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📊 | Entered Nitori / Malaysia and opened a store in local LaLaport


Entered Nitori / Malaysia and opened a store in local LaLaport

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The Malaysian store will be developed under the brand name "NITORI".

Nitori Holdings will open its first store in Malaysia on January 1th.Mitsui Fudosan on the same day, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ... → Continue reading

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brand(Brand,British: brand) IsGoods-ServicesTo distinguish it from other goods and services of the same categoryconcept.. Communicate information from all angles of the goods service that comes into contact with the goods service (including any information source point about them) at the consumer contact point (touch point or contact point).MediaCharacteristic,consumerThe overall image of the goods and services among consumers as a result of taking into account their experiences and intentions.

That is the current concept of the brand. As a simple expression of the intention of the provider of goods and services under the brandText,FigureSpecifically expressed in商標Is often used. In a broad sense, it is called a brand for all products and services regardless of luxury or low quality.

In a narrow sense, it is used to indicate high-class products or first-class products.FashionIn the field, "branded products" and "DC brand, And in electrical appliances and consumer goods, products from leading manufacturers are called "manufacturer products."

The word brand has traditionally beenMarketing(Marketing communication) Was a world term, but the region itself and its name are considered as brands.Regional brandsHas been advocated in recent years, and the concept is expanding.


The brand was originally owned by the ranch owner家畜EtcBrandingRepresents the act of giving and distinguishing from other livestockNordicIt is said that it is derived from the words of.Trademark lawThe "brand" protected by is also just an accessory such as a trademark, mark, tag, or design that the manufacturer has attached to identify similar products. However, as the product is widely used as a result of its superiority, the accessory works to remind consumers of criteria such as "the product is of good quality" and "usability is good". Also, the quality of the products and servicescomplianceThe opposite is also true if social credibility is lost in terms of.

After establishing the image of the product, the accessories themselves (the brand itself) became important. In some cases, it has the power to walk alone across regions, apart from goods and services. For exampleTHX TheLucasfilm OfAVIt started as a division of acoustics, but due to its strong brand powerSpin outAfter that, several times including foreign companiesAcquisitionWas the target of.

On the other hand, depending on the economic situation of the country, the brand power may decline or disappear due to the involvement of the country. In the Japanese example1939/,Second World WarWith outbreakinflationFor the purpose of suppressionPrice control ordinance(Price suspension order prior)Official priceHowever, the price was fixed for each brand depending on the product. afterwards,石 鹸In the example of1940/[1]TobeerIn the example of1943/The standardization of the product itself and the integration of manufacturing companies progressed, and after the war, the brand disappeared until the production system was restored.[2].

In modern times, the value of brands in the marketing field is attracting attention, and in Europe and the United States.Acquisition, Highly valued as a "brand value" intangible asset at the time of the merger (eg, of a tobacco company)Philip MorrisIs a food companyCraftWhen you boughtNestleFinancially when it acquired a British confectionery makerCorporate valueI paid a huge amount of money by adding a premium to the brand value.)

Harayoshi and its derivation

What is a brand?Branding"Brander" which means "to put on"Norway OfOld NordicIt is said to be derived from. From ancient timesgrazingdoing家畜I branded it to show that it was my property. Even today, the word brand has the meaning of "branding iron" on goods and livestock. Derived from this, it came to have the meaning of "a sign for identification". The English brand-new, which means "brand new," also has the description "just branded."HarayoshiIs. Japan alsoKibun foodWas the mainstay at the time of its foundingKamaboko,ChikuwaToBrandingBy adding, we have made people aware of the rarity and reliability of the products (some products are still branded as "Kibun").

From this, the names, words, and names that aim to identify the products and services of other sellers and groups of sellers and differentiate them from those of competitors (others).symbol,DesignAnd their combination. It is superior to the products and services of other companies (others), and by making customers aware of it, it is possible for companies, etc. to gain a sense of security for their customers, and to make their own brands ""valueIs born.


Economic significance

Economically, the value of a brand is expressed as excess earning power. When selling a product that has exactly the same functions and performance as other companies, if it can be sold at a higher price than other companies, it is a value derived from the creditworthiness of the brand. The difference in price that can be made higher than that of other companies is the excess earning power.

Accounting treatment

United KingdomIn the 1980s,ThatcherBrand asset value during the administrationBrand Equity) Is now accepted.

The value of the brand in accounting is at the time of the mergerGoodwillIt is recorded as. Companies with high brand valueMarketBy being evaluated in, it will have a market capitalization that is greater than its net assets, but the difference is goodwill. However, since the brand power won by the company cannot be objectively estimated for economic value, it is not allowed to be recorded as an asset (self-created goodwill).

