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📊 | Men's skin care brand "Bulk Homme" launches new campaign "FACE UP" = Bulk Homme

In the photo campaign, Takuya Kimura, who has "FACE UP" on behalf of all generations, and seven people from various generations, occupations, and backgrounds will be appointed.

Men's skin care brand "Bulk Homme" launches new campaign "FACE UP" = Bulk Homme

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In this campaign, Takuya Kimura, who has been "FACE UP" on behalf of all generations, and seven people from various generations, occupations, and backgrounds will be appointed.

The environment surrounding us is undergoing major changes, such as a lifestyle change due to an unexpected pandemic.I did ... → Continue reading

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Kimura Takuya

Kimura Takuya(Kimura Takuya[5],1972/Showa47 years>May 11[5] -) isJapan Ofsinger,An actor.Male idol groupSMAPFormer member of.TokyoChofu CityBackground[2].Johnny's OfficeAffiliation[5].Kim Tak OfNicknameKnown for[6].


Relatives send resumes without their knowledge[7], Joined Johnny & Associates in November 1987,Light genjiWas on the back ofJohnny's Jr.Within group "Skate boysBecome a member of[2][8].. 1988年4月にスケートボーイズからFrom Skate Boys in April XNUMXMasahiro Nakai,Inagaki Goro,Mori Katsuko,Takeshi Kusagi,Shingo KatoriSelected with the male idol group "SMAPWas formed[2].. May 1991, 9Can't Stop!! -LOVING-』CD debut[9].. (The activities in the group after thatSMAPSee).

1992/ToAt that time the heart was stolenAppeared in TV dramas such as[2].

1993/ToTV drama"Asunaro White Paper』, Played the role of a young man who loves the heroine straight, and became a presence that attracted attention[2].

1994/ToTV drama"All of the young people』And attracted attention as an actor[10].

In 1994 the movie "shoot!』, Performing a legendary striker who falls ill,Yujiro Ishihara New Face Award,Ellandol AwardReceived the New Face Award[2]..The Elan d'or Award is given to the youngest actors of the year, and Kimura is the only Johnny's winner of all time.[11].

1995/Director Takayoshi Watanabe "I won't forget you』, With the long hair that was a trademark at that time, attracted a lot of attention as a kamikaze member at the end of World War II.[2].

after that,1996/Starring in "Long vacationSince then, all the dramas starring have recorded high ratings and have appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies.[10].Fuji Television Network, IncIt is the signboard drama frame of9He has starred in 10 broadcasts, the highest number of starring records as of 2017.[12]..In the same year, the title program "SMAP x SMAPWill start broadcasting from April 4th[13].

"NHK Red and White Singing Battle』, SMAP debuted on CD1991/"The 42th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』First appearance as SMAP.

In 2006, the movie "A minute of samurai"But30th Japan Academy AwardAlthough he won the award in 13 categories, it was announced that only Kimura would decline the Outstanding Leading Actor Award due to the intention of Johnny's office to "do not participate in the award race".[14].

Until 2008motherNo. 15 in the favorite man ranking for 1 consecutive years[15].

SMAP was disbanded on December 2016, 12, and will be a solo talent after that.[16].

August 2018, 12,People's Republic of ChinaSNS centered onSina Weibo"Get an account and start distribution. In principleChineseHowever, it became a topic such as acquiring over 1 followers from all over the world in one day from the opening for the same account[17]. From May 2020, 5InstagramAlso opened an account and started SNS distribution in the native language of Japanese. This account has gained over 1 million followers in one day since opening[18]. On SNS絵 文字(😅) tends to be heavily used[19].

September 2019, 9, own radio program ``Kimura Takuya Flow supported by GYAO!], announced that he will start singing as a solo artist. It is a label that has belonged to the SMAP era since January 2020, 1.Victor EntertainmentFrom the album "Go with the FlowWas released[20][21].

In April 2020, with Masahiro Nakai leaving Johnny's office, he became the only former SMAP member and artist / talent belonging to the office.

On July 2020, 7, it was announced on the official website that an independent fan club would be launched.The name is "C & C".

Private life

Of the singer on December 2000, 12Shizuka KudoMarried and have two children with her[2][22].. Eldest daughterCocomi[23]The second daughterchef,[24]TogetherモデルAre active as. My brother is the secondAmerican football world cup OfRepresentation from JapanAs a memberfashion designer OfKimura Shunsaku[25].


