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💹 | NY Stock Market on the 11th Rebounded for the first time in 5 business days $ 3 6252 cents


NY stock market rebounded for the first time in 11 business days on the 5th $ 3 cents

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On the 11th, Fed Chair Powell expressed his intention to aggressively raise interest rates if necessary to curb high prices, improving investor sentiment and Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 The Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounded for the first time in 5 business days.

The New York stock market rebounded on the 11th for the first time in five business days. On the 5th, the Fed's (Federal Reserve Board) pa ... → Continue reading

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Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve(Renpo Junbisedo,English: Federal Reserve System, FRS) IsThe United States of America OfCentral BankIt is a system.Located in Washington DCFederal Reserve Board(Federal Reserve Board, FRB) Are scattered in major cities across the countryFederal Reserve Bank(Federal Reserve Bank, Fed) Is supervised.The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is a government agency under the Parliament, but is not subject to budget allocation or personnel interference.Each Federal Reserve Bank is a body corporate that issues shares.


Federal Reserve Bank Shareholders

The Federal Reserve Board is a government agency, but each Federal Reserve Bank is a corporation that issues shares.However, the US government does not own shares in the Federal Reserve Bank, and individual financial institutions under the jurisdiction of each Federal Reserve Bank are obliged to invest (= own shares).[1][2][Annotation 1]..Also, individuals and non-financial corporations cannot own shares in the Federal Reserve Bank.

The amount of investment by individual financial institutions is proportional to the size of the capital of the financial institution, but the voting right when electing the Federal Reserve Bank director is one vote at a time regardless of the size of the investment, so major banks take the initiative. Can't[2].

By the Federal Reserve Act[3], The influence of the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank on the Federal Reserve System is limited to very small.The position of the Federal Reserve Bank's shareholders in the Federal Reserve Law is to select only six of the nine Federal Reserve Bank directors (the other three are nominated by the Federal Reserve Board).[4]..In addition, the authority of the Federal Reserve Bank directors is limited to the election of the president, and the authority of the directors is also limited to the following.

  • Election of 12 out of 5 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members[5]
  • Recommendations to the Federal Reserve Board[6]

The Federal Reserve is run under the leadership of the Federal Reserve Board, nominated by the President and approved by Congress.However, it is true that the Federal Reserve Bank is in the form of a private company, while the Federal Reserve Board is a government agency.However, it is not a completely private company, and it has a character that is a compromise between the two.[2].

Main Business

The general business of a central bank is as follows.

The following can be new findings.

In fact, it is hard to say that the payment system is well maintained. In February 2016Bangladesh BankBangladeshi police investigated the case where the Fed was damaged by illegal remittance, the FedFirewallWith a $ 10 used router without enablingInternational Bank Communication AssociationTurned out to be connected to[7]..There are other sloppy central banksWorld BankThe person concerned is watching.

It is said that the independence of monetary policy was strongly influenced by the government at the time of its inauguration.In this regard,Milton FriedmanAnd so on, "American finance in the 1920s that developed into the Great Depressionバ ブ ルIn the event of the collapse, the Federal Reserve exacerbated the situation with obvious omissions. "This idea is nowBen BernankeWidely accepted by economists including (14th chairman)[8]..After the war, the Bretton Woods system started, and the Fed and the Ministry of Finance signed an agreement, and it is said that monetary policy became unique.


Federal Reserve Board

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is the governing body of the Federal Reserve Board.Equivalent to a central bank. It is composed of seven directors with a term of 14 years, and the chairman and vice-chairman are appointed from among the directors for a term of four years.The chairman, vice chairman, and directorsPresident SenateAppointed based on the advice and consent of.

He is tasked with formulating and implementing monetary policy and is ultimately responsible for the activities of the Federal Reserve System.

While having the strongest independence of any government agency against the president, it has a tremendous influence on the world economy, and many consider the Fed chairman to be "the second most powerful person in the United States after the president."[9].

The current members of the board are as follows.Capacity is 7 people.

PositionNamePolitical partyNominated presidentInauguration dateExpected expiration dateformer job
ChairJerome PowellRepublican PartyBarack Obama2018/2/5[10](Chair)

2022/5/23[11](Reappointment of chairman)



Visiting Researcher, Bipartisan Policy Center[12]
Vice-chairman[13]Republican PartyDonald Trump2018/9/17(Vice-chairman, director)September 2022, 9 (Vice Chair)

January 2022, 1 (Director)[14]

Columbia University教授[15]

(Bank supervisor)[13]

Republican PartyDonald Trump2017/10/13(Vice-chairman, director)[17]2021/October 10 (Vice-Chairman)

2032/January 1 (Director)

Under Secretary of Finance (George W. Bushadministration)
Carlyle Group
DirectorLael BrainardDemocratic PartyBarack Obama2014/6/16[18]2026/1/31[18]Deputy Minister of Finance for International Affairs[18]
Director[19]Republican PartyDonald Trump2018/11/26[17]2034/1/31[20]Kansas Banking Supervisory Official[19]
DirectorVacancy2024/January 1 *
DirectorVacancy2030/January 1 *

* The expiration date of the individual term of the person appointed to this vacant seat.

Federal Open Market Committee

Federal Open Market Committee (Federal Open Market Committee, FOMC) Is a regular meeting of the Fed with seven Fed directors and five Federal Reserve Governor ()Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkThe president and four presidents of other district federal banks who are selected by rotation.The other district federal bank governors also participate in the discussion but do not have voting rights), which is an American monetary policy-making body.The chair will be the FRB chair, and the vice-chair will be the governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

FOMC regular meetings are held eight times a yearFederal fund interest rateGuidance target, andOfficial discount rateHowever, in the event of a sudden change in the market, an extraordinary meeting will be held to tentatively determine the official commission (eg, when the stock price plunges at the end of 2000,Enron shock,2007/8/170.5% reduction etc.).

Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Banks are responsible for non-open market operations and other Federal Reserve operations, including oversight and regulation of commercial banks.Federal reserve ticket(Dollar bill) Is issued.Federal bankSometimes called the Fed.It is divided into the following 12 districts.Of these, in the second districtFederal Reserve Bank of New YorkIs the key to the whole.

地区bankHead office location
District 1Federal Reserve Bank of BostonMassachusettsDuffel Bag
District 2Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkNew York Stateニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク
District 3Philadelphia Federal Reserve BankPennsylvaniaPhiladelphia
District 4Cleveland Federal Reserve BankOhioCleveland
District 5Richmond Federal Reserve BankVirginiaRichmond
District 6Federal Reserve Bank of AtlantaGeorgiaAtlanta
District 7Chicago Federal Reserve BankIllinoisChicago
District 8Federal Reserve Bank of St. LouisMissouriSt. Louis
District 9Minneapolis Federal Reserve BankMinnesotaMinneapolis
District 10Kansas City Federal Reserve BankMissouriKansas City
District 11Dallas Federal Reserve BankTexasDallas
District 12Federal Reserve Bank of San FranciscoCaliforniaSan Francisco

Successive chairs

The chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is the "chairman" (Chair of the Federal Reserve Board) Called.

1Charles S. Hamlin
Charles S. Hamlin
Vice-chairmanen: Frederic Adrian Delano.Warren Delano Jr.son of.
Charles Hamlin-headshot.jpg1914/8/10 - 1916/8/10Woodrow Wilson
2William PG Harding
William PG Harding
William PG Harding-headshot.jpg1916/8/10 - 1922/8/9Woodrow Wilson
Warren Harding
3Daniel R. Krisinger
Daniel R. Crissinger
Daniel R. Crissinger cropped.jpg1923/5/1 - 1927/9/15Warren Harding
Calvin Coolidge
4Roy A. Young
Roy A. Young
Roy A. Young 2.jpg1927/10/4 - 1930/8/31Calvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover
5Eugene Mayer
Eugene I. Meyer
Katharine GrahamFather of
EugeneMeyer.jpg1930/9/16 - 1933/5/10Herbert Hoover
Franklin Roosevelt
6Eugene R. Black
Eugene R. Black
1933/5/19 - 1934/8/15Franklin Roosevelt
7Marinea S. Eccles
Marriner S. Eccles
Marriner Eccles.jpg1934/11/15 - 1948/1/31Franklin Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
8Thomas B. McCabe
Thomas B. McCabe
1948/4/15 - 1951/3/31Harry S. Truman
9William Machesny Martin Jr.
William McChesney Martin, Jr.
William McChesney Martin jr.jpg1951/4/2 - 1970/1/31Harry S. Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
Lindon johnson
Richard Nixon
10Arthur F. Burns
Arthur F. Burns
ArthurBurns USArmyPhoto 1955.jpg1970/2/1 - 1978/1/31Richard Nixon
Gerald R. Ford
Jimmy Carter
11G. William Miller
G. William Miller
Portrait of G. William Miller.jpg1978/3/8 - 1979/8/6Jimmy Carter
12Paul A. Volker
Paul A. Volcker
Paulvolcker.jpg1979/8/6 - 1987/8/11Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
13Alan Greenspan
Alan Greenspan
Alan Greenspan color photo portrait.jpg1987/8/11 - 2006/1/31Ronald Reagan
George HW Bush
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
14Ben S. Bernanke
Ben S. Bernanke
Ben Bernanke official portrait.jpg2006/2/1 - 2014/1/31George W. Bush
Barack Obama
15Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen official portrait.jpg2014/2/1 - 2018/2/3Barack Obama
Donald Trump
16Jerome Powell
Jerome Powell
Jerome H. Powell.jpg2018/2/5 - CurrentDonald Trump

Joe Biden


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注 釈

  1. ^ BOJThe Japanese government owns 55% of the shares (to be exact, equity securities), and the rest is in the open market (Jasdaq) Is distributed.
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  4. ^ NACHA is a sponsor of ACH. It was established in 1974, when international payment online became widespread all over the world.NPO.


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外部 リンク

Dow average stock price

Dow Jones Industrial Average(Dow Jones Kogyo Kabuka)British: Dow Jones Industrial Average[1],Dow average stock price(Dow Jones Industrial Average)S & P Dow Jones IndexThe company is representative of various industries in the United StatesBrandElected,Dow type average stock price[Note 1]Calculated in real time and published in real timeThe United States of AmericaRepresentative ofStock index.Dow Industrial Co., Ltd. 30 types average,Dow Jones Industrial Average,New York Dow,NY Dow,New York average stock priceAlso called.



The Dow Jones stock index has already been published since 1884.Dow Jones AverageIt was published under the name (Dow Jones Industrial Average), but it reflects the industrial structure of the United States at that time.Railway operatorWas the main composition (9 types of railway stocks, 2 types of industrial stocks). Following the economic development at the end of the 19th century, it was separated from the conventional Dow Jones Industrial Average (current average of transport stocks).1896/5/26ToAgriculture:,Mining industryDepending on 12 brands such asDow Jones Industrial AverageThe calculation of (Dow Jones Industrial Average) has started anew.1928/In addition, it became 30 brands.After that, while incorporating service industries such as information and communication industry and medical care, it continues to the present.[2].. Previously all constituent companiesNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Although it was a listed company,1999/First time in NovemberNASDAQSelected from listed companies (IntelMicrosoft[3],2021/5/11Currently, seven companies are listed on NASDAQ.

