender
  9. Visual hound
    1. Long hair / tufted hair
    2. Rough hair
    3. Shorthair

In addition, there are the following other concepts that include multiple breeds of dogs.


Below are the breeds and dogs listed in the Japanese version of Wikipedia.The International Federation of Dogs and DogsmainDog groupList the breeds that are certified as.The name isJapan Kennel ClubAs a general rule, those registered inInternational Federation of DogsThe breeds registered in (FCI) show their classification and registration number (the breakdown of the classification isClassification by #FCIreference).For reference, the presence or absence of registration with the Japan Kennel Club is noted.As an index in alphabetical orderCategory: Breeds of dogsSee also

Dog breed原産 地International Federation of Dogs[1]JKCRegistrationimage
Arkansaw Giant BulldogThe United States of America
Icelandic Sheepdogアイス ランド5G-3289Ulfur.jpg
Irish Water SpanielIreland8G-3124Irlandzki spaniel wodny 676.jpg
Irish Wolfhound10G-2160Irish Wolfhound Sam.jpg
Irish Collie
Irish setter7G-2120Can Setter dog GFDL.jpg
Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier3G-1040Dog2wheaten.jpg
Irish terrier3G-1139
Irish Red and White Setter7G-2330Irish Red And White Setter 2005.jpg
BowserTurkeyTurkish akbash.jpg
Azawakh(I.e.10G-3307Azawakh-Red male black mantle.jpg
Appenzeller Quatre DogSwitzerland2G-3046Appenzeller czerń 045.jpg
Anatolian Shepherd DogTurkey2G-2331Anatolian 589.jpg
Anatolian MastiffTurkey
Ahaskler setterIreland
Aberdeen TerrierEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Afghan Houndアフガニスタン10G-1228Afghan Hound.jpg
Afghan mastiff
AfricanisSouth Africa
African hairless dog
American AkitaJapan/The United States of America5G-5344American akita.jpg
American AlsatianThe United States of America
American Water Spaniel8G-3301Chien d'eau americain champion 1.JPG
American Eskimo DogGermanyAmerican Eskimo Dog.jpg
American cocker spanielThe United States of America8G-2167American Cocker in Tallinn 2.JPG
American staghound
American Staffordshire Terrier3G-3286Amerykański staford 222.jpg
American Tundra Shepherd
American Pit Bull TerrierAmerican Pit Bull Terrier --Seated.jpg
American foxhound6G-1303AmericanFoxhound2.jpg
American Blue Gascon Hound
(English editionSaylor's Doc Holliday.jpg
American hairless terrier3GTagnonPond9-6-03.jpg
(English editionSpain1GAlano-espanol-0003.jpg
Alaskan Klee KaiThe United States of AmericaWOWAKK-Kukai-Alaskan-Klee-Kai.jpg
Alaskan Husky
Alaskan Malamute5G-1243Alaskanmalamute0b.jpg
Ariège PointerFrance7G-1177Pointer of Ariege from 1915.JPG
Ariegeois6G-1020Gończy 059.jpg
Argentine pila dogArgentine
Altman White English BulldogThe United States of America
(English editionFrance6G-1028Artois from 1915.JPG
Albanian wolfdogアルバニアextinction
Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogThe United States of America
Albian Kunuk DogAntilles
(English editionAustria6G-2254Alpejski gończy krótkonożny g99.jpg
Awa dogJapan
Angle Sea SetterEnglandextinction
Anglo-Spanish GreyhoundSpain
(English editionFrance6G-1325Anglo-Français de petite vénerie.jpg
Andalusian mouse hunting terrierSpain3GRatonero Bodeguero Andaluz.jpg
East Siberian LaikaRussia5G-2305East Siberian Laika.jpg
East European ShepherdOwczarek wschodnioeuropejski MB 01.jpg
Istrian Coarse Haired HoundCroatia6G-1152Istrian hound2.jpg
Istrian Smoothhaired Hound6G-1151Istrische Bracke.jpg
Italian spinoneItaly7G-1165Spinone italiano Oliver.jpg
Italian Greyhound10G-3200Italian Greyhound standing gray.jpg
Italian corso dog2G-2343Cane corso temi 2 1024x768x24.png
Italian pardog
(English editionSpain5G-7089Podenco z ibizy 645.jpg
Iwate dogJapan
English Water SpanielEnglandextinctionEnglish Water Spaniel.jpg
English CoonhoundThe United States of AmericaEnglish Coonhound.jpg
English Cocker SpanielEngland8G-2005EnglishCockerSpaniel wb.jpg