I saw my fashion style when I was a teenagerFrancis Ford CoppolaDirector'sOutsiderWas strongly influenced by[26]..Kimura's trademark long hair and earrings are from seniors in the office who were close friends when he was a teenager.Kenichi OkamotoAffected by[27]..普段からギターを弾き、ソロだけでなくSMAPの楽曲でもたびたび演奏を披露してきたが、ギターを始めたのも岡本からギターをもらったのがきっかけであるI usually play the guitar and often perform not only solo but also SMAP songs, but I started playing the guitar because I got a guitar from Okamoto.[28].

TSUTAYA online``Japanese version Pirates! Jack sparrowRole" ranked 1st[29]. Cinema Cafe Gokoro Ranking 5 Special Edition "In the unlikely event of the Japanese version"Pirates of the Caribbean"Who is Jack Sparrow?"[30]. Kimura said "SMAP x SMAP』By JackParodyIs playing[31].

Manga"ONE-PIECE”Fan of “ONE PIECE King Battle” to decide “ONE PIECE King” of entertainer performed at “SMAP×SMAP”[32]Has won 6 out of 5 times. 『MEN'S NON-NO] In the October 2011 issue of the authorEiichiro OdaI talked to Kimura himself about the above-mentioned "ONE PIECE deciding match" and said, "It seems that there are many people who want to say something, "I will win absolutely," and I said "Oh!" To Oda[33].

In the radio program, he talks about private things that he hasn't talked about on TV for a long time, but when he talks about his motivation to continue radio, he says, "There is only one place where you can express your thoughts with your own voice and emotions. Because of my own words, it makes a lot of sense to play the radio. "[34].

As mentioned above, the name "Kimtaku" is used in the media, but the TV drama "Asunaro White PaperLOL problem OfOta HikaruIs called "Takkun" from[35][36].

ComedianAkashi familyOf soccer former Japan national teamHidetoshi NakataIs a close friend who has been in the family for more than 10 years.[37]. In addition to that, Hiro Mizushima &AyakaMr and Mrs,Drones ishimoto,IVAN,ISSAThere is interaction with entertainers such as. TalentMatsuko DeluxeI do not remember Matsuko at that time, but I was a classmate when I was in a high school in Chiba for a year.[38], Then at another high schoolMasahiro NakaiWas a classmate with[39].

As an actor

Leading many TV dramas to high ratings[40], Often described as "Audience Rating Man"[41][42][43]. Every time I appear in a drama[44][45][Annotation 1], Himself is negative about connecting performers with audience ratings and interesting audience ratings[44]..TV drama starring Kimura "PrideWhen Kimura asked, "What about the ice hockey industry these days?", Kenji Shinoda (Director of Japan's para-ice hockey team), who taught ice hockey to the performers, said, "Thanks to this drama. The number of children who are more interested in trying it than before is increasing, "says Kimura." I'm more happy with this story than the audience rate. " He said that he was very impressed.[47][48]

So far, he has performed 20 professions in a series of dramas, and is reported to be 21 occupations in "BG-Personal Guard".[49]..Often plays a self-assertive character, but the TV drama "I'm home』Also plays the role of an ordinary office worker.[50] Nikkan Sports,Sports NipponIn the article reported on the appearance of the TV drama "I'm Home", there is a description that he will play the role of father for the first time.[51][52]Actually, the TV drama "2007A splendid clan] Also plays the role of father.

When shooting a drama, it is because "emotions overlap emotions and conversations are performed. It is closer to realistic conversation speed if you perform by grasping other words, movements and emotions other than yourself"[53], Remembers not only his own words and the words of his co-stars, but also the way the co-stars move, before shooting.[53][Annotation 2]. I have decided that I will not bring the script to the set, but this isTamura MasakazuIs a model[53][Annotation 3].


In the first leading stage "Guide Dog"Yukio NinagawaStrict acting instruction from from has continued every day, and a part of the hair has turned gray[56][57].

"Howl's moving castle] ProducerToshio Suzuki"What kind of man is Howl?"Hayao MiyazakiThere was a common decision with him, and when he was wondering who should do this voice, Kimura said that he wanted to appear.When Suzuki asked his daughter what kind of person Kimura was, he said, "I'm a good man," and then he answered, "I say a lot, but it's not true." Said he thought, "This is OK!"Hayao Miyazaki was overjoyed when Kimura uttered a voice, and there was almost no repair by Miyazaki.[58].. 『Infinite resident』DirectorTakashi MiikeExplains why Kimura hired him as "a man who cannot die and a place where he can't get off with a top idol forever. He doesn't kill people, but Takuya Kimura is also an "infinite resident"."[59].


