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💹 | "Investing and making money" A foreign woman I met on Facebook ... Tomakomai City, which is deceived by about 3700 million yen

Tomakomai Police Station investigating as a photo fraud case

"I'm making money by investing" A foreign woman I met on Facebook ... Tomakomai City, which is deceived by about 3700 million yen

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A man in his 70s living in Tomakomai City met a person who claims to be a foreign woman on Facebook around the end of November last year, and started communicating on LINE.

A man in his 70s living in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido, was offered an investment by a woman he met on Facebook, and about 3700 cash ... → Continue reading

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Around the end of November last year


Tomakomai(Tomakomaishi) isHokkaidoSouth Central (Central Hokkaido)ofIburi General Promotion BureauIt is inCity.Metrology specific city.


Kansei12 years(1800/)EzoFor security and pioneeringThousand Hachioji concentricIs Yubutsu (Yufutsu) Settled in. Even after leaving the land in four years due to harsh natural conditions, it becomes the cornerstone of Tomakomai[1].1873/(Meiji6 years)Pioneer Yufutsu-gunRelocated the branch office to Tomoso (Tomakomai). This is the origin of Tomakomai. Originally, it occupied a large area as Tomakomai village, but the boundary area was reduced by several villages to become Tomakomai town from 7.[Annotation 1].

Tomakomai, which was blessed with abundant water and wood resources, started the Oji Paper Factory, which was completed in 43.Paper industryHas advanced. After that, the "Yufutsu Chikko theory" was advocated for the functional distribution of coal.[3], Tomakomai recognized the need for an industrial port in 1951 (ShowaStarted in 26). It became the world's first inland digging port in 1963.Tomakomai Port(West Port) opens. In 1980 (Showa 55), East Port opened.Sapporo metropolitan areaClosest toThe Pacific OceanIt is a port on the shore,New Chitose AirportFrom the convenience of being close toHokkaido Industrial AreaAn industrial city that representsPort cityBecame. The volume of domestic cargo handled at Tomakomai Port is the largest in Japan[4].Eastern Tomakomai area(Tomato) uses the world's largest ground tank systemOil reservesThere is a facility[5].

Tomakomai CityUva guy) Boasts the highest catch in Japan[6], Was established in 2002 as a "city shell". The tap water in Tomakomai City is currentlyMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare) "Tasty Water Study Group" selected "The best 32 tap water cities in Japan"[7].. In addition, he is active in health promotion and town development through sports, and in 1966 (Showa 41), he made the first "sports city declaration" in Japan.[8].. From 1995 (Heisei 7)Sports masterIt is a system that commends the "system" and praises the achievements and honors of those who were active in the domestic and overseas sports fields despite being related to Tomakomai, as well as requesting instructors and guidance for citizens' sports activities, the first municipal government in Japan. Taking in[9].

Origin of city name

OnceTomakomai RiverThe whole area whereMakomai"(Ainu"The river that goes into the mountains")[Annotation 2].. In addition, the area near the old Mt. Tarumaesan Shrine where there was a swamp was marked with the letter “to” in Ainu language, which means “swamp”.To MacomaiAnd the theory that this became the etymology of "Tomakomai"[11], Which refers to the old channel/estuary of the "Makomai" riverTumacomai There is also a theory that the origin is “tu-makomai” (current 300m south of Tomakomai City Hospital).

The first appearance in the literature isTakeshiro MatsuuraIn the "First Flight Ezo Diary"Tofuma MuffPlace name. afterwards,1869/Ruled Yufutsu-gun in (Meiji 2)Kochi DomainIs katakanaTomakomaiIt was written as "" and various kanji were applied.[12],1873/(Meiji 6) In FebruaryTomosoIs written in kanji. same year,Sapporo main roadIs openedPioneerBranch officeYufutsuMoved from.StationWill be set up, and the Tokyo Pioneer Expeditionary Office (substantially the highest decision-making body of the Pioneered Envoy) will start examining station names. The name of the place is TomakozuTomakomai, And on November 11th of the same yearPrime MinisterIt was confirmed in Proclamation No. XNUMX. However, this change has not been transmitted to the Yufutsu-gun Kaitakushi branch office (local), and the following year, it was discovered that it had been changed because Tomakomai was used in another official document. I requested a change from the Tokyo branch office, but it was not accepted.[13].. Tomakomai Post Office (laterTomakomai Post Office) According to the document1874/(Meiji 7) It is said that the name was changed from "Tomaso" to "Tomakomai" on August 8. Generally, "maki" is not read as "mai".PieIt should be said, but of the General Affairs Division of the Tokyo Branch OfficeMasamitsu KomakiThere is a theory that when he corrected "thin" to "small piece", he mistakenly wrote in his last name "Komaki", which he was used to writing.