Previously announced by Dow Jones, in 2010 90% of Dow Jones Industrial Average ownership was from Dow Jones.CME groupFor $6 million[4], Moved to publication of Dow Jones Index, and moved to calculation of S & P Dow Jones Index in July 2012[5].

Three Dow Jones Industrial Averages

Dow Jones Averages includes the Dow Jones Industrial Average,Dow Jones Transport Stock Average,Dow Jones Public Equity AverageThere are three types of Dow Jones Composite Average (DJCA) that combines these 3 companies.[6][7].

Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow Jones Industrial Average-DJIA)[1]
30 large-capitalization companies other than transportation stocks and public stocks. It is the most famous of the three types.
Dow Jones Transport Stock Average (Dow Jones Transportation Average --DJTA)
20 transportation stocks.
Dow Jones Public Equity Average (Dow Jones Utility Average --DJUA)
15 public stocks.Electrical-gasetc.


The current constituents were announced by the stock replacement that took place on August 2020, 8.

Constituents as of May 2022, 5 (in alphabetical order of symbols)
NosymbolCompany nameIndustryThe date of adoptionListed market
01AAPLApple Inc.
02AmgnAmgen Inc.
03AxpAmerican express Co.
American Express
04BABoeing co
05CATCaterpillar Inc.
Heavy Machinery1991/5/6NYSE
06CRMSalesforce.com, Inc.
07CscoCisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco Systems
Information and communication industry2009/6/8NASDAQ
08CVXChevron Corp.
09DISThe Walt Disney Co.
Walt Disney Company
10DOWDow Inc.
11GSGoldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs
12HDThe Home Depot Inc.
Home depot
Retail trade1999/11/1NYSE
13HonHoneywell International Inc.
Honeywell International
Machinery/precision equipment2020/8/31NASDAQ
14IBMInternational Business Machine Corp.
15INTCIntel Corp.
16JNJJohnson & Johnson Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
17JPMJP Morgan Chase and Co.
JP Morgan Chase
18KOThe Coca-Cola Co.
The Coca-Cola Company
19MCDMcDonald's Corp.
Eating out1985/10/30NYSE
20MMM3M Company
Three M
21MRKMerck & Co.
22MSFTMicrosoft Corp.
23NKENike, Inc.
Other product2013/9/20NYSE
24PGProcter & Gamble Co.
Procter & Gamble (P & G)
Daily necessities1932/5/26NYSE
25TRVThe Travelers Companies, Inc.
26UNHUnitedHealth Group Inc.
United health
Other finance2013/9/20NYSE
28VZVerizon Communications Inc.
Verizon Communications
29WBAWalgreens Boots Alliance Inc.
Walgreen Boots Alliance
Retail trade2018/6/26NASDAQ
30WMTWal-Mart Stores Inc.
Walmart Stores
Retail trade1997/3/17NYSE

Swap brands

The constituent stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average have been replaced according to the times.[8]. Since June 2018, 6, there are no companies that remain as constituents at the time of the calculation start[Note 2].

The table below shows the current inclusion dates for constituents and a list of stocks excluded at that time.TaiziIs the current constituent,Italic boldIs "not continuous" from that point to the present[Note 3]Represents the current constituents.

Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 kinds of average stock replacement
  • Amgen
  • Salesforce.com
  • Honeywell International
  • Dow
  • Dow DuPont
  • Walgreen Boots Alliance
2015/3/19ア ッ プ ルAT&T
  • Goldman Sachs
  • visa
  • Nike
2012/9/21United healthCraft foods
  • Cisco Systems
  • Travelers
  • Bank of America
  • Chevron
  • American International Group
  • Pfizer
  • Verizon Communications
2003/1/27After the merger of AlliedSignalHoneywell InternationalJP Morgan joins ExxonMobil after the merger of ExxonJP Morgan ChaseTo
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing3MPhilip Morris changed company name to Altria
  • Home Depot
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • SBC Communications Inc.
Travelers GroupMerged with Citicorp to become Citigroup
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Travelers Group (Excluded as Citigroup on June 2009, 6)
  • Walmart Stores
  • Caterpillar
  • JP Morgan
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Boeing
  • The Coca-Cola Company
International Harvester changed its name to Navistar International Corporation
  • McDonald's
  • Philip Morris
Allied Chemical becomes AlliedSignal, Standard Oil of CaliforniaChevronCompany name changed to
1982/8/30American ExpressJohns Manville
  • IBM
  • Merck & Company
  • Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (From January 2003, 13M)
International Nickel to Inco Limited, Swift & Company to Esmark Corporation
Standard Oil renamed Exxon and United Aircraft renamed United Technologies
  • Procter & Gamble
  • American Tobacco Company
  • IBM (Excluded on May 1939, 5)
  • Nash Motors
  • The Coca-Cola Company (Excluded on May 1935, 11)
  • Drug Incorporated
  • Loews Cineplex Entertainment
  • International Shoe Company

ETFs / Investment Trusts / Futures

Yields for the last 10 years
CodesLeverageAnnual interest
As of the end of 2021.Denominated in US dollars, including dividends.

Linked to the Dow Jones Industrial AverageETFThe following ETFsNew York Stock ExchangeListed on (NYSE Arca).

The following are listed as leveraged and inverse ETFs in the United States.

  • Direxion
    • Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bull 3X Shares (NYSE ArkWEBL)(3 times)
    • Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bear 3X Shares (NYSE ArkWEBS)(-3 times)
  • ProShares

In Japan, the following ETFsTokyo Stock ExchangeIs listed on[14].

  • No currency hedge
    • NEXT FUNDS Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 ETFs linked to average stock price (1546)[15]
    • Simple-X NY Dow Jones Index Exchange Traded Fund (1679)[16]
  • With currency hedge
    • Listed Index Fund US Equity (Dow Jones Industrial Average) With Foreign Exchange Hedge (2562)[17]

JapaneseInvestment trustThere are the following.

The following are Japanese leveraged and inverse investment trusts.

  • NY Dow Triple Leverage (3x)[32]

futures TheChicago Mercantile ExchangeIs listed on the.

  • E-mini Dow --The trading unit is the index value x $ 5.The unit of the bid price is 1 point.[33]
  • Micro E-mini Dow Index-The trading unit is the index value x $ 0.50.The unit of the bid price is 1 point.[34]

Japanese exchange CFDClick Stock 365Is listed on the.

  • Margin trading with NY Dow reset-The trading unit is the index value x 10 yen.The unit of the bid price is 1 point.[35]

over the counterCFDThere are also securities companies that handle it as.

Various records

Stock price changesClosing milestones of the Dow Jones Industrial AverageSee.

Highest price ever

  • Closing price base-US $ 36,432.22 (2021/11/8
  • Highest price in the field-US $ 36,565.73 (2021/11/8

Lowest price ever

Maximum rise

  • 2020/3/24 US $ 20,704.91 +2,112.98 (+ 11.37%)
    • New coronavirusAs a measure to mitigate the damage caused by the spread of the infection, the market is in the midst of ongoing ruling and opposition talks over a large-scale economic measure of US$2 trillion (about 220 trillion yen). Is approaching." In addition, President U.S. President Trump said that he would like to relax restrictions on U.S. citizens such as refraining from going out in the near future, and "Restart US production activities by around Easter." Conceivable. In addition, with the expectation that the financial support that the U.S. government was seeking could be realized, the stocks of major aircraft companies such as Boeing and major airline companies skyrocketed, and energy stocks and financial stocks, which had fallen sharply, were bought back. The fact that it was done also helped the historical upheaval drama. This rate of increase, as well as the rate of increase, has been historical since the time of the Great Depression in 1933 (about 87 years).[36]

Price range top record TOP 5 (excluding maximum rise range)

  • 2020/3/13 US $ 23,185.62 +1,985.00 (+ 9.36%)
    • The Dow average stock price on the 13th, which had been repurchased a lot after the historic plunge on the previous day, was moving up and down with a big wave, but it rose sharply toward the closing and reached the maximum of $2,000 so far. We recorded the rising price. At a press conference started 30 minutes before the end of the transactionPresident TrumpDeclared a national state of emergency to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and revealed that the medical system was significantly expanded, which also contributed to the significant rise toward the end.[37].
  • 2020/4/6 US $ 22,679.99 +1,627.46 (+ 7.73%)
    • The closing price on the 6th was $1,627.46, up $22,679.99 from the previous day. The price increase is the third in the past. President Trump announced at a press conference on the 3th that the death toll of the day decreased in New York State where the spread of the new coronavirus was serious, and he expected that the increasing trend would stop. Appears to have turned into a significant rise due to improved investor sentiment[38].
  • 2020/3/26 US $ 22,552.17 +1,351.62 (+ 6.38%)
    • The closing price on the 26th was $1,351.62, which is $22,552.17 higher than the previous day. The rate of increase is the fourth largest in the past. The price increase has continued for three consecutive days, and the total increase over the three days has reached nearly $4. The US Senate has passed a $3 trillion economic measure bill due to the spread of the new coronavirus, raising expectations for a large-scale stimulus package, and the government's hope for support, Boeing 3% The price went up. US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell Chairman Powell also said in an interview on US television that he would like to strengthen the funding of the market, etc., depending on the situation, which also reassured investors.[39].
  • 2020/3/2 US $ 26,703.32 +1,293.96 (+ 5.09%)
    • The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which had plummeted by just under $ 1 in just one week from the highest price range due to concerns that the new coronavirus might have spread worldwide, was in the early stages of the event.G7It was reported that the next day an emergency call meeting will be held between the finance ministers and central bank governors, and it is hoped that some measures will be taken and that each country will take measures to support economic stability through cooperation and monetary easing. Spread to the market. It continued to rise even after closing, and finally exceeded 5% and recorded the largest increase in history.[40].
  • 2020/3/4 US $ 27,090.86 +1,173.45 (+ 4.53%)
    • In a market where high volatility continues every day, this dayISMDue to the good results of the non-manufacturing business index, the U.S. Parliament's decision to invest a huge amount of money against the new coronavirus, and former Vice President Biden, who was weak in the Democratic presidential preliminary election Yamaba Super Tuesday, revived at once. He was more optimistic that he was more market-friendly than Candidate Sanders and could carry out the election favorably, and the price increased rapidly.

A place to record notable records within the year (reference record during the economic crisis)

  • 2008/10/13 US $ 9,387.61 +936.42 (+ 11.08%)
    • In addition to the reaction that the stock price had dropped by 1% or more in one week last week, it was announced one after another before the start of tradingG7Because the financial crisis avoidance measures of each country were liked.

Maximum rate of increase

Maximum fall

  • 2020/3/16 US$ 20,188.52 -2,997.10 (-12.93%)
    • The New York stock market on the 16th of the week has continued to fall sharply, with trading being automatically suspended immediately after the start of trading due to the effects of the new coronavirus every day.Although the central banks of the United States and Japan have taken additional monetary easing in the morning of Japan time, the decline in stock prices in the New York market has not stopped since the beginning of the week due to persistent concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus. Automatically suspend trading immediately after the start of tradingCircuit breakerWas activated. This is the third time since last week. It then resumed, but President Trump said he could fall into a recession, leading to a sudden collapse of over $3 in the closing trade, and the biggest drop so far has increased again in just a few days. The price has continued to fall sharply due to updates. Also, the rate of impact can be confirmed from the fact that it is also the second rate of decline after Black Monday.[41].