English shepherd dogThe United States of AmericaTricolorEnglishShepherdDog.jpg
English stag houndEngland
English Springer Spaniel8G-2125English-Springer-Spaniel show.jpg
English setter7G-2002EnglishSetter9 fx wb.jpg
English Bandog
English Foxhound6G-1159English Foxhound portrait.jpg
English pointer(pointer7G-2001English pointer.jpg
Indian tailless dogThe United States of America
Indian husky
Valley BulldogCanada
WhippetEngland10G-3162WhippetWhiteSaddled wb.jpg
West Country Harrier
West greenland dogGreenlandextinction
West Siberian LaikaRussia5G-2306West Siberian Laika.jpg
West Highland White TerrierEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu3G-2085West Highland White Terrier Krakow.jpg
Westphalian DachsbruckeGermany6G-1100Westfälische Dachsbracke.jpg
Frisian water dog Netherlands8G-3221Fryzyjski pies wodny u68.jpg
Welsh Corgi CardiganWales1G-1038Cardigan Welsh Corgi 600.jpg
Welsh Corgi Pembroke1G-1039Pembroke Welsh Corgi 600.jpg
Welsh Sheepdog1G-1Welsh Sheepdog.jpg
(English edition8G-2126Welsh Springer Spaniel 1.jpg
Welsh Terrier3G-1078Welch Terrier on sand --2007.png
Welsh Hillman
Welsh Foxhound
Welsh Black and Tan Sheepdog
Welsh Blue Gray
Volpino ItalianoItaly5G-4195Volpino04.jpg
Airedale terrier3G-1007Airedale Terrier.jpg
Ecuadorian hairless dogEcuador
Armant SheepdogEgyptArmant dog, with some orange stuff and trees in background.jpg
Egyptian hairless dog
Eskimo dogCanadaSpoonsced.jpg
Estonian HoundエストニアGończy estoński MB 01.jpg
Estrela Mountain DogPortugal2G-2173Estrela Mountain Dog 6 month old male.jpg
Entlebucher Quatre DogSwitzerland2G-3047Elio v Schaerlig im Juni 2007 klein.jpg
Auvergne pointerFrance7G-1180Braque d Auvergne.jpg
Australian cattle dogAustralia1G-2287ACD-blue-spud.jpg
Australian Kelpie1G-1293Hilu the Australian Kelpie dog.jpg
Australian ShepherdThe United States of America1G-1342Redtriaussie01.jpg
Australian Silky TerrierAustralia3G-4236Silkyterrier125.jpg
Australian Stampy Tail Quatre Dog1G-2351 provisionalAustralian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.jpg
Australian terrier3G-2008Australian Terrier 002 U.jpg
Australian Barb
Australian Bulldog
Austrian Short Haired Pinscher2G-1064Pinczer austiacki 678.jpg
Austrian Black and Tan Hound6G-1063Brandlbracke.JPG
Olde English BulldogThe United States of AmericaUKC Olde English Bulldogge Male.jpg
Old English SheepdogEngland1G-1016Old english sheepdog Ch Bobbyclown's Dare for More.jpg
Old English Spanielextinction
Old English Bulldogextinction
Old Welsh GrayWales
Old German Shepherd DogGermanyAltdeutscher Schaeferhund cropped.jpg
Old Spanish PointerSpain
(English editionDenmark7G-1281Wyżeł duński 123.jpg
Old Croatian SighthoundEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu


Aurora HuskyThe United States of America
OtterhoundEngland6G-2294Two otterhounds.jpg
Oriental Shar PeiThe United States of America
Original Cajun Squirrel Dog
Original mountain carMountainCur.jpg
Ca de BouSpain2G-2249Ca de bou dog.jpg
Kane di MachelioItalyextinction
Carland Houndラトビア
Curly Coated RetrieverEngland8G-1110Curly Coated Retriever.jpg
Kaikadi dogIndia
Khao de Castro LaboreiroPortugal2G-2170Cao de castro laboreiro.jpg
Cao de Fira de San Miguel2G-2340Caofila.jpg
Kagsha dogThe United States of America
Bakharwal dogIndia/Pakistan
Braque françaisFrance7G-1133
Catahoula Leopard DogThe United States of America1G
Catalan SheepdogSpain1G-1087Gos d'Atura Català.JPG
Canaan dogmiddle east/Israel5G-6273CanaanDog3.jpg
Canadian Eskimo DogCanada5G-1211 → 274
Canadian car
Canis PantherThe United States of America
Camu Car
Karakachan dogBulgariaKarakatschan.jpg
Galapagos dogGalapagos Islands
Karafuta dogJapan
Kars dogTurkey
Karst ShepherdSlovenia2G-2278Owczarek kraski 654.jpg
Carpathian Shepherd Dogルーマニア1G-1350 provisionalCarpatin.jpg
Karelian Bear DogFinland5G-2048Karelski pies na niedź wiedzie 123.jpg
Carrero-Finish LeicaRussia
Carolina dogThe United States of AmericaAmerican Dingo aka Carolina Dog1.jpg
