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📢 | MCT oil-containing “PFC balance & intestinal activity selection” rice balls “Super barley-containing soybean meat soboro…


"PFC balance & intestinal activity selection" rice balls with MCT oil "Soy meat soboro with super barley ...

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A wrap stick containing roast chicken and cabbage, green leaf vegetables, soy meat, super barley, and MCT oil.

Medium-chain fatty acids, which are the main components of MCT (medium-chain fatty acid oil), are palms such as coconut and palm fruit. → Continue reading


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Roast chicken

Roast chicken(British: Roast chicken) IsChickenBake wholeMeat dish.


oven,grillHow to bake withstringHow to stab and roast, a dedicated baking machine (roasterThere are various cooking methods such as baking with).also,Dutch oven(Outdoor cookingThere is also a method of steaming using a thick iron pot).Because it is roasted, the umami is hard to escape, and the flavor of the burnt skin is added.

When baking in the oven, use the hollowed chickenSalt,pepper,garlic,ロ ー ズ マ リ ーI rubbed it in and seasoned it, and made it with vegetables and small pieces of bread inside.Phallus(Stuffing or in EnglishdressingAfter stuffing the legs, sew the legs with octopus thread to shape them and apply oil to the surface in advance. With chicken on the top of the ovenonion,carrotPut vegetables such as these on top and bake so that a uniform brown color is obtained while supplementing the moisture and flavor. The surface of the chicken and the relatively easy to cook during bakingBreast meatSprinkle the gravy and fat on the top plate several times to prevent it from drying out ("("Buddha: water) ”Or“(English edition(British: Basting) ”) Is the trick.

When serving roast chicken to the table, on the thin part of the toesManchette(Paper frills andAluminum foil)[1]..It is said that this is "rolled to keep your hands clean when you hold the meat with bones", but originally it was rolled to hide the cross section as "it does not look good if you can see the cross section of the bone". The beginningIt is assumed[By whom?].

recently[When?],Fried chickenFor consumers who shy away from high calories, someFast foodThe service of serving roast chicken subdivided in stores has become more and more common.

Roast chicken by country

JapanThen typicalChristmasIt ’s one of the dishes,North AmericaThen.TurkeyRoast is preferred. AlsoEuropeThen,ガ チ ョ ウRoast is also preferred.

米 国

The United States of AmericaSo, for most of the 20th century, it's ready to eat(English editionWas available at supermarkets and several butchers.[2] But,(English editionHelped popularize the sale of packaged rotisserie chicken until the early 1990s[3] They have not become a widely available option for consumers.[4]

Georgia Russia

ジ ョ ー ジ ジ(Former Georgia)[5][6],RussiaSo, it ’s a kind of roast chicken.(English edition(Табака) is popular.The cooking method is to cut the chest vertically from the abdomen, tap the bones and joints with a mallet in the open state to form it flat, then add salt and pepper as a base, and add herbs and spices as you like to season it.バ タ ーPut it in a frying pan, put the skin on top, put a weight that crushes the whole, and heat it slowly. When it's about time, turn it over and bake the side of the skin.


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Alternative meat

Alternative meat(Roughly) is a food product made as an alternative to traditional livestock meat.There are two main types of meat substitutes.soySuch asplantUsing sex ingredients, meatTexturePlant-based (plant-based) close toFoodAnd of the animals細胞ThecultureMakeCultured meatThere are animal cell-based meat substitutes.Cultured meats are still under development and are rarely distributed yet, so vegetable meats are known as alternative meats.Meat substitutes are increasing the world populationEnvironmental load associated with livestock, Attracting attention as a solution for animal ethics, etc.[1][2][3].

Other animal foods made from vegetable ingredients (seafood,Dairy products,Chicken eggsEtc.), including foods that resemble "alternative foods"[4]It may be collectively called.Also, in Japan, even if animal-derived additives are contained, if the main raw material is plant-derived, it is contained in plant-based (plant-derived) foods.[5][6][2].

Plant-based meat (PBM)[7], Fake meat, soy meat[7], Soy meat, soy meat (soy = soybean), artificial meat, vegetableProtein, Also called analog meats, dummy meats, etc.

