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📢 | Xinhua Silk Road: Haier Group embraces the bright future of the digital age ...


Xinhua Silk Road: Haier Group embraces a bright future for the digital age ...

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Haier Group(Simplified Chinese: Haier Group,English: Haier Group) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaShandongQingdaoBased inElectronics company, Global corporate group[2]..The representative isChinese Communist PartySixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenthCentral CommitteeCandidate committee memberZhang[3].


The main products areRefrigerator ,Washing machineSuch asWhite goods,tv set,Air condition,LaptopcomputerIt is produced and sold in more than 165 countries around the world.Global consolidated sales for the entire group in fiscal 2008 were 1220 billion yuan (approximately 1 trillion yen)[4]).As of 2010, it has the largest market share of white goods brands in the world.Refrigerator and washing machine brand market share is also No. 1 in the world as of 2010[5].

1984/Established in December as Qingdao Refrigerator Main Factory (Qingdao Electric Box General Factory).West Germany OfLiebherrAfter a technical tie-up with1991/Become a Kotoshima Haier group[1]("Kotoshima" is another name for Qingdao, and "Kaiji" is an abbreviation for Liebherr's Chinese transliteration "Rijo Kaiji"). Renamed to Haier Group in 1992[1].. Current,Hong Kong Stock ExchangeとShanghai Stock ExchangeListed on.

2005 year 8 month,2008/Will be held inBeijing OlympicsBecame a local sponsor (official sponsor) of[2][6].

In 2006NBABecame a sponsor of[7].

January 2016General ElectricAgreed to acquire the home appliances division, which has been a core business since its founding[8][9]Also acquired a long-term license for the GE brand[10].. same yearMay 6Completed the acquisition[11].

Business development in Japan

In Japan,2002/With Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd.Sanyo ElectricSanyo Haier Co., Ltd., which was established as a joint venture with Haier, started importing and selling Haier brand refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners.afterwards,2007/In January, Sanyo Electric establishes "Haier Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd." for the purpose of outsourcing the manufacture of refrigerators to Haier.[12]Instead, "Sanyo Haier Co., Ltd." was dissolved in March.

The current import and sale is carried out by Haier Japan Sales Co., Ltd.In addition, Haier Japan Holdings Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation,OsakaOsakaYodogawa WardHeadquartered in Miyahara 3-5-24 (Shin-Osaka Daiichi Seimei Building).

2011/May 7, Sanyo Electric is a nine subsidiary company (Sanyo Aqua Co., Ltd. (currently::)) that operates white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, etc.) in Haier.AquaHaier Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (later)Haier Asia InternationalCorporation)[13] Etc.) officially announced that they will sell their shares for about 100 billion yen.This will promote restructuring of businesses in which Sanyo Electric overlaps with its parent company Panasonic. In February 2012, regarding the products inherited from Sanyo, instead of Haier, "AQUA(Aqua)[Annotation 1]』Announced to develop under the brand.

Until now, Haier and Sanyo Haier products were handled by Sanyo Electric Service as the reception desk in Japan, and at home appliance stores, etc., when repairs were received, they were handled on the same channel as Sanyo Electric products.2012/May 1From now on, the company will be changed to the reception desk.[14]..After-sales services such as repairs of old Sanyo and Sanyo Aqua products will be available from 2012.PanasonicIs going.

In addition, we acquired not only household washing machines but also commercial washing machines, so we are in Japan.Coin laundryThen it occupies nearly 3% and becomes the top share[15], Nearly 2015% as of 7[16].

MajorConsumer electronics storeOverseas products have a high rate of receiving complaints, but Haier's products are ranked high due to the large number of sales.[17].


8-year-old child electrocution fatal accident

2010/2ToGuangdongAn 8-year-old girl trying to open a Haier refrigeratorElectrocutiondid.Haier insisted that "our company is not responsible" for this case.[18].

11-year-old child electrocution fatal accident

2010/May 8ToJiangxi ProvinceAn 11-year-old girl who tried to open a Haier refrigerator was electrocuted.Regarding this incident, Haier said, "We are not responsible for it," and concluded that there was a problem with the connection method of the outlet and that an electric leakage occurred.In addition, Haier spokesman Zhang Tetsuyan insisted that "users need to be careful about the electrical situation in their homes," but said that they would proceed with the development of products with less risk of electric leakage accidents.[18].

5-year-old child electrocution fatal accident

2011/May 7A 5-year-old girl who tried to open a Haier refrigerator in Guangdong was electrocuted.According to the mother of the deceased girl, a strong electric current ran through her body as soon as she opened the fridge door and was drawn to the fridge.[19].



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