The city covers east-west 39.9 km, north-south 23.6 km, and area is 561.61 km.2.. The city area spreads east and west[11].ChitoseOn the border withLava domeOf Mie type volcano with (dome)Mt. Tarumaesan(active volcano), which is designated as Japan's first bird sanctuary in the eastern part of the city.[14],country'sWildlife reserve,Ramsar ConventionIt is also designated as a registered wetlandLake UtonaiThere is[15]The rare nature is left in the suburbs. The surrounding area including Mt. TarumaesanShikotsu-Toya National ParkIt is an area of[16].



Main mountain
  • Mt. Tarumaesan (1,041 m)
  • Mount Morap (506.6 m)
  • Maruyama Tomi (327.4 m)
  • Shaved Mountain (36.8 m)


Main river


Main lake
Main swamp
  • Tarumae Onuma
  • Nishiki Onuma
  • Nishinishinuma
  • Makka marsh
  • Kuchinonuma
  • Nakaichi Swamp
  • Lake Utonai
  • Tanjinuma (Swan Lake)
  • Bentenuma




The Pacific OceanBecause it facesPacific climate,Oceanic climateIn summer, it is cool, and in winter, it is relatively mild and has little snowfall in Hokkaido. The average annual snowfall is 138 cm, which is less than a quarter of Sapporo.[17].. The maximum amount of snow in one day is 1 cm on February 1968, 43.[18], The annual snowfall in one year is 1 cm in 2005 (Heisei 17).[18].. The lowest temperature since the start of observation in 1942 (Showa 17) is -1945°C on January 20, 1.[18]、1961年以降では1977年(昭和52年)2月2日の-20.9℃、2000年代に入ってからは2000年(平成12年)1月26日の-19.2℃が最も低い気温である。観測開始以来の最高気温は2007年(平成19年)8月15日の35.5℃である[18].. On September 2014, 26 (Heisei 9), the first heavy rain "Special alarmWas announced[19].

Climate of Tomakomai Special Area Meteorological Observatory (Shirakabacho, Tomakomai City, altitude 6m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F10.0
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F0.5
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−3.6
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−8.1
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−21.3
Precipitation amount mm (inch)38.7
Snowfall cm (inch)42
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)11.010.613.011.511.511.013.513.712.311.811.411.2142.5
Average number of snowfall days23.321.
Average monthlyDaylight hours142.0144.7165.6173.5171.9119.7108.1122.2153.1156.0127.1127.61,711.5
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1942-present)[20][21]
Former Tomakomai Observatory (Yayoi-cho) 1961-1990 average climate
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F−0.4
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−4.6
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−9.3
Source: NOAA (1961-1990) [22]


The population exceeds 17,Sapporo-Asahikawa-HakodateIt is the fourth largest in Hokkaido after the population. In 4 (Showa 1980)Iburi branch office(CurrentIburi General Promotion Bureau) Is the locationMuroranOf the population in 2004 (16)ObihiroThe population of. In addition, in 2018 (Heisei 30)KushiroThe number of people in the province was 1970th at that time in 45 (Showa 4).OtaruSince the ranking of Kushiro City, which was the 5th and 48th, changed, the 4th of the population in the province has been replaced for the first time in XNUMX years[23].

Tomakomai City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Tomakomai City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Purple-Tomakomai City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Tomakomai City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Disappearing village

According to the 2015 Census, the following villages have a population of 0 at the time of the survey:Disappearing villageHas become[24].

  • Tomakomai City-Inside Tomakomai Port, character Benten, character Maruyama, character Numanobata south-road, character Numanobata south side, character Itoi Green Hill Complex, Akebono Town, Masago Town, Irifune Town, port town

Adjacent municipalities

Iburi General Promotion Bureau
Ishikari Promotion Bureau


See "History of Tomakomai"[25]



Government office

  • Tomakomai City Hall
    • Numanohata Branch Office
    • Yufutsu branch office
    • Nozomi branch office
    • Station front proof handling office
    • Sumiyoshi Certificate Office
    • Toyokawa Certification Office