Avoid real meatVeg,VeganFor[7]Not only that, it is becoming popular among consumers, and meat substitutes have been spreading in Japan since around 2019.Euromonitor International's global market research shows that one in four consumers worldwide is reducing meat consumption[8]..In a US survey,Generation X26% prefer vegetable alternative proteins,Generation Z44% said they could pay more for plant-based alternative proteins[9]..Of a major meat companyJBS,Tyson,CargillAll six of the largest meat companies in the United States, including, have invested in meat companies or launched their own meat product lines.[10].. As of 2021, there are more than 780 companies working on plant alternatives worldwide.[11].

Animal'sRearingNot accompanied byCultured meat(Artificial meat) Is also under development. December 2020, 12,SingaporeThe Food Agency of Japan is the first in the world to culture meat (chicken) Was approved for sale and offered at a restaurant in the country.

back ground

It is said that the world population will reach 2050 billion by 100, and FAO (FAO)United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) Is the world meat consumption in 2011 by 2050 73 %Announced that milk will increase by 58%[12].. 2017 World Livestock and PoultrySlaughterThe number is "Chicken for meat665 birds ""Hens78 birds ""Dream Pork14 heads ""Beef cattle3 heads ""Dairy cowIt is 2, which is more than 7,801 times the world population.MoreoverFishIncluding, 3000 billion animals are consumed annually for human food.

Approximately 40% of the habitable land on earth to raise these large numbers of livestock[13] Animal husbandryUsed indeforestation,Greenhouse gasEmissions, mass consumption of water resources, etc.Environmental destructionIs the main cause of.In terms of efficiency, the livestock industry currently uses 77% of the agricultural land on the planet, which can be obtained from it.calorieIs only 18%[13].

Years of research on the environmental impact of foods show that vegetable proteins have less impact on climate, water, and land than traditional meat.When meat is replaced with vegetable protein, greenhouse gas emissions are 86-99% less, land use is 97-99% less, air pollution is 70-99% less, and toxic chemical production is 83. ――99% less, water usage can be reduced by 95 ――99%[14][15]..Also, a May 2022 study published in the scientific journal Nature found that migrating livestock-derived meat to meat substitutes produced from fermenting microorganisms would halve the annual deforestation by 5 and at the same time greenhouses. Report that greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced[16].

In 2006FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) announced in its research report "Livestock's long shadow" that "the livestock industry is in the top 2.3 of the most serious environmental problems", but since then the livestock industry has been Continues to expand[17].. In December 2019, scientists said that if the livestock industry continues to expand, it will need to rise by 12 degrees Celsius in 2030.carbon dioxide49% of the livestock industry will emitAnimal husbandryStated that a peak point should be set to "do not increase livestock production anymore"[18].. FAO published a report on the future of food safety in 2022, highlighting meat substitutes and cultured meats.[19].

Global companies are aware of the environmental impact of the livestock industry, and the world's major global companies are partners.World Economic ForumIs the 2019 Annual Meeting (Davos Conference), A report on meat substitutes was issued, stating that the protein that replaces meat has no risk of food contamination and may lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and the protein demand of the increasing population in the future. It states that it will require a transformation of the protein system to meet.[20]..Also, according to the FAIRR report, all 25 companies involved in FAIRR recognize the importance of protein diversification as an important business issue.Of whichKonagra,(English edition,Marks & Spencer,WoolworthsIn their annual report, the four companies publicly acknowledge the link between animal proteins and environmental impacts such as climate change and deforestation.[21].

From a health perspective, overdose of animal foods may be a problem.

English medical journal dated January 2019, 1 ``Lancet"(The Lancet) says,"VegetablesTake a lot of meat, dairy products,sugarA paper was published proposing to "refrain from."It's a three-year discussion of 30 scientists from around the world studying nutrition and food policies, and the paper summarizes the plans that governments can adopt to support the food of 3 billion people. It is also stated that without these dietary reforms, "catastrophic" damage to the earth awaits.[22][23].

The impact of the livestock industry was also an issue at the United Nations Food System Summit (FSS). At the preparatory meeting held on September 2021-9, 23 with the participation of more than 24 countries, the debate on balancing the livestock industry and sustainability was the hottest.At the meeting, it is necessary to take measures because methane emitted by climate change related animals such as cattle affects global warming, and it is held for livestock farming and forage crop cultivation in some Amazons. Many participants commented on the need to stop logging in the rainforest.In addition, from the viewpoint that it is necessary for consumers to promote a sustainable diet, there is an opinion that beef consumption should be suppressed in consideration of the environment, and from the nutritional point of view, the source of protein is livestock. Some commented that there were health concerns due to dependence.[24].