Kawakami dogJapan
Kangal dogTurkey2GVarish.jpg
Kangaroo dogAustralia
Cumberland SheepdogEnglandextinction
Kyi-LeoThe United States of AmericaKyiLeoGus.jpg
Keeshond Netherlands-Germany5G-4097aKeeshond Majic standing cropped.jpg
Kibble HoundEngland
Cyprus PoodleCyprus
Cavalier King Charles SpanielEngland9G-6136Miss Betty.jpg
Caravan HoundIndia
Cuban Quatre DogCuba
Cuban MastiffextinctionDogoCubano2.jpg
King shepherdThe United States of AmericaSabreKingShepherd.JPG
King Charles SpanielEngland9G-6128King Charles Spaniel 200.jpg
Kings White HoundFranceextinction
Kintamani dogIndonesiaKintamani dog black.jpg
ClickScotland / Ireland
KuvaszHungary1G-1054Kuvasz Prince Juninho Poster.jpg
Good Enough Island Native Dogパ ュ ュ ニ ニ
Paisley TerrierEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euextinctionPaisley1903.jpg
Klamath Indian DogThe United States of America
Clallam Indian Dog
(English editionFrance6G-2322Grand anglo francais tricol.jpg
(English edition32406101298 Grand anglo francais orange.jpg
(English edition323Grand anglo francais noir.jpg
Gran Gascon Saintongeois6G-1021Virelade from 1915.JPG
Grand griffon vendane282Rosa Bonheur Grand Griffon Vendeen.jpg
Grand Basset Griffon Bandane033G Basset Griffon Vendeen 600.jpg
Great Gascony Blue de Gascony022Grand Bleu de Gascogne in a blue dogcollar.jpg
Clumber SpanielEngland8G-2109Clumber spaniel 767.jpg
ChestnutNew ZealandextinctionChiefsWithKuri1828.jpg
Greek harehoundGreece6G-1214Hellinikos Ichnilatis.jpg
Greek Shepherd
Grecian Greyhound
Greenland dogGreenland5G-1274Greenland Dog.jpg
Griffon NivernaiFrance6G-1017Griffon nivernais.jpg
(English edition06608115500 Griffon Fauve Bretagne.jpg
Griffon Bleu de Gascogne03204031124 Griffon Bleu de Gascogne.jpg
(English editionジ ョ ー ジ ジ2GGeorgia Shepherd.jpg
Greater swiss mountain dogSwitzerland2G-3058Duży szwajcarski pies pasterski 72.jpg
Great daneGermany2G-2235Kehleyr1.jpg
Great pyreneesFrance-Spain137Pyreneittenkoira.jpg
Cretan HoundGreeceKritikosichnilatis 1.jpg
Gredin SpanielEnglandextinction
Glen of Immar TerrierIreland3G-1302Wheaten glen of imaal.jpg
Croatian sheepdogCroatia1G-1277Gera062005sed.jpg
KromfohrlenderGermany9G-11192Kromfohrlaender glatt.jpg
Kunming WolfdogChugokuKunming Dog.jpg
Cairn TerrierEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu3G-2004Cairn-Terrier-Garten1.jpg
Chemer Stock Mountain CarThe United States of America
Kerry BeagleIrelandKerry Beagle from 1915.JPG
Kerry blue terrier3G-1003Kerry blue terier 545.jpg
Kentucky shell heap dogThe United States of America
Takayasu dogJapanextinction
Kooikerhondje Netherlands8G-2314Kooiker03.jpg
Caucasian Shepherdジ ョ ー ジ ジ-アルメニア-アゼルバイジャン2G-2328CaucasianOvcharka-Julius.jpg
Gordon SetterEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu7G-2006Orrvilas enska w800px.jpg
Golden Retriever8G-1111Golden Retriever standing Tucker.jpg
Koshikiyama InuJapan
Yue's dogextinction
CockapooThe United States of America
Lapponian ShepherdFinlandextinction
Coton de TulearEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu9G-1283Coton de Tular 1.jpg
Coton de Reunionレ ユ ニ オ ン
Coney dog英国
Common Indian dogNorth American continent
KomondorHungary1G-1053Komondor delvin.jpg
Korea Jimdo Dog South Korea5G-5334Korean Jindo Dog.jpg
Colima DogMexicoextinction
Cordoba dogArgentineextinctionCordoba profile.jpg
Gonzi PolskyPoland6G-1354 provisionalPolishScenthound-"NUTKA Klusujaca Sfora wl A.Balcerzak.jpg
Circasian Orlov WolfhoundRussia
Saarlooswolfdog Netherlands-Germany1G-1311Bow bow.jpg
Seiden SpitzGermany
South Russian Ovchard DogRussia1G-1326South Russian Ovcharka.jpg
Southern Hound英国extinctionSouthern Hound.jpg
Sussex SpanielEngland8G-2127Sussex spaniel t43.jpg
Satsuma dogJapan
Sapsali dog South KoreaSapsali.jpg
Savoie sheepdogFrance
SamoyedRussia5G-1212Samoyed 600.jpg
Monkey tipEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