Successive mayors
NameInauguration dateRetirement date
Shotaro Tanaka1948/(23) April1963/(38) April
Genro Oizumi1963 (Showa 38)/51983/(58) April
Itaya Minoru1983 (Showa 58)/51987/(62) April
Torigoe Tadayuki1987 (Showa 62)/5/12003/(15) April 4
Sakurai Tadashi2003 (Heisei 15)/5/12006/(18) April 5
Hirofumi Iwakura2006 (Heisei 18)/7/10


Financial status (25)

  • Residential population 173,884
  • Standard financial scale 392 yen
  • Financial capability index 0.752 (similar group average x.xx)
  • Current account ratio 86.4% (average xx.x% for similar groups)
  • Real balance ratio 3.6% (similar group average xx%)
  • Actual single year balance ¥14 million ¥3,422
  • Municipal bond present amount 732 yen (xx million x,xxx yen per population)
  • Ordinary account total revenue 706 yen
    • Local tax 270 yen (composition ratio 81%)
    • Local allocation tax 74 yen (composition ratio 7,618%)
    • Local bonds ¥70 (composition ratio 3,199%)
  • Ordinary account total expenditure 691 yen
    • Personnel expenses 96 yen (composition ratio 6,002%)
    • Of which, staff salary was 62 yen (composition ratio 1,125%)
    • Assistance costs 198 yen (composition ratio 7,888%)
    • Public debt expenses 78 thousand yen (composition ratio 2,862%)

The situation of the fund (24)

  1. Fiscal adjustment fund 17 yen
  2. Debt reduction fund ¥4,950
  3. Other special purpose fund 19 yen
  • Total 36 yen (x 8,068 x,xxx yen per population)

Adequacy of capacity management (24)

  • 1,000 employees per 6.24 population (similar groups average 6.15)
  • 1,074 general employees (of which 222 are fire fighters, 109 are skilled labor workers), 11 are public education employees, 0 are temporary workers, etc.
  • Laspeyres index 106.9

Soundness judgment ratio (24)

  • Real deficit ratio -% (The ratio is not calculated because it is in the black)
  • Consolidated real deficit ratio -% (The ratio is not calculated because it is in the black)
  • Real debt service ratio 10.4%
  • Future burden ratio 99.4%

Fund shortage ratio

  • There is no shortage of funds and the ratio is not calculated

* From FY20 to FY22, due to the fund shortage ratio (peak time 33.4%) of the automobile transportation business accountingManagement soundness organizationIt was.

Citizen's charter/city declaration

Tomakomai citizen charter

We are citizens of Tomakomai in the foot of Mt. Tarumaesan, in the Yufutsu Wilder Field, where waterfowls dance and the Pacific Ocean tides.

We set this charter in order to love this town, which is rich in nature and its great potential, and to be a healthy citizen.

Let's envelop the town with a warm heart
Let's have the joy of learning and making each other
Let's see the town with flowers and tree scents
Protect yourself with a refreshing smile
Let's extend the power of living
— Established on July 60, 9[36]

City declaration

  • Sports city declaration (decision on November 41, 11)[37]
  • Declaration of Human Environment City (decision on November 48, 11)[37]
  • Tomakomai city gender equality city declaration (Declaration on November 25, 11)[37]


City council


  • Constant number: 28 people
  • Regular meetings: 4 times a year (February/June/September/December)
  • Extraordinary meeting
  • Committee
    • Standing Committee
      • General Affairs Standing Committee
      • Welfare Standing Committee
      • Education Economic Standing Committee
      • Construction Standing Committee
    • Congress Steering Committee
    • Special committee
      • Comprehensive Development Special Committee
      • Special Committee on Safety/Security and Civic Hall
Parliamentary group
Parliamentary nameof people
Green wind8
Komeito Legislature5
Democratic club5
Reform forum4
Japanese Communist Party City Council3
Parliamentary citizen2


Prefectural assembly

  • Tomakomai City Election District
  • Constant number: 3 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 13) to September 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Endo RenLDP・Citizens' meeting
Kiyoshi OkitaDemocratic/Dominant UnionBelonging partyConstitutional Democratic Party
Kunio AndoHokkaido AssemblyKomeitoLegislature

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hokkaido 9th Ward(Tomakomai City,Muroran,Noboribetsu,Date City,Iburi General Promotion BureauIn the jurisdiction,Hidaka Promotion Bureau(In the jurisdiction)Tatsumaru YamaokaConstitutional Democratic Party3Constituency
Horii ManabuLDP4Proportional revival

National agency

Government office

裁判 所

Independent administrative agencies, special corporations, etc.

