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📊 | Yaesu Underground Shopping Mall / TOKYO CURRY QUARTET opened, 4 curry specialty stores gathered


Yaesu underground shopping mall / TOKYO CURRY QUARTET opened, 4 curry specialty stores gathered

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Along with the redevelopment of the Yaesu area of ​​Tokyo Station, which has been designated as a National Strategic Special Zone, this is a part of the sequential promotion of renewal that plays a part in urban development.

On February 2, Yaesu underground shopping mall was the first in Yaesu shopping mall (commonly known as Yaesu shopping mall), a 2-minute walk from Tokyo Station. → Continue reading

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National Strategic Special Zone

National Strategic Special Zone(Strategic strategy) isJapan Economic Recovery HeadquartersReceived a suggestion fromFirst Abe Cabinet Growth strategyAs one of the pillars ofNational Strategic Special Zones ActArticle 2 stipulates for the purpose of "regional promotion" and "improvement of international competitiveness"Special Economic Zone.National Strategic Special ZoneIt is abbreviated as (strategy).


everyBedrock regulationTo be a breakthrough to punch out[1],Prime MinisterThe aim is to narrow down the area and significantly relax the conventional regulations only within the area.[2]..In addition, this area is subject to three revisions: "dismissal rules," "working hours legislation," and "fixed-term employment system."[3].


  • 2013/(25)May 10, In the morningHouse of RepresentativesBudget Committeeso,employmentHas jurisdiction over the fieldMinister of Health, Labor and WelfareEtc. in related fieldsMinisterWas expressed from the Integrated Electric Propulsion Headquarters established in each National Strategic Special Zone.Regarding this matterShinzo AbeThe Prime Minister said, "We will give you the opportunity to express your opinions, but it is important to make decisions. We are considering ways to avoid making decisions."[4].
  • Industrial competitiveness conference OfHeizo TakenakaIt is,Prime MinisterOn behalf of the country, instead of "asking the country from the local government to allow the country from a superior position"Minister of State for the Special Zone, On behalf of the regionGovernor,Mayor, On behalf of the private sectorThe presidentTo sayCountry,Region,CompanyHe said that it is a new special zone with the independence that is decided like a mini-independent government at the three-party integrated headquarters, and that he wants to utilize the special zone to cut into rock mass regulation.[5].
  • Regarding the future policy of the special zone, Heizo Takenaka said, "We will further refine the National Strategic Special Zone Law at the ordinary Diet session convened on January 2014, 1." Initial menu "," more (Regulatory reformWe have posted columns such as "We have to add items" and "We should make urgent adjustments for further measures", and we plan to expand the scope of coverage.[6].

Advisory Council

National Strategic Special Zone Advisory Council(Kokka Senryaku and Kubetsu Iki Shimon Kaigi) was established based on the National Strategic Special Zones Law.Conference on important policies..The members are as follows.


  • United States Trade Representative (USTR)Wendy Cutler's acting deputy representative isAbenomicsRegarding deregulation and ensuring transparency, which are stated in the third arrow of "Growth Strategy," "In the non-tariff field, which is one of the focal points of the TPP negotiations,America"Almost all discussions in the non-tariff area of ​​the TPP negotiations are in Prime Minister Abe's third arrow structural reform program," he said. ing[7].
  • Economic journalistSatoshi Higashitani"The (national) strategic special zone is definitely the recipient of the TPP," and "the Abe administration's growth strategy is mostly what the United States demands in the TPP and its parallel bilateral negotiations." "Satisfies everything", "People who oppose deregulation"Shirasu"Pull it out and criticize it with everyone, and proceed with deregulation."[8].

Designated area / designated contents


Tohoku region

Kanto region

Chubu region



Shikoku region

Kyushu region

Urban regeneration certification business

For details, Urban regeneration special districtSee.

  • Otemachi 2015-chome district --Certified in June 6, the first certified business. OH-1 plan.
  • Otemachi (Tokiwabashi) district --Certified in April 2016, constructing a skyscraper 4m above the ground.
  • Nihonbashi Kabutocho / Kayabacho 2018-chome --Certified in March 3
  • Yaesu 6-chome 2015 district --Certified in September 9 (Yaesu XNUMX-chome east district redevelopment)
  • Yaesu 1-chome 2015 district-certified in September 9
  • Yaesu 2017-chome Naka District --Certified in September 9
  • Yurakucho Station area
  • Hibiya District --Certified in December 2014 (Certified in December 12)Tokyo Midtown Hibiya
  • Toranomon XNUMX-chome district (Toranomon Hills Station Tower)
  • Toranomon XNUMX-chome district (Toranomon Hills Business Tower)
  • Hibiya Line New Station --Certified in June 2015 (Toranomon Hills Station
  • Toranomon 2015-chome --Certified in March 3 (Tokyo World Gate Kamiyacho Trust Tower)
  • Atago district (Toranomon Hills Residential Tower)
  • Toranomon / Azabudai district
  • Roppongi XNUMX-chome district
  • Takeshiba district
  • Shibaura XNUMX-chome district (Toshiba BuildingRedevelopment)
  • Mita XNUMX, XNUMX-chome district
  • Area around Shinagawa Station --Certified in April 2016
  • Seaside subcenter Ariake district
  • Haneda Airport site area
  • Nishi-Shinjuku XNUMX-chome district
  • Yaesu XNUMX-chome north district
  • Nihonbashi XNUMX-chome middle district
  • Nihonbashi XNUMX-chome east district
  • Yaesu XNUMX-chome South District
  • Toshima Ward Government Building Site District --Certified in September 2016
  • Kyobashi XNUMX-chome east district
  • Shinagawa Station North Area --Certified in April 2019 (Certified in April 4)Takanawa gateway station
  • Hamamatsucho 2017-chome district --Certified in September 9 (certified in September XNUMX)World Trade Center BuildingRedevelopment)
  • Akasaka 2018-chome district --certified in June 6
  • Kabukicho 2018-chome district --Certified in June 6
  • Minamiikebukuro 2018-chome C District --Certified in June 6
  • Tokyo International Airport Zone 2 (planned)
  • Higashiikebukuro XNUMX-chome district (planned)
  • Shinjuku Station West Exit Area (planned)
  • Uchikanda XNUMX-chome (planned)
  • Toranomon XNUMX-chome East Area (planned)

Main business

Democratic Party's Special Zone Suspension Bill

On December 2017, 6,Democratic PartyIt is,Kake school problem"National Strategic Special Zones Law Suspension / Review Bill"House of CouncilorsI submitted it to, but it is abandoned[13].


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