Price range top record TOP 5 (excluding maximum decline)

  • 2020/3/12 US$ 21,200.63 -2,352.60 (-9.99%)
    • While Trump was disappointed with the content of his unconventional economic response/countermeasures and concerns over the global spread of the new coronavirus, President Trump announced the European embargo on the night before.・The decline is accelerating due to concerns over the global economy due to concerns over stagnation of human resources[42]After the circuit breaker was lifted, it showed repulsion of over $1400 at one time, but after that it started to decline again, and after the circuit breaker was restarted, it recorded a decline rate of nearly -10% in the close and hit a sharp decline since Black Monday. Was broken[43].
  • 2020/3/9 US$ 23,851.02 -2,013.76 (-7.79%)
    • Concerns over the overall price competition of crude oil and the threat of the new coronavirus also turned to a simultaneous decline, which was more than -7%.[44].
  • 2020/6/11 US$ 25,128.17 -1,861.94 (-6.90%)
    • The investor sentiment that wants to secure profits has worried about the re-emergence of the coronavirus, and it has turned down at once[45].
  • 2020/3/11 US$ 23,553.22 -1,464.94 (-5.86%)
    • WHO Tedross Secretary-General, who was in the middle of a drop due to the drop in expectations from the surge in expectations for President Trump's tax cut tweet on the day before, officially announced a new coronavirus global pandemic It is a development that plunges for a while Although there was a time period when it dropped close to $-1700, due to a little buying after that, $-1500 at the discount price was avoided, but it finally fell by more than -5%.[46].
  • 2020/3/18 US $ 19,898.92 -1,338.46 (-6.30%)
    • In the market on the 18th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply to over $ 1,000 compared to the previous day immediately after the start of trading due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus infection.Then, before 2:500 am Japan time, the rate of decline of the major stock index "S & P7" reached 2013%, so the circuit breaker was activated and trading was automatically suspended.The circuit breaker was first activated on the 9th of the same month after the current standards were set in 18, but will be the fourth on the 4th.Trading resumed 15 minutes later, but continued to fall sharply, dropping below $ 19,000 at one point.The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen below $ 19,000 for the first time in three years and four months since November 2016.[47].

Place of noteworthy record of the year

  • 2018/2/5 US $ 24,345.75 -1175.21 (-4.60%)
    • In response to strong employment statistics and other economic indicators, it was interpreted as a flight of funds from risk assets associated with a sharp rise in interest rates. The market traders were surprised at the sudden turn of just over $1500.

Maximum drop rate

Flash crash

Market trends


  • 7/3 -The US employment statistics were released, and the number of employees increased significantly, exceeding the market forecast by 28.8 people, and the unemployment rate was a big surprise for the market, which was expected to level off from 6.3 to 6.1%. In addition, there are many observations that profit settlement will flow in the closing because the NY market was a shortened transaction because the 3rd day is due to the holiday next day and it will be 3 consecutive holidays until the weekend, but on the contrary, even if it closes The upper price was extended. It was also the first time in history that the Dow Average had exceeded $17,000.
  • 7/16 -Closed record highs were updated on 2014 July 7 with good indicators and some moderating risk aversion.
  • 7/17 -There was a risk-oriented acceleration, but when the breaking news that Malaysian aircraft seemed to be shot down in the eastern part of Ukraine, the risk avoidance movement became noticeable and it fell to 17000 dollars at a stroke.
  • 9/4 -The ISM non-manufacturing index announced posted a much higher growth rate than the market forecast, and the U.S. economy accelerated. It was unable to renew the record high based on the closing price because it was pushed by the movement of profit determination in view of the ceasefire talks.
  • 9/16 -The next day, along with the announcement of FOMC's policy interest rate and QE reduction, what was being noted was the statement in the statement ``Maintain low interest rates for a long time after leaving QE''. Was initially controlled by Dow, and was adjusted by Dow, but announced that the famous FED watcher would not be deleted, which prompted Dow to renew its maximum price. However, due to the caution of the announcement on the next day, after the highest price during trading hours was updated, profit taking entered and the highest price ever was not updated at the closing price.
  • 9/17 ――The FOMC decided to maintain the status quo, and a statement was issued regarding future financial normalization, but the market generally rose in a favorable manner.
  • 9/18 ――While I continued to like the contents of the FOMC the day before, I liked the fact that the number of new unemployment insurance applications in the United States was 28, which was much lower than the market expectation, and continued to grow.
  • 9/19 -The British Scottish Independence Vote ended with the victory of the opposition independence, and one risk factor disappeared for the time being, and the Chinese net business giant Alibaba listed on the NY market It started with a continuous sales letter around the world with a favorable feeling that it became about 68% higher, but sometimes the G94 finance minister and central bank governor meeting is held in Cairns, Australia on weekends and holidays. At the end of the season, it was closed by being pushed by selling to fix profits.
  • 10/31 -BOJ added monetary easing at an unexpected timing, and GPIF in Japan reduced domestic debt ratio from 60 to 35% for pension asset management, instead shifting to domestic and foreign stocks Due to the combined skill of raising the ratio to 25% respectively, the cross yen sharply depreciated such as the dollar yen, and the Fed decided to suspend QE a few days ago However, since there was a place to cover it, I felt favorable and made a move to update the highest price at a stretch.
  • 11/5 -The Republican Party secured a majority of the Senate in the US mid-term elections, making the Obama administration a decisive move to the Laem Duck, but with the unification of the parliament, the Republican Party is in favor of corporate activities in the past The empirical rule also worked, and the market was in the form of a good impression that one of the uncertainties disappeared after the election.
  • 11/6 -With the continued disappearance of the uncertainty of the mid-term elections and the fact that the number of new unemployment insurance applications announced on the day was stronger than the market forecast, it was the highest ever in history.
  • 11/11 ――Renewed the highest price ever for 5 consecutive days.
  • 11/18 ――Backed by strong results of PPI and housing-related indicators, it increased and reached a record high.
  • 11/28 ――Since it was the half-dong trading day after Thanksgiving and OPEC did not cut production at the general meeting the day before, it was observed that the rebound in crude oil prices would support the economy, and the closing price on a daily basis was updated to the highest ever.
  • 12/3 -ADP employment statistics fell below the market forecast while important indicators were announced during the employment statistics week, but the ISM non-manufacturing business confidence index greatly exceeded the market forecast,Beige bookEven in, it was written that the improvement of employment was spreading in all districts, so it continued to grow and reached a record high.
  • 12/5 --Continued growth as US employment statistics were released and employment figures were significantly stronger than market expectations.
  • 12/23 ――This day was a concentrated day for the announcement of indicators before Christmas, but the US GDP final value for the July-September period was confirmed as a tremendously good number of 7, which is a revised value of 9, which greatly exceeds the market forecast of 3.9. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also rose in a positive way to reach a record high, and at the same time it was the first memorable day in the Dow Jones Industrial Average's history to exceed $ 4.3.
  • 12/24 -On Christmas Eve, the number of new unemployment insurance applications in the United States was announced in a thin business and it was a good feeling that it was a good result, but sales pressure continued to close on the day when it was a half-dong deal. It wasn't a move to aim for $18,100.
  • 12/26 -The mild risk-consciousness continued during the light trading at the end of Christmas, and the highest price ever was updated every day.


  • 2/25 -Daily record highs, new housing index exceeded market expectations, and continued growth due to optimism due to expectations for progress in Greece.
  • 5/15 -The record high price update at the closing price after a long time. The recent negative sentiment that the U.S. index is generally weaker than market expectations and that the interest rate hike is likely to come later, but the stock market remains strong in a positive manner. Update while not in.
  • 5/18 -Residential indicators were below market expectations and Dow's average stock prices were rubbed against each other, but Chicago Fed President Evans said he shouldn't raise rates this year and rose in a positive way, raising $18,300 for the first time in history. It was the day when the price was exceeded for the first time.
  • 5/19 -With the positive recovery of the number of housing starts and construction permits, which are the housing indices in the United States, which greatly exceeded the market forecast, the maximum price was updated every day.


