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📊 | Burger King / AEON TOWN Utazu store opened in Kagawa prefecture with advance into Shikoku


Burger King / "AEON TOWN Utazu store" opened in Kagawa prefecture with advance into Shikoku

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It is said that it plans to open more new stores in Shikoku and Chugoku regions in the future.

BK Japan Holdings will be on the 1st floor of "AEON TOWN Utazu" in Utazu-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa Prefecture on January 25th. → Continue reading

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Chugoku(Chugokuchiho) isRegion of JapanOne of theHonshuLocated in the westRegion.. Also known as the "Yin Yang region".populationMost and largestcityIt is,HiroshimaIt is inHiroshima city.


Origin of the name

Called the "Chugoku" regionDesignationThe origin of is not clear.Japanese mythToReeds china(Ashihara no Nakatsukuni) or Toyohashihara China (Toyoashihara no Nakatsukuni) is the whole of JapanNameHas appeared as.One theory isAncient times,KinaiAroundRegulatory countryToNear country""Chugoku""Distant countryIt is said that most of this region corresponds to "China" when it is distinguished into "".[1].

On the other hand,Mamiya RinzoUsing the materials ofbookIn Mamiya Rinzō's Teisuke Murakami ed.[2],Edo PeriodUntil then, the word "China" was used ambiguously.Meiji Era OfUchimura Kanzo TheHiroshimaWith peopleYamaguchiI called the person "Chinese".On the other hand, the continental China, which is currently easily confused,Ancient india"Cina" in the name of ChinaChina""Aurora""Shintan, And these terms have also been used in the Japanese Buddhist world.Outside the Buddhist world, "KarakoshiWas also used.In the middle of the Edo periodWestern EuropeName inSinae(Latin) Has been used in the Buddhist world as an AtejiChinaWas discovered, and since the Meiji era, successive generationsdynastyApart from the name, the continental China was paraphrased as "China" as a regional name, a general name for the era and dynasty, and the meaning of "China" for the Japanese became stronger as the "Chugoku region" of Japan.

literatureThe early example above isSouthern Dynasty : Shohei4 years/North morning : Sadakazu5 years(1349/)Naoyuki Ashikaga Bitchu,Bingo,Aki,Suo,Nagato,Izumo,Houki,Inaba"" To defeat 8 countriesChinese tandaiSeen as ("Teacher record""Taiheki") That, the next1350/ToKono Moroyasu Naoyuki AshikagaSubjugationIn "Chugoku Nikkosu" (""),1354/ToGeneralYoshiakira Yori HosokawaWas ordered to "defeat the Chinese thugs" (""), etc.Northern and Northern DynastiesIn the middle, the central rulers recognized the current Chugoku region (sometimes including Shikoku) as almost "China."Also in the centerPolitical powerWas an enemy land or an antagonistic area with the enemy[3].Tensho10 years(1582/) HasHideyoshi ToyotomibyChinese big buckThere was also a large movement of the corps called.However, the name "China" at that time was just a popular name, and one of Japan's eight regional systems was called "Chugoku region".Taisho eraAfter that.A country called "China" on the continent (Republic of China) Was established in Japan at the end of the Meiji eraPrefectureIs referred to as an "administrative division", and the regional division was then called a "geographical division".Regulatory countryBased on the classification ofGoki eight roadsWas being used.

In addition, Travel industryCentered onSea of ​​JapanIs the name of the sideSan'inとSeto Inland SeaIs the name of the sideSanyoTogetherSanin Sanyo regionThe name (saninsanyochiho) is sometimes used."陰陽'There is also a case called (inyo)[4]Especially connecting Sanin and SanyotransportationFor a long time,Yin and Yang contactIs used[Annotation 1].

Eastern countryAgainstWestern countrySometimes called (Saigoku), it is an exception in modern times, but it is a name that was often used in the past.Also, in a wider areaShikoku regionTogether withChugoku / Shikoku regionSometimes called (Chugoku-Shikoku).



climateIs very different between Sanin and Sanyo.IslatitudeForcoldThe feature isTohoku regionSame aselevationLower than the point oftemperatureTheObservationIn some cases.SaninSea of ​​Japan side climateso,Winter:TosnowThere are many.The whole area of ​​Tottori prefecture, the inland area of ​​Shimane prefecture, the northern part of Okayama prefecture, and the northern part of Hiroshima prefectureHeavy snowfallIt has become.On the other hand, SanyoSeto Inland Sea climateAnd throughout the year(I.e.However, in western areas such as Yamaguchi and Hiroshima prefecturesrainy seasonToWarm and humid flowSusceptible to(I.e.May be.


