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💴 | Insufficient future pension benefits at this rate …… How to increase the pension that can be made from the 50s?


If this situation continues, the amount of future pension benefits will be insufficient ... How to increase the pension that can be made from the 50s?

If you write the contents roughly
You can check the existence and amount of insurance premiums that can be repaid using the Nenkin Net.

Participating in a defined contribution pension The defined contribution pension is one of the private pensions, and the amount of the premium and the result of the participant managing the premium ... → Continue reading

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Scheduled flights

Scheduled flightsWhat is (Nenkin Teikibin)?Social Insurance Agency 2009/Conducted from AprilPublic pensionInsurance premium payment record and futureReceiptInvolved in pensions such as the expected amount of pensionpersonal information,National pension-Welfare pension insuranceIt is a notice sent by mail to the insured person of[1]..In addition, with the abolition of the Social Insurance Agency from 2010, the business of the agency including "Nenkin regular flight" will beJapan Pension ServiceWas taken over by.

Shipping time and contents

"Nenkin regular flight" was originally2008/It was scheduled to be implemented from April, but "Nenkin special flightsBy the work of[2], Shipment of regular pension flights is postponed by one year2009/It started in April. "Special flight" in 4May 10By now, it has shipped to all subscribers and pensioners, a total of about 1 million people.In principle, "special flights" were only once per person, but "Nenkin regular flights" are repeated regularly as the name implies.pensionReceiptUntil you become a personWill be shipped.

2009/Once from April, it will be shipped to all subscribers in sequence, subscription period, estimated pension amount, subscription history, all pastEmployee pension OfStandard monthly fee[3]andNational pensionDescribes the insurance premium payment status (payment, non-payment, exemption), etc. "Special flights" are for the purpose of confirming the subscription period and the place of employment during that period, while "regular flights" allow the subscribers themselves to confirm the past payment status.When starting a new "Nenkin regular flight", the term "once" here means that all subscribers will be asked to confirm the contents up to the time of shipment.After completing the above shipment once, for active subscribersRegularly every year(Birth month every year. However, the first day is the month before the birth month).

When the insured is 35, 45, 59 years old (2012 years old until 58) (so-called "turning age")sealed letterThe following contents are described in.From 24, except for the milestone agePostcardThe following 1 to 3 and 1 and 5,6 for the last year are listed.

  1. Pension enrollment period (number of months enrolled, number of months paid, etc.)
  2. Old age pension(Expected amount according to the enrollment record for those under 50 years old, expected amount for future pensions for those over 50 years old assuming that they continue to enroll until 60 years old under the same conditions as the enrollment system at the time of regular flight creation)
    • Since it depends on the "at the time of creation" subscription system, for example, due to reasons such as the cancellation of the special price slide level after October 2013, the number of months of subscription has increased from the regular flight of the previous year, but the estimated amount has decreased. There is.
    • National Pension Fund,Employees' pension fundThe subscription record of is not recorded on regular flights.Therefore, for employees of the welfare pension fund, the estimated amount of the old-age welfare pension does not reflect the surrogate portion, so the amount lower than the actual estimated pension amount may be stated.
  3. Amount of insurance premiums paid so far (cumulative amount borne by the insured. Note that the amount borne by the employer is not stated)
  4. Pension enrollment history (enrollment system, business establishment name, insured qualification acquisition / loss date, etc.)
  5. Monthly standard monthly salary for all periods of welfare annuity insuranceStandard bonus amount・ Insurance premium payment amount
  6. Insurance premium payment status for all periods of the national pension (payment, non-payment, exemption, etc.)

Pension net service

Regardless of regular pension flights2006/May 3Started fromcomputerByインターネットThere was a "pension personal information provision service" that allows you to obtain the same contents as those described on regular Nenkin flights at any time.[4],2011/May 2The name was changed to "Nenkin Net Service" and the function was improved.This is via the internetBasic pension number, Name, date of birth, etc. to applySocial Insurance AgencyAfter confirming the identity by the record managed by, with the user IDPasswordIs notified by mail and then the service can be used[5].. After 2011, you can register for use in a short time by using the access key listed in "Regular flights".In addition, you can apply for the service with the consent of a subscriber who cannot use a personal computer, etc., and you can see the record and let them know or attend.

With this service, you can use this service anytime without waiting for regular pension flights.You can check the latest pension record, "My history rearranging table" makes it easy to check the records.You can estimate future pensions and search for records of unknown owners.Also,2012/From April, "Nenkin Net" users who have registered their e-mail addresses will be notified of the electronic version of "Nenkin Regular Service" in the month of birth, and the contents can be confirmed at the milestone age (exactly the same as the mail version). Not) can be seen.In addition, this service isOld age basic pensionAlreadyReceiptThose who are doing it cannot receive it.This service isDemocratic PartyIt is supposed to replace the "pension passbook" advocated by.


  • 2009/Late March- Preservation version of "Nenkin Regular Service"As for the information that shipping will start from April and the details of regular flightsTabloid4 pages are newspapersGeneral paperWith the folding method ofGovernment public relationsThe March 21 issue of "Tomorrow's Japan" was distributed.[6].

Reference / footnote

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