  • 7/12 -Concerns over interest rate hikes as U.S. employment data released on July 7 unexpectedly showed an increase in leafy vegetables, while worries about interest rate hikes receded following the UK's departure from the EU and the employment statistics of the US itself last month With the conditions of the retreat and the rapid recovery of the US employment situation overlapping, the Dow average has reached a record high for the first time in about one year and two months. Updated continuously on 8th.
  • 7/14 -It was the first historical day in history to exceed $18500. Not only do the markets feel that PPI and new unemployment claims are significantly better than market expectations, but also FOMC's intention to postpone interest rate hikes due to concerns over economic impact due to the results of the UK referendum to the EU Updated with some contribution to boosting the average.
  • 7/15 -In addition to the fact that China's quarterly GDP was better than expected and there was less concern about the recession, U.S. indicators showed that retail sales were significantly higher than market expectations, and industrial production was also better than market expectations. The highest price is updated every day. However, the NY Fed Index deteriorated sharply to just before the minus, the Michigan Large Consumer Confidence Index (preliminary figure) fell well below the market forecast, and the consumer price index slightly fell below the market forecast. It was a day when there was a shadow such as the appearance of. In addition, it was an update during a disturbing weekend with reports of the terrorist attacks in France and the outbreak of the military coup in Turkey towards the end of NY.
  • 7/18 -Turkey's coup was once overwhelmed on weekends, setting a new record high on a daily basis.
  • 7/19 -The record high was set on the back of better results than the market forecast of the number of housing starts and construction permits in the US index, but the Dow softened from the beginning to the middle.
  • 7/20 -This was the first historic day to exceed $18,600. Continuing the solid market conditions up to the previous day, the atmosphere of the UK's withdrawal from the EU was minimal, and the US economy was in a solid atmosphere, and the market was expanding.
  • 8/11 -The stock price rose mainly in retail as it announced that department store sales led to strong financial results, and Saudi may also discuss energy stability related to price stability at the oil-producing countries meeting next month As a result of this, the increase in energy-related prices (such as crude oil futures) also contributed to the move to a new record high.
  • 8/15 -The index released on this day was the worse than market expectations, and the Dow average continued to grow due to the rise in US 10-year bond and crude oil prices Became the flow to update.
  • 11/10 ――After the presidential election, Republican candidate Trump was elected and once dropped sharply ($ 1,000 in futures) the day before, then returned sharply. It is said that there were expectations that the economy would accelerate due to a large fiscal stimulus due to the observation that the decision will be made smoothly due to the majority and the promise of Trump candidate to have a big tax cut and infrastructure investment, but in history again on this day. It was a spectacular day when the highest price was reached and 10 units were slewed at a stretch and rose strongly.
  • 11/11 --The market, which seemed to adjust while the US bond market was closed on Veterans Day, entered the backstage and rose to a record high on a closing price basis every day, expecting Trump's economic policy to become the new president. It was a rising day.
  • 11/14 -Financial stocks continued to lead the rise in the appearance of Trump market, but there was not momentum as players and there was a soft development until the middle half after regaining the record high after approaching It was the historic day when the Dow average exceeded $3 for the first time in history as well as the record high for three consecutive business days as a result of renewing the record high at the base.
  • 11/15 -The U.S. retail sales announced on this day exceeded 0.6 against the market forecast of 0.8, and the previous month was revised upward from 0.6 to 1.0, and the market was favorable and the daily closing price was the highest. became. It was also the first historical day for Dow to exceed $18900 on a closing basis.
  • 11/21 -Updated record highs in a steady flow. Attention was paid to whether it would be affected by a major earthquake off the coast of Fukushima, Japan, just before the day closed.
  • 11/22 -It was a historic day when the Dow average exceeded $19,000 at the closing price at the closing price for the first time with a solid reliance.
  • 11/23 -Continuing from the observation that the adjustment color will strengthen in the market before Thanksgiving in the United States, the durable goods orders greatly exceeded the market expectation, and the daily record high was renewed on the basis of favorable results Became.
  • 11/25 -There are observations that Black Friday of the next day will be strong due to the fact that it will continue to be firm all day during the half-day trading at the end of Thanksgiving Day and the highest price ever in the closing price during half-day trading With that, it was a very strong day for the triple achievement of over $19100.
  • 11/30 -On this day, not only unexpectedly OPEC agreed to cut production, but 16.5 people who greatly exceeded the market forecast of 21.6 people, personal income 0.4 against market forecast 0.6, Chicago Purchasing Department Association Business Index is market With a significantly good result of 52.5 etc. against the expected 57.6, it became a risk-on situation/acceleration all at once and it became a move to update the record high. It was the first day of the day to exceed $19200, but it was not possible to close the closing price and set a new record high on a closing price basis.
  • 12/1 -In response to the good results of the U.S. economic indicators, there are expectations for employment statistics released on the next day, and there are expectations that the employment statistics will continue to rise, and the daily highs will continue to update, leading to a record high on a closing price basis. became.
  • 12/5 -WeekendItalyConstitutional amendmentReferendumUnder the situation that was rejected, the Tokyo market remained weak, but the European market of the parties concerned was in a solid condition and in succession it became a continuous sales letter and it became a trend to hit the record high ever. And. It was also a historic day when the ISM non-manufacturing business index released later was close to $19200 at the closing price in a stable environment all day, as the ISM non-manufacturing business index also greatly exceeded the market forecast.
  • 12/6 ――The trade balance widened the deficit, and although the revised labor productivity for the non-agricultural sector in the July-September quarter did not reach the market forecast, new orders for the manufacturing industry exceeded the market forecast and were firm.Although the market was expected to continue to raise interest rates, it continued to be firm all day and the closing price reached a record high again.
  • 12/7 -It was a steady flow. On the day before, in the blitz talk between SoftBank Sun Chairman and Trump's next president, Sun announced that it plans to invest 500 billion dollars (5 trillion hundred billion in Japanese yen) in the United States and create 5 jobs. In the form of a chairman's statement, the U.S. stock market boosted the firm flow, and not only exceeded $19300 for the first time in history, but also at a stroke the closing price base exceeded $19500 and made a sharp rise and the closing price was almost high It became a day.
  • 12/8 -The US 10-year bond yield was swayed by the ECB Executive Board and Draghi Governor's press conference, but stocks remained relatively strong, surpassing $19600, and set a new record high.
  • 12/9 -Amid a steady flow, the Michigan Large Consumer Attitude Index exceeded market expectations, showing that the consumer attitude was also good, which helped to set a new record high daily and gained momentum at $19700 It was the closing price of this week after exiting all at once. This week has become a historic week, with all days renewing the highest ever price.
  • 12/12 -Due to the favorable US economy and the agreement to cut production with non-OPEC countries on weekends, inflation can be expected such as the rise in crude oil prices, and related industries have been particularly active and have exceeded the $19,800 mark for the first time. Became. (6 consecutive rises)
  • 12/13 -With the favorable sentiment of U.S. indicators and the fact that the Trump administration is forming a solid position, the sentiment continues to rise to a new record high on a daily basis, and even with the expected rise in interest rates at the FOMC of the next day It continued for the first time in history and exceeded $19900 at the closing price, surpassing $19,900 and before reaching 20,000 dollars. (7 consecutive rises)
  • 12/14 -The FOMC has decided to raise rates, and the interest rate forecast dot chart has been revised to look ahead to the hawkish three rate hike in 2017, which is more hawkish than the previous two rate hike in 2. Although the interest rate hike was as expected, the interest rate outlook was raised and the record high was renewed, but it fell back and the record high at the closing price could not be renewed.
  • 12/20 -In addition to the BOJ's continued accommodative orientation, the indicators up to the previous day were generally good, and the Fed Chair Yellen made a bullish statement about the employment market in the speech on the previous day The Dow average reached a new record high in a mood that was likely to continue to be favorable, and the first record high of $20,000 was imminent.