SalukiMiddle East10G-1269Saluki dog breed.jpg
Saint-Germain PointerFrance7G-1115Braque saint-germain 666.jpg
Sanin Shiba InuJapan
Zanzibar GreyhoundZanzibar
Sandton Joie HoundFrance
Shih TzuChugoku9G-5208Shih-Tzu.JPG
Searidale TerrierSouth Africa
Sealyham TerrierWales3G-2074SealyhamTerrier2.jpg
Shetland sheepdogEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1G-1088Shetland Sheepdog 600.jpg
Shencotta DogIndia
Shikari dog
Ten stone dogs
Shiba5G-5257Taka Shiba.jpg
Siberian huskyRussia5G-1270Siberian-husky.jpg
Cimaron UruguayoEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu2G-2353 provisionalBoqueron de Quilligan.JPG
Shar PeiChugoku309BandWSharPei.JPG
Bottom Dog
Schapendoes Netherlands3G-1313Nederlandse-schapendoes-02.jpg
German Sheep PoodleGermany
German shepherd dog1G-1166Berger allemand en montagne.jpg
German Shorthaired Pointer7G-1119Duitse staande korthaar 10-10-2.jpg
German spaniel8G-2104Deutscher Wachtel 2.jpg
German Spitz5G-4097Un chien Spitz allemand.jpg
German Hound6G-1299DeutscheBracke.jpg
German hunting terrier3G-1103Jagdterrier.jpg
German Pinscher2G-1184German Pinscher.JPG
German Broken Haired Pointer7G-123203030288 Deutsch Stichelhaa.jpg
German longhaired pointer117DeutschLanghaarneu.jpg
German Wirehaired Pointer098GermanWirehrPtr1 wb.jpg
Shiloh ShepherdThe United States of AmericaPlushcoatshilohshepherd.jpg
Jack Russell Terrier英国 (England)3G-2345Jrt02.jpg
SarplaninacEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-(I.e.2G-2041Шарпланинецот од Св.Јован Бигорски.jpg
Charles X Pointer
Chan Francais TricolorFrance6G-1219MeuteBourbansais.jpg
(English edition316
(English edition220
Schwyz HoundSwitzerland059b
Chongqing dogChugokuChinese Chongqing Dog Hündin.jpg
Stabyhoun Netherlands7G-1222Frisianstaby.jpg
Giant Schnauzer181GiantSchnauzer.jpg
Standard Schnauzer182Emppumenossa.jpg
Miniature schnauzer183Miniature Schnauzer 02.jpg
Julai Hound
Shropshre Terrier
Jomon dogJapan
Short Coated Catalan Sheepdog
Shorthaired VizslaHungary7G-1057Vizsla.jpg
Short legged Indian dog
Mexican Hairless DogMexico5G-6234Mexico.Xoloitzcuintle.01.jpg
Schiller houndSweden6G-1131Schillerstövare bearbeitet.jpg
Silken WindhoundThe United States of AmericaFallon the Silken Windhound.jpg
Shilluk Greyhound
Bully KuttaPakistanPakistaniMastiffPunjab.jpg
Sinhala HoundSri Lanka
Schweizer LaufhunSwitzerland6G-1059Swiss Hound.jpg
Sioux dog
Swinford Bandog
Swedish VallhundSweden5G-3014SwedishVallhundAgility wb.jpg
Swedish Elk Hound5G-2042Jämthund.jpg
Swedish White Elkhound
Swedish lapphund5G-3135Svensk lapphund.JPG
Surio Dog
Skye terrier英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)3G-2075Skye terrier 800.jpg
SchipperkeBelgium1G-1083Schipperke gismo 12.jpg
Scottish terrier英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)3G-2073ScottishTerrier.jpg
Staffordshire Bull Terrier英国 (England)3G-3076Staffordshire Bull Terrier 600.jpg
Stephens Stock Mountain CarThe United States of AmericaStephens Cur.jpg
Step borzoi
Stratus Doon Dingo Killer
Spanish water dogSpain8G-3336Perro agua.jpg
Spanish Greyhound10G-3285Galgo espagnol Hembra.jpg.jpg
Spanish Mastiff2G-2091Mastif hiszpanski pl.jpg
Sparta Sheepdog
Chortaiウクライナ-RussiaSouthern partベ ラ ル ー シHortaya Borzaya.jpg
Smithfield cattle dog
Smooth collie英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)1G-1296SmoothCollieTri2 wb.jpg
Smooth fox terrier英国 (England)3G-1012Patrick the Smooth Fox Terrier.jpg
Smaland HoundSweden6G-1129Smaland-Stövare.jpg
Small Greek Domestic DogGreeceSmallGreekDomesticDog.jpg
Small Swiss HoundSwitzerland6G-106008115491 Schwyzer Niederlaufhund.jpg
Small Spanish Hound
Small MünsterlenderGermany7G-1102Kleiner Munsterlander edit.jpg
Sulimov dog
Sloughiモロッコ10G-3188Sloughi sandcolor.jpg
Slovak CuvacEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1G-1142Cuvac 1.jpg
Slovak Rough Pointer7G-1320ICh Brita z Ruzenice.jpg
Ceylon Hairless Dog