IsChugoku MountainsBut,Yamaguchi From the eastShimane Southern partHiroshimaThrough the northTottoriSouthern partOkayamaIt extends to the north.Highest peakIn TottoriMt. OoyamaAt 1729m.






Sea of ​​Japan side
Pacific Ocean side

Chugoku region range

Tottori-Shimane -Okayama-Hiroshima-Yamaguchi 5PrefectureConsists of[5].. In addition,AdministrationAs the above jurisdictionJapanese Meteorological AgencyExcept for Yamaguchi PrefectureJapan Coast GuardIs in the northwestern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismMaritime office TheShimonosekiexcept for.

For convenience,HyogoSouthwestern part (formerlyHarima country) And the north (old)Tajima country) May be included[6].


ISO 3166-2Name of prefecturesNational rankingpopulationPercentage (nationwide)Percentage (China)
JP-32Shimane 46671,6020.56%9.5%
JP-35Yamaguchi 251,342,9871.13%19.2%

■Ranking-population-Proportion The2020/CensusDepends on the fixed value[7].

Age structure

Population by age group
Estimated population as of October 2004, 10
Total [Thousands]

0-4 yearsG50.pngG01.png 344
5 - 9G50.pngG03.png 358
10 - 14G50.pngG03.png 361
15 - 19G50.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 396
20 - 24G50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.png 447
25 - 29G50.pngG10.pngG10.pngG01.png 477
30 - 34G50.pngG30.png 537
35 - 39G50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png 455
40 - 44G50.pngG10.pngG03.pngG01.png 436
45 - 49G50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 468
50 - 54G50.pngG30.pngG03.png 562
55 - 59G50.pngG30.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 603
60 - 64G50.pngG10.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png 520
65 - 69G50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.png 457
70 - 74G50.pngG10.pngG03.pngG01.png 436
75 - 79G50.pngG05.png 370
Over 80 years oldG50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 467

Population by age group
Estimated population as of October 2004, 10
Gender [Thousands]

177 G10.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.png0-4 yearsR10.pngR10.pngR03.pngR01.png 167
183 G10.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png5 - 9R10.pngR10.pngR05.pngR01.png 175
186 G10.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png10 - 14R10.pngR10.pngR05.pngR01.png 175
203 G30.png15 - 19R10.pngR10.pngR05.pngR03.png 193
228 G30.pngG03.png20 - 24R30.pngR01.pngR01.png 219
240 G30.pngG05.png25 - 29R30.pngR05.png 237
267 G30.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png30 - 34R30.pngR10.png 270
223 G30.pngG03.png35 - 39R30.pngR03.pngR01.png 232
214 G30.pngG01.png40 - 44R30.pngR03.png 222
232 G30.pngG03.pngG01.png45 - 49R30.pngR05.png 236
281 G30.pngG10.pngG01.png50 - 54R30.pngR10.pngR01.png 281
298 G30.pngG10.pngG03.pngG01.png55 - 59R30.pngR10.pngR05.png 305
248 G30.pngG05.pngG01.png60 - 64R30.pngR10.png 272
211 G30.pngG01.png65 - 69R30.pngR05.pngR01.png 246
194 G10.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.png70 - 74R30.pngR05.pngR01.png 242
153 G10.pngG10.pngG01.pngG01.png75 - 79R30.pngR01.pngR01.png 217
146 G10.pngG10.pngG01.pngOver 80 years oldR30.pngR10.pngR05.pngR01.pngR01.png 321

Major cities

Major of the five prefectures in the Chugoku regioncityWill be posted.

Government-designated city
Hiroshima city(1,191,833 people)Okayama City(718,820 people)
Core city
Kurashiki(471,298 people)Fukuyama City(455,490 people)Shimonoseki(249,141 people)Kure(207,177 people)Matsue(200,823 people)Tottori City(186,281 people)
Special city at the time of enforcement
No applicable city

Other than the abovePrefectural office location

Yamaguchi City(192,215 people)

Regional area


(In this section, the continental "ChugokuIn order to distinguish it from "Chugoku region", it is written as "San'in Sanyo". )

Ancient times

3st centuryToKinkiでYamato kingshipWhen was established, the political forces of Sanin Sanyo near Kinki quickly joined the Yamato kingdom.Sanyo's, which was the two major spheres of influence at that timeKibi countryAnd SaninIzumoWhile maintaining independence, it also maintained a power balance with the Yamato kingdom, and in the Nara periodKibi MabiProduced high-ranking officials.However, the Yamato kingdom, which felt a sense of crisis about the prosperity of Kibi Province, divided Kibi Province and lost its power.