Trends in the international community

In recent years, there has been a movement to promote alternative meats at the national level.

CanadaGovernment announces $ 2018 million investment in plant protein in November 11[25].

Since 2020,KFC Corporation(Kentucky Fried Chicken),StarbucksMajor food and beverage chains such as these have started to adopt alternative meats, and the movement to enter alternative meats is becoming active.ChugokuTwo senior officials are calling on the country to promote plant-based and cell-based meat.[26]. Also,China National Development and Reform CommissionIt is,Pig feverAnnounced to encourage investment in vegetable meat in response to expansion[27].

European UnionIs the center of the "European Green Deal" that sets out action plans for greenhouse gas reductions.[28]Was announced in May 2020, stating "funding research on alternative proteins" and "promoting a plant-based diet."In addition, in December 5, the French and Austrian Ministers of Agriculture urged the European Commission to develop a plant-based protein strategy for the entire EU.[29].(English editionPublished a final report in May 2022 with recommendations for funding plant-based diets.[30].

2021 year 7 month,United KingdomA government-consigned national food strategy states that "British people need to reduce their meat intake by 2032% by 30," and such a dramatic reduction is "significant and easy to achieve." "Not", but states that it is essential to reduce methane emissions from livestock and free the land for use to store carbon.[31]..In October of the same year, in EnglandBoris JohnsonIn a session with children on climate change, the Prime Minister said, "Alternative meats are being studied and alternative burgers are indistinguishable from meat burgers." "The future of not eating a lot of meat will soon come."[32]..In December, the Oxfordshire County Council in the United Kingdom passed a rule banning the provision of meat and dairy products at an official event.[33].

Known as an environmentally advanced country in November 2021FinlandThe capital ofHelsinkiHas announced a policy to ban the provision of meat and processed meat products at government-sponsored events.[34].

In addition, in November 2021,GermanyThen, it is expected that the three parties will form a coalition and the left-wing government will be inaugurated, but the following items were included in this three-party coalition agreement. "We are strengthening plant-based alternatives and supporting the innovation of alternative proteins in the food industry and the EU."[35]..Vegetarian in the administrationGem ÖzdemilWas appointed Minister of Food and Agriculture.The following year, the German Federal Minister of Health(English editionHealth, environment,Animal welfareFor this reason, it states that meat consumption needs to be dramatically reduced.[36][37]..In Germany, per capita consumption decreased by 2020 kg in 2021 compared to 2.1, the lowest ever since the tabulation began in 1989.[38].

The second largest meat consumer in the worldArgentineSo, in May 2021, the Argentine Ministry of the Environment launched a "Green Mondays" campaign on Monday to encourage citizens to replace their diet with a plant-based diet as a measure against climate change.[39].

In addition, WHOPromotes research and development of alternative proteins in May 2021Good Food InstituteIn collaboration with, we are holding a workshop to discuss global regulations for food trade using alternative proteins.[40].

Trends in Japan

2019 years,Ministry of the EnvironmentAwarded the Minister of the Environment Award to Meat Free Monday All Japan (MFMAJ), which promotes Meat Free Monday (not eating meat one day a week).

In March 2020, the new "Food, Agriculture and Rural Basic Plan" stated, "Food that combines food and advanced technology, such as research and development of alternative meats that use plant proteins such as soybeans to meet diverse food demands. Promote the development of tech through industry-academia-government collaboration and create new markets. "Ministry of AgricultureEstablished the Food Tech Study Group in April of the same year, and is discussing the diversification of protein supply utilizing the latest technology (Food Tech). In the interim report in July, meat substitutesCultured meatRecognized that is an important area[41].

Consumer Affairs AgencyAnnounced the labeling rules for alternative foods such as meat substitutes on August 2021, 8."Soybeans are used" and "meat-free" are displayed for meat substitutes that use soybeans as the main ingredient.spicesIf you are using animal ingredients such as "(Food additive) ”And so on.[4]..In December of the same year, it was found that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is proceeding with the procedure to establish the JAS standard for "soybean meat".[42].EU,AmericaThen, the labeling of alternative protein foods has become a big problem, such as the development of a lawsuit over the labeling of "meat (meat)", but in Japan, the use of the labeling of alternative protein foods is currently allowed smoothly. Going in the direction.