  • 1/25 -Trump administration infrastructure investment and USAutomobileProtective trade-oriented statements such as statements that clearly indicate the industry's protective attitude, etc. were made one day before, and expectations for large-scale tax cuts and large-scale deregulation, which were election pledges, increased significantly, favorable economic indicators, etc. Is a tailwind and continues.1/6Over 19999.63 dollars and the wall that could not be surpassed with a single sheet of paper,For the first time ever, over the $20,000 markIt was a day that will remain in history[48]. However, there was a slight glimpse of the danger that expectations alone would lead. In terms of results,Closed at $20,068.51I put on.
  • 1/26 -The trend of expecting the Trump administration's policy orientation continued, and the Dow average continued the trend of renewing the all-time high.
  • 2/7 -Updated the highest price in history. The speculation that President Trump will continue to make protectionist demands at the Japan-US summit talks will be a factor of increase for US companies.
  • 2/9 -NY market will soon openMake a surprising tax announcement within 2-3 weeks", and the record high was updated.
  • 2/10 -On this day, positive speculation on the Japan-US summit talks began with a solid flow from the beginning of the work, and it became a flow to update the highest price in history every day.
  • 2/13 -With the fact that the US-Japan summit meeting over the weekend was not disturbed, it became easier to focus on the positive content, and buying again in anticipation of the resumption of the trump rally flowed in, and it became the flow of daily highest price update.
  • 2/14 ――The Trump administration's aide to President Janet Yellen resigned while he was in a difficult situation on suspicion that he had been discussing sanctions with Russia's ambassador to the United States before taking office, and North Korea's Kim Jong-nam may have been assassinated. It started in a disturbing situation with rumors flowing, but the congressional testimony of the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, did not collapse significantly in the positive attitude toward raising interest rates such as economic outlook, but on the contrary it rebounded and the closing price was a very strong rise of the highest ever. It was the day of. Over US $ 20,500
  • 2/15 -Updated daily record highs (5 consecutive days update) against the backdrop of favorable results such as retail sales and CPI
  • 2/16 -Significantly better than market forecasts (new unemployment insurance applications, housing starts, construction permits are better than market forecasts, and the Philadelphia Fed manufacturing business confidence index has market forecasts of 18 and results of 43.3 are quite strong) Against the backdrop of (results), the trend of daily record high price update continues. (7 consecutive days of continuous rise, 6 consecutive days of update)
  • 2/17 -The US was weak all day long as it was wary of the high price alert and the spread of populism in Europe (the presence of the leader of the Le Pen Party on the National Front in France will increase in public opinion polls today) As the holidays and other factors were taken into account and active trading narrowed down, the record high was regained slightly on a closing price basis in consideration of the strong part of the US economy. (Continued growth based on the closing price for 8 consecutive days)
  • 2/21 -Updated record highs for successive days after a new week holiday. On the previous day, the Fed's high-ranking interest rate stance and continued expectations of Trump tax cuts continue. (Updated record high based on closing prices for 8 consecutive days)
  • 2/22 ――Since European time, there has been a tendency to avoid risk due to the awareness of Rupen risk in connection with the French political bureau, but it is said that Macron, who has the highest approval rating in the French presidential election, is moving in the direction of cooperation. The market atmosphere improved due to the news, and this day was also the highest ever.In addition, it seems that the fact that sales of pre-owned homes continued to be strong also had a considerable effect.
  • 2/23 -Maybe the Treasury Secretary of the U.S. economy, which continues to be strong, may mention tax cuts in its meeting (without actually mentioning the dollar's appreciation, but the market's decision on short-term movements. The dollar was lowered because of the statement, and the stock was a good flow in the early stage in the form of feeling the softening of the dollar.
  • 2/24 -Although the record high has stopped, the record high based on the closing price is updated every day (11 consecutive rises), supported by the continued favorable economic environment and the expectation for the Trump tax reduction, which will be announced in the next week.
  • 2/27 -The close-in began to fall compared to the previous day, but expectations were pushed up by the fact that President Trump said that it would remark, and the record high was renewed. (12 consecutive rises)
  • 3/1 -On the previous day, there was some caution against President Trump's first speech after the inauguration of the House and Senate, and the record of continuous rise was interrupted by a slight drop, but after that the speech passed safely and the expectation for large-scale infrastructure investment Future hopes for tax cuts rebounded and futures rose sharply, marking the first-ever history of surpassing $21,000 at the close-in stage.
  • 6/1 -President Trump announced the withdrawal of the Paris agreement and the speculation that greenhouse gas restrictions will be relaxed and the employment situation that continues to be strong The highest price in history has been applied in the form of the highest price.
  • 6/2 -Employment statistics are well below market expectations, but sufficient to maintain an employment environment (market forecast is 18 vs. 13.8 resulting in 12 to maintain a good employment environment) It was said that it was enough) that while a certain sense of security spreads, it became a trend to update the highest price ever in the market for the first time in 3 months, and the highest price ever renewed on a closing basis. (2 consecutive rises)
  • 6/8 -On this day, former FBI Secretary Comey's parliamentary testimony was scheduled to be confirmed by President Trump on the US Senate's alleged allegation of blocking the FBI investigation, which is part of the alleged Russian gate The market tended to be favorable to the fact that there was no testimony and the sense of security returned, and the trend was to take advantage of that momentum to update the record high.
  • 6/9 -On this day, it was warned that the British election result would be a risk aversion because it became a hang parliament, but the flow that favored passing the risk of various events of this week became dominant and as a result it was the highest in the history of every day. It became a value update. However, none of the problems were fundamentally solved, and it was not an atmosphere that felt like optimistically chasing the market price.
  • 6/13 -With the favorable results of the wholesale price index core and expectations of interest rate hikes at the FOMC announced the next day, the trend was to set a new record high against the backdrop of the once-settled world political situation.
  • 6/14 -At the approaching stage, it reached a record high of daily history, but it was pushed back because the U.S. economic indicators such as retail sales and the consumer price index announced on the day were unexpectedly negative .. It may have been a good situation to expect the situation that the interest rate will be raised by the announcement of FOMC announced on the day even when the US economic indicators are in a mottled state. After all, even on the closing price basis, it was the highest daily update.
  • 6/16 ――Although weak indicators are becoming more prominent, the FOMC's optimism about the economy has been reflected and the highest price has been updated on a closing price basis.
  • 6/19 -Taking advantage of the flow of strong futures in the absence of big materials on weekends, US Secretary of Commerce Ross said at the time of entering New York, "Canada/Mexico does not seem to manipulate the currency" It became a trend to update the highest price ever. A major contributor to this trend was the fact that high-tech and IT-related buybacks, which have been declining every day for a while, helped to gain momentum for this trend, said NY Fed President Dudley. There was also a bullish remark that "expansion will continue" and the record high was renewed and it was a very bull market with the record high closing.
  • 6/20 -Although it started to slightly update the highest price in history with the trend that it liked the remarks of the Fed governor's day yesterday, it was stalled until it closed afterwards.
  • 7/3 - independence DayIn the NY market, which traded with a half-dong before the holiday, the ISM manufacturing business index showed a very good result and the Dow average rose at a stretch, renewing the all-time high, but it stalled until the closing of the half-dong. The all-time high at the closing price could not be updated.
  • 7/12 ――Yellen's semi-annual monetary policy report to Congress gave a favorable impression (relief) that the market was more dovish than expected, and the price rose by more than 100 dollars at a stretch. A series of suspicions up to the birth of President Trump have been whispered, such as a relationship with Russia related to Trump jr, the son of President Trump, which has reached a record high. It has changed.
  • 7/13 -Although it was a strong and weak US indicator, it was a market with expectations for indicators such as retail sales announced the next day, following the strong trend of the previous day.
  • 7/14 -The consumer price index was in line with market expectations, but despite the softening of interest rate movements on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds as retail sales unexpectedly declined, the market was adversely affected by tapering and the next hike in interest rates. As the idea of ​​delays rebounded, the stock market became a good day for the distorted structure in which the stock market felt favorable and rose, renewing the all-time high.
  • 7/19 -Looking at good U.S. economic indicators, gradually increasing the price and renewing the all-time high based on the closing price
  • 7/26 -With the increasing number of mixed indicators, the highest price ever was recorded in a favorable market atmosphere due to rising crude oil prices in the news report on oil-producing countries on the previous day
  • 7/27 -It was a mixed index, but durable goods orders were significantly higher than market expectations, and crude oil prices were rising, and expectations for the enactment of a health care bill were also high, and it began to greatly exceed the record high ever. It was also boosted by the IMF's announcement of a report that the economy was "temporarily slowing at the beginning of the year, but then headed for an increase." However, after the results of the US mid- and long-term bond auction came out, the price went out.
  • 7/28 -The quarterly GDP was 2.6, which was in line with the market expectations and gave a certain sense of security to the market that was wary, and it became a flow to update the record high toward the end. However, there was also a situation where North Korea suddenly decided to carry out a medium-range ballistic missile experiment in the middle of the night, and it became unstable.
  • 7/31 ――Among the US economic indicators, which continue to be mixed with strengths and weaknesses, the record highs are updated every day.
  • 8/1 -Although it is a market that expectations are ahead in the employment statistics announcement week, the indicators released on this day are notable weakening, but it also highlights the fact that new car sales in the United States are decreasing more than expected It was a headwind to the U.S. automobile industry, but the Dow average continued to record a record high for days on a daily basis, but it was a weak part such as stepping into the first ever history of over $22,000. It was a market that I could feel.
  • 8/2 -Daily U.S. indicators continue to fall short of market expectations, but the Dow's average has risen in the midst of an unnatural situation of rising upwards, and finally rises above $22000 for the first time in the history of the day. However, it was a historic day that closed and ended.
  • 8/3 -A new record high, with US indicators weakening every day. On this day, there was still a sense of incongruity that the record high was renewed despite the ISM non-manufacturing business sentiment index etc. falling below market expectations.
  • 8/4 -U.S. 1.8-year bond interest rates were positive, with wage growth slightly accelerating from last month as U.S. employment data exceeded market expectations by 0.3 and average hourly wage growth matched market expectations +10 It became a trend to update the highest price ever due to rising prices, etc., and there were also scenes where the midfield stalled, but finally it was a very strong market price when the closing price was the highest ever. .. (9 consecutive rises)
  • 8/7 -The employment statistics of the previous weekend continued to be favorable, and the record high was set to a record high, and the price remained firm throughout the day. (10 consecutive highs 9 days in a row, new record high)
  • 8/8 -The U.S. June Labor Movement Survey, which was released at 23:00, has been approaching negatively compared to the previous day for a long time, but it is usually not considered as a material This strong figure was reminiscent of the positive prediction that wages would rise someday, which in turn led to a rise in US stocks, leading to record highs every day. However, in the second place, the US President Trump's posting of a stronger than usual statement on North Korea's provocation acted on Twitter, which made him a little more alert.
  • 9/12 -Market weakened on Monday due to the receding of North Korea risk, which had been a concern since last week, and the fact that the sanctions against North Korea did not become a very strong sanction due to concessions in consideration of China and Russia. The subsequent sharp rise in prices led to a new record high on a closing price basis.
  • 9/13 -Although the wholesale price index was a market that seemed to move below the market expectations and declined, President Trump said, ``A draft summary of tax cuts due to tax reform that will be the largest ever in the week of September 9 will be issued. It will make an announcement," said House Chairman Ryan, who also said "We will present a draft of the largest tax reform in history on September 25", saying that the market will be subject to large-scale corporate tax reductions. As a result, the market atmosphere suddenly picked up and a move was made to aim for an upside. (Updated all-time highs based on the closing price of 9 consecutive days of 25 consecutive rises)
  • 9/14 -The consumer price index, which had been particularly emphasized in the US economic data released today, exceeded market expectations (core matches market expectations) and the US 10-year bond interest rates and crude oil futures prices rose in a favorable manner. The 10-year US Treasury bond also rose to the Dow average and reached a record high.
  • 9/15 -While U.S. indicators were announced as Bitcoin crashed from the previous day and terrorist attacks in London, retail sales fell to a minus rather than a narrow range, and industrial production also fell to a big negative. However, the dollar remained relatively strong against the backdrop of the sharp rise in the pound and other factors, and as a result, the company relied on risk appetite rather than risk aversion and set a new record high. (6 consecutive highs for 2 consecutive days, the highest price ever updated)
  • 9/18 -It was an index that was only about the NAHB home price index, but it became a trend to update the record high while it was below the market forecast. It seems that there was expectation that FOMC will be held on the next day and the day after the next day and tapering (reduction of asset purchases) will finally start, but the latest index is close to extinction, but the situation with a strong view as transient is also the highest ever It may have been a boost to the value update. (7 consecutive highs for 3 consecutive days, the highest price ever updated)
  • 9/19 -On this day as well, the US index was not in a very cloudy state, but expectations for the US economic situation continued and the trend of renewing the record high continued. (8 consecutive highs for 4 consecutive days, the highest price ever updated)
  • 9/20 -On this day, the US index was wiped out, but the FOMC result was announced on the same day, and the record high was set in a situation where it did not fluctuate significantly. Since the balance sheet reduction was expected to be announced at FOMC, there were some points that the market was aware of, and it seemed like it was going up and down before the announcement. As expected, the balance sheet contraction was announced at FOMC, and the content was more hawkish than expected, but unexpectedly the Dow average did not collapse and it was temporarily lowered after the announcement, but it rose sharply to close and the maximum price was almost closed. It was (A record high for 9 consecutive days with 5 consecutive rising prices)
  • 9/21 -The record high was renewed shortly afterwards due to the aftermath of the previous day, but after that, it changed slightly softly and the record high based on the closing price was not renewed. (Updated record high for 6 consecutive days)
  • 10/2 -Expectations for the U.S. economy and expectations that President Trump's tax reform announced a target of 20% corporate tax will continue to be positive, but expectations continue in October as well as in September It became a market trend and it became a trend to renew the highest price ever, and when it was found that the ISM manufacturing business index announced subsequently had risen to the highest level since 9, the firmness increased and it exceeded $ 10 at once. It became a trend to settle and it was a solid foundation throughout the day.
  • 10/3 -With the strong flow from the previous day taken over, it will be the highest record ever. This day was also a rare day for the Employment Statistics Week where no important economic indicators were announced, and it could be said that this was a factor that continued to have a positive effect. It was also the first day on this day that it exceeded $22,600, and it was a situation where it could be said to be a heated state in the sense that the walls of $100 each day were torn one by one.
  • 10/4 -ADP employment statistics were in line with the market forecast of 13.5 people, which gave us a sense of security, and the aftermath of the previous day slightly crossed the record high and slightly dropped, but at 23:00 Japan time The ISM non-manufacturing business index announced has regained its firmness as it has significantly exceeded market expectations.
  • 10/5 -The trend of renewing the all-time high against the background of strong indicators and dignitaries continued, and it became a shape of climbing the mountain toward the closing and it was the first day in history to exceed $ 22,700 for the first time. (7 consecutive soaring 4 consecutive days record high price update)
  • 10/9 -According to the employment statistics released on Friday of last weekend, the number of employees was a negative surprise with the number of employees-3.3 thousand people, but this was surprisingly strong content that was perceived as being affected by the hurricane With the average hourly wage and the unemployment rate recovering to 4.2%, we continued to enjoy the record-setting highs for the first time in history, exceeding $22,800.
  • 10/10 -Continuing from Friday, the highest price ever was set at the time of handing over while there was no announcement of important indicators. However, once the record high was renewed and temporarily suspended, it became a loose development due to the issue of independence in the Catalan region of Spain, etc.Petit DemonThe prime minister's postponement of the declaration of independence and the direction of talks with the central government gave him a sense of security, and the development went towards an upside, closing the closing price above $22,800.
  • 10/11 -While there were noises from other countries, even though there were no announcements of important indicators, the firmness gradually increased toward the announcement of the FOMC minutes, and even after the minutes were announced, the price did not collapse and the price was abnormally strong. It became the flow of the highest price update in the history of every day.
  • 10/12 -The market trended toward a new record high with a steady increase against the backdrop of strong US indicators (wholesale price index and the number of new unemployment insurance applications) that had been released before the closing but were negative compared to the previous day. After the middle stage of Tatamono, it remained soft.
  • 10/13 -Retail sales and CPI announced at 21:30 Japan time slightly fluctuated with slight fluctuations as a result of being slightly weak or slightly exceeding market expectations, but announced at 23:00 after leaning The Consumer Confidence Index was a very strong three-digit number that far exceeded the market expectations, and it became a trend to keep the record high, and it became the first day in history to exceed $22,900. Was just under $1 more than the all-time high at the closing price. (5 consecutive rises)
  • 10/16 -The NY Fed Manufacturing Business Index was up 10 points above the market expectations, creating an optimistic atmosphere and slipping to a new record high. Stanford University professor Tiller (famous for hawks and Tiller Rules) was interviewed by President Trump as a candidate for the next Fed chairman, but there was no effect on the market price and it rose strongly to close and closed at almost the highest price. The highest price ever was also updated. (6 consecutive rises)
  • 10/17 -With the background of strong import price index, export price index, NAHB housing market index, etc., the trend of renewing the historical highs continuously continued for the first time in history, and it was the first day in history to exceed $23,000. (7 consecutive rises)
  • 10/18 -With the housing index below market expectations, the US 10-year bond and the Dow average continued to grow, and in a very strong market environment, it became a trend of daily renewal of the record high with a contribution. It seems that there were expectations for the Beige Book, which will be announced at 19 am on the 3th of Japan time. It was the first day in history that the closing price exceeded $23,000. (8 consecutive rises)
  • 10/20 -The U.S. Senate agreed with the 2018 budget plan in a favorable situation, with the record highs stopped renewing but the continuous increase did not stop on the day before 51: Opposition 49 Although it was a thin ice, it passed, but the market atmosphere improved. Soaring at the futures stage, it relied on as it was, renewing the highest price ever and approaching. The trend continued throughout trading hours, ending the week's trading at an all-time high.
  • 10/23 -There is also a feeling that the ruling party won a big victory in the Japanese House of Representatives election without the announcement of important economic indicators, and the uncertainties of the allies disappeared, which also contributed to the all-time high record. However, some point out that the market atmosphere is overly optimistic, leading to a sudden slowdown in the latter part of the market.
  • 10/24 ――Is it boosted by the fact that there were many strong corporate financial results? Not only did it recover yesterday's decline, but it also rose by more than $ 70 at the approaching stage, rising to a record high at a stretch and then exceeding $ 180. I went all at once and approached $ 23,500, but I couldn't achieve it.There were also reports that Republican lawmakers recommended Tiller to the next Fed chairman.
  • 11/1 -The previous record high reached a record high again, exceeding $23,500 for the first time in history due to risk-oriented recovery due to Trump's remarks about tax reform ``I do not think about phased introduction'' and expectations for a strong US economy Since the announcement of the FOMC results, the movement that seems to be profit-taking has become dominant, and the rate of increase has been reduced.
  • 11/2 ――It was relatively strong due to the favorable indicators, but when the US House of Representatives' tax reform plan was announced, it was volatile with a smaller impression than expected.However, when Fed director Powell was nominated as President Trump as the next Fed chairman, the dovish affairs rose in a way that the market liked, hitting a record high and closing at over $ 23,500.Historical dayIt became.
  • 11/3 --The U.S. employment statistics were lower than market expectations, but the employment environment remained strong, and the uncertainty about the future diminished due to the tax reform proposal and Powell's decision as the next chairman of the Fed the day before. Shortly after approaching, it set a new record high.After that, when the ISM non-manufacturing business conditions index released at 23:00 exceeded market expectations, the stock price, which had been in the negative territory compared to the previous day, picked up again and remained in the high range.
  • 11/6 -Taking over the strong atmosphere of the previous week, it has set a new record high while going back and forth between plus and minus areas compared to the previous weekend. (President Trump's first visit to Asia visited Japan from the day before)
  • 11/7 ――Continuing the steady trend from last week, the record high was updated every day without any important economic indicators being announced, and exceeded $ 23,600 for the first time in history.However, after the renewal, it managed to close with a slight renewal of the highest ever at the closing price, with the scene of turning soft. (Playing cardsPresidentJapanAway from South KoreaTo) (5 consecutive rises)
  • 11/8 -Although it was soft after the donation, the market was good because it was announced that the postponement observation of the tax reform bill of the US Senate, which was the cause, will be announced at 25:30 by the US Senate public relations It became a flow to renew the highest price ever at the closing price.
  • 11/21 -Europe and North Korea have many concerns in Africa, etc., but the US itself maintains a favorable environment, and the fact that the sales of used homes announced on this day greatly exceeded the market forecast, etc. With the rise of crude oil futures, it reached a new record high.
  • 11/27 -There were various things around the world on the weekend, but there was almost no effect on the Dow average, and as the result of the sale of used homes remained strong, the risk orientation gradually increased, and President Trump tax system Tweeting about the reform bill as “discussion is going well” also pushed the risk orientation and updated the record high, but after the record high was updated, it seems that profit settlement was suddenly brought in and the increase rate is erased. After the scene, there was a stagnant development and the record high at the closing price was not updated.
  • 11/28 ――The indicators seemed to be mixed, but the impact of the indicators with good results (Case Schiller US Home Price Index, Consumer Confidence Index, Richmond Rengin Manufacturing Business Conditions Index, etc.) is more important, and Black Friday and Cyber Due to favorable content on Monday and expectations for remarks at the next FRB chairman Powell's Senate hearing on the same day, the trend was to set a new record high, but it was steady at 3 am Japan time. It was thought that risk aversion would occur because North Korea was flying for about an hour after conducting a ballistic missile experiment at the time, but in just a short time it was a rewind of risk aversion and one risk on the contrary. There is also an interpretation that the factors have decreased, and there are also media reports that the financial problem related to withdrawal has been resolved even in the case of Brexit, and on the contrary, with the rekindling of risk aversion, it exceeded $ 1 for the first time in history, and further exceeded $ 23,700 at once. It was a good day.
  • 11/29 -U.S. quarterly GDP revised above market expectations, and when Fed Chair Yellen revealed optimistic view of the economy in publication of parliamentary testimony The value was greatly updated, and it soon exceeded $23,900 for the first time in history.
  • 11/30 -With US indicators (personal income, number of new unemployment insurance applications, Chicago Purchasing Department Association Business Index, etc.) often exceeding expectations, Yellen's remarks from the previous day were also taken into account as a material, and the daily record high was overheated. For the first time in history, when the Dow average topped the $24,000 mark, it was a record day of running up from the $24,100 mark to the $24,200 mark and the $24,300 mark.
  • 12/4 -The US Senate's tax reform bill, which had been struggling last weekend, was in favor of 51: Opposition 49, after suffering various difficulties, local time after the market closed, around 2 am on the 2nd day the next day With the price rising sharply and jumping over two miles of 100 dollars at a stretch, we were able to reach a record high at the approaching stage. However, when he entered the second session after that, the rate of increase disappeared rapidly. In the background, there were concerns about the prosecution of two Republican members of the House of Representatives regarding the Russian Gate issue and concerns over North Korea. As a result, the price closed at the closing price, which was barely renewing.
  • 12/8 -Employment statistics exceeded market expectations, but average hourly wages have been revised to a negative value for the previous month and the results for this month also fall short of market expectations, and other indicators are weaker than market expectations but risky. It should have been called an unwind of the evasive market, but it was weak immediately after the indicator was announced, but afterwards it was a renewal drama with many unexplained parts such as the situation that the highest price ever will be updated based on the closing price ..
  • 12/11 -Continued growth following last weekend's trend. Explosion terrorism occurred in Manhattan in the morning, and it went up and down slightly, but it became solid until the closing and it reached a new record high based on the closing price.
  • 12/12 ――As a US index, the wholesale price index performed well, but it was within the expected range.However, as a result of the strong trend after employment statistics and the gradual increase, the trend finally reached a record high in the middle of the hour.
  • 12/13 -While the price of the FOMC is expected to rise, the core of the consumer price index is weaker than market expectations and the dollar is weak, but the Dow average continues to grow in a way that favors the weakness of the dollar Was updated. It was also the first day in history to put $24600, but after the announcement of the results of the FOMC and the last meeting of the chairman of Yellen, the profit settlement flowed and finally it closed below $24600.
  • 12/14 -It started with a record high from a close-up against the backdrop of strong US indicators (retail sales, weekly new unemployment claims, etc.).
  • 12/15 -Although the U.S. indicator released on this day is weak, it is said that the Senate Republican Rep., who had shown opposition to the tax reform bill proposed by the US Senate, said that he would support it later this year. The rising average of the Dow continued to lead to a new record high.
  • 12/18 -On the day when nothing happened on the weekend and the US tax reform bill that came from last week will pass by the parliament, it jumped sharply and jumped from the $24,700 level to the $24,800 level. there were.
  • 12/21 -Many U.S. indicators including weak quarterly GDP and core deflator were weak on this day, but a large-scale tax reform bill amendment aimed at by President Trump was finally passed by the US Senate It is thought that the trend of liking for continued. However, due to concerns about the closing of government agencies due to the election of Catalan parliament members in the aftermath and the temporary budget deadline for the next day, neither the record high nor the record high at the closing price could be renewed.
  • 12/28 ――The results of the mid-term index in the off-season trading condition at the end of the year were mixed, and the US 10-year bond was weak, but only the Dow Jones Industrial Average strongly hit a record high on a closing price basis at this time, which is rare in history. It was the first renewal drama in the history of Dow. In the end, the year ended with a rebound of more than $ 29 on the 100th, but 2017 ended with a historic high of over $ 4000 over the year.The Dow Jones Industrial Average was also a historic year with a very good performance since 2013.