Heian period

10st century OfTenkei3 years(940/)By the time,KantoでTaira Shomon KinaiAgainst the administration反 乱When you wake up, in SanyoJun FujiwaraRebelled against the Kinai administration (Johei Tenkei no Ran). 2 years(1185/)Yamaguchi Shimonoseki OfKanmon Strait OfDannouraso,GenjiとHeikeLast battle (Battle of Dannoura) Occurred, and the Heike was destroyed in this war.

Kamakura period-Muromachi period

Kamakura PeriodからMuromachi PeriodUp toMurakami SuigunWas based in the Seto Inland Sea.Fitting trade in the Muromachi period (Nichimei Trading) In the Seto Inland SeaPirateWe arePiratesBecomeKorean PeninsulaLooted in the vicinity.In this region, Mr. Yamana in Sanin and Mr. Ouchi and Mr. Akamatsu in Sanyo came to have great power in the war of the Northern and Southern Dynasties.ShogunYoshimitsu AshikagaSucceeded in halving these powers, but when the power of the Muromachi Shogunate declined, it became stronger again.Onin's rebellionContributed to

Warring States period-Edo period

Sengoku periodIn this region, guardian daimyos such as Mr. Ouchi, Mr. Takeda, Mr. Yamana, and Mr. Akamatsu often became warring lords, but when Mr. Amago, who expelled Mr. Kyogoku in Gekokujo, became the guardian of Izumo, he became a guardian of nine countries. became.16st centuryIn the first halfMr. OuchiFrom Sanin SanyoNorthern KyushuStraddle the sphere of influence and become its baseYamaguchiIs "Saikyo" (Western京都) Was prosperous.Yoshitaka Ouchi Guardian fee OfTohru KenWhen he committed suicide due to his rebellion, he gained power among the people of Aki.Motonari Mori Dow,AmakoDestroyed and conquered Sanin Sanyo.Mr. Mouri is in the south central part of SanyoHiroshimaSince then, Hiroshima has become the number one city in the vast area controlled by Mr. Mori, which extends to Sanin Sanyo.Mr. Mouri remained in power under the Toyotomi administration with almost no damage.

However,Keicho5 years(1600/)ofBattle of SekigaharaAnd the western armyMitsunari Ishida Tokugawa IeyasuLost to the eastern army ledTerumoto MoriAlsoOsaka CastleWhen you move out, you will be based in HiroshimaHagiMoved to (Choshu clan), The territory also responded to the East ArmyHirokawa YoshikawaWas to be addressed toSuo-NagatoIt was reduced to two countries.In addition to this, BizenUkita HideyaWas also reformed because he was on the side of the Western Army.

Edo PeriodWhen it became, daimyo of various sizes came to occupy.As the main clanTottori Domain,Matsue Domain,Hamada domain,Tsuwano Clan,Okayama Domain,Tsuyama Domain,Fukuyama Domain,Hiroshima Domain,Iwakuni,ClanThere is.Of these, the Ikeda clan of the Tottori clan and the Okayama clan are related to Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the Fukuyama clan is the maternal cousin of Ieyasu Tokugawa.Mizuno KatsunariThe reliability of the shogunate was also high, such as being distributed.EspeciallyOkayamaとHiroshimaHelped the clan's economic development, and became one of the top ten in Japan in the latter half of the Edo period.castle townHas grown to

From the end of the Edo period to World War II

BakumatsuからMeiji RestorationIn the turbulent periodEdo ShogunateWas burning hostility towardsChoshu clanLed the defeat movement from beginning to end.For this reason, the Choshu clan created many human resources in the Japanese political world during the Meiji era.Tsuwano ClanIn the early Meiji eraWest Zhou,Mori OgaiProduced intellectuals such as.