Animal ethics

VeganThe idea of ​​exploitation of animals, such as, has triggered the expansion of the meat substitute market.

In 2018FranceCREDOC (Centre de recherche pour l'étude et l'observation desconditions de vie) conducted a survey on vegetarian trends in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and France. The most common motivation for responding "not eating meat" or "reducing consumption" was "because breeding to kill is cruel (49). %) ”, Next is“ due to poor breeding conditions (12%) ”, followed by“ disgust for meat (10%) ”,“ environmental impact (8%) ”and“ health (3%) ”. Was the result[12].

また、農畜産業振興機構(エーリック)が2021年1-3月にかけて実施した8カ国におけるアンケート調査によると、肉を食べない割合はドイツで13 %と最も高く、次いで米国が11 %、日本が9 %となった。多くの国で「肉を食べない」は若年層で多く、ドイツでは肉を食べない理由として「動物がかわいそうだから」は最も高かった(牛肉(32 %)、豚肉(28 %)、鶏肉(46 %))。そのドイツでは肉の消費量が減少し、2021年には過去最低の消費量を記録した[43]..The reasons for not eating meat in Japan are beef (14%), pork (24%), and chicken (20%) because "I feel sorry for animals". It is the first place by overtaking[44].

De-animal exploitation is also one of the motives of the central figures of the major organizations that made the current movement from animal protein to plant protein.

Founded in 2015 and now a global initiative to promote meat substitutes and cultures, the purpose of the Good Food Institute is to reduce animal sacrifice.Bruce Friedrich, the founder of the group, was originallyfurTo protest, etc.Animal rightsAlthough he was an activist, he said he founded the group to reduce animal sacrifice more effectively.[45].

Another initiative for alternative protein migration without livestock is FAIRR (FARM ANIMAL INVESTMENT RISK & RETURN). FAIRR is an investment institution network that aims to educate investment institutions about the risk of livestock farming. In December 2019, there were 12 investment institutions that support FAIRR, and their assets under management amounted to 199 trillion yen ($ 2197 trillion). Climb. FAIRR is working on a project to encourage companies to move to alternative proteins. Founder of FAIRRChief executive officer(CEO)(English editionIs a person who has problems with animal rights and the fear of factory livestock.However, he does not raise the message "poor animals" as a solution to them, but raises factory livestock farming to people as a "problem of global sustainability of human beings".[46].

In addition, the world's first cultured meat (Artificial meat) Was fundedGoogleCo-founder ofSergey BrinBut he said the reason for the investment was "for animal welfare," he said. "People have the wrong image of modern meat production. People see a small number of animals and imagine a natural farm. But if you know how cows are treated, this is You'll find it bad. "[47].

A pioneering developer of meat substitutes,Beyond MeatThe company's site says: "We are committed to improving human health, having a positive impact on climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare."The company's founder and CEO, Ethan Brown, is vegan. At the age of seven, he wondered, "Why do humans take care of dogs as pets, but very similar pigs are edible and not respected?" That[48]..A major meat development company on par with Beyond MeatImpossible FoodsBut the founder of the companyPatrick O. Brown(Stanford UniversityBiochemistryHonorary professor) Is also a vegan[49]..He took an 2009-month vacation in 18 and spent it on the abolition of industrial livestock farming, which he considered to be the world's biggest environmental problem.As a result, we conclude that the best way to reduce animal-based agriculture in the free market is to launch competing animal-free products into existing markets made by animals. Reached[49], Established Impossible Foods in 2011.

(English editionThe company is the most famous "egg replaces" company, and in December 2020, it launched the world's first "cultured chicken" without animal breeding.One of the founders of the company(English editionIs also the vice president of HSUS (American Animal Conservation Organization) who is in charge of animal husbandry protection after working as an undercover researcher for slaughterhouses and factory livestock farming and conducting a campaign against factory livestock farming.

VeganThe concept of is becoming more widespread and is currently in all countries except the three countries in the world (north korea,Vatican City,Eswatini(Swaziland) Other than) consumersVeganuarymotion(VeganismExercise to encourage[50]Since the movement started in 2014, the number of participants has more than doubled every year.VeganuaryAccording to estimates, 3-10% of the population does not eat meat.[51].