  • 1/3 -With indicators such as the ISM manufacturing industry business condition index and construction spending showing better numbers than the market forecast, it became a trend to renew the all-time high at a stretch and it started from the rise for the second consecutive day of the year. The highest price was renewed for the first time in a week and the closing price was $2. The highest price on the market exceeded $24,922.68.[49]
  • 1/4 -The ADP employment statistics (market forecast: 19 result is 25) and important indicators such as weekly unemployment insurance application numbers are all good, and against these backgrounds, we continue to grow from the futures stage, the highest value in history every day. Update and first time in history$25,000 closing priceIt was a historic day that transcended.[50]
  • 1/5 -The number of employees in the employment statistics released before the reliance was lower than the market forecast itself, but there is a recognition that the average hourly wage matches the market forecast and it is a good employment environment The market price continued on this day.[51]
  • 1/8 -Tokyo time was very strong at the futures stage as it took over the flow from last weekend, but futures softened from around the middle of Europe and it was threatened to update the highest price ever, but at the leaning stage it exceeded $ 25,300 Although the highest price was updated every day, it was softened by the profit settlement immediately after the closing, so the highest price ever at the closing price was not updated. .[52]
  • 1/9 -Set a new record high by keeping pace with the stock prices of each country, which has been maintaining a solid situation without the announcement of prominent indicators. It was the first day in history that $25400 was paid.[53]
  • 1/11 -The producer price index was unexpectedly negative, and the negative number of new weekly unemployment insurance applications seemed to be worse than the market forecast, but it seems that a negative atmosphere will spread, but in a favorable market atmosphere it will soon reach a new record high did. This was largely due to the Chinese authorities' denial of speculative news that China may be considering the suspension or diminishing of US Treasuries the day before. It was a very strong day, with the final price expanding to the closing price and the closing price being the highest ever. It was the first day to exceed $25,500.[54]
  • 1/12 -The cores of retail sales and the consumer price index each exceeded the market expectations and eased excessive concerns, and went up to catch the top price and set a new record high. For the first time on that day, it broke through 25,600 and 25,700 dollars in a row, and finally exceeded 25,800 dollars and closed at 25,810.43 dollars.
  • 1/16 ――The day before was the birthday holiday of Rev. King, and the market price was actually the beginning of the week, but the NY Rengin Manufacturing Index, which was announced before approaching, fell below market expectations and sank to the lowest level in 6 months, so the Dow Jones Industrial Average It was thought that the stock price, which had risen sharply in the stage, would be cut, but on the contrary, it was a historic day that continued to grow and exceeded $ 26,000 for the first time in history.Behind the continued growth, it seemed that stock prices were rising worldwide and the stock market was still in good shape, and there were great expectations for financial results. However, due to the speculation that Banon might be summoned to the grand jury, the profit-taking advantage suddenly became dominant, and the closing price sank to about -10 dollars from the previous day and canceled the large increase.[55]
  • 1/17 -It was a day when the range of increase that was erased the day before was returned to the full level and the price went up further. Although the index result did not shake, it was said that the beige book contents were optimistic and that it was a factor behind the upside and added later. In fact, it was a strong market price that was consistently aiming for an upside from the day's close, so it was difficult to answer when asked what was the direct factor. The opposite of the rise in the market price and the rise in the US 10-year bond was also the market price at the same time.[56]
  • 1/18 -Although it was the day when the most U.S. indicators were released this week, the Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index and housing starts fell far below market expectations, and conversely weekly new unemployment claims and construction permits The number of cases was mixed, which was higher than the market forecast, so we received a tie-up in the situation where buying and profit settlement were in conflict. The record high was soon renewed, and at the same time it was sunk into the negative range including adjustments, but it became like a tradition as it closed. Along with this, the range of reduction was widened.
  • 1/22 -On this day, it was in a state of closing the government agency because it could not determine the provisional budget of the US farce drama from last weekend, but the Republican Party and the Democratic Party walked up and it became a situation to chase the upside, and it became a situation to follow up. It closed under the situation that the closing price was the highest ever.
  • 1/23 -The all-time high was slightly updated after the tie-up, but then the Dow average sank to the minus range.
  • 1/24 -Although many indicators were not good, we were able to easily update the highest price ever, catching up with the upper price than the futures stage.
  • 1/25 -The indicators were weak, but the optimistic trend strongly updated the historical high. Also. The record high was renewed in the section where President Trump's and the authorities' bullish remarks were also considered good.
  • 1/26 -It seemed that the preliminary quarterly GDP estimate would fall significantly below market expectations and fall sharply, but on the contrary, it rose to a new record high. It is also considered that President Trump's sudden positive statement to the TPP and his positive statement about various directions at the Davos conference have created a sense of lightness in the future of US stocks. The highs expanded rapidly towards the close, and the record high was a very strong day with closes.[57]
  • 2/5 - 2/2The employment statistics released in April were more favorable than expected, and wage growth was accelerating. As a result, there was a vague assumption in the market that the rate hike would be faster than the rate hike expected by the market. A sudden escape from risky assets occurred and selling became selling, and even at the closing price it was a historical decline and it greatly exceeded the maximum decline in history. Closed at $24,345.75 / -1175.21 (-4.60%)[58]
  • 2/8 -After the employment statistics, the situation continued unabated when concerns about the stock market began to smolder due to a sudden unstable market price. It seems that the side of the anxiety psychology that makes the market even more unstable has had a considerable effect, but the rate of decline has widened rapidly toward the end of this day,2/5This was a record drop of more than -1000 dollars from the previous day. It is said that there is considerable concern about the speed of interest rate increases. Closed at $23,860.46, down $-1032.89 (-4.15%)[59]
  • 9/20 -Weekly new unemployment claims and the Philly Manufacturing Business Index surpassed market expectations and continued to rise towards the end of the half-year Dow average hits record highs since February of this year[60]. The closing price recorded $26,656, partly due to the fact that China's retaliation measures were within the expected range.[61]. It was one step closer to the maximum price of $26,700.
  • 9/21 -As the view that the effect of the oil production increase agreement of the member countries of the Petroleum Exporting Countries Organization (OPEC) was negligible was strengthened, the price also expanded at once and closed to 26,700 dollars and 26,743 cents above 50 dollars.[62][63].
  • 10/2 -Although there are concerns about Europe's high debt nations and the US-China trade war, the Dow average, which maintained the high level in the form that current economic expectations outweigh those risks, is the highest ever Was updated. After that, the Fed Chairman Powell remarked in the middle of the term that the policy was a gradual rate hike, and again, the market price was expected in the hope that the trade war between the United States and China would not become excessively large, and the price increased.[64]
  • 10/3 -The US's key economic indicators (ADP employment statistics, ISM non-manufacturing business confidence index, etc.) greatly exceeded the market expectations, and market concerns further receded, causing a significant upturn every day and a record high However, the first time in history, it was close to several tens of dollars, but as the market closed, interest rates on US Treasury bills increased and the gains were sharply curtailed.[65]
  • 10/10 -Fully cheap due to fears that corporate profits would deteriorate due to rising long-term interest rates[66].
  • 10/11 -Against overall concerns due to China's trade friction[67].
  • 12/20 -The uncertainties about the economic outlook became even more prominent, and the price fell by more than $670, closing at $22,859.60, renewing the 2018 low.[68].