Special corporation(Special company) Out ofNTT East,JR Hokkaido,Japanese tobacco industry,Japan PostBranch offices, branches, stations, post offices, etc. are omitted.

Road agency

  • Iburi General Promotion Bureau
    • Tomakomai Road Tax Office
    • Forest room
    • Muroran Construction Management Department Tomakomai Branch Office
  • Hokkaido Tomakomai Public Health Center
  • Hokkaido Muroran Children's Counseling Center Tomakomai Branch Office
  • Hokkaido Tomakomai College of Advanced Technology
  • Hokkaido Enterprise BureauTomakomai District Industrial Water Supply Management Office



Police station
  • Tomakomai Police Station
    • Futaba police box, Misono police box, Kiba police box, Honmachi police box, Yayoi police box, Station front police box, Nishikioka police box, Itoi police box, Yamate police box, Numanobata police box, Numanobata police box, West Port Water Guard Police station, Yufutsu station


Fire department
  • Tomakomai Fire Department, Fire and Disaster Prevention Training Center
    • Suehiro Branch, Nisshin Branch, Nishikioka Branch, Numanohata Branch, Shintomi Branch


Main hospital

post office

  • AEON MALL Tomakomai Post Office
  • Tomakomai Akeno Post Office
  • Tomakomai Asahicho Post Office
  • Post Office along Tomakomai River
  • Tomakomai Kiba Post Office
  • Tomakomai Sakuragi Post Office
  • Tomakomai Sanko Post Office
  • Tomakomai Shirakaba Post Office
  • Tomakomai Shintomi Post Office
  • Tomakomai Sumikawa Post Office
  • Tomakomai Nakano Post Office
  • Tomakomai Nakamad Post Office
  • Tomakomai Hanazono Post Office
  • Tomakomai Hiyoshi Post Office
  • Tomakomai Honmachi Post Office
  • Tomakomai Midoricho Post Office
  • Tomakomai Yayoi Post Office
  • Nishikioka Post Office
  • Numanohata Post Office
  • Yufutsu Post Office
  • Tarumae Post Office
  • Tomakomai CAI Complex Simple Post Office
  • Tomakomai Nissin Post Office
  • Nishiyamate Simple Post Office

public facility

  • Tomakomai City Health Center (Hascup Plaza)
  • Tomakomai City Night and Holiday Emergency Sickness Center
  • Tomakomai City Hall
  • Tomakomai City Cultural Center
  • Tomakomai City Cultural Exchange Center (Ivy Plaza)
  • Tomakomai City Science Center
  • Tomakomai City Museum of Art
  • Tomakomai City Central Library
  • Yubutsu Museum
  • COCOTOMA[40]
  • Tomakomai City Numanohata Exchange Center
  • Tomakomai City Toyokawa Community Center
  • Tomakomai City Numanohata Community Center
  • Tomakomai City Sumiyoshi Community Center
  • Tomakomai City Nozomi Community Center
  • Tomakomai City Seedling Family Center
  • Tomakomai Citizen's Activity Center (Fureai 3)
  • Tomakomai City Labor Welfare Center
  • Tomakomai City Techno Center
  • Tomakomai City Elderly Welfare Center
  • Tomakomai City Public Local Wholesale Market
  • Takaoka water purification plant
  • Nishitamine water purification plant
  • Nishimachi Sewage Treatment Center
  • Takasago Sewage Treatment Center
  • Yufutsu Sewage Treatment Center
  • Tomakomai City Takaoka Cemetery
  • Takaoka cemetery
  • Takaoka Second Cemetery
  • Seedling cemetery

Exercise facility

Foreign relations

Sister city/affiliated city

Outside Japan

sister city
Partner city


sister city

Sister port/affiliated port


Sister port
Friendship port



  • Tomakomai Pipe Works Cooperative[43]
  • Tomakomai Stone Cooperative
  • Tomakomai Concrete Cooperative
  • Tomakomai Port Management Union
  • Tomakomai Port Foreign Trade Container Business Cooperative[44]
  • Tomakomai district plasterer cooperative[45]
  • Tomakomai Electric Works Cooperative[46]
  • Tomakomai LP Gas Business Cooperative
  • Tomakomai District Automobile Maintenance Cooperative
  • Akabata Hokkaido Light Car Transport Cooperative Tomakomai Branch
  • Tomakomai Individual Taxi Cooperative
  • Hokkaido Food and Beverage Business Health Sanitation Association Tomakomai Central Branch[47]
  • Hokkaido Sheet Metal Industry Association Tomakomai Branch[48]
  • Tomakomai bento catering cooperative[49]