In September 2019, with VeganClimate changeETFs for Countermeasures (Listed investment trust)ButUS Securities and Exchange CommissionRegistered in Japan and started accepting investment in January 2020, the trust consists of only vegan and climate change-conscious companies among the large American companies, and companies that handle animal foods.Animal experimentationAll shares of companies that carry out[52].

Also in 2019,European UnionThe (EU) Agricultural Outlook Conference reported: "Although meat consumption in the EU has been on the rise,vegetarianEstablishing, health consciousness and environment,Animal welfareTransition to vegetable protein due to consideration for the EU citizensAgingIt is predicted that the number will decrease gradually.Total meat consumption per capita will increase by 1 kilograms between 2010 and 2020, but is expected to decrease by about 3 kilogram between 2020 and 2030. "[53]. In 2020FAOIn Outlook 2021–2030 announced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, total per capita meat consumption in Europe is expected to decrease, and FAO is one of the determinants of meat consumption.Animal welfareIs giving[54][55].

Impact of new coronavirus infection

From the end of 2019PandemicCausedNew Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Of the livestock systemVulnerabilityWas exposed.

Many people have to slaughter and process meat closely on the conveyor belt system.Slaughterhouse・ At the meat processing plantclusterOccurs,The United States of AmericaTwenty-two slaughterhouses have shut down one after another, and on April 22th, they are huge slaughterhouses.Smithfield FoodsThe slaughterhouse was also shut down indefinitely. It is estimated that 334,000 COVID-19 infections are directly caused by meat processing plants in the United States, and the outbreak of COVID-19 and the death of workers at meat processing plants are enforced by the meat processing company. It was revealed that it was caused by not doing it[56].

On a farm that has nowhere to go due to the shutdown of the slaughterhousechickenAnd pigsSlaughterDeveloped into a situation where[56]..Consumer dislike is heightened by reports that corona has killed more pigs than ever before in the United States and euthanized millions of animals due to the shutdown of meat factories. rice field[57].

Grocery stores have begun to limit the sale of meat, and demand for meat substitutes has skyrocketed like never before.A major meat substituteBeyond MeatHas a share of 2020 in April 4 %Ascended to[58]..NielsenBusiness insiderAccording to a report provided in April, in the four weeks until April 4th,MeatDemand for alternative foods has surged 272.2% year-on-year.

In 2021, total investment in the global meat market reached a record high of $ 50 billion.$ 73 billion, or 80% of the historical investment in the meat market, was raised in 2020 and 2021, highlighting the growth of the meat market due to the corona disaster.[59].

Expansion of the meat substitute market

Meat consumption is increasing in many countries around the world, but some say that meat consumption has peaked.Studies have shown that when per capita income reaches a certain level (GDP per capita is about US $ 4), total meat consumption decreases with income.[8].

"Suppose it rises twice by 2050.Global warmingIn the scenario, the meat sector carries billions of dollars in risk. "[60]Currently, many major companies, including meat companies, have begun developing and selling meat substitutes. As of 2020Nestle,Tesco,UnileverForty percent of major food companies such as have a team of plant-based products, and 40% of food retailers sell or plan to sell plant-based meat substitutes on "meat shelves." Are[61].

In addition, the 2197 report of FAIRR (FARM ANIMAL INVESTMENT RISK & RETURN), an investment institution network of 2021 trillion yen.[62]Private investors have invested more than $ 10 billion in alternative proteins in the last decade, many concentrated in the last three years, according to the company.From this, it can be seen that the interest in alternative proteins is increasing year by year.

As shown below, many long-term forecasts predict the expansion of the meat substitute market.

  • Management consulting companyAT KearneyAccording to the analysis, the proportion of cultured meat and meat substitutes in the "meat" market will be 2040 in 60. %It is predicted that the meat from livestock will be reduced to 40% at present.[63].
  • Think tank Rethink X also reports "Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030"[64]In (2019), we predict that not only will the US plant protein industry expand rapidly, but it will be comparable to the animal protein industry in the next 15 years.This report is botanical andcultureThe protein is projected to be five times cheaper than animal protein by 2030,milkDemand will decline by 2035% by 90, and other livestock products will follow a similar path.
  • 株式会社によると、2020年における代替肉の世界市場規模(植物由来肉・培養肉計)は、メーカー出荷金額ベースで2,572億6,300万円、2025年は6,732億1,900万円に拡大し、2030年には1兆8,723億2,000万円に達すると予想されている[65].
  • Food Frontier's new report by 2030AustraliaExpected to grow plant food spending to $ 30 billion in[66].
  • According to Euromonitor, China's plant-based food market has grown 2014% since 33.5, rising to $ 2018 billion in 97. Expected to reach $ 2023 billion by 119[67].
  • SwitzerlandFinancial giantUBSExpects the global market for vegetable meat, which was about 2018 billion yen in 5, to exceed 2030 trillion yen in 9[68].
  • In 2022, the Good Food Institute, a global initiative to promote meat substitutes and cultures, predicts that plant-based meats will account for about 2030% of the global meat market in 6 if current growth rates can be maintained. Announced[69].