By Western powersColonyAs the transformation progresses all over the worldMeiji government TheWealthy soldiersHe took a policy and escaped colonization.at that time,Korean Peninsula,ChugokuSanyo, which is close toKitakyushuIt is,Economy,MilitaryIt also became a key point in.1894/(Meiji27 years)Sino-Japanese warOccurs,Imperial AssemblyとOmotoIs extraordinaryHiroshimaSince then, Hiroshima has moved toLogisticsIt also became a munitions city.Also located near HiroshimaKure,EtajimaAlso became the home of the Imperial Japanese Navy.Is this the effect?Second World WarJust before the end of the war, in Hiroshima, the military cityU.S. ForcesByAtomic bombWas dropped, Okayama,Kure, Tokuyama,Shimonoseki,FukuyamaAll major cities at that time were hit by heavy air raids.

After World War II

High economic growthIn the period, generallyEast JapanでCenterBarrelTokyoLarge in Sanin Sanyo due to the influx of population into地殻It did not lead to fluctuations.

In the 1970s,Kakuei TanakaIf the administration advocates "redistribution to rural areas," the transportation network will be improved in Sanin Sanyo.Sanyo ShinkansenIt is,1972/ToOkayama stationOpen up to1975/(Showa50 years)

In addition, after the period of high economic miracle, "DepopulationとOvercrowdingBecame apparent, and the trunk line that crosses the Sanin Sanyo regionhighwayIs one ofChugoku ExpresswayIt is,Tsuyama,Niimi,three timesIt was constructed as a route that goes through mountainous areas such as.Sanyo ExpresswayAll of1997/(HeiseiIt was the end of 9 years.Around this time,1988/ToSeto Ohashi BridgeBut,1999/ToShimanami KaidoWas opened, but the result was that the gap between Sanin and Sanyo became wider.

さ ら に,Bubble economyWhen it goes bankrupt1996/AfterDeflationProgress andBad debtProcessing,Suburb型Shopping centerCoupled with the prosperity of the region, the entire region suffered from a recession.

In recent years, while the cities on the Sanyo side have been booming again, the severe situation has continued in the cities on the Sanin side and in the mountainous areas, and urgent measures to correct the disparity are required.


Gross production

Gross domestic product in the Chugoku region in 19 was 29 billion yen.[8]. this isUnited Arab Emirates OfGDPIt is larger than the world and has an economic scale equivalent to the 30th largest "country" in the world.[9].

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

In Tottori prefecturepearCultivationOkayama PlainThen.Muscat,peachCultivationHiroshima BayAnd so onOysterAquaculture,Shimonoseki fishing portThen.Puffer fish,AnglerLanding such as is actively carried out.


Seto Inland SeaVarious light and heavy factories are located along the coastSetouchi Industrial AreaIs forming.this house,Heavy industryAs a zone,Mizushima(Kurashiki),Fukuyama,TokuyamaIt can be seen in.In addition, the shipbuilding industry was thriving and it was a military port.KureAnd prospered as a port cityShimonosekiThere is a shipyard in such places.

Company name bearing "China"

Manufactured product shipment value, etc.(2019 Industrial Statistics[10])

  • Chugoku: 26 billion yen (FY179)



National public universities
Private universities

Junior college


College of technology

Educational facilities outside the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology



Chugoku region平野,basinIs narrow and few, so the development of the transportation network is lagging behind.

highwayIs a north-south connecting line (Sanin and Sanyo) IsJunctionEast-west trunk line every timeChugoku region vs.Kinki-Kyusyu), And then re-enters the connecting line.Furthermore, the expressway that serves as the connecting line between Sanin and Sanyo isHighway(National Route 53,National Route 54), So convenience and solidarity between regions are poor.

CurrentlyChinese crossing motorway OfHiroshimaとShimaneOnomichi Matsue Line, which connectsHyogoとTottoriThe two lines of the Himeji Tottori Line that connectNew direct control methodSince it is under construction and the toll will be free after the opening, the municipalities along the line are expecting to improve the vitality of the area.AlsoSan'in ExpresswayAlso, many sectionsGeneral national road motorwayEfforts are being actively made toward the opening of all lines, such as the decision to develop the system.

Like highways, railroads are often inconvenient for north-south travel.The main routes areHakubi Line,Chizu Express Chizu LineEtc. are mainly used, but rather than moving within the regionTokyo-OsakaSince the route is set in the direction, it may be a detour depending on the location.In fact,MatsueFrom the directionHiroshimaIf you go in the directionKisetsu Line-Geibi LineThe route is clearly a short cut, but due to the small number of trains, users are on the highway bus.

The delay in the development of transportation infrastructure in this region is regarded as a problem by the business community, and the aim is to connect the prefectural capitals of the five prefectures in the shortest possible time.Conventional lineとShinkansenCan be directly connectedFree gauge trainAndHiroshima West AirfieldCentered onCommuter aviationThere are requests for new transportation systems through the network.

