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📢 | Bourbon, 14 cup desserts with fresh taste and rich variety on February 2st (…


Bourbon, 14 cup desserts that are always fresh and delicious and have a wide variety of dishes on February 2st (...

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With fruit juice, it is a perfect product for filling your stomach with heart-shaped jelly and nata de coco.

Bourbon Corporation (Headquarters: Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture, President: Yasushi Yoshida) has a highly satisfying large-capacity size and food ... → Continue reading


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    With fruit juice

    Nata de coco

    Nata de coco(Spanish: coconut cream) IscoconutFruit juicefermentationLet megelTransformedフィリピンOf originTraditionFood.


    Born in the 18th centurypineappleMade from(English edition)Invented in 1949 as a substitute for.The inventorBatangasTeódula Kalaw África, a female chemist from Lipa[1].

    In Spanish, "Nata" means "film" (on the surface of the liquid) and "Nata de coco" means "coconut supernatant film".[2].

    In a liquid called coconut water stored inside the coconut fruit,Acetic acid bacteriaA kind ofAcetobacter・ Add xylinum (Nata fungus) and ferment, from the surfacecoagulationAnd when it reaches a certain thicknessDiceUse for food.This gel-like substance is mostly fungusSynthesisTocelluloseConsists of[3].cold dayWhile looking similar tosquidIt has a unique texture likecalorieIs low,Dietary fiberBecause it is abundantdietFoodFood for specified health use[4]Also used as[5][6].

    Trends in Japan

    JapanInthe 1970sIn the second halfDel MonteIs said to be the first to put in a fruit can[5]..Then the food companyFujicco DessertAsProductsHowever, at the beginning, Nata de coco was not common and it seemed to be stagnant.[7][8].1992Major in Julyfamily restaurantchain OfDenny'sIs in addition to the menu1993Great because it was widely covered in the media after springtrend official[6].canning,BottlingIn addition to being sold separately as various foods,BeverageIn combination with dessertsConfectioneryIs sold as.

    Even after the 1993 enthusiastic boom has passed, a certain number of fans still exist and it has become a standard product.[9].

    Non-edible use

    Cellulose gel produced by film-forming acetobacter, which has been of the same quality as nata de coco for some time, is a homogeneous cellulose gel.colloidBecause it is a gel ofspeaker OfCone paperAs etc.high techMaterialHas been sought for use as[10].

    Nata de cocoingredient99% ofmoistureFocusing on the fact that the remaining 1% is fibrous, the fiber of Nata de coco is dried by removing water.Synthetic resinInfiltrate,Organic ELdisplayResearch has been done to use it as a transparent substrate.ExistingGlassIt was impossible with the panel madeQuartz glassA thin display that has moderately low thermal expansion, is supple and foldable, can be manufactured from reproducible plant raw materials, and can be manufactured at a lower cost than glass panels.costExpected to lead to reduction[11].


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