  • 2/1 -US January employment statistics improved above market expectations, closing $1, regaining $25063.89[69].
  • 3/1 -Temporary recovery of $26,000[70].
  • 4/23 -Hit the return high of $26,695.96.
  • 6/7 -The weekly rise is 1168 dollars. Returned the closing price to $25,983.94 and showed a demodulation tendency[71].
  • 6/21 -A move that temporarily exceeds the all-time high recorded in October last year[72].
  • 7/1 -The U.S.-China summit meeting was held during the G20 Osaka conference held on the weekend, and the market was favorable due to the temporary truce with regard to trade friction. And the market is in a favorable state. It was a move that exceeded the all-time high at the closing price stage, and the rate of increase also temporarily exceeded $ 290. However, it was sluggish until closing and never reached the highest price ever at the closing price stage.[73].
  • 7/3 -The mid-economic index was not good under the situation that the day after Independence Day was next day, but the half-dong transaction and the congratulatory mood sale before the holiday did not come out. The price reached a maximum of $26966, which was the highest in nine months.[74].
  • 7/11 -The Fed Chairman Powell's parliamentary statement from the previous day raised expectations for interest rate cuts again, and the consumer price index did not worsen as expected and it was unchanged from the previous month, so it continued to grow continuously every day, and the discount price was almost the highest It was a value. For the first time in history, the Dow average was a historic day with over $27,000[75].
  • 7/15 -Even if there is concern about slowdown in the Chinese economy, it has no effect and the closing price rose to $ 27,359.16[76].
  • 8/1 -This day was a day when the market was at the mercy of politics. Initially the day beforeFOMCThen, it became a move to recover the lowering due to the turmoil after the slight rate cut, and it rose to more than $300 from the previous day. However, when President Trump announced that "9% tariffs will be applied to Chinese products worth 1 billion dollars from September 3000," the situation will turn to dark and the price will drop by more than $10 from the previous day. In the chaos market, the daily price range was about $300 and it became a mess business.[77].
  • 8/5 - ChugokuTheCurrency manipulation countriesThe market was confused by the designation[78], Closed to $25717.74.
  • 11/4 ――The trend was to hit a record high for the first time in three months, driven by the momentum of the market, which continued to favor the favorable results of employment statistics last weekend and the easing trend of trade friction between the United States and China.The closing price increased to $ 3.Although criticized for being overpriced, the Nasdaq Index and S & P 27,462.11 were also strong.Even though President Trump notified the United Nations of withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the stock price on that day was not affected.[79].
  • 11/5 -The ISM non-manufacturing business confidence index also reached a record high on consecutive days due to the momentum that exceeded the market forecast, while continuing to maintain favorable conditions from the previous day[80].
  • 11/7 -In the afternoon of Japan time, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce commented that the US-China negotiations will gradually eliminate the tariffs that the two sides are negotiating under the first phase agreement. Dow futures skyrocketed in a way that made people feel that the momentum for improving US-China trade friction, which had cast a shadow on the global economy, increased. The concern that it was rising too much was not a problem, and it became a trend to renew the highest price in history at a stretch by leaning on that trend as it is.[81].
  • 11/8 -Although investors who received Trump's remarks lowered the price by nearly 100 dollars from the previous day, the stock price rose sharply in the afternoon as the announcement of the financial results of Disney exceeded the market forecast, and the closing price was updated by 4 consecutive rises[82].
  • 11/11 -The Boeing stock price rose[83].
  • 11/13 -The market, which received the Fed Chairman's parliamentary statement made on the same day in a positive manner, strengthened the rise rate to the rear, and renewed the all-time high, which had stagnated on the previous day. However, a hearing was held in the U.S. House of Representatives to decide whether to impeach the President's allegations of Ukraine, and from the same day, there was also anxiety such as new testimony popping up as it was relayed to the United States. However, it did not affect the stock price on that day[84][85].
  • 11/15 -NEC Chairman Kudrow made a statement saying "US-China negotiations are working well" and reflected them in the stock price as a matter of course. Although the important indicators were weak only under the situation where the price was stronger than the futures stage, it became the trend to renew the record high.[86]. The Nasdaq also updated with the highest price, the first Dow average$28,000 closing priceIt was a day that will remain in history because the closing price and the highest price ever recorded are the discounts[87].
  • 11/18 -Buy orders managed to exceed sells due to reports that sanctions against Chinese company Huawei were suspended, renewing the highest price[88].
  • 11/26 -Buy orders ran all at once due to the prediction that trade negotiations between the United States and China will progress more than expected[89], Slightly updated the highest price.
  • 11/27 -Although there was a risk of a fall due to the Chinese authorities' actions regarding President Trump's actions toward democratization in Hong Kong, there was a risk of a fall, but the highest price was renewed for three consecutive days in anticipation of progress in trade negotiations.[90].
  • 12/12 -President Trump tweeted, "We're very close to a big deal with China and China wants it too." In the negotiations with China, a number of people said that the US side would cut tariffs on China for the current $5 billion worth of items up to half in the last five days. Even the tariffs scheduled for December 3500 will not be triggered, but even the statement that the United States has been demanding further opening of the financial markets and protection of intellectual property rights has jumped out. Receiving this information, the record price was renewed all at once. Although the ruling party's Conservative Party is expected to acquire a majority in Britain's general election involving Brexit, it was reported in the field as an observation report.[91]We could not update the closing price.
  • 12/13 -Uncertainty between the UK and Europe as the Conservative Party gained a large number of seats in the General Election of the UK due to the market's frank impression due to the announcement by the press conference that the US and China had reached a temporary agreement Relieving that Brexit, which was the source of the feeling, finally resolved[92]However, when it was reported that it was sent to the House of Representatives due to the passage of the presidential impeachment vote of the U.S. House of Justice Commission related to Trump's negative remarks and President Trump's suspicion of Ukraine, it rapidly disappeared and fell to a minus from the previous day. However, the closing price managed to recover from the plus territory and ended the week's transactions swayed by the US-China trade talks and the British general election related to Brexit.
  • 12/16 -With the trend to continue to like the first agreement in the US-China trade negotiations, it reached a record high for every day[93].
  • 12/19 -Updated the highest price at the closing price from the bullish development that does not feel the influence of President Trump's impeachment[94].
  • 12/20 -With the passing of the draft EU withdrawal agreement submitted by Prime Minister Johnson in the House of Representatives, the possibility that the market will finally be released from the junk that lasted for more than two years, and President Trump and Chinese President Xi It was a good day for the market environment, where Trump talked about the positive telephone talks of Japan[95][96]. However, the price suddenly hit $28,608.64 at the opening price, and the price was immediately lowered from the caution that it was too high.
  • 12/23 - ChristmasIn the environment where the number of participants was decreasing before, there were no new good or bad things, and the price surged immediately after the start of trading. Continuing growth in the current year's concerns at the end of the year and the resignation of the CEO of Boeing Co., which had a lot of missteps in the business, continued to grow and the company's stock continued to grow. Continued, and the highest price at the closing price was updated without turbulence[97][98]. (3 consecutive rises)
  • 12/26 -Soaring immediately after trading. While closing the ups and downs, the stock price slowed down just before the end of trading, and the stock price slowed down[99].
  • 12/27 -Following yesterday's morning, the market remained volatile and temporarily traded above $28700, but in the afternoon it closed and reached a slight closing high.[100].