Primary industry

  • Tomakomai Wide Area Agricultural Cooperative(JA Tomakomai Wide Area) Tomakomai Branch
  • HokurenTomakomai Branch/Tomakomai Oil Storage Facility
  • Minami Hokkaido Agricultural Mutual Aid Association (NOSAI Minami) Head Office[50]
  • Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative[51]
  • Tomakomai Regional Forestry Association Tomakomai Branch
  • Tomakomai Landscaping Cooperative[52]

Secondary industry

Tomakomai CitySecondary industryHas a high percentage and has become an industrial city[53].. In 1910 (Meiji 43)Oji Paper Tomakomai MillHas been in operation sincePaper industryHas developed mainly in material-based industries such as[53].. Of 1963Tomakomai Port(West Port) After opening,Non-ferrous metal,automotive industry,Chemical industryThere are various companies such asNorthern JapanHas become a distribution base of[53].

"International base portAndCore international portTomakomai Port, which has becomeferry,RO-RO ship,Container shipIt has a number of shipping routes, and is the fourth largest cargo handling port in Japan (4).[54]Japan's largest volume of domestic cargo handled[4].. It accounts for about 50% of the cargo handled in ports in Hokkaido (25)[55], The number of manufactured goods shipped is the highest in Hokkaido[56].. In 2002 (Heisei 14)Muroran Portと と も にVein logisticsRecycle port designated harbor “Primary vein distribution base port” (recycle port)[57].. In 2011 (Heisei 23), the areas of "Development Wharf Ferry Terminal", "North Pier Green Area", and "Fishing Port Area"Minato OasisIs registered in[58].

Industrial park

  • Eastern Tomakomai area
  • Tomakomai Western Industrial Base
  • Irifune housing complex/Ipponmatsu housing complex
  • Akenokita Industrial Park
  • Utonai Housing and Commercial and Industrial Park
  • Akeno Light Industrial Park
  • Numanohana south industrial park
  • Utonai Industrial Park
  • Kinsai New Town Light Industrial Park

Tertiary industry


Shopping centers and supermarkets
  • AEON Hokkaido(AEON group
    • AEON MALL Tomakomai
    • MaxvaluSumikawacho store
    • Maxvalu Shin Hanazono
    • Maxvalu Shikotsuko Street Store
    • Maxvalu Numanohata
    • Maxvalu Yayoi
    • Maxvalu Nisshin
  • Nagasakiya(Pan Pacific International Holdings
  • Consumers' Co-op SapporoTomakomai district
    • Tokiwa store
    • Stay shop
    • Sakaemachi store
    • Sakuragi store
    • Paseo Riverside store
  • Toyotsuki
    • Hood D 365 Futaba store (old food D1 → Futaba Shokusaikan)
    • Food D 365 OASIS store (old food D2 → Sumikawa Shokusaikan → The Price → OASIS)
    • Food D Express Miyama store (formerly Food D3 → Miyama Shokusaikan → 365 Miyama store)
    • Food D 365 Numanohata store (former Numanohata Ayakan)
  • Ralls(Arcs group
    • Big House Akeno
    • Big House Meitoku
    • Big House Koyo
  • Trial company
    • Super Center Trial Tomakomai East Store
    • Super Center Trial Tomakomai West Store
    • Discount store trial Taisei store
  • Hokuren Shoji
    • Hokuren Shop Tomakomai
    • Hokuren Shop Numanobata
    • Hokuren Shop Food Farm Tomakomai Shirakaba Store
  • Kobe Bussan
    • Business supermarket Tomakomai store
Shopping district

Refer to "List of city malls"[59]

  • Tomakomai City Shopping District Association
  • Tomakomai station square street shopping promotion association
  • Tomakomai Station Street Central Shopping District Promotion Association
  • Tomakomai Ekimae Chuotsu Shopping District Promotion Association
  • Showa Dori Shopping District Promotion Association
  • Odori Chuokai
  • Kitachuo Dori Store Association
  • Suzuran Street Promotion Association
  • Omachi store association
  • Mitsuba Shokai
  • Commercial cooperative Tomakomai port market
  • Hanami store association
  • Sakuragi Toyokawa store association
  • Itoi Shoeikai
  • Nishikioka District Store Association
  • Tokiwa/Sumikawa store association
  • Numanobata Association
  • Yufutsu Chamber of Commerce Promotion
  • Hokkaido Food and Beverage Business Health Sanitation Association Tomakomai Central Branch
History of large commercial facilities in the city