WriterKoki MitaniDescribed Kimura as "a person who is originally good at acting" and "a person who is by far the most talented of that generation".[57]. Kimura starred in "A minute of samurai"ofdirected by-Yoji Yamada"Isn't it outstanding?" "There are geniuses."[60]. The same workBerlin Film FestivalKimura became the center of attention when it was screened in, and has been praised by the media as "he is wonderful".[61].

He has produced and directed numerous TV programs such as "Jikan desu yo".Mitsuhiko KuzeIn his own book, "The actors and directors are gradually disappearing. It is the television world of this section where only the names of talented producers stand out." "There are countless actors who are acting with their whole body. There is only one. It is also because the director who is not interested in the play wants to shoot a close-up of a popular actor. I used to beMorishigeI was just scolded for taking only Mr.'s close-up. "There is an actor named Kimura Takuya. Now he is the best actor to take a picture of his whole body," he wrote. In addition, “The tireless posture leaning forward on the motorcycle is very painful. It is nice that the rounded back line tells us what it is, and on the contrary, the rhythm that seems to be enjoyable with the toes of the boots. It's really >. The back view that goes down the road at dusk is also good. I am tired of being a young man and a little lonely but bright-I am fascinated.James DeanBut I'm not very close. "Sorry, however, this person is also being shot up. (Omitted) Don't keep this actor in the narrow cockpit, I want to be more liberal. Takuya Kimura's whole body is mesmerizing. "Takuya Kimura is almost a genius at the moment when he tries to create a strange balance between the fatigue of the city and the feeling of drifting in it."[62]

"HEROAnd 'CHANGE』Was the scriptFukuda YasushiDescribed Kimura as "I think I'm the best performer I've ever worked with".[63]

Co-starred with Kimura in "HERO"Kiyoshi KodamaSaid Kimura, "I seem to behave naturally, and I perform a dense act with my eyes moving. I think that I have the great qualities as an actor to follow such movements of my heart." Rating[54]. Also co-starred in "HERO"Shinichi Tsutsumi“I’m with KimuraKiichi NakaiI was fascinated by seeing her play. I'm not the first person to be fascinated just by looking at a man, but I was really fascinated by it. (Omitted) I'm prepared to learn from Kimura. A sense of responsibility and readiness to do it-I felt that it was a mess. After all, as long as I was an actor, I decided to be prepared and learned by seeing his way of life."[57]. The general producer of "HERO"Takashi Ishihara"I have a very high ability to create a play," he said. "It's a very rare talent that has both creative and technical performance abilities."[64]. Also co-starred in "HERO"Yoshida sheepIt is described as "a rare and perfect actor who resonates when hit and loses shoulder strength".[45].

Director of the movie "HERO"Masayuki SuzukiSaid that he liked Kimura's sense, "The naturalness of his play is not to do anything, but to create it as a play." "It is natural to do as usual Some people confuse it, but it doesn't make sense if you don't play a play. You need to start it up as a play and then make it natural. I think."[65].

TV drama"PrideCo-starred with KimuraKoshiro MatsumotoAbout Kimura, "I'm not very particular about making dramas. I was a little particular about Kabuki and dramas, but it's not that dimension." The attitude of working on the role in this way is very supportive to me. There is no more stimulus. "[66]

"A LIFEKenichi MatsuyamaProfess Kimura to be an admirer[67][68]. In addition, he said that Kimura, who plays the doctor in the same work, seems to be a real doctor, ``I have learned a lot from various stories, I am studying so hard, and the invisible task of gaining experience I thought once again that I could not make an effort invisible to anyone, and that's why I can convince that role...I think it's amazing. Really.”[69]. In addition to the same work, "GOOD LUCK !!And 'A splendid clan] Of the producer who teamed up with KimuraKatsuyo Setoguchi"If you do so far, you will not pass the level of passing as an image. In "GOOD LUCK!!", you will play out what the pilot is actually doing. The quest for it is extraordinary. From that time, I felt it was there.” “By the time we started doing this, we had already reached level XNUMX in XNUMX stages. It was a matter of course for us as a person.” "I am listening to the teachers to understand that they are not just imitating simple hand movements, but that they have this kind of approach because they have this kind of illness. I wonder if that's the case."[70].

"Infinite resident』I acted as a producerJeremy ThomasKimura's "very talented and intelligent person" "he has a strong presence with his high physical ability and acting ability. He has the qualities to be recognized globally. I have a lot"[71].