  • 1/2 -We are pleased with the fact that the trend of record highs continues toward the end of 2019, and that the People's Bank of China lowered the deposit reserve ratio to stabilize the market during the year-end and New Year holidays. And became the highest record ever on the first trading day of the year[101][102][103]. Deployment that sharply raises the value from the afternoon trading.
  • 1/9 -Concerns over the conflict between Iran and U.S. retaliation at the beginning of the year caused the market to feel relieved because President Trump became a restraining tone against Iran's actions, and economic loss due to collision Risk consciousness rebounded as concerns were regressed and it was reported that the Chinese deputy prime minister visited the US to sign the first stage of the agreement that was agreed at the US-China trade talks and is scheduled to sign on 13-15. With the help of the tie-up, the record high was renewed all at once, and the momentum reached the closing price and the momentum reached $29,000 for the first time in history, close to the imminent level and reached a position that can be reached anytime.[104][105].
  • 1/10 -Employment statistics were weak compared to market expectations, but continued to trend to a new record high, with risk-oriented support of the market up to the previous day, supporting the market. Also the Dow average stock priceExceeded $29,000 for the first time everIt was a historic day. However, when the US House of Representatives reportedly sent Trump's impeachment prosecution letter to the Senate the following week, the price went out and the closing price fell below yesterday's stock price. In reality, it is not common sense that a large number of Republicans prosecute in the Senate, so there was no crash and it was a relatively calm market.[106][107].
  • 1/14 -December consumer price index is weaker than market expectations, and economic indicators here are weak results such as employment statistics, but the number of items agreed in trade talks with China on the 12th Expectations of the market and the results of JP Morgan and Citi, which started the announcement of financial results, exceeded the market expectations because the signing ceremony for the one-shot agreement was held.Expectations for the performance of U.S. companies that will continue to be announced will boost the stock price It was a shape that appeared. However, when it was reported that US tariffs against China would not be lowered until after the election of the president in the fall, the growth was sluggish and most of the increase for the day was erased, and the record high at the closing price could not be achieved.[108]
  • 1/15 -Expectation for positive economic activity due to the first agreement between the US and China on the same day as the US-China trade talks and the statement that Kudrow NSC Chairman will begin negotiations for the second bullet immediately after the first agreement is felt It started with a great succession. Momentary trading momentarily renewed $29100, but closed slightly in the afternoon, but even closed at over $29000[109].
  • 1/16 -Continuing to increase the degree of increase further against the background of good material and good corporate financial results up to the previous day[110].
  • 1/17 -U.S. economic indicators were favorable, and Chinese indicators were generally in line with market expectations, and expectations for continued improvement in U.S.-China relations continued. Finished[111].
  • 2/6 -The feeling of caution against the new coronavirus originating from China spread to the previous day that new drug development and vaccine development are likely to progress, and the market price became positive in the flow of rapid recovery in a few days, setting a new record high did. There is no doubt that China also helped to halve the tariffs on American products. It fluctuated considerably during the transaction, but as a result the maximum price was updated[112].
  • 2/11 -From the pre-release manuscript, it seems that the Fed Chairman Powell, which started on the same day as the company's financial results, seemed to be favorable, and said in a parliamentary statement that "at least there will be ample supply until April so that the repo market is not tight". Obviously there was an aspect that ignited the risk orientation of the market, and such composite materials led to renewal of the highest price ever, but there was also a strong sense of high price persistently sharply closing down the rate of increase and closing price was slightly negative compared to the previous day Sank up[113].
  • 2/12 - ChugokuOccurs in世界Was a concernNew coronavirusMaintaining a market-friendly trend as the increase in pneumonia patients due to the disease has slowed down and risk alertness has receded, and Fed Chairman Powell's congressional remarks will remain the same as the previous day. It was well received that it was going to happen, and it set a new record high every day.[114]. The first phase was over $29,500.
  • 2/28 -The above-mentioned impact of the new coronavirus seems to have caused the largest decline in stock prices. The price dropped by more than $1190 from the previous day, and the rate of decline from the record high on the 12th of the month was over 10%. Drops continued for 6 consecutive days, reaching $3581[115].
  • 3/9 -Petroleum Exporting Countries Organization and non-member countriesRussiaCould not agree to cut production,WTICrude oil futures plunge.Following the plunge in crude oil prices and the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus, it temporarily fell below $ 2000 shortly after its launch, and even after a mix of buying and selling, the closing price exceeded $ 2000.Circuit breakerLevel 1 was triggered for the first time, trading was suspended for 15 minutes, and the exchange sounded an alarm from the morning.[116].
  • 3/11 -WHO's pandemic declaration and President Trump's disappointment in economic policy drastically cut down the tragic development[117].
  • 3/12 -US President Trump announced that he was disappointed with the new coronavirus countermeasures announced the night before, and that he will ban entry from European countries except the United Kingdom for 30 days. A drop of more than $1600 immediately after the opening of the deal due to concerns that the movement of people between the US and Europe will be disrupted and the US real economy will be hit hard. Continuing on March 3, circuit breaker Level 9 again[118]Was activated and the transaction was suspended for 15 minutes.The decline did not stop even after the resumption of trading, and the closing price fell by $ 2352.6 (down 9.99%).Due to this new corona shock, stock markets in Japan, Asian countries, European countries, and the United States continued to decline record-breakingly.
  • 5/27 -With the threat of the new coronavirus finally being suppressed to an acceptable level, strong buy orders entered immediately after trading started, and temporarily exceeded $ 25000, as the economic outlook was clear.[119].
  • 6/5 -Recovered $27000 range[120].
  • 6/11 ――We were wary of the second wave of the new coronavirus and recorded the fourth decline in history.[45].
  • 7/22 -Recover $27,000 again[121]. Although there was already a recovery in the $6 range as of June 9, there was a cautious debate among the parties concerned, but the possibility of vaccine development increased and a backlash occurred again.
  • 8/11 -Temporary recovery of $28,000 the day before[122]Although it did, the price collapsed from the afternoon[123].
  • 8/24 - 2/21Recovered the closing price of $28000 for the first time in half a year[124].
  • 9/2 --Recovered closing price of $ 29,000[125].
  • 9/4 --Recorded a plunge of $ 1000, closing at $ 28,292 cents[126].
  • 9/24 --The closing price fell below $ 27,000 due to concerns about the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection in Europe.[127].
  • 11/9 ――Based on the news that Pfizer's vaccine development against coronavirus, which is under development in the middle of the European market before approaching the market, is about 90% effective at the experimental stage, the news will flow to the market worldwide. Risk consciousness revived and futures-led surges quickly exceeded $ 30,000 at the futures stage.However, it was not possible to overcome it at the approaching stage, and investors were wary of the development of reducing the amount of increase toward the middle stage.However, the $ 29,933.83 that I got shortly after approaching was the highest price in history, although it did not reach $ 30,000 for the first time in history.[128].
  • 11/16 ――Before approaching the market, the new coronavirus vaccine, which is being developed by Moderna, was announced to be less than 95% effective in the efficacy evaluation, and the vaccine was supplied earlier than expected together with the Pfizer vaccine the other day. The market atmosphere was such that the influence of corona could be suppressed slightly, and the record high in the venue was set ($ 29,964.29).In particular, the Moderna vaccine was easier to handle than Pfizer's, which seems to have further enhanced the positive atmosphere of the market.[129].
  • 11/24 ――The market atmosphere became even more positive against the backdrop of a series of favorable factors in the development of vaccines against the new coronavirus and the fact that the Trump administration finally agreed to start the administration transition process for the next Biden administration.A historic day that exceeded $ 30,000 for the first time in historyBecame[130][131]..However, it was also pointed out that there was a gap with the lives of citizens who were exhausted by the new coronavirus.[132].


  • 1/20 --At the same time as the new administration of Biden was inaugurated, the closing price reached a record high.[133].
  • 2/11 ――The price has risen slightly and set a new record high.[134].
  • 2/24 ――For the first time in history, Odai$ 32,000Although it was the historic high price update date that exceeded the above, the closing price was cautious and saw a slight rebound.[135].
  • 3/10 --Updated the highest price ever[136].
  • 3/11 --The US Senate recently passed an amendment to the Corona Economic Measures Act totaling about $ 1 trillion in the House of Representatives, which was officially decided and signed by President Biden on March 9.It was decided that the enforcement would start in earnest, and it was expected that the economy would become a big plus again, and the stock price rose sharply.[137]. (3 consecutive rises)
  • 3/12 --All over 18 years oldAmericanStock prices rose sharply immediately after the transaction following President Biden's instructions to receive the new coronavirus vaccine.[138]. (4 consecutive rises)
  • 3/15 --Updated the highest price ever[139]. (7 consecutive rises)
  • 3/17 ――The FOMC held until today is more dovish than the market expected, and the easing continues longer than expected, and the market liked it, so the Dow Jones Industrial Average continued to grow and it was the first time in history.$ 33,000Was exceeded even at the closing price[140].
  • 4/6 --Updated record high for the first time in a week[141].
  • 4/9 ――Vaccination in the United States has been a tailwind, setting a new record high[142].
  • 4/16 ――Renewed the highest price in history, the first Odai in history$ 34,000Recorded over the closing price[143].
  • 4/17 --Continuously updated the highest price ever[144].
  • 5/7 --Updated the highest price ever based on the closing price[145].
  • 5/10 ――First time to update the highest price in the field$ 35,000As soon as it broke through[146].
  • 7/24 ――Renewed the highest price ever,A historic day with a closing price of over $ 35,000Met[147].
  • 10/26 --Renewed the highest price for 3 consecutive business days[148].
  • 11/2 ――Renewed the highest price ever again.A historic day that exceeded $ 36,000 for the first time at the closing price[149]It became.


  • 2/22 - starts simultaneously sell order from the sense of vigilance against Ukraine invasion of the Russian Federation, temporary records the lowering width of more than $ 700[150].
  • 6/17 ――It was less than $ 1 for the first time in 5 year and 30000 months[151].

Other stock indexes bearing "Dow"

1975/から1985/Until,Nihon Keizai Shimbun Tokyo Stock ExchangeIn partnership with Dow Jones & Company,Nikkei Dow Jones Industrial AverageWas announced under the name of ", but the Nikkei Dow Jones Industrial Average is used as an index.Stock index futures tradingAgainst the movement of implementation, at that timeDerivativesBecause Dow Jones, which was in a negative position, showed disapproval,1985/5/1ToNikkei Stock AverageHas been renamed.

It is said that there are about 13 investment funds that bear "Dow" in the world, including license rights to them.[152].


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