See "Commercial History" etc.[60][61][62]


  • Yamato TransportChitose Branch
    • Tomakomai Ekimae Center / Tomakomai Shinseidai Center
    • Tomakomai Ariake Center/Tomakomai Nissin Center/Tomakomai Nishikioka Center
    • Tomakomai Numanohata Center/Tomakomai Utonai Center
  • Sagawa ExpressTomakomai Sales Office

Major companies based

Order of the Japanese syllabary

Financial institution


Cooperative organization

Securities company


Mass media

Newspaper company


TV broadcast

In 2006 (Heisei 18), "FM and Makomai" (tentative name) and in the cityMini FM"Yumino Radio" broadcastingCommunity FMIt was reported that they are preparing to open[83], Neither of them has made a concrete move toward opening[84].

December 2019, 12 (the first year of Reiwa), "FM and Makomai Executive CommitteeWas established[85], Aiming to open the station by the spring of 2023 (Reiwa 5), ​​we are conducting a "test broadcast" on YouTube.

Relay station

tv set

Life base

Lifeline Power/Telephone/Gas






Research facility

College of technology

Vocational school

  • Tomakomai Nursing College (vocational course)
  • Oji General Hospital Nursing College (vocational course)

high school


College of technology

Junior high school

  • Tomakomai City Tomakomai Higashi Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Yufutsu Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Seedling Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai Municipal Lingyun Middle School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Wako Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Keihoku Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Koyo Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Numanohata Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Keihoku Junior High School Yamanami Branch School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Kaisei Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Meirin Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Keimei Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Akeno Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Midoryo Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Seisho Junior High School[87]
  • Tomakomai City Utonai Junior High School[87]

primary school

  • Tomakomai City Tomakomai West Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Nishikioka Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Yufutsu Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Sanae Elementary School[88]
  • Numanobata Elementary School, Tomakomai City[88]
  • Tomakomai City Tomakomai Higashi Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Tarumae Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Wakakusa Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Hokumitsu Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Midori Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Taisei Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Shimizu Elementary School[88]
  • Misono Elementary School, Tomakomai City[88]
  • Tomakomai City Nisshin Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Itoi Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Hokusei Elementary School[88]
  • Sumikawa Elementary School, Tomakomai City[88]
  • Tomakomai City Toyokawa Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Izumino Elementary School[88]
  • Akeno Elementary School, Tomakomai City[88]
  • Tomakomai City Takuya Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Utonai Elementary School[88]
  • Tomakomai City Takushin Elementary School[88]

Special school

  • Hokkaido Tomakomai Support School

Licensed Nursery School

  • Itoi Kita Nursery School[89]
  • Misono nursery school[89]
  • Nishikioka Nursery School[89]
  • Carp nursery school[89]
  • Hiyoshi nursery school[89]
  • Cherry tree nursery school[89]
  • Yamate Cupid Nursery[89]
  • Great nursery school[89]
  • Suehiro Nursery School[89]
  • Naka nursery school[89]
  • Otowa nursery school[89]
  • Akeno Nursery School[89]
  • Takuyu Ohisama Nursery School[89]
  • Numanohata Ohisama nursery school[89]
  • Reluctant nursery school[89]

Authorized child institution

  • Yufutsu kindergarten[90]
  • Second Hakucho Kindergarten[90]
  • Hakucho Kindergarten[90]
  • Kindergarten Aika[90]
  • Tomakomai Central Kindergarten[90]
  • Tomakomai St. Luke Kindergarten[90]
  • Tomakomai Margaret Kindergarten[90]
  • Tomakomai Futaba Kindergarten[90]
  • Tomakomai Sumire Nursery School[90]
  • Kaori Kindergarten[90]
  • Hanazono authorized child institution[90]
  • Tomakomai Aoba Kindergarten[90]
  • Hara Gakuen Hikari Kindergarten[90]
  • Angel kindergarten[90]
  • Pinocchio Tomakomai Kindergarten[90]
  • Tomakomai Momoka Kindergarten[90]



Facilities other than school education

  • Hokkaido Tomakomai College of Advanced Technology
  • Noguchi Kanko Hotel Professional Academy
  • NDS Nakano Driving School
  • Tomakomai Driving School



  • New Chitose Airport
    • The southern half of the two parallel runways and the southern end of the eastern runway of Chitose Airfield are the city limits of Tomakomai City.