Segugio ItalianoItaly6G-1Segugioitalianopelorasofulvo.JPG
Segugio Italiano a Pero Forte198
Segugio Italiano a Pero Laso337
Berger du Languedoc1G-1extinction
(English editionEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu6G-1229Srpski Trobojni Gonic.gif
(English edition150Serbian Hound Face.JPG
St. John's Water DogCanadaextinctionSt Johns dog.jpg
St domingo dog
St BernardItaly-Switzerland2G-2061Stbernardinsnow.jpg
St. Hubert
St. Hubert Jura HoundSwitzerlandextinction
Central Asian Shepherd DogRussia2G-2335Centralasianovcharka.jpg
St. Louis Gray DogFranceextinctionGris De Saint-Louis from 1915.JPG
Zoneberg Fist
Tahltan Bear DogCanadaextinctionTahltan Bear Dog sketch2.jpg
(English editionThailand5G-5358 provisional
Thai ridgeback dog5G-7338Thai-Ridgeback.jpg
Taiganキ ル ギ ス タ ンTaigan.jpg
Daito dog
(English editionTaiwan5G-7348 provisionalFormosan nina.jpg
Dutch shepherd Netherlands1G-1223Hollandse herder ruwhaar.jpg
Dutch Smoushond2G-1308Hollandsche smoushonden 2.JPG
Dutch Partridge Dog7G-1224Drentse Patrijshond.jpg
Tatra Shepherd DogPoland1G-1252Polski Owczarek Podhalanski.jpg
Danish Bassett
Double-nosed Andian Tiger Hound
Tamaskan husky Tamaskan dogFinlandTamaskan.jpg
Dalbo dog
Talbot hound英国-Belgium-Franceextinction
Tarma Hunting Dog
ダ ル メ シ ア ンCroatia6G-3153Dalmatian liver stacked.jpg
Dungari dog
Danish-Swedsk GoalfundDenmark-Sweden2G-1356 provisionalDanish Swedish Farmdog.jpg
Dandie Dinmont Terrier英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)3G-2168Dandie Dinmont Terrier 600.jpg
Czechoslovakian wolfdogCzechoslovakia1G-1332TWH-jolly.JPG
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverThe United States of America8G-1263CH Chesapeake.jpg
Chesha Terrier
Jeju dog
Cesky terrierCzech Republic3G-2246Cesky-Terier.jpg
Cesky Forsec7G-1245Czeski fousek 777.jpg
Chesky Wirehaired Pointing Gryphon
Chippiparai HoundIndiaFemale Chippiparai sitting.jpg
Chinook (breed)The United States of AmericaMountan Laurel Ajax the Chinook dog.jpg
Tibetan Kyi Apso
Tibetan Corps Dog
Tibetan spanielTibet9G-5231Tibetansk spaniel.jpg
Tibetan terrier209Tibetan-terrier-Blue-Blossom-Guldborg-Denmark.jpg
Tibetan Hound
Tibetan MastiffTibet2G-2230
Chinese Crested DogChugoku9G-4288IndyStands.jpg
Chinese Imperial DogChinese Imperial Dog.jpg
Chinese Who Dog
Chinese hairless dog
Chow ChowChugoku5G-5205ChowChow2Szczecin.jpg
Chilean terrierチリFox terrier chileno.JPG
Cirneco del EtnaItaly5G-7199Cirneco dell Etna 611.jpg
チ ワ ワMexico9G-9218Chihuahua1 bvdb.jpg
Japan9G-7206Czin japoński 554.jpg
Tweed Water Spaniel英国extinctionTweed Water Spaniel.jpg
Tsugaru dog
Treeing Walker CoonhoundThe United States of AmericaTreeing-walker-coonhound-standing.jpg
Treeing cur
Treeing Tennessee BrindleSienna TTBD.jpg
Deerhound英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)10G-2164Deerhound. F's K.jpg
Timmons Biter
Tyrolean HoundAustria6G-1068Tiroler Bracke.jpg
Dinka Greyhound
Timber wolf dog
Broholmer Danish Broholmer
Texas Heeler
Teddy Roosevelt TerrierThe United States of AmericaTeddyterrier.jpg
Du Puy PointerFrance7G-1178extinctionDupuy Pointer from 1915.JPG
Denmark Feist
Tengel Dog
Tenterfield terrierAustralia3GTenterfieldTerrier.jpg
Toy Trawler Spaniel英国extinctionTrawler spaniel goblin.jpg
Toy fox terrierThe United States of America3GToy Fox Terrier 2.jpg
Toy Bull Terrier
Toy Manchester Terrier (English toy terrier英国 (England)/The United States of America3G-4013Toy-manchester-terrier-weave.png
Toy Me Key
Toy Munchkin
DobermanGermany2G-1143European Dobermann.jpg
Dogo ArgentinoArgentine2G-2292Dogo.jpg
Dogo CanarioSpain2G-2346Dogo Canario.jpg
Dogo Guatemalan DogoGuatemalaDogo1.jpg
Dogo Sardo
TosaJapan2G-2260Tosa inu --głowa.jpg
Transylvanian HoundHungary6G-1241Erdelyi kopo VadaszNimrodSzeder01.jpg
Tripuri Dog
TornjakBosnia and Herzegovina-Croatia2G-2355 provisional
DreverSweden6G-1130Drever NUCh Tanjo.jpg
Donggyeongi South Korea
Naga dog