Meat substitutes are expensive as of 2020, but prices are expected to drop as the market expands.CostcoPromises that by 2024 at least one meat product will be sold at the same price as or cheaper than meat.[70]..Also, according to a 2021 research report by investment company Blue Horizon et al., Plant-based proteins made from sources such as soybeans and pea beans are expected to be priced at the same level as meat in 2023.[71].. According to a consumer survey in the United States in 2022, if the prices of meat and meat substitutes are the same, 27% of consumers say that they will choose meat substitutes, so lower prices may lead to the expansion of meat substitutes. There is[72].

Investing in meat substitutes by celebrities

NBA players DeAndre Jordan, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul[73]AndLeonardo DiCaprio Beyond MeatInvesting in a company.DiCaprio said on his own Twitter account on September 2018, 9:

Vegetable burgers use 99% less water, 93% less land, and nearly 50% less energy than beef burgers.And greenhouse gases are reduced by 90%.We are proud to be an investor in the proteins of the future.
Leonardo DiCaprio,[74]

Impossible FoodsThe company is the founder of MicrosoftBill Gates, Founder and Chairman of Cheung Kong Business Group, Hong Kong's largest corporate groupLee KaseiAre investing[75].

Corporate movement

In recent years, global companies have entered the alternative protein market one after another.GoogleEven if you look at only one company, first of all, in 2013, the co-founderSergey BrinInvested in the world's first cultured meat, and in 2015 the company is trying to acquire Impossible Foods, a pioneer of meat substitutes. In 2016, Google's parent company, Alphabet's chairman, predicted that non-animal foods would replace the traditional meat industry, and the company is also replacing animal foods with non-animal foods in its in-house cafeteria.[76].

Looking at other global companies, the UK's largest leaders company, Tesco, partnered with WWF UK in September 2020 to offer 9 plant-based meat replacements by 2025. %Announced to increase[77]。ユニリーバは2020年11月18日、今後5〜7年以内に植物性肉および乳代替品から10億ユーロの売上目標を目指しており、また2020年11月23日にはスウェーデンのIKEA ABが、レストランでの食事の半分とパッケージ食品の80 %を2025年までに植物ベースにすることを決定した。フランスのヨーグルトメーカーであるダノンSAは、2020年5月に、世界の植物性食品の売上高を2019年の約20億ユーロから2025年までに約50億ユーロに増やすことを目指すと述べている[78].

There is also a growing movement of meat companies themselves to enter the alternative protein market.MHP Millionaire CEO of Ukraine's largest poultry company said, "MHP will be in the future.Vegan, Lactose-free, gluten-free and other alternative diets may be turned to development. "[79], Tyson, Maple Leafm, PHW, JBS, as itemized belowNippon HamThere are conspicuous movements such as major meat companies such as the one entering the alternative protein market.