The 28.7 km between Numanohata and Shiraoi is the longest straight line section in Japan.

Abandoned railway


Transit Bus

Express Bus


The maximum fare for a small car is 550 yen. The maximum fare for the first ride of a medium-sized car is 570 yen (both are distance-based)[93].



General highway motorway (B)

National road


Main local road
General road

Road Station



  • Nishiminato
  • East Minato


Cultural property

Country designation

Country registration

Road designation

  • Historic site
    • Pioneer Triangulation Triangulation Yufutsu Base Point[96]
  • Natural treasure
    • Mt. Tarumaesan lava dome[97]
  • Tangible cultural property
    • Ainu Maruki and propeller[98]

City designation

  • Historic site
    • Trace of Yufutsu Kaisho[99]
    • Tomb of the Ezo land reclamation migrant officer[100]
  • Tangible cultural property
    • Hayashi Shigeemon Tombstone[101]
    • Nishikioka Mt. Tarumaesan Shrine Enku Saku barreled right development and dedication 7 points[102]
  • Folk cultural property
    • 21 points of dedication from Yufutsu Ebisu Shrine[103]
    • Yubutsu immobility and votive goods 7 points[104]

Nearby Tourist Spots

ゴ ル フ 場

  • Island Golf Resort Ozensui
  • Katsura Golf Club
  • Planting Country Club
  • Chitose Airport Country Club
  • Hokkaido Brooks Country Club
  • Nidom Classic Course
  • Tomakomai Golf Resort 72 Emina Golf Club
  • Tomakomai Golf Resort 72 Iris Golf Club
  • Hokkaido Golf Club
  • Tarumae Country Club
  • Dream Tomakomai Golf Club


Festivals and events

  • Tomakomai Skating Festival(May)
  • Midorigaoka Park Festival, Northern Horse Park Marathon (May)
  • Hascup Week (late June to mid July)
  • Mt. Tarumaesan Shrine Annual Festival (July)
  • Tomakomai Port Festival (August)
  • Paper Festival, Tarumae Sun Festival (September)
  • Tomakomai Fishing Port Hokki Festival, Toburi Product Festival (October)
  • City lights (December)
Main events held in recent years

Specialty products

There are special products certified by Tomakomai City[109].


Sports city

Tomakomai City made a "Sports City Declaration" in 1966 (Showa 41)[8], Is actively engaged in community development through sports. In the citySkating rinkThere are several skate centers withskate,Ice hockeyIs becoming popular. There are many ice hockey teams in the city, from children to adults[110], Ice hockey games are held in about 40 tournaments and 600 games a year[111].. Set up a headquarters in the cityAsian League Ice Hockey] Participating teamRed Eagles HokkaidoDuring the era of its predecessor, Oji Paper's ice hockey club,All Japan Ice Hockey ChampionshipFirst victory,Japan Ice Hockey LeagueHas won 13 times in total and twice in "Asia League Ice Hockey"[112].. Also,"National High School Ice Hockey Championship] (Inter High)Tomakomai High School attached to Komazawa Universityが1994年(平成6年)から2002年(平成14年)まで大会9連覇、2004年(平成16年)から2008年(平成20年)まで大会5連覇をするなど30回優勝しており、Hokkaido Tomakomai East High School10 times,Hokkaido Tomakomai Technical High SchoolHas won seven times[113].. For girlsAll Japan Women's Ice Hockey Championship] Hold the record of the most winsRoad construction perigrineIs based in Tomakomai and has a strong team.

In baseball, Komadai Tomakomai High SchoolNational High School Baseball Championship(Summer Koshien)86th competition(2004)87th competition(2005)[114], The only high school north of Tohoku that has the history of winning the Koshien tournament. In addition to the Koshien tournament in 2005 (17)60th National Sports Festival』(Sunny Country Okayama National Athletic Meet) andThe 36th Meiji Shrine Baseball Tournament] Also won, and has achieved the first three crowns in history. 『88th competition] (2006) in the second place. Once a member of societyOji Paper Tomakomai Hardball Baseball ClubExists andHokkaido top 5Was part of theOji Paper KasugaiWas integrated into.