Neapolitan MastiffItaly2G-2197Cannon --Male Neapolitan Mastiff 1998.jpeg
Japanese dogJapan5G-5256
Japanese Spitz262Japspitzpup.jpg
Japanese terrier3G-2259
Zande Dog
New Guinian Coastal Dog
New Guinea Singing Dog
Huntaway, New ZealandNew Zealand1GHuntaway.JPG
New Zealand Heading Dog
NewfoundlandCanada2G-2050Bear the brown Newfoundland dog meets Sparkle the chihuahua mix.jpg
Nootka dog
Nenets Herding Laika
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverCanada8G-1312Tollers.jpg
Northern Inuit Dog英国 (England)
North-Easthrly Horing Leica
Norfolk terrier英国3G-2272Norfolk show.jpg
Norwich Terrier072Norwichterrier.jpg
Norwegian ElkhoundNorway5G-2Norwegian Elkhound.jpg
Norwegian Elkhound Gray242
Norwegian Elk Hound Black268Norwegian elkhound puppy.jpg
Norwegian Lundy Dog265Lundehund-2003.jpg
Norwegian Buhund5G-3237Norwegian Buhund 600.jpg
(English editionSweden5G-2276Nordic Spitz.jpg
Norman Hound
Parson Russell Terrier英国 (England)3G-133905052881 PRT braun rau.jpg
Canis bernese houndSwitzerland6G-1059cGonczy bernenski pl1.jpg
Bernese Mountain Dog2G-3045Berner sennhund.jpg
Harrier英国6G-1295Harrier tricolor.jpg
Harlequin Pinscher2G-1210extinction
Styrian CoarseAustria6G-1062Steirische Rauhhaarbracke.jpg
Bavarian HoundGermany6G-2217Zoran Spod Ruskiej Granicy the Bavarian Mountain Hound.jpg
Boussy terrier
Bagari dog
Baganda dog
PugChugoku9G-8253Fawn pug 2.5year-old.JPG
Basque ShepherdSpain1GPastor vasco m 14months loby 3018.jpg
Basket maker dog
Pastor GarifianoSpain1GGarafiano2.jpg
Basset Artésian NormanFrance6G-1034Basset artezyjsko-normandzki. Umbra z Romis zówki.jpg
(English edition036Basset Fauve de Bretagne 600.jpg
Basset Bleu de Gascogne035Basset bleu de Gascogne.jpg
Basset Hound163Bluebasset.jpeg
BasenjiEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu5G-6043Basenji 600.jpg
Patagonian dog
Battack dog
(English edition英国 (England)Truf2.JPG
パ テ ィ
Hanover HoundGermany6G-2213Hannoverscher Schweisshund.jpg
Hapa dog
Havana silk dog
Havanese9G-1250Havanese cd1.jpg
Bafinin Husky
Hamilton HoundSweden6G-1132Hamiltonstovare 600.jpg
Pye dogIndiaThe Indian Pariah Dog.jpg
Halden Hound6G-1267
(English editionPortugal1G
BarbetFrance8G-3105Chien de race Barbet.jpg
Baroque setter
Hawaiian Poi DogThe United States of AmericaextinctionHawaiian natives wearing kihei, with animals, sketch by Louis Choris (crop, central dog) .jpg
Han dog
Banjara GreyhoundIndiaBanjara from 1915.JPG
Bearded Collie英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)1G-1271Bearded Collie 600.jpg
beagle英国 (England)6G-1161Beagle 600.jpg
Picardy Sheepdog1G-1176BergerPicard.jpg
Picardy Spaniel7G-1108Epagneul picard 685.jpg
Higo wolf dog
Bisharin Greyhound
Bichon FrizeSpain-Belgium9G-1215Bichon Frisé --studdogbichon.jpg
Bishon Yoki
Pit Blumastiff
Pittenweem Terrier
Himalayan Sheepdogネ パ ー ルJackie Himalayan Shephard.jpg
(English editionNorway6G-1266Norwegian Hygenhound.jpg
Pyrenean Sheepdog Smooth Faced1G-1138PyreneanShepSmooth wb.jpg
Pyrenean Sheepdog Long Haired141
Pyrenian pointer7G-1134
Pyrenean MastifSpain2G-2092MasPiri-Puma-FIN.jpg
PhaleneBelgium-Spain9G-10077aSpaniel miniaturowy kontynentalny phalene 00.jpg
Pharaoh HoundMalta5G-6248Pies faraona e34.jpg
Fuegian dog
Field spaniel英国 (England)8G-2123Field spaniel 581.jpg
Finnish SpitzFinland5G-2049Finnish Spitz 600.jpg
Finish hound6G-1051Nuori-suomenajokoira.jpg
(English edition5G-3189Finnish Lapphund Glenchess Revontuli.jpg
Fira da TerceiraPortugalFila de Terceira.jpg
Filipino edible dog
Phu Quoc Ridgeback DogVietnamPhu Quoc dog.jpg
poodleGermany-France9G-2172Silver Miniature Poodle stacked.jpg
PudelpointerGermany7G-1216Pudelpointer on point.jpg
Bouvier des ArdennesBelgium1G-2171Bouvier des Ardennes.JPG
(English edition191Bouvier.JPG
PumiHungary1G-1056Pumi 2.jpg
pulley055PuliBlack wb.jpg
Fel Hound
(English editionルーマニア2G-2357 provisionalBucovina Sheepdog.jpg
Petit Brabancon9G-3082
Petit Basset Griffon BandaneFrance6G-1067P Basset Griffon Vendeen 600.jpg
