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📊 | Royal HD / Lazona Kawasaki cold food "Royal Deli" limited time store


Royal HD / Lazona Kawasaki cold food "Royal Deli" limited-time store

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"Royal Deli" is also sold at Royal Host, Tendon Ten, some specialty stores, and high-speed service area shops.

Royal Holdings will hold a household flow at "Lazona Kawasaki 2st Floor FOOD EVENT" until February 14th ... → Continue reading

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Royal host

Royal holdings > Royal host

Royal host(British: Royal Host) IsRoyal holdingsIs a subsidiary ofRoyal Food Service Co., Ltd.A family restaurant run by. Royal Host means "hospitality of the court".Known asRoyal host.


1950/(Showa25 years)FukuokaでKoichi EgashiraFounded Kilroy Special Trading Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Royal Holdings.

The first Royal Host store isFranchiseAs a store1971/(Showa 46)KitakyushuHachiman Nishi WardOpened in Aoyama.After that, there were several franchise stores mainly in northern Kyushu such as Kitakyushu City, but now all stores have been changed to directly managed stores.It used to exceed 300 stores, but since 2002, it has been closing unprofitable stores, especially since 2009, it has closed in large numbers (some are steak restaurants ""Cowboy family(Conversion and refurbishment), and there were no new stores from 2008 to November 2013.[2], The number of stores is said to be on the decline.

CurrentlyHokkaidoからOkinawaUp to 219 stores (2022/(As of April 3) is being developed.note thatNorth tohoku,Yamagata,Tochigi,Gifu,Mie,Hokuriku 3 prefectures,San'in,Shikoku[3],SagaThere is no store in.

The operating companyHokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto is Royal East Japan, Chubu, Kansai,OkayamaIs Royal Kansai, Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and Kyushu is Royal West Japan (formerly Royal Kyushu. During the Royal Kyushu era, only the Kyushu area was in charge).Only the food service infrastructure function remained in Royal. Until 2010, there were three companies, Royal East Japan Co., Ltd., Royal Kansai Co., Ltd., and Royal West Japan Co., Ltd., but in January 3, Royal East Japan absorbed two other regional companies and merged with "Royal Host." It was integrated into one company as a joint-stock company.

The Kansai area isOsaka Gas OfsubsidiaryWas a corporationKinreiIt was operated under the consolidated company "Aussie Royal Co., Ltd."2002/Most of Kinrei's shares were transferred to Royal in (14), and the remaining shares were also transferred.2004/All were transferred in (16), and Osaka Gas withdrew from the Royal Host business.After that, the company name was changed to "Royal Kansai Co., Ltd." and it was operated, but in 2011 it was integrated into Royal Host.[4].. From Royal in April 2007Chubu regionIt is absorbing the business in Okayama prefecture.From that background, the core system is separated from other districts in the Royal Kansai jurisdiction.


  • 1950/(Showa25) April-Established Kilroy Special Trading Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Royal
  • 1953/(Showa 28) December --French restaurant "Royal Nakasu Main Store"Fukuoka CityHigashi Nakasu (currently:ChuoNakasu) Opened[5].
  • 1959/(Showa 34) June- Fukuoka CityTenjin-ShintenmachiOpened the first Western restaurant "Royal".
  • 1971/(Showa 46) December-Opened the first "Royal Host" storeKitakyushuYahata Ward (currently:Hachiman Nishi Ward) Opened in Aoyama.
  • 1975/(50) December-Opened "Royal Host Higashi Kobe Store" (first store in Kansai).
  • 1977/(52) March-Opened "Royal Host Mitaka Store" (first store in Tokyo).
  • 1984/(59) December-City center type "Royal Host"Shinjuku Mitsui BuildingOpened "Store".
  • 1988/(63) June --- Over 6 Royal Host stores (Matsudo station square store).
  • 1993/(Heisei5 years) April-Royal HostTaiwanThe first store "Raku Gagaku (Royal Host) Nanjing East Road Store" opened.
  • 2005/(17) June- Holding companyMoved to.Company splitAs a result, the operation of Royal Holdings Co., Ltd. (formerly Royal) and its affiliated companies has been transferred.
  • 2010/(22) November-ShanghaiMetro-CityOpened the first store in China, Shanghai[6][7].
  • 2011/(23)May 1 --Royal East Japan merged with Royal Kansai and Royal West Japan, and changed its trade name to Royal Host.[8]..As a result, the operation of Royal Host will be changed from a regional branch system to a nationwide one company system.
  • 2012/(24)May 11 --The first "Royal Host" store in Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu has been renewed to the new format "Cowboy Family" that Royal Host has started operating.At the same time, the franchise store disappears.
  • 2014/(26) June 6-Closed Shanghai store and withdrew from China[6].
  • 2014/(27) April 4- AEON MALL Okinawa RycomOpened two stores at the same time with the same Royal-affiliated "Cowboy Family" and entered Okinawa Prefecture.[9].
  • 2021/(Reiwa 3nd year) October 1st- Ten Corporation,R&K Food ServiceMerged with absorption.Changed company name to Royal Food Service Co., Ltd.[10][11].