Under the "Sports Master" system from 1995, a well-known athlete who has a deep relationship with Tomakomai who belonged to a school or business group in the city was certified as a master, and once a year, one city sponsored business / dispatch business 1 It is possible to invite to practical instruction and lectures up to times. So far in 1Takao Hikiki(Ice hockey)-Shuta Suzuki (basketball)-Hideaki Takazawa(Baseball), in 1996Hiromi Yamamoto(Speed ​​skating), in 2000Sadaki Honma(Ice hockey) in 2016Hisaka SatoHas been certified, of which Hikiki, Suzuki and Yamanaka have finished their activities[115].

Sports team

Origin-related celebrities

Honorary citizen

Refer to "Introduction to Honorary Citizens"[116]

Person from

Order of the Japanese syllabary


  • Adachi Sueo(Businessman. Former President of Marubeni USA, Former President of Marubeni Canada Company)
  • Itaya Minoru(Politician. 3rd Mayor Tomakomai, former member of the Hokkaido Assembly)
  • Hirofumi Iwakura(Politician, Mayor Tomakomai, former member of the House of Representatives)
  • Genro Oizumi(Politician. The second mayor of Tomakomai)
  • Ken Kagaya[117](Politician, former member of the Chiba Prefectural Assembly / former member of the House of Councilors)
  • Kiyotaka Shindo(Businessman. Former President of Oji Holdings, former Chairman of the Japan Paper Federation)
  • Torigoe Tadayuki(Politician. The second mayor of Tomakomai)
  • Takashi Higashikawa(Politician. FormerChitoseLong)
  • Yoshino Jun(Bureaucrat. The 79th police commander)
  • Academic/Culture



    Person with connection

    • Tadashi Adachi(Businessman. Honorary Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce. He lived in Tomakomai.)
    • Hiroaki Igarashi(Singer/singer/songwriter.Bibai CityHowever, he later lived in Tomakomai City. )
    • Suzuki Akira(Chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Tomakomai Higashi High School, Hokkaido)
    • Hideaki Takazawa(Former professional baseball player. Tomakomai City Sports Master[9].. (From Tomakomai Technical High School)
    • Masahiro Tanaka(Professional baseball player, from Tomakomai High School attached to Komazawa University)
    • 田中 稔(OriginalMeat hopePresident)
    • Hashimoto Seiko(Politician. Chairman of the Japan Skating Federation/Japan Cycling Federation. Albert Copper Olympic bronze medalist. Tomakomai Senior High School attached to Komazawa University)
    • Sadaki Honma(Ice hockey player. Tomakomai City Sports Master[9]
    • Hiroshi Kohiyama (Writer, from Tomakomai Technical High School)
    • Shusei (Writer, from Tomakomai East High School)

    Mascot character

    • Tomakomai City Official Character "Toma Chop"

    In 2010 (Heisei 22), a simulated mayoral election was held at a junior high school in the city under the theme of "becoming the mayor of the future", and one of them was "using the character "Toma Character Project". There was something like "Let's revitalize the town," which caught the eye of the mayor.[118].. Therefore, the design of the character is composed of elementary and junior high school students in the city, and one design is finally created from the four designs created at the "2011th Tomakomai Children's Conference" held in January 23. It was decided, and the name of the character was also decided as "Toma Chop"[118].. Based on the original proposal proposed at the "Children's Conference", three candidates were selected by elementary vote in the elementary and junior high schools in the city, public facilities, and the summer event "Tomakomai Port Festival" venue, and the character was decided.[119].. The voting results were announced at the Mayor press conference on August 8, the same year, and the character who received 31 votes out of 37,170 votes was decided as Tomakomai City's official character "Toma Chop".[118].

    A work set in Tomakomai

    "Tomakomai Film Commission" was established in 2011.Location shootingWe are working on attracting[120].


    TV drama



    • Aohiko Futa "Karaoke Nagashi"
    • Daisuke Kitagawa "A Seagull Harbor Town"
    • Saburo Kitajima "Kazeyuki Nagare trip'
    • Mitsuko Nakamura "Women's Journey"
    • Koji Handa "Northern Exile"
    • Kiyoshi Hikawa "Hatsukoi ressha'
    • FLOW"Fiesta'
    • Junko Misaki "Yunohana"
    • Ryo Mita "Sorrow Ferry"
    • Hiroshi Miyama "Susurai Port Town"
    • Takuro Yoshida "Sunset'
      • Lyrics of the lyricistOsamoto OkamotoWas created based on the true story of when he visited Tomakomai.
      • Citizen group "Tomakomai Rakuyokai" has been established[122][123].

    Music video



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