Petit Gascon Sainton Jois
Petit bleu de gasconeFrance6G-1031Mały gończy gas koński Cita z Beckova Cb5.jpg
Butia Sheepdog
Prague RatterCzech RepublicPrazsky krysarik 1.jpg
Brazilian Guard DogBrazil2G-2225Fila brasileiro ppk9.jpg
Brazilian Greyhound
Brazilian terrierBrazil3G-1341Brazilian terrier.JPG
Brazilian tracker6G-1275extinction
Black and Tan CoonhoundThe United States of America6G-1300Black and Tan Coonhound.jpg
Black and Tan Terrier
Black Hill Dog
Black Forest HoundEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu6G-1244MVP Nitra 2004 (8) .jpg
Black pointer
Black mouse carThe United States of AmericaMurphysKassieBlackmouthAlabama2.jpg
Black Russian terrierRussia2G-1327Czarny terier rosyjski 64.jpg
Italian pointing dogItaly7G-1202Umago.dei.Ronchi.JPG
Flat Coated Retriever英国8G-1121Flat Coated Retriever --black.jpg
BloodhoundBelgium-France6G-1084Bloodhound 800.jpg
Plummer terrier
BriardFrance1G-1113Briard fauve.JPG
Briquet Griffon Bandane6G-1019Briquet Griffon Vendeen.jpg
Brittany spaniel7G-1095Epagneul Breton.jpg
Brussels GriffonBelgium9G-3080Brussels Griffon Rembrant.png
Bull Arab
Bull and terrier英国Benjamin Marshall --Dustman --Bulldog and Terrier Mix.jpg
Bull boxer
Blue Picardy SpanielFrance7G-1106Epagneul bleu de picardie 868.jpg
Blue terrier英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)extinction
Blue LacyThe United States of AmericaBlueLacyPhoto1.jpg
Bluetick CoonhoundBluetickCoonhound.jpg
Jura HoundSwitzerland6G-1059a09057110 Jura Laufhund.jpg
Bull terrier英国 (England)3G-3011Bull Terrier Chico 10.jpg
bulldog2G-2149Racibórz 2007 082.jpg
Bourbonnay PointerFrance7G-1179Braque du Bourbonnais.jpg
Bullmastiff英国 (England)2G-2157Brutus bullmastiff.jpg
Brevi Piris
Plains Indian Dog
French spanielFrance7G-117504031137 Epagneul Francais.jpg
French bulldog英国 (England), France9G-8101Tiger the French Bulldog.jpg
Plott houndThe United States of AmericaPlotthound.jpg
Pungsan dognorth koreaPoongsandogs.JPG
Hare Indian DogCanada-The United States of AmericaextinctionHareindiandog.jpg
Beijin Toy Terrier
Bedouin Shepherd Dog
Bedlington terrier英国3G-1009Bedlington Terriers.jpg
Peruvian Inca Orchid
Peruvian Pagnosed Dog
Peruvian hairless dogPeru5G-6310PHDStandardStanding --Perro Sin Pelo del Perú.jpg
Bergamasco shepherd dogItaly1G-1194Ortensia di Valle Scrivia.jpg
Hertha Hound
Belgean GryphonBelgium9G-3081
Belgian Shepherd Dog1G-1015
Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael015aEuropean Groenendael male.jpg
Belgian Shepherd Dog Turbulen015dTervueren.jpg
Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois015cMalinois rybnik-kamien pl.jpg
Belgian Shepherd Dog Rakenoa015bFang-sitt-040728.jpg
Belgian Shorthaired Pointer
Belgian Mastiff2G-2069extinction
(English editionSpain7G-1090Burgos Pointer or Perdiguero de Burgos.JPG
Boykin SpanielThe United States of AmericaBoykin spaniel.jpg
Pointer dog
BoerboelSouth Africa2GBoerboel.jpg
BeauceronFrance1G-1044Owczarek francuski beauceron 009pl.jpg
Border collie英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-England-Wales)297Border Collie 600.jpg
Border terrier英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-England)3G-1010Border Terrier.jpg
Portuguese Water DogPortugal8G-3037Cão de agua Português 2.jpg
(English edition1G-1093Cao de Serra de Aires600.jpg
Portuguese pointer7G-1187Portuguese pointer 11yo.jpg
Polish greyhoundPoland10G-3333Chart polski 67u7.jpg
Polish Hound6G-1052PolishHound-MlChPl-OKSANA-ZOstregoBoru-wl.JoannaZembrzuska 3.JPG
boxerGermany2G-2144Boxer (dog) .jpg
(English editionCroatia6G-1154Posavac.jpg
Boston terrierThe United States of America9G-8140BostonTerrierBrindleStand w.jpg
Bosnian Rough Haired HoundBosnia and Herzegovina6G-1155
Hokkaido dogJapan5G-5261Hokkaidou inu.jpg
Hottentot dog
Podenco AndalusSpainSheila (podenco andaluz) .jpg
Podenco Andalus Manate
Podenco CanarioSpain5G-7329Podenco canario hembra.jpg
