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📊 | Company name changed to Nisshin Seifun Welna for growth to the next stage in 2022 = Nisshin Foods

Photo Nisshin Flour Milling, which has accumulated credibility and trust since the origin of Nissin Foods, and the group's overseas brand "Welna", which has been developed since 2014, have been combined.

Company name changed to Nisshin Seifun Welna = Nisshin Foods for growth to the next stage in 2022

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Nisshin Flour Milling, which has accumulated credibility and trust since the origin of Nissin Foods, and the group's overseas brand "Welna", which has been developed since 2014, have been combined.

Until now, NISSIN FOODS has endeavored to develop core fans, centered on family brands.Above all, "Nissin" "... → Continue reading

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Nisshin Flour Mill

Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd.(Nisshin Seifun) isNisshin Seifun Group Headquarters OfWholly owned subsidiary..This company name is1907/ToYokohamaIt goes back to Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd., which was established in[2]However, it is not continuous as a corporation.The current corporation is the third generation of the company with this company name,2001/May 7,2nd generation Nisshin SeifunOf a corporationHolding companyIt is one of the operating companies that was spun off due to the change.


For businessWheat flour,Bran-GermSuch aswheatCo-product,RyePowder etc.[3],manufactured foodIt is a company that supplies raw materials for.Nisshin Seifun only handles commercial products, and household productsNisshin Seifun WelnaIt is sold from.

The head office location isTokyoChiyodaKandanishiki TownIt is 25-XNUMX, the same as the Nisshin Seifun Group headquarters.




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Nisshin Seifun Welna

Nisshin Seifun Welna Co., Ltd.(Nisshin Seifun Werna) is at room temperature and frozen.pasta, Pasta sauce andPremix powderManufactures and sellsNisshin Seifun GroupCompany.The old company name isNisshin Foods Inc..

Head office location

101-8441 TokyoChiyodaKandanishiki Town25-chome XNUMX (Nisshin Seifun Group Headquarters)


[3] The source is1900/With "Tatebayashi Flour Milling" founded in1907/It is "Nisshin Flour Milling" (first generation) established in1908/The current merger of both partiesNisshin Seifun Group HeadquartersIt becomes "Nisshin Flour Milling" (2nd generation).

  • 1955/: Home flour "Flower" and spaghetti series "Ma Ma" released
  • 1962/: Nisshin Foods (first generation) is established to manufacture and sell household products made from Nisshin Flour flour.
  • 1974/: Released "Nissin Fried Chicken Powder"
  • 1982/: Established a new mix factory in Tatebayashi factory for manufacturing "Tempura powder" and "Okonomiyaki powder"
  • 1983/:ItalyBecame an importer and general distributor of "De Cecco" brand pasta
  • 1985/: Released "Nissin's Okonomiyaki Powder"
  • 1986/: Durum for the purpose of obtaining a viscoelastic tactile sensation that suits Japanese consumption-oriented products in the "Ma Ma" pasta series.SemolinaIn addition to switching to 100% used ones, we released "Pronto", which can be boiled in 5 minutes using our unique technology.
  • 1988/: Established the first overseas subsidiary "Thai Nisshin Flour Milling" and opened a pasta sauce factoryKingdom of ThailandInstalled in.
  • 1991/: Established "Thai Nissin DCA (currently Thailand Nissin Technomic)" to manufacture and sell commercial premix products in the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • 1993/:household useFrozen foodReleased, "Frozen Spaghetti," "Frozen Sauce," and "Frozen Takoyaki" as the first in the series.
  • 1994/: Released "Nissin Tips-free Tempura Batter Mixing Good"
  • 1995/: "Blue Grotto(Pasta series), "Spaghetti Napolitan for Ma Ma lunch box" is released.
  • 1996/:The United States of AmericaEstablished a local subsidiary "Medallion Foods"
  • 1999/: Released "Ma Marsote Spaghetti Napolitan" (frozen pasta)
  • 2001/: With the transition of Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd. to a holding company (currently Nisshin Flour Milling Group Headquarters), Nisshin Foods Co., Ltd. (2nd generation) will be established again.
  • 2005/:People's Republic of ChinaLocal subsidiary "Nisshin Seifun Foods (Qingdao) Co., Ltd." was established.2007/, Full-scale production of commercial premix products
  • 2011/: Released "Ma Mar Super Pronto Early Boiled Spaghetti" that achieves both shortened boiling time and texture (2013/・ Renamed to "Ma Ma Early Boiled Spaghetti")
  • 2012/: "Nisshin Flour Milling Premix" is established to manufacture and sell commercial premix products in Japan.
  • 2013/:IndonesiaThe local subsidiary "Indonesia Nissin Technomic" will start full-scale business, aiming to expand the sales channel of premix in Southeast Asia.Also in the same yearEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euA local subsidiary "Vietnam Nisshin Flour Milling" was established to manufacture and sell cooked processed products such as retort pouch foods such as pasta sauce.
  • 2014/:TurkeyEstablished a local subsidiary, "Turkey Nisshin Flour Milling".Manufacture pasta
  • 2015/: Compact type bottle flour "Nissin Cooking Bottle Series" will be released sequentially from "Nissin Cooking Flower".In addition, pasta manufacturing subsidiary Ma Ma Makaroni will operate the Kobe frozen food factory to strengthen the supply system of frozen pasta.
  • 2016/: Established "Vietnam Nissin Technomic" to manufacture commercial premixes in Vietnam
  • 2019/: Launched the functional food series "Body, delicious"
  • 2020/: Renewal of "Ma Ma Early Boiled Spaghetti" as "Ma Ma Early Boiled Spaghetti Fine Fast"
  • 2022/: Changed the company name to "Nisshin Seifun Welna".Adopted the corporate logo "Nisshin Seifun Welna".Nisshin Flour Milling for overseas markets as a company aiming for global expansion with new brand strategies both inside and outside Japan, aiming for the next stage of growth in 60, which is the 2022th anniversary of the establishment (founding) of the old company. We decided to use the brand "Welna" developed by the group for Japan as well.


  • Ma Ma
  • Ma Ma Palette
  • Blue Grotto
  • De Cecco
  • Aged udon noodles
  • Flower (cake flour)
  • Snow (medium-strength flour)
  • Camellia (strong flour)
  • Violet (special wheat flour)
  • Nisshin Sweets Encyclopedia
  • Wheat bran- [4]



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