  • 2011/May 3 : Hiroshima City CouncilThe draft ordinance for the establishment of "Hiroshima City Airport" was rejected by a small number of people.As a result, it was virtually decided that Hiroshima West Airport would be closed 50 years after its opening.Japan's first example of an airport that had a regular route was abolished without relocation[Annotation 5].


The number of domestic passengers in the Chugoku region as a whole has been on a slight downward trend in recent years, falling below the 2005 million mark to 700 million passengers / year in 697.9.The number of international passengers has reached 53.8 / year, showing an increasing trend.

空港Total passengersDomestic flightsInternational flights
Number of passengersregular serviceNumber of passengersregular service
Hiroshima333Ten thousand7027298Ten thousand3110New Chitose-Sendai-Tokyo-
35Ten thousand3917Beijing-Shanghai-Dalian-Seoul-Taipei-Hong Kong
Okayama160Ten thousand3255139Ten thousand0630New ChitoseTokyo·Naha21Ten thousand2625Shanghai / Seoul / Taipei /Hong Kong
Yamaguchi Ube90Ten thousand721290Ten thousand3997Tokyo3215-
Izumo74Ten thousand485674Ten thousand2283Tokyo·Osaka-Oki-Fukuoka2573-
Yonago49Ten thousand889346Ten thousand3795Tokyo3Ten thousand5098Seoul·Hong Kong
Tottori34Ten thousand059733Ten thousand9186Tokyo1411-
Iwami7Ten thousand03696Ten thousand9859Tokyo (Osaka)510-
Hiroshima West6Ten thousand26016Ten thousand2601-0-
Oki5Ten thousand39655Ten thousand3965Osaka·Izumo0-


For JR linesKanmon tunnelsection(Sanyo Main LineShimonoseki Station~Moji Station) Except forJR West JapanFor conventional linesOld railwayRailway Management BureauDraw the flow ofOkayama branch,Hiroshima branch,Yonago branchIs located by region and has jurisdiction over the shared area.It should be noted thatShinkansenaboutShinkansen Railway Business HeadquartersIs in direct control.

Private railways are commonTrain-OrbitIn addition to those doing business, in Hiroshima prefectureHiroshima ExpresswayOperated byNew transportation systemとSkyrail serviceOperated bymonorailThere is one transportation route close to.Of the routes operated by Hiroshima Rapid TransitHondori Station~Shin-Shirashima StationThere is an underground line between them, but from Hondori stationKenchomae StationOnly between are licensed for railway business and subway construction assistance,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOnly in this section in the statistical data ofsubwayIs treated as.Chugoku region and next doorShikoku regionThis is the only section that is considered to be a subway, including the subway.

Private railways that operate passengers exist in all five prefectures, of which pure private capital is used.Ichibata train,Okayama Electric Tramway,Hiroshima Electric Railway, Skyrail Service only, other operators have suspended the operation and construction of routes separated from JNR / JRUnfinished lineEstablished with a partial investment by a local public body for the opening of the city, the improvement of urban transportation, and the development of the coastal industrial area.Third sectorIt has become.

Only own the facilityType XNUMX railway operator, And iron track businessPublic transportDoes not exist. JRUno LineAfter the improvement work completed in 2009 for (Seto Ohashi Line)Seto Ohashi high-speed railway possessionOwns a part of the railway facility, but since it owns only a part of it, it is not licensed as a third-class railway operator.For public railways, onceKure City Transportation Bureau Kure tramIn addition to runningTamano Municipal Electric RailwayThere were multiple cases including, but all of themShowaIt was abolished from the middle to the latter half.

West Japan Railway Company

General private railway(Including orbit and new transportation system in a broad sense)

Dedicated line / Freight line




The dialects spoken in various parts of the Chugoku regionChinese dialect(Hiroshima dialect-Yamaguchi dialect-Okayama dialectetcUnhaku dialectClassified as (Izumo dialect, etc.), bothWestern Japanese dialectBelongs to.Accents are in most areasTokyo accentIt depends on "you" and "toru".aspectThe distinction between the two and the connection particle "ken / kee" of the reason are characteristic.Sanin dialectとSanyo dialectThere are also elements that conflict with each other.



サ ッ カ ー




Table tennis


soft ball

  • Women's league

American football


  • West Japan League (Men)
  • Kansai League



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注 釈

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