Podengo PortuguesePortugal5G-7094Evitarocks.jpg
HovawartGermany2G-2190Hovawart black and tan.jpg
Bohemian shepherd dogCzech Republic1GIRLUKA KROSANDRA (1) .jpg
Bohemian Spotted Dog
PomeranianGermany-Poland5G-4097ePomeranian 600.jpg
Polish Lowland SheepdogPoland1G-1251Polski owczarek nizinny rybnik-kamien pl.jpg
BorzoiRussia10G-1193Borzoi female.jpg
Poltalloch Terrier
Bordeaux mastiffFrance2G-2116Dogo de Burdeos.jpg
BologneseItaly9G-1196Bolończyk 5e3.jpg
Russian Tsvetnaya
White English terrier英国extinctionOld English White Terrier.jpg
White collie
White Swiss Shepherd DogSwitzerland1G-1347A-Wurf von den Spessartraeubern.jpg
Pont-Audemer Spaniel7G-111404031158 Epagneul Pont Audemer.jpg
Mountain Feist
Mountain view car
McNab dogThe United States of AmericaMcNab (dog) .jpg
Majestic Tree Hound
Magyar agarHungary-Transylvania10G-3240Magyar agár male.jpg
Mastiff英国 (England)2G-2264EnglishMastiffChurchill.JPG
Matagi dog
Manila Spaniel
Majorca ShepherdSpain1G-1321Ca de bestiar.jpg
Mullins Feist
MalteseItaly9G-1065Maltese 600.jpg
Maltese pocket dog
Maltese little lion dog
Murray River Curly Coated Retriever
Maremmano SheepdogItaly1G-1201Cane Pastore Abruzzese Abruzzo.jpg
Manchester terrier英国 (England)3G-1071Mancherster Terrier.jpg
Mioritic Sheepdogルーマニア1G-1349 provisionalMioritic.jpg
Sanshu dog(Sanshu dog)Japan5G-5258Endangered
Miniature Siberian Husky
Mini Shar PeiChugokuXBlack.JPG
Miniature PinscherGermany2G-1185Gotti.JPG
Miniature Bull Terrier英国 (England)3G-3359Bull terier i bull terier miniatura d46.jpg
Miniature bulldogextinctionToy Bulldog Little Knot 1903.jpg
ム ー デ ィHungary1G-1238Hondenras Mudi.jpg
MucuchiesベネズエラMucuchies natural habitat.jpg
Mudhol HoundIndiaCaravan hound determining fire.jpg
Metso Corso
Moscow Watchdog MastiffRussia2GMoscowwatchdog.jpg
Moscow Water Dogextinction
Mongolian fore eyed dog
(English editionEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu6G-1279
Yakutian Laika
Yakushima dog
Yakki Dog
EurasiaGermany5G-5291Eurasier Image 001.jpg
Yorkshire terrier英国 (England)3G-4086Yorkshire Terrier WA Mozart Dolce Sinfonia.jpg
Large Spanish HoundSpain6G-1204Angoi de A Fonsagrada.JPG
Large MünsterlenderGermany7G-1118GrosserMuensterlaender.jpg
Lani Droise Setter
Lime Mastiff
Lhasa ApsoTibet9G-5227Aishia.jpg
RajapalayamIndiaRajapalayam Hound.PNG
Lasso European LeicaRussia5G-2304Russo European Laika 2.jpg
Rat terrierThe United States of AmericaAmRatTerr2 wb.jpg
Lap dog
Latvian Hound
Rough Collie英国 (Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)1G-1156Rough Collie 600.jpg
Rafeiro do AlentejoPortugal2G-2096Rafeiro male.jpg
Labrador HuskyCanadaLabrador huskies.JPG
Labrador retrieverCanada-英国 (England)8G-1122YellowLabradorLooking new.jpg
Lapponian herderFinland5G-3284Lapskvallhund.jpg
La Ryu
Lancashire Heeler英国 (England)1GLancashire Heeler 600.jpg
Running Walker Kuhn Hound
Rampur GreyhoundIndiaRampurgreyhound.jpg
Leavitt Bulldog
Lithuanian Houndリトアニア
Ryukyu dog
Lucas Terrier
Lucernese Hound6G-1059d
Ruby Spaniel
(English edition英国 (England)3G-1070Lakeland Terrier.jpg
Red decoy dog
Redbone CoonhoundThe United States of AmericaMemphis the Redbone Coonhound (7 Nov 2004) .jpg
Leopard Tree DogCh-Catahoula 002.jpg
Little lion dogGermany-France- Netherlands-Spain9G-1233Lowchen.jpg
Rose needs terrier
Rhodesian RidgebackZimbabwe6G-3146Rhodesian Ridgeback 600.jpg
Roman molosser
Russian spanielRussiaRusspaniel.jpg
Russian toy terrier9G-10352 provisionalRusskiyToyWelpe.jpg
Russian Harlequin Hound
Russian hound
Rosbury Terrier
Romagno Water DogItaly8G-3298Lagotto Romagnolo.jpg
Longhaired Whippet
Longhaired Pueblo Dog
Wire Fox Terrier英国 (England)3G-1169Elias 1červen 2006.jpg
Wirehaired VizlaHungary7G-1239Drahthaarvizsla.jpg
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Netherlands-France7G-1107Korthalsgriffon.jpg
WeimaranerGermany7G-1099Weimaraner wb.jpg


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