Brand advertising and retention

Many companies have their own branding strategy in some way, but take advantage of these companiesuserIt is a very difficult task to control a brand because it is recognized as a "brand" only with the consent of. They arePriceAnd design, advertising strategy, customer service, and other behaviors that involve the companyStakeholdersSince it is the sum of all, it cannot be achieved by investing pure costs alone.

A new form of brand advertising

Brandet Entertainment

Branded entertainment is movies, dramas, music, sports, etc.Entertainment-contentIt is said that products and brands can be blended into the product without making them feel uncomfortable.AdsAdvertising method. recent yearsAmericaIt is actively carried out in. In the Japanese advertising industry, the introduction has been specifically considered since around 2006.

An example of a company's brand strategy

The company name itself is often used as the brand nameHowever, one company may develop multiple brands, such as luxury brands and popular brands that are closely related to daily life. For exampleToyotaThen, with the general brand "Toyota"luxury carBrand "LexusIs being developed.

In addition, if the brand has a negative image, the brand may be changed or newly added in an attempt to break it down.For Toyota Motor Corporation, from 2003 to 2016North AmericaThen, in addition to Toyota / Lexus, "Individuality group" for young peopleScionHowever, due to the nature of the North American market, it is highly necessary to attract young people, and Toyota / Lexus has a negative image of "high quality but boring". exist.

In addition, the same product may have different brands depending on the country. Also,SonyIs "SONY"ofThe alphabetThe four characters carry the brand image.

In JapanMercedes-BenzSpeaking ofluxury car,Ferrari,PorscheSpeaking of luxurysports carIt is said that it is a representative brand ofStereotypeIs very strong even when viewed from other countries,That commitment is extraordinary when viewed from other countries.[Source required].

However, the stability of such major brands is not so stable due to the influence of the Internet society. One reason is that there are situations in which the reputation on the Internet is easily linked to stock prices, but information on the Internet is often misleading, such as making it possible to generate multiple fictitious statements electronically, so it is a judgment of civil society. Maturity is also a barometer of how a true brand is growing.

An example of a school brand strategy

Nikkei BP Consulting has been conducting "University Brand Image Survey" every year since the 2000s.[3].

Some have symbol marks and image colors[4].. In some cases, universities and specific sports makers have partnered (in 2011).MizunoとKansai University, In 2013Adidas JapanとAoyama Gakuin University, In 2016ASICSとWaseda University,same yeardomeとSchool corporation Kanto Gakuin[5], MizunoUmemura Gakuen[6]).

Brands in the fashion field

FashionThe brand inIndividualityIt is said that the value of discrimination is higher than that of other industries, and it is easy to establish a so-called "brand strategy". High price and high quality, its design and concept are praisedPrestige brandIs a good example.

In fashion, apart from the quality of the product, "where you bought it" is also an important factor. Therefore, the product price and the brand value do not always match. For example, if products of similar quality are sold at store A (which sells at a low price) and store B (which has a reputation for being fashionable),consumerTends to choose store B even in the low-income group. "Home appliancesとclothingIs different. " As a result, even if the quality is cheapPropagandaIf you succeed in such things, it will become popularFamous brandIn some cases (as an example)targetとWalmartThere is)[7].

RecentClothesIt cannot be said that it is unrelated to the above-mentioned case that there is a method for affiliated companies to launch brands one after another by a commercial method and to easily change or cut off the concept depending on the sales.

Fast fashion brandFor retailers, including TokyoGinzaIt is said that opening a store in is one status[8].

As an indicator of brand popularitypaper bagCan also be mentioned[9].

Popular brands

Popularity is the reputation of the world, and "popular brand" is a brand with a high reputation.

On the other hand, it is sometimes used to mean "popular luxury brand". The value of many luxury brands has increased as privileged people buy one item at a high price. However, with the modern popularization society, it has become necessary to sell it widely to the general public. Under the wave of the mass economy and society, being only for the traditional privileged class meant that the company could not survive and was merged and absorbed, or that the brand died. As a result, the group of "luxury brands" living in modern society have come to make continuous efforts to appeal not only to be luxury, but also to be widely recognized as luxury by the general public. It was. In other words, while expanding the sales target to the masses, the brand should include values ​​to persuade "why luxury", such as aristocratic values ​​or reasons for convincing that it is expensive. , Has come to appeal continuously. In this way, a brand that is a high-priced product but can be the target of the world's admiration is sometimes called a "popular luxury brand" to the mass sales.

The issue for brands that have become popular is how to balance the decline in brand value due to their popularization and daily life. In particular, the more rare it is, the more difficult it is to balance it. Therefore, for the purpose of stabilizing corporate management, a comprehensive strategy including development under a sub-brand or another brand different from the main brand name is often adopted. Brands are bought and sold across countries, and in reality brands are no longer subordinate to a particular country.Global economyIt is a modern feature that has become.


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