"Sleeping forest] Producer ofKita ReikoAbout Kimura, "I have met a variety of people up until now, but he is especially indescribable." "Even when I hear the interview or read the article, there are no useless words, the expression is accurate, "I also know how to get a bird's-eye view of public opinion and works, and my point of arrival." "He doesn't turn his exceptional talent and good looks into a "shield", but he takes it as a "shackle" and he heads down." I am writing. In the drama, he made a lot of requests to put pressure on Kimura because he knew his ability, but he said he was able to fulfill his wishes.[72]

Kiichi Nakai"It's very difficult to say that our world has a name called Pong for a moment and it sells, but in a sense, it can be done if you have a big luck," he said, "the first prize "Keeping running is something that can't be continued unless luck and the kind of effort he has made there are not met," says Kimura. "I don't think Kimura is aiming to be a good actor, a good singer, or anything like that." "A good man, a good person, my current self If you were aiming for the first prize only in the course of, or if you were doing that kind of thing, it would be crushed, but in the case of him, I feel like aiming for something higher "[55].

Free writerFuyoji AidaIs "animation"REDLINE』Voice act approach,Howl's moving castleI was surprised at how different it was. Not the character, but the approach. "Takuya Kimura shouldn't be compared with anyone, something. In his expression, there is no reference to the preceding actor history, so it is useless to search for differences. Kimura's expression Does not look like anyone."[73].

Sophia UniversityProfessor'sHiroyoshi UsuiIsI'm home"It's different from the work that "serves just to make Kimura look good"," he said, "it is not "Kimtaku" but one actor, Takuya Kimura." Takuya Kimura is acting sincerely with Kim Tak as a futuristic man who has fallen into a complex situation with his position.'' I want to evaluate" "I think that the range of roles has expanded in this work" etc.[74][46]. The work was described as "opening a new frontier"[46]Kimura himself said, "What I'm doing in the field is the same." "I don't think I'm told to be different, but I think that the director's direction gave me that impression."[46].



In TV dramas and moviesTaiziIs the star.

TV drama



  • Guide dog (December 1989, 12-December 5, 12,Nissay Theater[102]
  • Dragon Quest (1992, Kyoto, KyotoMinamiza
  • Flower of Hanakage ~ Wife of Oishi Yoshio (December 1992, 12-December 6, Nissay Theater)[103]
  • ANOTHER ~ Silence Island Edition / Shonen Island Edition (August 1993, 8-August 6: Kyoto Minamiza, August 8-August 15:Tennozu Art Sphere[104]
  • Fashionable Men ~ Modern Boys ~ (February 1994, 2-February 4)[105]

Entertainment shows

One shot

Special program

  • Isamu NoguchiThe man who carved the earth (February 1996, 2, Sapporo TV) --Navigator
  • Friday Mega TV Document of Love and Courage Children's Hospital 24:1996 (October 10, 12, Fuji TV)
  • Open tonight!(August 1999, 9, Nippon Television)- TamoriAnd MC performance
  • NHK SpecialSoccer Passion for the Earth 1st Way Zidane came (May 2002, 5, NHK)-Narration

Radio program

Internet video distribution


Voice actor

All voice appearances.

Music video



Video work

  • TAKUYA KIMURA Live Tour 2020 Go with the Flow (February 2020, 2)
  • TAKUYA KIMURA Live Tour 2022 Next Destination (August 2022, 8)


Participating songs

  • Takeuchi Mariya"Hearty Party tonight]-A single song released by Mariya Takeuchi in 1995. Kimura also participated in the song because the lyrics include the phrase "Kimtaku." I am in charge of phrases and choruses such as "Hey, come to the party" at the beginning of the song[125][126].

Video work


Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • "Myojo] KIMURA Open Zone Zamiro! (June 1995-6)


  • Although I have no direct contact with Kimura himself, on June 2015, 6Chiganoura roomThere is a person called Takuya MorikawaGyojiWas introduced as. The Gyoji family have only Kimura surname and Shikimori surname, and the surname is decided for each room, and since the Chiganoura room was Kimura surname, it was decided to call it "Kimura". At the time of introductory, it is called "Mamegyoji" and it is customary to use the real name as the name below. This kind of coincidence overlapsKimura TakuyaThe boss name is completed.Horned kim takBecame a topic[128].. However, the following day, on September 2016, 9, just one year and three months after the introduction, he retired early and disappeared from Kakukai.


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