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📊 | Also in the Yaoko flagship store! What is the effect of opening a SM adjacent store of MUJI?

Nobuo Domae, President of Ryohin Keikaku

Also inside the Yaoko flagship store! What is the effect of opening a store next to MUJI's SM?

If you write the contents roughly
SM-adjacent stores seem to be becoming indispensable for the further growth of Ryohin Keikaku.

Ryohin Keikaku (Tokyo / President Nobuo Domae), which develops "MUJI", is opening a store adjacent to a food supermarket (SM) ... → Continue reading

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Good product plan

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.(Ryohin Keikaku British: RYOHIN KEIKAKU CO., LTD.[3]) IsMuji(Mujirushi Ryohin) andMUJISpecializing in developing brand retail stores and products, and manufacturing and salesretailIt is a company.

Housing,Furniture,Clothing,Misc & AmenitiesIn addition to opening stores in Japan and overseas,Online Store,HotelIs also working on[4].. Once oldSaison GroupWas a member of


1970 era,Volume storeEach companyPrivate brandWorked on the development of (PB). October 1977,SeiyuIn order to enhance the PB products until thenIkko Tanaka,Koike Kazuko"SEIYU LINE" proposed bybrandDecided to handle[5].

1980/, The lineup was newly expanded with those PB product groups as prototypes, and in English by Tanaka's idea.No brand"No brand goods" translated into JapaneseMuji"brandAs a name[6], Seiyu,Seibu Department StoreWas a Saison Group at that timeFamilyMart,Hanshin Department StoreStarted selling at in-shops etc.[7].. Also in 1983AoyamaOpened a roadside store.Was involved in the interior of the store[8].."For some reason, it's cheap."catch copy TheKoike KazukoInvented.

At that time, he was a representative of the Saison GroupSeiji TsutsumiIs the philosopher'sJean Baudrillardof"Myth and structure of consumer societyWas inspired by[9]He said that he was motivated by the fact that he questioned the phenomenon that the price would rise just by giving a brand name to a product and thought that it would be more pleasing to consumers to keep the price down by not giving a brand. It is revealed that "MUJI" was called "anti-brand product".[10].. It was MUJI that started as a "brand called no brand".

In June 1989, 6% of SeiyusubsidiaryAsLtd.Established Ryohin Keikaku. In September 1992, a subsidiary of Seiyu merged Ryohinki into a dormant fish power, and changed the company name to Ryoshin Ryo[11].

Bubble burstEven after that, Ryohin Keikaku continued to grow steadily while maintaining its presence and brand power.[12].. In the late 1990s,Saison GroupOther thanJuscoStarted supplying products to[13].

2001/In degreesdiscount storeDue to the rise of clothing, etc., business performance deteriorated due to sluggish clothing.[14], Operational reforms such as strengthening product planning capabilities were successful[15], Business performance turned to recovery[16]. afterwards,2015/It was reported that consolidated operating income for the March-August period was about 3 billion yen, setting a new record high for the same period.[17].

After the dismantling of the Saison Group, although the relationship with the former group companies has diminished,2006/ToFamilyMartConclude a capital tie-up with and reinforce the relationship[18], The handling of MUJI products at FamilyMart has increased.However2016/ToUni Family Mart HoldingsWhen the company was launched, FamilyMart began reviewing the MUJI product sales floor.2019/Discontinued on January 1th[19]..Along with this, it seems that 100 million shares of Uny Famima, which also held a good product plan, were sold in stages.[19]..Instead of this2020/From 6 monthLawson OfCapital AreaExperimental sales of MUJI products have started at some stores in Japan.[20].

OverseasMUJIExpand under the brand.In line with this, the "MUJI" logo was put on the front for a while in Japan to unify the brand, but in recent years, MUJI advisory boards have been used.Kenya HaraThey have reunited them into MUJI products.However, in addition to the name remaining in the "MUJI Card", as a business development using the MUJI brand in Japan,Tokyo MidtownAnd Shinjuku,2008/Ginza opened in SeptemberMatsuzakaya,CaféThere is "Cafe Meal MUJI" which is developed as. Since spring / summer 2016, product tags have been standardized worldwide, and even MUJI products in Japan now carry the "MUJI" logo on product tags.Although it withdrew from the temporary diversification route, it is still a cafe andCampI manage a place.