  • In October 2016, Tyson Foods, the largest livestock packer, took a stake in Beyond Meat, a fake meat manufacturer. %Announced acquisition (Tyson Foods added investment in the company in 2017)[80]).In addition, Tyson announced in February 2018 that it would sell its own meat substitutes (thus ending its investment in Beyond Meat).[81], Launched its own plant-derived product brand "Raised & Rooted" in June 2019[82].
  • In September 2017, Sysco Corporation, the largest US food wholesaler, joined Beyond Meat.business partnershipThen announced.
  • In December 2017, Canadian meat company Maple Leaf Foods acquired US meat substitute company Field Roast Grain Meat for $ 12 million.The deal complements the company's earlier purchase of plant protein manufacturer Lightlife Foods for $ 1 million. "The acquisition is in line with our goal of becoming a leader in sustainable proteins and contributing to society," said Michael McCain, president of Maple Leaf.
  • 2018 years,GermanyPHW Group, the largest poultry producer, signs with Beyond Meat. "We are pleased to be able to diversify our business through our partnership with a US vegetable protein company," PHW said.[84].
  • 2018, a major food processing company in the United StatesKonagraAcquires Gardein, a vegan meat substitute brand. 2021ThanksgivingFrom the same brand to botanicalVeganSold turkey[85].
  • September 2018, the fourth largest in the United StatesbroilerThe company's Perdue Farms told reporters that it is considering a non-meat protein business such as vegan diets and plant-based proteins.[86].
  • 2018 year 12 month,Unilever NetherlandsAnnounced that it will acquire The Vegetarian Butcher, a meat substitute company in Japan.Unilever describes the acquisition as "meeting the growing demand for vegetarians and vegans among consumers."[87].. In 2019Burger KingIn collaboration with Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean Sea, South America, and other 45 countries around the world, "REBEL WAPPER" has been launched.
  • In April 2019, Burger King, a major U.S. hamburger chain, used Impossible Foods' IMPOSSIBLE BURGER to make "Impossible Wapper" in some areas.Trial saleHowever, since the sales volume exceeded expectations, the company will sell the product at stores nationwide from the beginning of August.[82].
  • In August 2019, American meat company Smithfield Foods (WH Group) announced a plant-based protein (zero milk).cheeseAnd vegetable burgersputtyEtc.) announced to start selling.
  • In August 2019, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) will release plant-derived fried chicken in the United States.AtlantaAt the storeTrial salestart. (Achieved 500% higher sales than traditional chicken products[88]
  • In June 2019,BrazilJapan's world's leading meat processing company JBS announces Incredible Burger, a vegetable hamburger[89].
  • In May 2019, the representative of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)CNNHe said he is considering alternatives to chicken.The same chicken fast food, Chick-fil-A, is already considering alternative chickens.[90].
  • In September 2019, a major grain ADM and Brazil's second largest meat processing company collaborate to produce and sell vegetable protein-based products in Brazil.Started developing vegetable foods with the same texture and taste as beef[91].
  • In January 2020, StarbucksEnvironmental planningAnnounced the addition of a plant-derived breakfast menu."We are looking for meat alternatives to our breakfast menu. Customers around the world can expect more plant-based choices," said the company's CEO.[92].
  • January 2020, 1th in the world,Kingdom of Thailand OfCP Foods"We will introduce plant-derived meat substitutes this year," said the chief executive officer.[93].
  • In January 2020, Panera, the 1th largest restaurant chain in the United States, announced that half of its menu would be vegetable."Better for you, for the world, for the environment, and for animals," said the company's CEO.[94].
  • In April 2020, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a major grain company in China for a limited time.CargillStarted selling vegetable fried chicken[95].
  • In May 2020, Marfrig, the world's ninth-largest meat processing company and one of the world's leading beef producers, and ADM, a major grain company, agreed to establish Plant Plus Foods, a plant-based sales business.
  • In July 2020, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) used a material consisting of chicken tissue and plant-derived ingredients.3D bioprintingStarted development of "nugget" by technology. "The production process does not cause any harm to animals," he said.
  • In July 2020, Nestlé began selling the meat meat patea "Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger" in Europe.The company has 7 million in ChinaSwiss franc(Approximately 114 billion yen) will be invested to start local production of meat substitutes by the end of the year.[96](The company's plant-based sales will increase by 2020% in the first half of 40[97]).
  • In January 2021, the grain major ADM invested $ 1 million in Air Protein, a company that develops technology to produce meat using air and water.[98].
  • October 2021, the largest hamburger chainMcDonald'sAnnounced that it will test-sell hamburgers using meat substitutes in the United States, and started selling them at some stores in November of the same year.[99][100]..McDonald's has always beenvegetarianIn some countries, hamburgers using meat substitutes were sold for people who cannot eat beef due to religious or religious reasons, but this is the first time they have been sold in the United States.[99][101].
  • From October 2021, 10, Burger King (USA)Impossible FoodsAnnounced to sell its vegetable vegan nuggets, Impossible Foods says that vegan nuggets are produced up to 48% more land and 43% more water than animal nuggets. Low, greenhouse gas emissions are 36% lower[102].
  • In January 2022, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was launched in 1 locations in the United States.Beyond MeatAnnounced to sell the company's vegetable nuggets[103]