Business format to develop

Royal host
HokkaidoからOkinawaUp to 219 stores nationwide (as of June 2021, 6)[12])family restaurant.
Cowboy family
A new format specializing in steaks, hamburgers, and salad bars. Test deployment started in December 2010 at 12 stores in Kanto and Kansai, and from March 11FukuokaKasuga CityKasuga store[13]Started nationwide expansion[14].
As of November 2015, when it was at its peak, it had 11 stores nationwide.[15], October 10 of the following yearSapporo-Niigata[16]-Osaka 3 stores were closed[17]After that, the number gradually decreased, especially after 2019, the stores closed one after another.[18], May 2022, 3OsakaNishi-ward, Tokyo on April 4NerimaStore closed[19]By doingKyusyuIt will be completely withdrawn from other regions, and only the Aoyama store in Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu will remain.[20].

Other, oldTen Corporation, OldR&K Food ServiceDevelop stores operated by.

Business formats that have been developed in the past

Premium Royal Host
A new concept restaurant born from a royal host. Opened as "Cafe Royal Park" in February 2013.Features homemade bread and farmer's deli (appetizer buffet) baked in the store[21].. In April 2014, the essence of the store was renewed as it is.[22].
Sumiyoshi(Fukuoka)KomazawaIt had two stores in (Tokyo), but as of October 2, both stores have returned to normal royal hosts.However, only the Komazawa store offers a premium grand menu.
Spice Plus
Opened in July 2012 as "Curry Family", a store specializing in "vegetable side dishes (subji) & Western curry".Then changed to the current Spice Plus on November 7, 2012[23].
Kasumigaseki-Yokohama-Kamiya TownIt had been deployed in a total of 3 stores (as of May 2015, 5).

Features of stores and menus

  • 2007-New menu,Hashed beefA newly developed paper pot is used for the hamburger steak.It prevents the ingredients from burning on the iron plate and the sauce from boiling, so that you can eat it warm until the end.
  • VikingIntroducing the format-at some storesdrink bar(All-you-can-drink soft drinks), Soup bar (All-you-can-drink one to several types of soup),salad bar(All-you-can-eat several types of salad) and bread bar (all-you-can-eat several types of bread)[24]..The types of handling are different for each store (example: Nagasaki Prefecture).Nagasaki StationIn addition to the regular menu at the building storeTurkish rice,Sasebo Burger,Champon,Plate udonAlso available).
  • Onion gratin soup-Royal Host's signature menu. In 1954, he was visiting Japan on his honeymoon at the Royal Nakasu Main Store (currently Hananoki Restaurant) in Higashi Nakasu, Fukuoka City.Marilyn Monroe,Joe DiMaggioIt is said that he liked to eat when the couple visited. "Marilyn Monroe ate royal onion gratin soup for three days in a row," the menu says.
  • Initially, only Western dishes were available except for stores with yakiniku facilities, but in recent years, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, etc. have been added to the regular menu.In addition, we hold cooking fairs in each country on a regular basis, and the curry fair in the summer is a staple.
  • When we opened a store in China in 2010, we challenged with the same menu structure as in Japan, but withdrew in 2014 because the staff turnover was intense and know-how such as cooking and customer service did not take root.[25].

E-commerce initiatives

  • QUICPay --Available at stores nationwide.
  • Suica --Available at 5 stores in Tokyo. From April 2014, 4, it became available at all stores.InteroperableKitaca,PASMO,TOICA,sense of,ICOCA,SUGOCA,nimoca,HayakakenIs also available.
  • Rakuten Edy --It ended once on August 2011, 8, but resumed on April 31, 2014.Available at stores nationwide.
  • iD --Available at stores nationwide from April 2014, 4.

However,Nagasaki Station BuildingStore, OmiyaStella TownSome e-commerce stores and Okinawa Raikamu stores cannot be used due to the policy of the occupancy facility.


  • TBS TV"Solid Monday!The company was featured on September 2013, 9, and Seiji Yazaki, the company's president, also appeared in the studio.
  • Mukai"I love the royal host's pancakes" and I'm not confused, so I wrote "Royal Host's Pancake Song" with that feeling.Officially recognized as the official pancake song of the Royal Host,iTunesIt is delivered (charged) at[26][27].
  • Twitter Royal Host Official account @Royal_Host (Royhotan) made full use of hospitality Twitter, many people thought that it was a bot (mechanical) reply, but by GIGAZINEInterview articleAs a result, interviews with people inside have been realized. (People in the first generation were removed from charge on January 2012, 1, and the account itself was closed later.)


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