  • 1980/(55) December --- Started selling "MUJI" at Seiyu Stores, Seibu Department Stores, and some FamilyMart stores.
  • 1982/(57)-Started wholesale to affiliated stores.
  • 1983/(Showa 58)- AoyamaFirst directly managed store opened, and department store in-shop started.
  • 1984/(59)-In-store start at Seiyu.
  • 1989/(6) June-Independent from Seiyu, established (former) Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.
  • 1990/(2) March --- Take over the business right of "MUJI" from Seiyu.
  • 1991/(3) June- UKFirst overseas store opened.
  • 1992/September (4)-Dormant company Uoiki Co., Ltd. (former) Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.Absorption mergerAnd (2nd generation) Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.Company nameChange (so-called merger for the purpose of changing the face value of shares).
  • 1995/(7) August-Store (JASDAQ)Release.
  • 1996/(8) March-Start flower shop Hanara.
  • 1998/(10) June- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the second section.
  • 2000/(12) August-Change designation to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2003/(15)- Oribe PrizeAward.
  • 2006/(18) August-Furniture manufacturing and sales (IDÉE)Take over businessEstablished New Ide Co., Ltd. (renamed to I Day Co., Ltd. in September of the following day) as a subsidiary.
  • 2007/(19) June- ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfSohoOpened the first American store in the area.
  • 2011/(23) December 12-Dissolved Hana Ryohin, a consolidated subsidiary[21].
  • 2019/(31)
  • 2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)
  • 2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)
    • April 4-Announced that Lawson's stores handling MUJI products will be expanded to 27 stores, which is almost all stores by 2023.[27].

Related subsidiary

  • As of July 2020[28].

Consolidated subsidiary

  • MUJI HOUSE Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo)
  • MUJI (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD. (Hong Kong
  • MUJI ITALIA SpA (Milan
  • MUJI Korea Co., Ltd. (Seoul
  • MUJI (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd.Shanghai
  • MUJI Deutschland GmbH (Dusseldorf
  • MUJI Global Sourcing Private Limited (Singapore
  • MUJI USA Limited (ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク
  • Aiji Kishi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
  • MUJI (MALAYSIA) SDN.BHD. (Kuala Lumpur
  • MUJI Retail (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Bangkok
  • Taiwan MUJI Co., Ltd. (Taipei


Domestic / overseas total: 1068 stores (end of August 2021).

We have stores in all 47 prefectures in Japan, but at the prefectural office location,Kofu CityHas not opened in[Note 2].Nara,Wakayama City,TokushimaHadn't opened a store for a while, but has opened again later.Otsu CityIs open only at the MUJI House Exhibition Hall[Note 3].

The area and lineup of each store varies, with an area of ​​200 tsubo to 1870 tsubo "MUJI", an area of ​​30 tsubo to 80 tsubo small store "MUJIcom",空港"MUJI to GO" that revolves around[29]Besides, cafe "Café & Meal MUJI"[30]and so on.Originally in JapanSaison GroupFrom the relationship that wasSogo/Seibu(The successor to the former Seibu Department Store)[Note 4],Seiyu,ParcoThere are many stores in such places,AEON MALL,LaLaport,Ario,LUMINE,MaruiAs a tenant in various commercial facilities such as[31].

MUJI opened in April 2019 (moved from Yurakucho store) Ginzashop(Chuo) Is the world's largest flagship store with MUJI HOTEL GINZA and MUJI Diner.[32][33].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAlpark(HiroshimaHiroshima city) West Wing (TenmayaThe store area of ​​the MUJI Hiroshima Alpark store, which was reopened on the former site), is approximately 1,870 tsubo, boasting the largest store area in the world. [34][35].