  • MitsuiInvested in the listed Beyond Meat (ratio undisclosed).Preparing for sale in Japan[104].
  • Nishimoto Wismettac Holdings Co., Ltd., a food wholesaler, plans to sell Ahimi, an alternative to tuna made from tomato, soy sauce, sugar, water and sesame oil, developed by Ocean Hugger Foods worldwide.In NishimotoeggplantMade from "eelIs also being developed[105].
  • April 2019, food deliveryOisix La EarthAcquires US vegan food delivery company Three Limes and enters the food delivery business in the US[106].
  • Japan's largest meatNippon HamEntered the vegetable meat market using vegetable materials in March 2020.Animal protectionIt was reported that the demand for vegetable meat will increase rapidly in the world from the viewpoint of increasing health consciousness and health consciousness, and it is predicted that the market will reach 2030 trillion yen in 9.[107]
  • 2020 summer,Moss food serviceHowever, 100 vegetable products using meat substitutes %Started selling hamburgers nationwide.
  • DAIZ Co., Ltd., a startup that develops and manufactures soybean-derived vegetable meat raw materials (miracle chips), underwrites five companies such as Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Growth Industrialization Support Organization (A-FIVE) and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd. A total of 5 million yen was raised through a third-party allotment of shares.[108].
  • Nissin Foods HoldingsIt is,Cup NoodlesConsider substituting 100% plant-based materials for "mysterious meat" and "eggs".We will also proceed with research and development on "cultured meat" that makes edible meat from animal cells.[109].
  • In July 2020, Next Meats Co., Ltd., which is engaged in research and development and sales of alternative meats with the catch phrase "Do not end the earth", is delicious, healthy and delicious.Sustainable Development GoalsReleased "Next Burger 1.2", an alternative meat hamburger (sustainable development goal adopted by the United Nations)[110].
  • In August 2020, The Vegetarian Butcher's world's first concept store opened in Tokyo with a catch phrase, Japan's first sustainable futuristic restaurant (Reference article
  • In December 2021, the JAS mark can be displayed on the packaging of products if the requirements such as not using animal raw materials such as beef and pork and processing to express the texture and shape like meat are satisfied.Set national standards for soybean meat, which is becoming popular as a new food. (From the Japan Agricultural News[111])

Alternative to seafood

The rapid decline in sea fish due to overfishing and environmental destruction has become a problem in recent years, with Israeli startup Plantish raising $ 1250 million to raise $ XNUMX million in plant-based fish.[112]Alternative development of fish and shellfish is expanding.Fisheries in ThailandSustainable Development GoalsFrom the viewpoint of, it is in a situation where you can purchase alternative shrimp and alternative squid at the supermarket.[113]There is also a move by the government to support the plant-based "fish fillet" project by NewSchoolFoods and LivenProtein, as in Canada.[114]..Similar to livestock companies, seafood companies are also prominently entering the alternative fish and shellfish market, with Thai Union, the world's largest tuna processor, in 2021 as a vegetable alternative seafood andculturePartnership with seafood producers revealed plans to launch vegetable seafood products[115].

  • From February 2019, such as Whole Foodsretail storeIs derived from a plant developed by Good Catch of the United States. Started selling. Good Catch is struggling to meet the surge in demand, and on June 2019, 6, it issued a convertible note (a type of convertible bond) to rush to raise funds for $ 26 million. ) Was procured.
  • Terramino Foods, a sustainable food developer, is also fungus-basedAlgaeDo not use fish made by combiningSalmon”Burger has been developed and is scheduled to go on sale at the end of 2018.[116].
  • German food technology company Kuleana is plant-basedsushiStudy.The first product developed was the Vegan tuna "Akami Tuna Sashim".
  • In 2019, meat processing giant Tyson FoodsSeaweedAnd using soy protein "shrimpInvested in New Wave Foods, a plant-based startup that makes (shrimp)[117].
  • In 2020, Chinese startup Zhenmeat announces plant-based "shrimp" as a new product[118].
  • In October 2020, Swiss food giant Nestlé announces launch of plant-based shrimp alternatives[119].
  • cultureFinless Foods, a startup that raised a total of $ 2022 million in seafood from Japanese fisheries companies in 3,400, reports that it plans to launch vegetable bluefin tuna by the end of 2022.[120].


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