Information system

Used in-house for non-defective product planningInformation processing systemIs in-house. Initially, all companies will be the same as ordinary companiesア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グHowever, there were cases where it was not used because the needs changed while the specifications were being formulated. Therefore, we planned to develop the system in-house, but there was no person in charge of development, so the hurdle is low.Shell script (Bash), and the data itselfDatabase management softwareNot justtext fileA peculiar method to manage with (Unicage development method)It was adopted.As a result, a lightweight and high-speed system was born that can search all 25 product data in about 2 seconds even using an ordinary personal computer.[43].. December 2019, 12 Suspended due to maintenance due to system update, scheduled to resume on January 31, 2020, but maintenance was significantly delayed due to "the display speed that can withstand use could not be met", about one month It was suspended for a period close to.[44].


It is a standard product,polypropyleneManufacture of storage cases made by MUJISquirrel Co., Ltd.It is,Similar productsShinwa Co., Ltd., which sells, is sued for unfair competition. However, the MUJI lost the case, saying that "the originality is not recognized".

MUJI Co., Ltd.CainzHas filed a lawsuit to suspend the sale of the product as an unfair competition, saying that it sells a product similar to the unit shelf of the standard product, but in August 2017, MUJI won the case. I was told.Cainz appealed, but was dismissed in the second trial in March of the following year.

On December 2018, 4,Consumer Affairs AgencyThe company sofa coverFreebie display methodDue to a violation (good misidentification), we issued an order to take measures to prevent recurrence. The company did not share information internally when it changed the supplier of the fabric.[45].

Litigation in the People's Republic of China

2005/In September,People's Republic of ChinaThe first store inShanghaiOpened in ChinaHong KongCompany, Shengno Investment Co., Ltd.商標The1994/Initially registered in (6), so initiallyMainland ChinaAtClothingCouldn't sell. In December of the same year, a complaint that the trademark registration was invalid was recognized.

In December 2017, “Muji” of the People's Republic of China filed a lawsuit seeking damages due to infringement of rights. Later, in the first trial decision, some of the claims were accepted.

In November 2018, "Mujirushi" of the People's Republic of China filed a lawsuit against "Mujirushi" of Japan. Furthermore, the Shanghai Intermediate People's Court ruled that Japan's "MUJI" was lost. Japan's "MUJI" has been disputed, appealing to the judgment[46].


MUJIGRAM(Mujigram) is a business manual for MUJI employees and part-time workers.[47].. This MUJIGRAM is a huge manual with a total of 13 books and a total of 1683 pages, covering all tasks such as cashier operations, accounting, labor, and dispatch.

This is a significant drop in sales2000/Each time (12), it was created by himself by Chuzo Matsui (currently Honorary Advisor) who was then president. It emphasizes descriptions that even newcomers can understand, uses plenty of figures and photos, and is very detailed and concise in how to write documents.

2013/Include Chuzo Matsui's book "MUJI has 9% of the structure, do the work simply", and the TV program "Nikkei Special Cumbria Palace"[48]Introduced MUJIGRAM.

Breakdown of all 13 volumes of MUJIGRAM
  • Before standing in the sales floor
  • Cash register business
  • Acceptance
  • Delivery/Bicycle
  • Creating a sales floor
  • Product management
  • accounting
  • labor management
  • Crisis management
  • Preparation for opening a store
  • Store management
  • Store system
  • Filing


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注 釈

  1. ^ 1992/May 9At that time, our company, which was dormant at that time, was (formerly) Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (1989/May 6Established)Absorption mergerChanged to the current trade name (so-called merger for the purpose of changing the face value of shares)
  2. ^ Long time agoKofu SeibuAfter Kofu Seibu closed in 1998,Yamako Department StoreStore was opened in November 2017AEON MALL Kofu ShowaRetired in the form of relocation (the Yamako Department Store, which had been open, was closed in September 2019).
  3. ^ Until March 2020Seibu Otsu storeThere was an "Otsu Seibu store" inside, but it is closed due to the closure of the Seibu Otsu store.
  4. ^ As of March 2021, Seibu Akita storeSogo Omiya store-Sogo Hiroshima branchAll stores except.


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